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With the right background music romantic emotions can be generated and intensified. However, romantic music is a tightrope walk. Primarily used to elicit feelings of togetherness and passion, tenderness and longing, romantic compositions can drift into corniness all too easily. Too much instrumental love, so to speak, and romanticism turns into kitsch. On the other hand, less emotionalism can result in an undesirable diffusion of romantic feelings. In order to prevent your project from falling off either edge, our selection offers top-notch compositions that will smoothly avoid the pitfalls of the genre. While love songs have a great tradition in film, advertisement, radio and video games alike, the tracks themselves have to be chosen carefully. Audience immersion is crucial to any of the aforementioned media. Only with the right sound design romantic feelings are guaranteed to be enhanced. Luckily, we can provide you with a vast amount of love songs, romantic piano tracks, romantic instrumental background, and other easy listening productions that many projects can benefit from. For example, shooting a romantic scene may require a song that starts slowly but builds up considerably in order to correspond with the increasing heat on-screen. For such purposes, we highly recommend any track that starts off with a reticent piano and culminates with emotional strings. For mournful scenes a minor, melancholic piano adds the right layer of sadness to the visuals. Obviously, romantic tunes are not only employable in film and video games. Since the genre is prone to slow speeds and soft rhythms, using a romantic instrumental background greatly increases customer well-being. As a result, customers are more likely to take their time browsing through your products. This is especially handy for upscale retail businesses as patrons will be more inclined to make a purchase. In short, with the right sound design romantic emotions can be used to increase sales. Similarly, advertisers that promote luxury items with a classy piano love the increased readiness to of customers to buy their product. If your product is upscale, the music should be, too. With our selection of background music romantic feelings of any color can easily be created. Enjoy browsing through our vast amount of tracks and find the right songs instrumental to your project.

148 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Evening Wear
ID: KF031705
Album: Quirky & Fun
Smooth Jazz? Elevator music? Prestigious dining table backdrop? This track serves all of those and purposes and more with its inviting vibraphone, piano, acoustic bass and silky rhythm section. 02:23
In A Cabin For Two
ID: KF029915
Album: Black Prophecy Vol.2
Carried by a solo saxophone and accompanied by a double bass, a vibraphone, strings and obscene moans, this Bossa Nova track radiates an erotic mood. 01:58
Growing Up
ID: KF029808
Album: Viral Pop
With an overall cheery disposition, this track features acoustic guitars during its calmer build-ups and energetic, voice-mangling beats with double-time elements. 02:39
ID: KF028311
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An emotional acoustic pop ballad with motivating lyrics and nice male vocals. 03:30
I Miss The Sun
ID: KF028310
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An epic and catchy arena pop-track with male vocals. 03:11
Love Star
ID: KF028306
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A romantic love song in a familiar pop style with polyphonic vocal harmonies. 03:58
Blank Heart
ID: KF028304
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An emotional pop ballad with big sound and a beutiful female voice. 03:39
ID: KF028301
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An epic and catchy stadium pop-track with romantic lyrics and great male vocals. 03:23
Tree Of Life
ID: KF028207
Album: Emotional Promotion
A laidback and sweet acoustic pop track, performed in a sedate manner 01:54
Positive Charge
ID: KF028205
Album: Emotional Promotion
An emotional and hopeful pop rock track with catchy piano 02:10
Mother Nature
ID: KF028204
Album: Emotional Promotion
Calm and folk-sounding verses are paired with a huge pop chorus and rhythmic percussion 02:45
Porcelain Man
ID: KF028109
Album: Serious Business
An intimate and emotional track that receives its special note through flowing piano arpeggios and memorable reverse sounds 01:00
Brand New Day
ID: KF028102
Album: Serious Business
A pop feel-good track with grooving drums, piano arpeggios and emotional guitar interludes 03:08
Behind The Mask
ID: KF028006
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
An upflifting and atmospheric pop track with characteristic sound effects and slide guitar 03:30
Fly Away
ID: KF028005
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
This pop-rock track combines emotional guitar melodies with rhythmic acoustic guitars 03:50
Driving Force
ID: KF028002
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Fast and catchy pop rock track with calm interludes 02:22
Better Days
ID: KF028001
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
This pop-rock track combines emotional guitar arpeggios and melodies with rhythmic acoustic guitars 02:31
Walking on Clouds
ID: KF027912
Album: Wellness Vol.01
Rather modestly arranged with an electric guitar at first, this tracks evolves into a versatile pop composition 05:09
The Voice of my Heart
ID: KF027911
Album: Wellness Vol.01
A pop piano track that evokes romantic feelings 03:51
Petite Reverie
ID: KF027715
Album: Piano Works
A triste ballad in 6/8 time, in the style of a romantic piano piece 00:59
Rainy Day
ID: KF027714
Album: Piano Works
A programmatic piano ballad that is being characterized by emotional melodies and arpeggios in minor 02:32
Cold Nights
ID: KF027706
Album: Piano Works
Intimate, almost sighing piano track with stripped-back accompaniment and simple motifs 00:59
The Invitation
ID: KF027705
Album: Piano Works
And intimate and harmonically diverse piano track with a simple melody progression and arpeggios 01:13
ID: KF027704
Album: Piano Works
An initally melancholic and intimate piano track that leads to an optimistic conclusion 01:17
Fallen Leaves
ID: KF027703
Album: Piano Works
And intimate and melancholic piano track with a simple melody progression and arpeggios 01:36
Soleil Et Neige
ID: KF027702
Album: Piano Works
Bittersweet melodic motifs are shaping this emotional solo piano piece 03:16
The Unshaken
ID: KF027701
Album: Piano Works
An emotional, orchestral piano track with various changes in tempo 02:15
ID: KF027510
Album: Automotive Vol.1
An emotional, melodic track with present piano and melodious strings topped with ethereal voice samples and a subliminal trip-hop beat 02:24
Stay Tuned
ID: KF027502
Album: Automotive Vol.1
A hypnotizing and atmospheric track that consists of dreamy strings, voice effects as well as a trip-hop beat and piano chords 02:04
My Good Side
ID: KF027210
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Smooth pop track for relaxing and feeling well. Friendly tunes and ample backings consisting of acoustic instruments, organs and pads. 01:54
Single Tears
ID: KF027011
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Positive, lyric rock ballad with male vocals, reverberant solo electric guitar, upright piano and luscious drums. 04:20
ID: KF027010
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Determined soft-rock; a bit on the sturdy side with empathetic guitar melodies. 01:57
One Of These Days
ID: KF027003
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Acoustic pop song with multiplied vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, cajon, shaker and bongos. 05:16
Good Taste
ID: KF027002
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Friendly, respiring acoustic pop with an all's-well-that-ends-well harmonic structure. 01:52
Dawn At The Station
ID: KF024909
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
Dawn at a crowded station accompanied with very relaxed lounge music. Vast synthesizers, a pulsating bass and easy drums. 04:45
Coming Home
ID: KF024908
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
Very slow synth pads next to a playful bass synth with retro feeling. 03:48
ID: KF024907
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
A futuristic and vast track. Driving, cool, big synths, hovering basses and hectically drum beat. 06:13
Buena Vista
ID: KF024906
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
Lounge sound with spanish acoustic guitars huge synth pads. 04:55
Beyond Space
ID: KF024905
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
Shining piano melodies surrounded by relaxing beats. A lounge track with moving bass and nice, warm synth pads. 05:59
Beautiful Flow
ID: KF024904
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
A futuristic and ambient chill track. Relaxing with cool and spacy synths, vibrating basses and downbeat drums. 06:17
Back In The Days
ID: KF024903
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
A dramatic, yet spherical lounge track. Groovy beats with big synth pads. 05:18
Apart Together
ID: KF024902
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.1
A dramatic, yet spherical lounge track. Groovy beats with big synth pads. 06:31
Time To Go
ID: KF024711
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.3
Endless spheres with shimmering synth pads and deep floating basses, no drums. 04:15
Sparks Two
ID: KF024710
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.3
Endless spheres with shimmering synth pads and deep floating basses, no drums. 05:18
Sparks One
ID: KF024709
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.3
A playful, ambient track wie calm drums and slow moving synth melodies. 05:12
Passing By
ID: KF024708
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.3
Rushing waves and on top an endless sea of hovering synth pads. 04:30
ID: KF024510
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
Funny synths jump arround accompanied by vast pads, an acoustic guitar and chill drums. 04:54
A Whole New World
ID: KF024509
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A warm, sunny and ambient chill track. Relaxing with synths, pulsating basses and downbeat drums. 03:55
A Planet Full Of Stars
ID: KF024508
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A futuristic, stylish and ambient chill track. Relaxing with cool and spacy synths, basses and downbeat drums. 06:04
A New Day
ID: KF024507
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A retro and groovy chillout track with deep vibrating bass lines. 03:56
ID: KF024506
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A retro and groovy chillout track with robot voice and disco-like beat. 04:41
23 Chills
ID: KF024505
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A warm, sunny and ambient chill track. Relaxing with synths, rhodes, vibrating basses and downbeat drums. 02:19
Never Far Apart
ID: KF024504
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A futuristic and ambient chill track. Relaxing with cool and spacy synths, vibrating basses and downbeat drums. 03:36
In My Belly
ID: KF024503
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A emotional, futuristic, stylish and ambient chill track. Relaxing with cool and spacy synths, basses and downbeat drums. 04:48
Dazzling Fiction
ID: KF024502
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A sad, futuristic, stylish and ambient chill track. Relaxing with cool and spacy synths, basses and downbeat drums. 05:51
Chemical Reactions
ID: KF024501
Album: Orbital Nights Vol.1
A futuristic, stylish and ambient chill track. Relaxing with cool and spacy synths, basses and downbeat drums. 04:29
Moving On
ID: KF024404
Album: Moving Off Ground
Ideal lounge feeling. An electric and an acoustic guitar sparkle over a big ocean made of strings and layed-back drums 05:44
Moving Off Ground
ID: KF024403
Album: Moving Off Ground
Soothing, deep lounge ambience surrounded by synths and a vocoder voice. 05:31
Metropolis By Night
ID: KF024402
Album: Moving Off Ground
Relaxing sound scape with rhodes, a smooth backbeat and soft waves made of synth strings. 03:55
Me And My Rocket
ID: KF024401
Album: Moving Off Ground
Peaceful and calm sound scape with a touch of hope. An acoustic guitar plays riffs above of synth strings and a chill beat. 05:07
Explain The World
ID: KF022807
Album: Children's Corner
Relaxing pop song with flutes, acoustic guitar and chimes. Accompanied by calm drums. 01:48
Lonely Summer Friday
ID: KF022710
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Calm e-guitar melodies accompanied by spacious synth pads and a rhythmical drum beat. 03:26
Fado Para Amor Perdida
ID: KF021802
Album: Calm Ambience
This guitar-song is in the style of the portuguese folk-music „Fado“. It carries the typical melancoly and tristesse. In the background there is some latin percussion. 01:09
Mr Grumpy Falls In Love
ID: KF021006
Album: Children Vol.2
A romantic track, groovy and with a lot of emotion. 00:47
Steiner's Nocturne
ID: KF020509
Album: Retro Kitch
Sad piano-piece in the style of a classical piece like a Chopin-Nocturne. 01:24
So This Is Life
ID: KF020508
Album: Retro Kitch
Muted jazz trumpet, piano and e-piano. Vintage style, with steady crackling and stumbling during the song. Relaxed and cheerful. 00:23
Winter Lovesong
ID: KF020503
Album: Retro Kitch
A jazzy winter-lovesong with jazz trumpet, piano, calm strings and female vocals. Romantic Christmas music for classy cosiness. 01:57
Dream Away
ID: KF020502
Album: Retro Kitch
Comfortable, thoughtful chanson with oboe and mouth organ as upper voice, accompanied by piano and snare drum. 01:05
With Hope
ID: KF020403
Album: Promotional Vol.2
This track combines piano and flute within a fast, but easy and hopeful melody. Romantic and sensitive, with a soft ending. 02:40
Share Hope
ID: KF020402
Album: Promotional Vol.2
A soft and playful composition for piano and strings. Positive, easy, uplifting and romantic. 02:22
ID: KF020401
Album: Promotional Vol.2
A sensitive piece with gently played Banjo, sustaining strings and soft piano. Emotional and uplifting. 01:00
Future Com
ID: KF020312
Album: Fusion
Funky fusion track. E-guitar with cool rhythm, combined with a sensitive saxophone and a synthie organ. 02:44
All The News
ID: KF020301
Album: Fusion
A sensitive jazz-fusion track with saxophone, acoustic guitar and piano. Joyful and dynamic. 02:30
Enter The Ship
ID: KF020116
Album: World Tales Vol.2
Low brass and accordeon create a partly busy, partly romantic atmosphere. Steely and gentle at the same time. 02:18
Gentle Firmness
ID: KF020110
Album: World Tales Vol.2
A powerful, even though calm track. Strings, acoustic guitars and percussion within a melancholic composition. 03:03
Micro Current
ID: KF019608
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
An exciting action track with electric guitar and bongos. Combined with a calm interlude of synthies. 02:20
Golf Course
ID: KF019508
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
Positive, easy pop track with piano and electric guitar. Within a gentle, playful atmosphere. 01:45
Old Times
ID: KF018222
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Relaxed, jazzy and cheerful track with easy clarinet and piano playing, combined with a dreamy violin. With the special, romantic crackling of a record player. 00:21
Without You
ID: KF018211
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Short, gentle and emotional piano trailer. 00:06
Ja, vi elsker dette landet
ID: KF018114
Album: World Anthems
Majestic, solemn orchestra version of the Norwegian national anthem. Festive and romantic. 00:30
Kde domov muj
ID: KF018113
Album: World Anthems
Solemn, emotional orchestra version of the Czech national anthem with xylophone, brass, flute and strings. 00:35
Tales Of Love And War
ID: KF017911
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Big and epic orchestral track with a strong emotinal theme, both heroic and dramatic at the same time. Starting with a soft string intro it builds up to a fantastic finale with massive percussions and choirs. 02:36
Our Last Farewell
ID: KF017909
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Very emotional and romantic orchestral piece, mainly with strings. In the end there´s a heroic build-up. 01:37
Only The Moon
ID: KF017616
Album: European Cinema
Calm, relaxed solo for piano. Romantic and emotional. Perfect for a candle-light scene. 01:20
I Dreamed About You
ID: KF017615
Album: European Cinema
Jazzy, romantic and melancholic track with piano, violin and relaxed drums, flute in addition. 01:10
Above The Island
ID: KF017613
Album: European Cinema
Calm, harmonic sounds of acoustic guitar and bongos on an electric piano bed. Like a starlit caribbean night. 01:39
For A Soul
ID: KF017605
Album: European Cinema
A very relaxed and gentle track with acoustic guitar, piano, clarinet and violin. Contemplative music. 01:33
Today We Dream
ID: KF017601
Album: European Cinema
Calm, Spanish acoustic guitar play, embedded into electric piano sounds. Soft bongos with it. Melancholic and romantic. 01:11
ID: KF017406
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Soft electro pop with electric piano, electric guitar and synthies. Positive and hopeful. 01:38
ID: KF017402
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
A relaxed bar music with easy piano and guitar sounds, playful and gentle. 02:14
Ciudad De La Musica
ID: KF017112
Album: World Travels Vol.2
A spirited music with Spanish character. A melancholic acoustic guitar defines the atmosphere, combined with castanets. 02:34
The Valley
ID: KF017019
Album: Calm Orchestra
Emotional strings and a calm piano. Like the memory of lost beloveds. 02:36
Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
ID: KF016610
Album: Christmas Time
This Christmas classic combines piano with small and big bells; in the course of the track, flutes join in. Electric piano creates a feel-good atmosphere, with a very gentle finish. 01:54
Zion's Daughter
ID: KF016609
Album: Christmas Time
Harmonic interplay of piano and harp at the beginning; complemented by soft strings and a clear piano creating the ultimate Christmas contemplation. 02:10
Suesser die Glocken nie klingen
ID: KF016608
Album: Christmas Time
Very peaceful, slow Christmas classic with soft piano and tube bells; middle section with soft pizzicato strings. 02:01
Macht hoch die Tuer
ID: KF016606
Album: Christmas Time
Tender piano and gentle drums open this Christmas classic; an acoustic guitar carries you gently through to the end. 02:23
Leise rieselt der Schnee
ID: KF016605
Album: Christmas Time
Very relaxed Christmas classic in a jazzy lounge style; with a soft acoustic guitar as lead, quiet bells, bass and percussions. 02:12
La Bella
ID: KF016511
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Romantic, somewhat melancholic mediterranean track. 02:50
Not Very Smart
ID: KF016510
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A dreamy, enchanted french accordion piece, romantic and pleasant. 02:07
Heart Of Asia
ID: KF016504
Album: World Travels Vol.1
An asian lovesong with zither and flutes, hopeful and peaceful. 01:57
148 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration