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These soft iridescent tracks contain gentle moods for gentle souls. From lounge jazz to lively funk, reflective ballads to transcendental studies of ambiance, this collection is laid back enough to relax your audience yet energetic enough to inject a dose of energy.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Lounge Room
ID: KF032701
Album: Cozy Days
Opening with a strong boom-bap beat, a piano melody gives it a touch of jazz lounge. 02:46
Soft Silk
ID: KF032702
Album: Cozy Days
A downtempo synthwave track featuring a dreamy piano and tinkling chime-like arpeggiations. 02:22
Voiceless Space
ID: KF032703
Album: Cozy Days
This ambient track opens with noodling plucks and a confident piano, while chords, a bass and kit kick in to shape the music and push it forward. 03:20
Cool Clap
ID: KF032704
Album: Cozy Days
A soft piano progression introduces us to this genre bending boom-bap hit, complete with mad synth lines and side-chained pads. 02:37
ID: KF032705
Album: Cozy Days
The track opens with a soft guitar weeping up and down the frets while pads drift in, queuing in downtempo drums and bass. 03:02
Cruise Blues
ID: KF032706
Album: Cozy Days
This funky blues track opens with a Green Onions-inspired organ and continues with some head bobbing guitar wahwah action. 02:18
In April
ID: KF032707
Album: Cozy Days
Gentle synths play like raindrops on leaves while upbeat electronic drums keep nature's tempo. 03:17
Cup Of Coffee
ID: KF032708
Album: Cozy Days
This reflective ballad begins with a spacey guitar and a slowly chugging, steady beat. 02:38
Cold Outside
ID: KF032709
Album: Cozy Days
A guitar fills in the silences in this ambient track, while electronic percussion taps in a somnambulant rhythm. 03:27
ID: KF032710
Album: Cozy Days
This uptempo ambient track for rainy street nights starts with vibes and a beat that alternates from boom-bap to house and back. 02:14
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration