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18 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Hopeless Cause
ID: KF011601
Album: Drama
Emotional, soulful music with driving rhythm. Disturbing and touching. 03:06
Space Raiders
ID: KF011602
Album: Drama
Modern film music with piano. Dramatic and a bit disturbing. 02:14
Sweet Melody
ID: KF011603
Album: Drama
Sad, thoughtful and dark music with positive and hopeful ending. Piano accompanied by strings. 04:14
Dusty Memories
ID: KF011604
Album: Drama
Melancholic piano-music with background-strings. 01:00
Base Layer
ID: KF011605
Album: Drama
A dreamy, melancholic piano piece accompanied by quiet synth sounds. Modern and sentimental. 01:36
ID: KF011606
Album: Drama
Gloomy piano track. Piano and strings build a melancholic mood. 03:18
Deep In Thought
ID: KF011607
Album: Drama
Atmospheric and melancholic track with piano melody and electric guitar. 02:30
Endless Lines
ID: KF011608
Album: Drama
A quiet and spooky piano track plus dark synth sounds. Very atmospheric. 02:34
Indifferent Lines
ID: KF011609
Album: Drama
Threatening and hopeful piano track with quiet electronic elements in a dark and mystic atmosphere. 01:05
ID: KF011610
Album: Drama
A sad and futuristic synth-piano track. Very atmospheric and quiet. 02:41
ID: KF011611
Album: Drama
Atmospheric track with a reverberant piano melody. Grave and meditative, accompanied by dark electro sounds. 01:37
Dead Beds
ID: KF011612
Album: Drama
Music box accompanied by strings. A latent threat. 01:50
Nights Of Remembrance
ID: KF011613
Album: Drama
A calm, deep track with strings, piano and bass. Gentle, melancholic and sensitive. 03:00
Gaze In Amazement
ID: KF011614
Album: Drama
An emotional, melancholic and calm track. Gentle piano playing, combined with soft strings and percussion. 01:37
ID: KF011615
Album: Drama
Dark and haunting piano-piece with boys-choir and orchestral comping. 01:04
Almost Gone
ID: KF011616
Album: Drama
A calm track with melancholic, clear piano playing, complemented by synthies and e-piano. Intensification with dramatic strings. 02:23
ID: KF011617
Album: Drama
Slowly increasing track, from spooky piano in the beginning to an epic and volouminous finale. 01:21
Rainbow Angel
ID: KF011618
Album: Drama
Sentimental score music that starts in a melancholic mood and ends pretty uplifting. 02:17
18 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration