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These acoustic guitar-centered melodies take the audience traveling on a roller coaster of emotion and sensibility. Nostalgia and positive vibes are brought to the fore, pushed further by melodic guitar picking and the occasional bass and kit drums.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Beautiful Creature
ID: KF032201
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The track starts with a steady and positive picking pattern, joined with an active and uplifting melody. The percussion kicks off and builds the energy and is soon replaced by a piano. 02:19
ID: KF032202
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The guitar picks out a pensive arpeggiation soon reinforced by a solemn strum. Percussion and strings bring it to an emotional climax. 02:24
Hotel Room
ID: KF032203
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A guitar softly sets the scene as strumming and bass carry the dynamic across to the percussion which keeps the listener in the mood. 01:53
Be Right Back
ID: KF032204
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The track opens with a nostalgic guitar melody over a high melancholic organ line. It builds intensity with the bass and percussion, calling the listener back to home. 02:25
Brave Decisions
ID: KF032205
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A music box pitters a gentle melody as a violin comes in to set the atmosphere. The bass, string pads, and guitar build to hold up the harder choices that must be made. 02:22
With Your Help
ID: KF032206
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The track starts with kit drums and a strong muted guitar rhythm. The guitar opens up and takes the audience into a full array of pads and bells before coming back down in a feeling of positive togetherness. 02:33
Mountain Theme
ID: KF032207
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A high synth lays the meadow bed for guitar picking and melodies. Pads pick up and carry the tune off on a voyage into the sunset. 02:26
The Good Vibe
ID: KF032208
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A guitar strum and clap welcome the listener to this cheery track of xylophones and merriness. 02:09
Forever Free
ID: KF032209
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A piano guides the listener into this gentle ballad and is soon joined by the strumming of a guitar. Hi-hats lead the rhythm until the full kit comes in along with a bass guitar. 02:13
History Lesson
ID: KF032210
Album: Acoustic Emotions
Whistling and guitars open this positively whimsical track. The atmosphere is reinforced by the addition of more guitars and the fading out of the whistling. Finally, a piano is added for a nostalgic effect. 02:08
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration