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20 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Breaking Bad
ID: KF020201
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Aggressive, energetic rock music with hard electric guitars and powerful drums. Charged atmosphere. 02:13
Clenched Fists
ID: KF020202
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Groovy electric guitar and energetic rhythms. An energy-rock track with powerful, stimulating atmosphere. 02:11
Time Sovereign
ID: KF020203
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Hard rock in action style, very dynamic and aggressive, combined with electro elements. 02:06
Winning Ticket
ID: KF020204
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
A fast, melodic rock music with energetic electric guitar, motivating, aggressive and lively. 02:07
Sweeping Blow
ID: KF020205
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
An action track with rocking electric guitar, combined with dramatic strings and electro elements. 02:21
Guitar Figure
ID: KF020206
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
A suspenseful, energetic action track. Rocking electric guitars and a fast beat. 02:00
Hard Drumbeat
ID: KF020207
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Energetic rock track for electric guitar, with atmospheric, thoughtful interludes played in halftime. 02:21
The Beast
ID: KF020208
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
A melodic, versatile hard rock track with electric guitars as upper voices and electro accompaniment. 01:50
Double Down
ID: KF020209
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Versatile electric guitars within an energy rock track, toggling between slow, thoughtful and hard, rocking passages. 02:19
Echo Machine
ID: KF020210
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
A positive, energetic rock track with thrilling rhythms and catchy riffs. 02:24
ID: KF020211
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Fast electric guitars combined with powerful beats within an epic energy-rock track. 02:19
Go Directly
ID: KF020212
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Uplifting, energetic rock music with contemplative melody. Both positive and serious atmosphere. 02:07
Smart Fishes
ID: KF020213
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Hard rock with a fast electric guitar rhythm. Accompanied by impelling drums and synthies. 01:58
Stock and Rock
ID: KF020214
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Hard, energetic rock music. With a gentle, thoughtful guitar melody in the middle section. 02:00
Down Fast
ID: KF020215
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
E-guitar, partly rocked, partly melodic, accompanied by synthesizers and drums. 02:56
Ergonomic Components
ID: KF020216
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
A motivating, aggressive hard rock track with fast electric guitars and synthetic elements. 02:24
Chipping Hammer
ID: KF020217
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
A groovy rock track with melodic electric guitar riffs. Thrilling and uplifting. 02:42
Never Rely
ID: KF020218
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
An impelling, energetic rock track with melancholic piano accompaniment. A dramatic, powerful music. 02:07
No Turning Back
ID: KF020219
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Animating, fast hard rock track with synthetic elements besides a pervading electric guitar. 02:18
Preliminary Opener
ID: KF020220
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Beating, furious energy rock with energetic electric guitar melody and atmospheric synthies. 02:20
20 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration