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Title Description Duration
ID: KF024703
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.3
Big synth and effect pads fill out the hole track. Accompanied by steady drums and a repeating bass line. 09:18
ID: KF024411
Album: Moving Off Ground
A futuristic, slightly dark lounge track. Soothing with cool, vibrating synth pads and an easy drum beat. 07:29
ID: KF024412
Album: Moving Off Ground
A futuristic, slightly dark lounge track. Relaxing, yet driving with climbing synths and a casual drum beat. 06:15
Forgotten Pleasure
ID: KF012606
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
A dreamy, enchanted orchestra track with energetic and threatening second part. Accompanied by harp and singing. 06:04
Out Of The Blue
ID: KF024409
Album: Moving Off Ground
A convoluted beat is accompanied by vast synth pads and a pulsating bass. 05:46
Peaceful Deep
ID: KF024410
Album: Moving Off Ground
Surrounded by synth pads, sounding similar to bubbles underwater. A soft changing bass and a soothing beat accompany the track. 05:40
Highway Dawn
ID: KF027611
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Emotional piano lines culminate in an earth-shaking dubstep track with diverse beats, topped off with epic strings 05:12
ID: KF024610
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.2
epetitive rhodes and a continual bass are paired up with an easygoing drum 'n bass beat. 04:56
Out Of Control
ID: KF024408
Album: Moving Off Ground
Deep vibrating basses hovering beneath shimmering synth pads. The complete the picture a driving drum 'n bass beat is added. 04:25
Mountain Crossing
ID: KF027904
Album: Wellness Vol.01
Memorizable music box motifs are paired with spherical pads and soft beats 04:20
Dark Mind
ID: KF027403
Album: Ride and Relax
Atmospheric and dark lounge track with trip hop beats and a multitude of varied guitar sounds 04:06
ID: KF028010
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Open and catchy pop-rock track in slow tempo, elegantly instrumented and topped off with a slide guitar in the chorus 04:02
To Freedom
ID: KF010401
Album: Alternative Rock
Melodic, hopeful rock track with piano and electric guitars. 03:59
Open Roads
ID: KF027612
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Melodic acoustic guitars and piano lines are paired with epic beats, modern synths and emotional strings 03:55
Strange Trip
ID: KF015309
Album: Smooth Electro
Electro beats combined with an atmospheric piano melody. Very spheric. 03:52
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
Peaceful From Above
ID: KF027806
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.2
A worldy sounding lounge track with a memorable piano theme and filtered guitar 03:44
Lady B
ID: KF022905
Album: Uplifting Dance Beats
Disco/hip hop beat with synthesizer melodies and sound effects. 03:44
Walls In Our Heads
ID: KF028303
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A danceable deep house track with acoustic instrumentation and a sweet female voice - a track with great potential! 03:37
Blue Sky
ID: KF027401
Album: Ride and Relax
A melancholic track that is being rendered its special touch by the combination of acoustic guitar arpeggios and hip-hop beats 03:35
Move Your Body
ID: KF028302
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A programmatic retro track somewhere in between funk and soul, with typical vocals - this is great fun! 03:32
We Are Who We Are
ID: KF028307
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
Typical arena rock with calm verses, big chorus and motivational lyrics, pretty rocking! 03:23
Fly Away
ID: KF031303
Album: Limitless
Soft pads slowly build up to a synth driven club melody, dropping to a more minimalistic house style. The track soon progresses to a more complex and dance-enticing rhythm. 03:22
ID: KF010501
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Ethereal, peaceful synthie track, reminiscent of outer space. 03:21
To Far Spheres
ID: KF011107
Album: Cool Ambience
Futuristic ambient track with synthesizer and electric piano with a dreamy and thoughtful melody. 03:19
Go For It
ID: KF010408
Album: Alternative Rock
Positive, upbeat rock track with powerful guitars. 03:18
One Too Many
ID: KF010418
Album: Alternative Rock
Heavy, no-excuses rock track with powerful guitars and a synthie bridge. 03:17
ID: KF017908
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Brave brasses and a hopeful trompet, backed of bright strings. Medieval orchestral piece with an oriental part in the middle. 03:16
The Red Pill
ID: KF027807
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.2
A big beat rhythm and atmospheric synths are paired with orchestral sounds and piano melodies, in the style of "Clubbed To Death" 03:13
Move It
ID: KF028606
Album: Electroactive
Funky electro track with a positive vibe and a catchy melody. 03:12
Morning Sky
ID: KF028107
Album: Serious Business
An atmospherically versatile track with soft beats and calm interludes 03:12
Bright Days
ID: KF028008
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Laidback pop-rock track with memorable, rhythmical acoustic guitars and electric melodies 03:12
Sunny Morning
ID: KF016910
Album: Background Music
A positive, relaxed and hopeful wake-up song for a good start for the day. With piano, electric guitar and flute. 03:12
Smooth Cruise
ID: KF011801
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and relaxed track with electric jazz guitar and piano. With light strings and playful sound elements. 03:12
Cruel Life
ID: KF028308
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving and catchy pop-rock song with driving male vocals. 03:10
Now Or Never
ID: KF010404
Album: Alternative Rock
High-spirited, hopeful pop rock track. 03:09
Great Times
ID: KF037104
Album: Electronic Intensity
Dark plucks and synth arps pave the way for this stumbling rhythmic powerhouse complete with mysterious vocal effects and reese bass drones. 03:08
Electric Fire
ID: KF028603
Album: Electroactive
Electro rock track with an aggressive synthesizer and loud percussions. 03:08
Deep Blue Matrix
ID: KF028104
Album: Serious Business
Cinematic big beat track with atmospheric synths and grooving drums 03:08
Brand New Day
ID: KF028102
Album: Serious Business
A pop feel-good track with grooving drums, piano arpeggios and emotional guitar interludes 03:08
Hard Way
ID: KF012218
Album: Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo)
Rock track with versatile electrich guitar solo sounds. Rather quiet but has its hard parts. 03:08
Just Folks
ID: KF014912
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A cool, relaxed acoustic guitar track with a humorous touch, positive and happy. 03:07
Time X
ID: KF038103
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Solid, repeating pulse waves with synthesized arpeggios capture the essence of a dark, dystopian future. 03:06
Blown Away
ID: KF028007
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Optimistic pop-rock track with calm verses and intense chorus, accompanied by rock guitars and strings in high range 03:06
ID: KF037510
Album: City Rhythm
This driving dubstep features elements of trap in its drops and builds while keeping things heavy and chopped up for maximum audio mayhem. 03:05
Cosmic Streams
ID: KF030605
Album: Ambient Flux
The track paints a picture of sparkling stardust. There’s a constant progression with shimmering synth pads flowing through each other. A sheer never ending musical experience accompanied by a delightful piano pattern. 03:03
ID: KF020103
Album: World Tales Vol.2
Threatening, impelling orchestra track, full of action and versatile. For large ensemble. 03:02
Feel Good Factor
ID: KF012914
Album: Funny Tracks
Relaxed modern track, combines serenity with dreaming. Flute as lead voice, accompanied by piano and synthies. 03:01
Up In The Sky
ID: KF027808
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.2
An uplifting lounge track with rhythmic percussion, analog synths and melodious acoustic guitars 03:00
Step Out
ID: KF031604
Album: Electro Collective
A warm, positive track, that alternates between a smooth EDM passage with plucked keys and a slightly grittier, rough groove where the synths are slightly amped, yet no less affirmative. 02:56
Evil Distress
ID: KF016801
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
A calm, atmospheric piece with synthies and electro beats. Lonesome, sinister and creepy atmosphere. 02:56
Sunshine Avenue
ID: KF010414
Album: Alternative Rock
Energetic, happy rock track, lively and fast-paced. 02:55
So Groovy
ID: KF031306
Album: Limitless
This techno beat brings in elements of funk and house to keep things groovy. After the buildup, the audience is left with a complex rhythm of synth horns and an arpeggiator sequence reminiscent of disco. 02:54
ID: KF011806
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and dreamy track with sentimental trumpet, soft synths and a groovy electric piano. 02:54
Moving Straight
ID: KF028610
Album: Electroactive
beat-driven electronic track with synths and positive vibe. 02:53
Be Stronger
ID: KF037102
Album: Electronic Intensity
This future bass anthem opens with livid, manipulated vocals and a popping bass line that could really slap if electric basses could actually slap. 02:52
Life Is Good
ID: KF031601
Album: Electro Collective
Dance to the pulsating groove all night long - the iconic synth tune is what will get stuck in your head. With a smooth start, a number of build-ups and breaks in between, this track has everything it takes to get the good vibes going, without pushing itself into the foreground. 02:51
Sweet September
ID: KF035303
Album: Jazz Club
Take a number with this groovealicious jazz piece with an exploratory piano and an easy bass laying down the vibe. 02:50
Electric Dog
ID: KF012916
Album: Funny Tracks
A colourful, happy dance track for kids. Fast beat and funny synthie melody. 02:50
ID: KF035309
Album: Jazz Club
With straightforward kit drums, the piano attacks with a quick progression of sevenths and ninths and then moves into lounge territory. 02:49
Everlasting Kiss
ID: KF011808
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A sentimental and soft sax track. Accompanied by synthetic sounds and percussion. 02:49
Eddie's Journey
ID: KF010822
Album: Beautiful
Like a journey through a fantastic world. Playful strings, a positive piano and voluminous timpanis. 02:49
Keep It To The Heart
ID: KF037907
Album: X-mas Cinema
Delicate, drifting piano and ethereal strings evoke the tranquil beauty of fresh snow falling while a horn fanfare introduces a familiar Christmas melody. Can serve as a reprise to "Christmas Morning". 02:48
Grooving Around
ID: KF027308
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Groovy and funky lounge track with fairly electronic influences and an uplifting interlude. 02:48
ID: KF011112
Album: Cool Ambience
Mystic lounge track with floating melody and electro beats. Atmospheric and soft. 02:48
Coronation Of The King
ID: KF038708
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This solo nocturne with rippling arpeggios and gentle progression drifts across waves of memories and reflections. 02:47
ID: KF030504
Album: Dreams Atmosphere
A groovy take on ambient music, inviting to sway to the rhythm. Instrumental and rhythmic elements that harken to EDM influenced genres generate high diversity and interesting sound palettes. 02:47
Destination Reached
ID: KF012717
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Melodic, sensitive pop track with piano and electric guitar. Empathetic and hopeful. 02:47
Best Of Times
ID: KF011804
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A dreamy synth track with soft trumpet. Atmospheric, relaxed and sensitive. 02:47
ID: KF034305
Album: Economic Upswing
A fanciful melody on flute and violin progresses with clarinet and piano and remains downtempo and restive. 02:45
Mother Nature
ID: KF028204
Album: Emotional Promotion
Calm and folk-sounding verses are paired with a huge pop chorus and rhythmic percussion 02:45
ID: KF014004
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Easy, groovy lounge track with synthetic organ. In the style of the seventies. 02:45
ID: KF038601
Album: Hyped Crowds
This future bass dance track is packed with riffing synths, bouncing bass lines, vocal chops, and an infectious rhythm, creating an upbeat and party atmosphere, perfect for beach scenes and club settings alike. 02:43
Turn It Up
ID: KF028605
Album: Electroactive
Sidechained electro track with a catchy synthesizer tune. 02:43
Open Your Eyes
ID: KF027405
Album: Ride and Relax
In this track hip hop beats and piano are paired with atmospheric synthies 02:42
Kling Gloeckchen
ID: KF016603
Album: Christmas Time
A playful interpretation of this Christmas classic with xylophone and bells, accompanied by bass and light drums. 02:42
Just The Thing
ID: KF011807
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and quiet synth track with sax, dreamy and relaxed mood. 02:41
Been There, Done That
ID: KF027109
Album: Easy And Smooth
Mediterranean latin track; contemplative and dreamy, yet well seasoned and varied. 02:40
Hey You
ID: KF019803
Album: Trance Pop Vol.2
Bright, dynamic electro dance track, with fast rhythm and energetic electric guitar. 02:40
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Piano)
ID: KF038209
Album: Christmas Piano
Celebrate the season with this infectious blend of a classic Christmas carol with jazzy improvisations and smooth playing. Each hand is mixed separately to provide you with more variation and control. 02:39
The Beat Goes On
ID: KF017206
Album: Dance Charts
Driving electro track with a catchy hook, as well as playful and dreamy elements. 02:39
Dance Or Perish
ID: KF011018
Album: Club Beats
Hard bass electro beats with thrilling rhythm and a playful synth melody. Groovy. 02:39
No Borders
ID: KF019805
Album: Trance Pop Vol.2
Fast electro-dance track with danceable rhythm and hard synthies beats. 02:38
Europe Inc
ID: KF018006
Album: Groove Attack
Electro sounds combined with electric guitar and brass. Lively and groovy funk track. 02:38
Axial Forces
ID: KF012113
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Energy rock track with electric guitar melody and synthetic elements. Vigorous and motivating. 02:38
Second Approach
ID: KF031402
Album: Focused
Flowing, blending various acoustic instruments, this track sets a high pace; eventually a steel guitar plays a lovely tune while the arrangement gradually builds. Bass, drums are added and increase in rhythmic complexity, until the climax is reached and the track returns to its "humble" beginnings. 02:37
Open Window
ID: KF020404
Album: Promotional Vol.2
Lively electric guitar track combined with bass and piano. Energetic and positive. 02:37
Fast Tracks
ID: KF018002
Album: Groove Attack
Relaxed and groovy funk track with electric piano, bongos, electric guitar and supporting bass line. Slight fare for nighttime driving. 02:37
Cairos Bar
ID: KF016302
Album: World Pop
Busy, oriental music with rattles, flutes and drums. Energetic and exotic, reminiscent of an oriental bazaar. 02:37
ID: KF011813
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Thoughtful music with trumpet and synth with relaxed rhythm. This lets you dream! 02:37
Rest & Relaxation
ID: KF011810
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A relaxed and quiet track with trumpet and synth accompanied by a catchy bass and piano. 02:37
In Fine Weather
ID: KF036509
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Carried by the dancing of an upright bass, this happy track whistles along with a harmonica and guitar. 02:36
Light It Up
ID: KF031610
Album: Electro Collective
Fun, young, light and upward. After introducing its hook briefly at the start, an elaborate build-up lifts you to the saucy main part with fat synths and a groovy bass line. 02:36
Reach The Clouds
ID: KF031605
Album: Electro Collective
A classic dance party track with the right hook, pumping bass and wide-open backings and FX. During the calmer passage, a groovy piano sets in, whereupon a slick build-up takes it right back up to the top. The track ends on silky chords and blurry vocal elements. 02:36
Night Drive
ID: KF031304
Album: Limitless
Driving keys lead the listener to a shuffle dance rhythm with stabs and pads keeping the groove. The drop brings it back to the basics. 02:36
Raised Arms
ID: KF012720
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Easy, poppy acoustic and electric guitar track with electric piano accompaniment with a groovy rhythm. 02:36
ID: KF011814
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Playful and sunny bossa nova. 02:36
Beauty Shot
ID: KF038610
Album: Hyped Crowds
Unlocking the positive vibes, this bubblegum future house track features bright pad stabs, upbeat rhythms, and catchy vocals and chops. 02:35
ID: KF034410
Album: Electroland
This head-on track starts with a stab rhythm and quickly picks up the energy with a heavy melodic synth pattern. After the drop, the song rebuilds with an intense EDM drive. 02:35
Water Reflections
ID: KF022305
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
Magical sounds performed by a playful piano and a big orchestra. The audience is guided into a wonderous world. 02:35
488 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration