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This festive album encapsulates all the joy, nostalgia, and wonder of the holiday season. A mix of carols, cinematic arrangements, and cheerful melodies, it is designed to work as all the musical material you would need for a holiday movie. From quaint country sleigh rides to chaotic big city shopping sprees, this versatile collection provides the perfect backdrop.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Christmas Morning
ID: KF037901
Album: X-mas Cinema
Unwrap the Christmas miracle in this sentimental and joyful overture with horns, strings, and harps. Pairs well with "Keep It To the Heart". 02:41
Family In Harmony
ID: KF037902
Album: X-mas Cinema
Celebrate the most wonderful day with this track’s whimsical melodies on chimes, warm brass, strings, and winds. 02:12
Christmas Home Alone
ID: KF037903
Album: X-mas Cinema
The concluding statement of a holiday adventure, with warm horns, soft choir vocals, and energetic strings. 02:24
Always Trouble With Santa Claus
ID: KF037904
Album: X-mas Cinema
This mysterious opening with strings, bells and violins gives way to action and adventure. 02:06
Busy Christmas Elves
ID: KF037905
Album: X-mas Cinema
A glockenspiel melody worthy of a ballet, this frolicking track contains the energy of a happy mystery. 02:03
Hark! The Herald Angels Swing
ID: KF037906
Album: X-mas Cinema
Bold, swinging brass playing a classic melody recreate the hustle and bustle of a big city during Christmas time. 02:06
Keep It To The Heart
ID: KF037907
Album: X-mas Cinema
Delicate, drifting piano and ethereal strings evoke the tranquil beauty of fresh snow falling while a horn fanfare introduces a familiar Christmas melody. Can serve as a reprise to "Christmas Morning". 02:48
Merry Christmas Everybody
ID: KF037908
Album: X-mas Cinema
A rocking interlude to a holiday story, this track features a cheerful solo guitar, swinging drums, and exciting horns. 02:53
And A Happy New Year
ID: KF037909
Album: X-mas Cinema
Driving rhythm, heavy guitar, and chimes put a fresh rock spin on holiday cheer. 03:10
Jingle Bells Trio
ID: KF037910
Album: X-mas Cinema
A jazzy take on a common Christmas carol, this features a swinging beat and bright piano runs, making the perfect track to ride a swinging sleigh tonight, hey! 02:23
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration