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Title Description Duration
A Bright Future
ID: KF031406
Album: Focused
A pure, animated orchestral string arrangement starts the track; later legato string melodies join the symphonic journey together with a warm music bed. A lovely, endearing and inspiring piece. 02:25
A Dire Soul
ID: KF020607
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2
A disturbing, inscrutable music. Accordion combined with a persistent knocking and a quiet, sombre strings. 01:14
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
A Piece Of Cake
ID: KF036508
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a steady kit drum beat and clapping hands, this cheerful track is light-hearted and uplifting. 02:20
A Warm Breeze
ID: KF031901
Album: Happy Swing
A lighthearted and jazzy track featuring a full brass band juxtaposed against a hearty whistling soloist. 02:00
ID: KF031409
Album: Focused
Modern, electronic, sunny dance music with an engaging samba beat, featuring a bright pop piano, rhythmic mallets and plucked synths. 02:24
Across The Universe
ID: KF031608
Album: Electro Collective
Dance club music at its finest - the spacey opening presents the main melody and builds up to the sleek chorus of the track, which moves the masses with its intoxicating bass line. Passage in between allow for short cool-downs before tightening the grip once more and building the action back up. 02:28
Adventure Starts
ID: KF013305
Album: Heroic Orchestra
Imaginative, epic orchestra music, with lots of magic and positive mood. 02:05
African Sun
ID: KF016501
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A joyful, cheery african tune featuring a mixed choir, marimba, flute and percussion. 02:03
After Death
ID: KF013405
Album: High Action
Hard sci-fi rock with fast electric guitars and very powerful drums, accompanied by electro beats. 01:45
Afternoon Getaway
ID: KF011825
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and atmospheric synth music with sax and strings sounds. Playful and emotional. 02:30
Afternoon Playtime
ID: KF017602
Album: European Cinema
A dreamy, imaginative music with pizzicato strings, acoustic guitar, flute, drums, brass and xylophone. Colourful, emotional and playful. 02:02
Afternoon Toon
ID: KF031708
Album: Quirky & Fun
Happily swinging through the day, a muted trumpet , whistling and bright clarinet carry the main tune while a lively, chimy backing section play along, later joined by subtle vocals. 02:16
ID: KF014603
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Electric guitar track in medium speed with piano accompaniment and a calm, melancholic mood. 02:08
ID: KF035309
Album: Jazz Club
With straightforward kit drums, the piano attacks with a quick progression of sevenths and ninths and then moves into lounge territory. 02:49
Al Hassouf's Adventures
ID: KF021003
Album: Children Vol.2
Fantastic and playful orchestral music. With dark brasses and bright percussion elements. 01:46
Alive Pets
ID: KF010914
Album: Children
Playful and smooth film music. 00:56
All The News
ID: KF020301
Album: Fusion
A sensitive jazz-fusion track with saxophone, acoustic guitar and piano. Joyful and dynamic. 02:30
ID: KF020808
Album: Surf Vol.2
Melodious Rockabilly track: e-guitar combined with South American brass and percussion. 02:09
ID: KF030504
Album: Dreams Atmosphere
A groovy take on ambient music, inviting to sway to the rhythm. Instrumental and rhythmic elements that harken to EDM influenced genres generate high diversity and interesting sound palettes. 02:47
At Your Fingertips
ID: KF033608
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano and guitar embrace each other in positive, nostalgic moods, accompanied by a violin and kit drums. 02:29
Austrian Folk
ID: KF016314
Album: World Pop
Loungy track with synths, electric piano and cheerful chords. Funny. 01:31
Axial Forces
ID: KF012113
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Energy rock track with electric guitar melody and synthetic elements. Vigorous and motivating. 02:38
Babies in the garden
ID: KF022802
Album: Children's Corner
Childish simple piano lines with guitars. Light, happy and jumpy melodies. 01:32
Back On Track
ID: KF034105
Album: Go For It
A bed of shimmering flutes and piano bring the track into various string-backed motifs of hope and positivity. 02:18
Bada Ba Baa
ID: KF027107
Album: Easy And Smooth
Carefree female vocals and warm acoustic guitar lines accompany this confident bossa nova track. 02:10
Badge 361
ID: KF013410
Album: High Action
A positive, melodic rock track with energetic electric guitar and e-bass, combined with hard rhythms and electro sounds. 01:54
ID: KF016319
Album: World Pop
Balkan beats with dubby basses and and synthesizer. 02:17
Base Layer
ID: KF011605
Album: Drama
A dreamy, melancholic piano piece accompanied by quiet synth sounds. Modern and sentimental. 01:36
Bavarian Fun
ID: KF016313
Album: World Pop
Bavarian folk music with guitar and accordeon, presented in a modern lounge style. Happy and cheerful. 01:39
Be Stronger
ID: KF037102
Album: Electronic Intensity
This future bass anthem opens with livid, manipulated vocals and a popping bass line that could really slap if electric basses could actually slap. 02:52
Beach Sands
ID: KF012908
Album: Funny Tracks
Relaxed, positive music with cheerful steel drums and chimes. Caribbean flair. 01:48
Beauty Shot
ID: KF038610
Album: Hyped Crowds
Unlocking the positive vibes, this bubblegum future house track features bright pad stabs, upbeat rhythms, and catchy vocals and chops. 02:35
Beautys Beast
ID: KF011221
Album: Dance
Dance track with bright electric piano sounds. Playful and light. 02:09
Been There, Done That
ID: KF027109
Album: Easy And Smooth
Mediterranean latin track; contemplative and dreamy, yet well seasoned and varied. 02:40
Before Our Time
ID: KF012316
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Electronic and acoustic fantasy composition. String ensemble combined with synthies and electric guitar in an epic atmosphere. 01:18
Beggar Stagger
ID: KF031706
Album: Quirky & Fun
An old ragtime piano slowly plays along to saxophone, musicbox and various other quirky, slightly detuned instruments and effects, amplifying the overall sleazy, laid-back vibe. 02:11
Best Day Of My Life
ID: KF028203
Album: Emotional Promotion
A positiv and catchy pop track with claps and rhythmical acoustic guitars 02:03
Best Of Times
ID: KF011804
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A dreamy synth track with soft trumpet. Atmospheric, relaxed and sensitive. 02:47
ID: KF022803
Album: Children's Corner
Easy, playful orchestra. Staccato strings with varied percussion hits 01:06
Bigger Steps
ID: KF035306
Album: Jazz Club
The powerful kit drums accent a profound rhythm for this upbeat jazz take carried by piano and standup bass. 02:33
Birds in the trees
ID: KF022804
Album: Children's Corner
Funny, easy and playful. Summertime guitars and whisteling. Bongos, piano and tambourine. 02:20
Black Lounge
ID: KF011816
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Light groovy lounge track with trombone and synthesizer. 02:03
Blank Canvas
ID: KF038703
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
An upbeat and expressive piano piece that conveys the feelings of happiness and contemplation. 02:27
ID: KF038104
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
A pulsing synth bass and high synth melody evoke driving down the neon lit streets of a cyberpunk cityscape. 02:26
Blood Tape
ID: KF012118
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Playful rock track with driving beat and multifarious arrangement. 01:45
Blooper Shuffle
ID: KF031707
Album: Quirky & Fun
A positive, confident small brass ensemble plays a catchy song through a slow, steady rhythm. 02:14
Blown Away
ID: KF028007
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Optimistic pop-rock track with calm verses and intense chorus, accompanied by rock guitars and strings in high range 03:06
Blue Sky
ID: KF027401
Album: Ride and Relax
A melancholic track that is being rendered its special touch by the combination of acoustic guitar arpeggios and hip-hop beats 03:35
Boat It
ID: KF020709
Album: Energy Rock Vol.4
A short, concise rock track with fast e-guitar and loud drums. 00:41
Botch It
ID: KF010606
Album: American Cowboys
Fast but gentle fingerpicking, offbeat country track. 02:06
Brand New Day
ID: KF028102
Album: Serious Business
A pop feel-good track with grooving drums, piano arpeggios and emotional guitar interludes 03:08
ID: KF027501
Album: Automotive Vol.1
A modern, electronic track that stands out due to its melodic fills, trance synthesizers and spherical pads 01:51
Break The Beat
ID: KF013118
Album: Hard Electro
Synthetic action track, combines fast and slow passages. Aggressive, energetic and thoughtful. 02:10
Breathing In
ID: KF027309
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Dreamy chillout-track with light melodies and spheric acoustic colors, set to a subliminal bass groove and rhythmic percussion. 02:25
Breeding Burrow
ID: KF025504
Album: A Fantasy Story
Playful, happy-go-lucky film score with plucked strings; eventually accompanied by grand orchestra with slightly dramatic elements. 01:37
Brick In Awe
ID: KF019409
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
Sonorous, different percussion beds with a futuristic character, sporadically accompanied by bright, atmospheric singing. 02:26
Bridal March Piano
ID: KF015711
Album: Traditionals
Piano version of Wagner's "Wedding March". Festive and playful. 01:19
Bright Days
ID: KF028008
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Laidback pop-rock track with memorable, rhythmical acoustic guitars and electric melodies 03:12
Brutal Endgame
ID: KF015113
Album: Rocktronica
Futuristic, energetic electro track with electric guitars and orchestral elements. 02:15
ID: KF037510
Album: City Rhythm
This driving dubstep features elements of trap in its drops and builds while keeping things heavy and chopped up for maximum audio mayhem. 03:05
Busted Drollery
ID: KF010617
Album: American Cowboys
Yeehaw! Let's go to the rodeo! A rollicking, fingerpicking country rock track. 01:37
Busy Christmas Elves
ID: KF037905
Album: X-mas Cinema
A glockenspiel melody worthy of a ballet, this frolicking track contains the energy of a happy mystery. 02:03
Cairos Bar
ID: KF016302
Album: World Pop
Busy, oriental music with rattles, flutes and drums. Energetic and exotic, reminiscent of an oriental bazaar. 02:37
Calculated Moves
ID: KF011004
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro house track. 01:37
Calm Winds
ID: KF013511
Album: House
Soft lounge track with clear electric piano accents. 01:55
Carol Of The Bells (Piano)
ID: KF038207
Album: Christmas Piano
This piano arrangement of the Ukrainian Christmas classic preserves the mysterious and dynamic character of more traditional versions. 02:04
Cash Her
ID: KF021206
Album: Electro Club
Rhythmic house track with strings. Positiv and still very atmospheric, driving synths create tension and relaxation at the same time. 01:33
Cat Run
ID: KF011710
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An enchanting chase with magical obstacles. Orchestra and accordeon. 02:08
ID: KF034410
Album: Electroland
This head-on track starts with a stab rhythm and quickly picks up the energy with a heavy melodic synth pattern. After the drop, the song rebuilds with an intense EDM drive. 02:35
Chasing The Past
ID: KF012602
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
Charming, energetic film music with lots of fantasy for a grand orchestra. 01:21
Childs Game
ID: KF028502
Album: Corporate and Positive
Positive track with electric piano and electric guitar, tender and beautiful. 01:52
Chuckling Stock
ID: KF010618
Album: American Cowboys
Fast and funny, up-beat country tune. 01:30
Circus Flights
ID: KF012902
Album: Funny Tracks
A cheerful, happy music with a groovy melody by pizzicato strings, marimba and chimes. 01:59
Close To You
ID: KF011826
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and dreamy jazz track with sax and synthesizers. 02:34
ID: KF012721
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A bright, friendly pop track with acoustic electric guitar, accompanied by piano and drums. 02:30
ID: KF028010
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Open and catchy pop-rock track in slow tempo, elegantly instrumented and topped off with a slide guitar in the chorus 04:02
Clown Circus
ID: KF012901
Album: Funny Tracks
Fast and funny circus music, very playful. Rattles, chimes, drums, horns and orchestra. 01:52
ID: KF010302
Album: Agents&Spies
Multifaceted piece, subdued suspense leading into a fast-paced action sequence. 01:58
Coil Spring
ID: KF015204
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Track with intensive e-bass, bright and effectful synthies and pervading rhythm. 02:09
Come By
ID: KF037603
Album: Summer Pop
This feel-good track shines with a catchy guitar riff and ukulele rhythm; kit drums, a tambourine, and a shaker join in on the jamboree. 02:04
Come With Me
ID: KF022301
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
A romantic soundtrack with playful piano and soft orchestra. Moving strings create a warm sound environment. 00:53
Come, All Ye Shepherds
ID: KF016607
Album: Christmas Time
Relaxed and stimulating Christmas classic with piano, xylophone, percussion, quiet bongos and drums. 02:17
ID: KF011313
Album: Dark Cinema
Science fiction track in quiet atmosphere. Meditative and sober. 02:15
Cool Water
ID: KF014013
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Lounge track with soft electric piano sounds, accompanied by saxophone and jazz drums. 02:24
ID: KF017402
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
A relaxed bar music with easy piano and guitar sounds, playful and gentle. 02:14
Coronation Of The King
ID: KF038708
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This solo nocturne with rippling arpeggios and gentle progression drifts across waves of memories and reflections. 02:47
Cosmic Streams
ID: KF030605
Album: Ambient Flux
The track paints a picture of sparkling stardust. There’s a constant progression with shimmering synth pads flowing through each other. A sheer never ending musical experience accompanied by a delightful piano pattern. 03:03
Country Cake
ID: KF010913
Album: Children
Playful flute with chimes and plucked strings. 01:04
Crash Money
ID: KF021207
Album: Electro Club
Funky and progressive house track, very atmospheric synths with a lot of reverberation. 01:42
Crossing Borders
ID: KF030207
Album: Cartoons & Agents
This track indicates preparation, an unresolved situation or a scene where the stakes are rising: A steady swing rhythm, staccato and plucked strings as the main instrument and sprinkled with tuned percussion, saxophone and trippy musical effects. 02:20
Cruel Fate
ID: KF017510
Album: Epic Rock Vol.2
Sinister, futuristic orchestra track with fast electric guitar accompaniment, energetic strings and choir voices. 02:06
Cruel Life
ID: KF028308
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving and catchy pop-rock song with driving male vocals. 03:10
Cry Of Life
ID: KF013303
Album: Heroic Orchestra
A powerful, festive orchestra music. Melodic and sensitive, accompanied by a charming harp. 01:48
Cuban Soul
ID: KF020511
Album: Retro Kitch
Happy latin sounds from cuba, accompanied by bird-like whisteling on top of a bossanova. 01:10
Dance Or Perish
ID: KF011018
Album: Club Beats
Hard bass electro beats with thrilling rhythm and a playful synth melody. Groovy. 02:39
Dancing owl
ID: KF022806
Album: Children's Corner
Piano and Xylophone play in happy and bouncing motion. Accompanied by a small drumset. 01:38
ID: KF034305
Album: Economic Upswing
A fanciful melody on flute and violin progresses with clarinet and piano and remains downtempo and restive. 02:45
Danger In The House
ID: KF011009
Album: Club Beats
Minimal / Goa track. 02:07
Dark Mind
ID: KF027403
Album: Ride and Relax
Atmospheric and dark lounge track with trip hop beats and a multitude of varied guitar sounds 04:06
488 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration