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Title Description Duration
Carol Of The Bells (Piano)
ID: KF038207
Album: Christmas Piano
This piano arrangement of the Ukrainian Christmas classic preserves the mysterious and dynamic character of more traditional versions. 02:04
Meshes And Grids
ID: KF038102
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Epic 8-bit synth melodies and electronic beats capture the essence of 80s arcades. 02:32
Always Trouble With Santa Claus
ID: KF037904
Album: X-mas Cinema
This mysterious opening with strings, bells and violins gives way to action and adventure. 02:06
ID: KF037510
Album: City Rhythm
This driving dubstep features elements of trap in its drops and builds while keeping things heavy and chopped up for maximum audio mayhem. 03:05
Get Down
ID: KF037509
Album: City Rhythm
The blasting bass horns and energetic vocals ensure that this track keeps your club scene vibe hopping, popping, and locking. 02:19
ID: KF037508
Album: City Rhythm
This hauntingly atmospheric track seamlessly blends trap and cinematic elements. The powerful bass and Arabic influences add an extra layer of intensity, creating a suspenseful experience. 02:13
ID: KF037507
Album: City Rhythm
This track boasts a brooding reese bass and pulsing hats that come together to create a gritty, nocturnal atmosphere perfect for any urban-themed projects. 02:10
ID: KF037207
Album: Press Start
Heavily distorted synth leads drive the action with stutters and phasers while kicks and claps keep it all grounded. 02:16
King Of Riddles
ID: KF037108
Album: Electronic Intensity
A tense cosmic opening builds with a marching snare and vocals, leading into horns blasting a dark trap anthem with a heavy dose of legato bass. 02:39
ID: KF036710
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
The track begins with dark, plucked tones and a heavy pulsing bass that leads to a terrifying requiem. 01:59
The Raid
ID: KF036708
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
Influenced by 80s metal, this track features heavy, driving distorted guitars and smashing kit drums. 02:01
No Man's Land
ID: KF036706
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
In space, no one can hear the synths scream. This track is laden with sci fi influences while the horns reveal the dark forces converging on Earth’s defense. 02:19
ID: KF036703
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
The challenger is met with a pumping track featuring heavy synths, drops, and strings. 02:02
Golden Orb
ID: KF036702
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
Beginning with a dark and mysterious droning, a synth kick pulses a slow beat taken over by tense strings and percussion. 02:18
ID: KF036701
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
With horn blasts and banging drums, this hybrid cinematic track keeps the audience on the edges of their seats from the opening of your trailer to its climax. 02:21
ID: KF036410
Album: Sinister Machinations
Low bass tones encapsulate this dark pulsating track, with an echoing guitar and hollow synth playing the melody. 02:13
Between Mirrors
ID: KF036409
Album: Sinister Machinations
Electronic sounds and vibes trickle throughout the dark waves of this suspense-burdened ambient track. 02:39
Abandoned House
ID: KF036408
Album: Sinister Machinations
This haunting ambient track contains suspenseful cues and dark, foreboding tones. 02:19
ID: KF036407
Album: Sinister Machinations
This startling score features a dark, weaving drone and an industrial rhythm that sets the scene of the crime. 02:10
Shady Places
ID: KF036405
Album: Sinister Machinations
A dark ambient track with haunting echoes and heavy distorted guitar articulations build up a criminal suspense. 02:25
Getting Close
ID: KF036404
Album: Sinister Machinations
A dark pulsing bass is accentuated by a ticking clock as the time counts down in this cryptic thriller track. 02:35
Long Hallway
ID: KF036401
Album: Sinister Machinations
Haunting tones and drifting effects build up to a reese bass-guided dark ambient sound. 02:29
Hot Night
ID: KF035910
Album: Moon Tune
With sitar and pan flutes giving the track an international flavor, the sauce is thickened with a fat, pumping bass. 02:15
ID: KF035909
Album: Moon Tune
Featuring a grooving EP interlude, this dub step track opens with a thick reese bass and climaxes with horn blasts and a synth wobbling in instability. 02:59
Plan B
ID: KF035704
Album: Ambitions
A dark and serious track designed to propel the audience into victory, with cinematic percussion, gripping strings and horns, and a triumphant choir. 02:42
Marathon Run
ID: KF035509
Album: Popular
A cybernetic riff from a planet of race cars opens the track and leads into an understated dance club hit with occasional heavy synth intrusions. 02:21
ID: KF035109
Album: Urban Streets
With glitchy effects, tape stops, hat stutters, and ghostly vocals, this trapstep pushes the mood darker and will be sure to bring an edge to your scene. 02:13
ID: KF035108
Album: Urban Streets
This East Asian-inspired trapstep track features a rocking koto line, a deep reese bass, and hip-hop backing vocals to round out the rough footwork. 02:58
High Level
ID: KF035105
Album: Urban Streets
This EDM trap track is typified by heavy, room shaking subs, skittering hats, and dark, blasting horns. 03:06
ID: KF035103
Album: Urban Streets
Starting with a playful riff on keys, this future bass track builds up with sampled strings layered with hip-hop-style backing vocals. 02:03
Cyber Bugs
ID: KF035009
Album: Box Office Hits
Dark whispering, a ticking clock, klaxons, synthetic movements – this tension-filled track pulls the listener through both horrors and dark worlds of science fiction alike. 02:20
Above Skyscrapers
ID: KF035008
Album: Box Office Hits
The descending string arpeggios and dark horn section keep it dark and tense, with a smashing percussion perfect for navigating both physical and psychological battlefields. 02:29
Underground Life
ID: KF035007
Album: Box Office Hits
A long and slow rise featuring strings and synthetic effects, this track carries a tension-filled presentation into a stuttered finale. 02:57
Between Worlds
ID: KF035006
Album: Box Office Hits
Starting quiet, this track gets big with a choir and pounding percussion, the various drops and horn builds allow for variable tensions. 03:02
Chaos Control
ID: KF035005
Album: Box Office Hits
This track begins with a set of tense string arpeggios leading up to a smashing reveal; great for mysteries, inspirational works, and indie action projects. 02:01
Be A Hero
ID: KF035004
Album: Box Office Hits
Mysterious voices and violins call from beyond leading into a string part perfect for your action or fantasy project. 02:01
ID: KF035003
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening strong with a piano arpeggio, the rising piano line and staccato strings make sure the audience knows your thriller is packed with hair raising action. 02:09
The Conqueror
ID: KF035002
Album: Box Office Hits
Quiet and tense with elements of high strings and throat singings, distant war horns sound while various FX raise the tension in this track perfect for thriller or science fiction projects. 02:44
ID: KF035001
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening with a creepy music box, the track punches in the percussion while the string melody and choir create a perfectly frightening atmosphere for your horror production. 02:32
Down The Rabbit Hole
ID: KF034703
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A classical piano rondo paired with modern kit drums and staccato strings that work to build tension and add pressure. 02:28
Jet Flow
ID: KF034610
Album: Automotive Commercial
This hard-hitting psytrance track keeps changing between cybernetic pulsations and driving distorted guitars. 02:21
The Razer
ID: KF034607
Album: Automotive Commercial
The pan flute melody over the hopping bass gives this solid EDM track a flavor of Latin America. 02:38
Dark Armor
ID: KF034605
Album: Automotive Commercial
Rising in with a skipping base line, this pumping trance track is full of energy and alternative cybernetic realities. 02:43
Traffic Lights
ID: KF034603
Album: Automotive Commercial
This understated acid track with an ambient repeating vocal line takes the listener back to the dark action thrillers of the late 90s and sequels of a certain comic book vampire. 02:11
Blood Dawn
ID: KF033807
Album: Wave & Vice
This darkwave track begins with a driving detuned bass and a brilliant, high-pitched arpeggiation. 02:23
Laser Trip Wire
ID: KF032808
Album: Twisted Trails
A tense and energetic bass line carries the track, while a synth piano lays down a very spy-centered melody. 02:32
We Are Busted
ID: KF032805
Album: Twisted Trails
Clockwork percussion, drums, synths, and guitars open this high-energy action sequence track. The track is accentuated by intense pizzicato strings and a rising horn section. 02:17
Around Every Corner
ID: KF032804
Album: Twisted Trails
A distant horn plays the melody over a rumbling drone, while various elements join in to raise the tension. 02:19
A Storm Is Coming
ID: KF032803
Album: Twisted Trails
This synth-driven cinematic piece pulses the tension with 80s-inspired drums and piano interludes. 02:04
ID: KF032801
Album: Twisted Trails
This tension-filled hybrid cinematic piece is characterized by a pulsing bass line and drawn cello pulls. 02:40
On The Frontier
ID: KF032310
Album: Thrilling Trailer
The track begins with a full choir and horns pushing out a mournful dirge, carried into a tension-filled adventure across tubular bells, drums, and horns. It's picked up finally by kit drums where the choir starts again. 01:51
ID: KF032309
Album: Thrilling Trailer
An arpeggiated synth opens the track, driven by horns and a dropping harp in a minor key. The constantly shifting arp continues across interchanging beds of instrumentation. 02:37
ID: KF032308
Album: Thrilling Trailer
The track starts with an arpeggio of staccato strings and a marching rhythm from a snare. A choir breaks in accompanied by an anthemic horn melody. 02:32
ID: KF032307
Album: Thrilling Trailer
A dark rhythm played over a drone rises up into a thematic motif exchanged by choirs and horns. 01:35
You Are The Prey
ID: KF032306
Album: Thrilling Trailer
Starting with spooky atmospherics, a riser leads into a heavy guitar riff followed by renewed quiet. Kick drums bring the song back into the metal arena. 01:55
ID: KF032305
Album: Thrilling Trailer
The track begins with a soft and mysterious clarinet setting the motif, soon replaced by a full choir and horns in an epic, dark and tense anthem. 02:04
Taking Action
ID: KF032304
Album: Thrilling Trailer
A pulsing riser opens the action, quickly leading to a suspenseful rhythm on strings over kit drums. Horns make a heroic effort to cut the tension. 02:10
Raising The Dead
ID: KF032303
Album: Thrilling Trailer
The track promptly begins with spooky string legatos and spiccatos and a bass guitar picking up the rhythm. Various chilling FX pommel their way into a frightening and chaotic atmosphere. 02:04
Country Of Dangers
ID: KF032302
Album: Thrilling Trailer
Dark horns open the track over creepy atmospherics and staccato strings begin a minor rhythm, slowly raising the tension throughout. 02:06
ID: KF032301
Album: Thrilling Trailer
A chilling drone is cut off by a driving distorted guitar riff and timpani impacts. Strings raise the tension, leading to kit drums smashing into a pulsing metal anthem. 01:59
ID: KF031510
Album: Cinematic Impact
Metallic shimmering, cybernetic elements, burning bass synthesizers and solid, distorted, unstoppable drums. Take cover if it'll stay standing. 02:15
ID: KF031509
Album: Cinematic Impact
Distorted, twisted synths come and disappear in the darkness with dangerous unpredictability until a percussive sequence readies for battle. It turns into an all-out war with screaming synths terrorizing the opponent while heavy drums drive the action forward. 02:14
Pushing Through
ID: KF031508
Album: Cinematic Impact
Marrying elements from high-tempo techno and amped stadium-grade drum and bass, this track brings cinematic electric guitars to the fray. 02:15
ID: KF031507
Album: Cinematic Impact
An alarming, synthetic undertone is shattered by enormous, frontal hits. The impacts become more relentless, rapid, destructive and rhythmic as the track progresses while cutting, gritty synthesizers roar with great vengeance. 02:10
ID: KF031506
Album: Cinematic Impact
Full-on rhythmic hits alternate with foreboding synth notes that drown in the silence. After a sweeping build-up, the track builds ever towards the next dramatic sequence with diabolical amped guitar sounds. Later joined by stormy strings and fast percussion, the ominous mayhem is complete. 02:08
ID: KF031505
Album: Cinematic Impact
This track lurks in the shadows, ready to attack. When it finally does, cutting synths, earth-shattering hits and percussive beats drive the action at a moderate but steady pace. 02:08
Twilight Prophecy
ID: KF031504
Album: Cinematic Impact
With a gloomy atmosphere at the start / ending, heartbeats and dangerous braams, this track has a toxic atmosphere to it. Travelling, creature-esque sounds add to the dread and suspense. Finally, dramatic brass and percussion drive it home. 02:19
ID: KF031503
Album: Cinematic Impact
Gigantic hits with high-tech sounding synth elements develop in volume and mass, until a heavy double-time action sequence shows its teeth. Unrelenting extremes until the end. 02:09
ID: KF031502
Album: Cinematic Impact
A dark, obscure thriller start that intensifies and throws extreme punches while remaining twisted, threatening and slightly psychedelic. The finale near the end brings in big brass and massive walls of sound for maximum fatality. 02:27
ID: KF031501
Album: Cinematic Impact
A dark, deep beginning with pulsating bass introduces a short trailer groove, before giving way to a heavy-hitting sequence of brutal percussion and razor-sharp synths. Badass cinematic action guaranteed. 02:01
So Groovy
ID: KF031306
Album: Limitless
This techno beat brings in elements of funk and house to keep things groovy. After the buildup, the audience is left with a complex rhythm of synth horns and an arpeggiator sequence reminiscent of disco. 02:54
Enemy Troops
ID: KF030908
Album: Got The Guts
A snare and guitars tap out a military march as the horns call out preparing for war. Higher pitched guitars cover the sounds of frantic screams until the final clash with distortion hits. 02:07
Stormy Coast
ID: KF030907
Album: Got The Guts
A harmony of horns starts this track on its weathered course. After the initial verse, it shifts into the thunderous beat of war drums until it finally arrives at the double kicks more typical of heavy metal. 02:24
ID: KF030906
Album: Got The Guts
The track opens with a Shepard tone leading into an aggressive pairing of strings and guitar fusing together at a hard-driven pace to the end. 02:20
ID: KF030904
Album: Got The Guts
A slower but high-tension piece with driving guitars and horns. The track breaks down into a question and answer between strings and distorted guitars. 02:15
Heavy Impact
ID: KF030902
Album: Got The Guts
The track starts immediately into a high impact rhythm, with heavy guitars driving a fast-paced dynamism. The kit drums drop off at the break, coming back in for an almost funky dialectic interlude between guitars and synth horns. 02:13
Riffs From Mars
ID: KF030901
Album: Got The Guts
The assault on the Red Planet opens with a slowly building drone, the rhythm emphasized by a growing, militant electric guitar. The kit drums kick in, creating a solid, cosmic metal reminiscent of Holst's Planets. 02:32
ID: KF030708
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The track opens with a tense percussion and is quickly cut apart with blasts of bass and a frenetic synth line. 02:28
Pyramid Crumble
ID: KF030706
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
Opening with a drone kissed by the remnants of human voices and a creeping arpeggiation from a broken music box, the track slowly crumbles into an oblivion of wobbling basses and a melody reminiscent of ancient Egypt. 02:28
Border Patrol
ID: KF030705
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The track begins with a short screaming bass line, picked up with heavy distorted drums. After the drop, it rebuilds with a pulsating search and destroy by a thudding bass and machine-like percussion innovations. 02:21
ID: KF030704
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
Starting with a wobbling bass repeating a short burst over spacey atmospherics, the track builds up with percussion and heavy bass kicks, accompanied by chaotic tension-building whirs and electric guitars. 02:20
Urban Scum
ID: KF030701
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
Opening with a drone moved forward by dark impulses and low mechanical moans, the beat kicks in with a screech. The tension is built with electric guitars and other gear-filled noises. 02:30
Pink Rays
ID: KF030509
Album: Dreams Atmosphere
Slightly twisted, trippy harmonies and timbres dominate this track as well as a strong, continuous beat. Most instruments are slightly amplified or distorted; yet the track maintains a non-agressive, meditative feel. 04:06
ID: KF030210
Album: Cartoons & Agents
This track gets progressively spooky in a comical sense as it progresses. An iconic main line carries the arrangement through the ever increasing suspense curve and bizarrely developing instrumentation. 02:06
Suspicious Guys
ID: KF030209
Album: Cartoons & Agents
A classic "sneaking about" track. Clarines, trumpets, baritone sax, vibraphone and a steadily intesifying arrangement give the piece an "endearing bad guys" touch. 02:14
Her Majesty's Number One
ID: KF030204
Album: Cartoons & Agents
Soulful, classy and posh. This track alternates between soft passages and shining big band performances. The perfect blend between expensive pleasure and the dazzling spotlight. 02:28
Pet Detective
ID: KF030201
Album: Cartoons & Agents
This soft, downtempo piece sets the scene for some moderate, investigative action. Vibraphone, piano, plucked strings, muted trumpet and a gentle rhythm section keep things interesting while creating a relaxed, thoughtful atmosphere. 02:15
In The Face Of Death
ID: KF029714
Album: Black Prophecy Vol.1
Heavy percussion impacts unleash this epic battle track that grows into a fully orchestrated dramatic finale. 01:26
Balanced Odds
ID: KF029705
Album: Black Prophecy Vol.1
A battle track that captures the action on the battlefield through a chaotic composition and makes it audible through the impressive orchestra. 01:36
War Machine
ID: KF029607
Album: Battlegrounds
An unsteady percussion-track, supported by warning signals of ethnic horns. 02:02
The Assault
ID: KF029605
Album: Battlegrounds
A driven percussion-track. 01:02
Full Sails
ID: KF029603
Album: Battlegrounds
A fast-paced orchestra-track, characterized by objections of male voices and a melodyline of a cello. 01:56
Moving Into Position
ID: KF029602
Album: Battlegrounds
A driving percussive hybrid-track, which increases tension with some deep brasslike objections and sinister drones. 02:04
To The Balustrade
ID: KF029601
Album: Battlegrounds
A tense percussion-track, supported by warning signals of ethnic horns. 02:15
The Hunt
ID: KF029314
Album: Hybrid Tension
A creepy, sinister and tormenting track spreading shakiness through devious harmonies. 01:56
ID: KF029313
Album: Hybrid Tension
A restless yet contemplative track which combines spheric synthetic moments with a solo-cello. 01:27
What's Going On
ID: KF029312
Album: Hybrid Tension
A spheric hybrid-track, which in the second half grows into an pushing, half-time agent-and-spy-theme. 03:13
Breathing Again
ID: KF029311
Album: Hybrid Tension
An energetic yet spheric track, which consists mainly of a reverberated piano, high staccati-strings and a driving beat. 01:07
Free Climbing
ID: KF029310
Album: Hybrid Tension
This hybrid-track communicates time pressure, uncertainty and a hectic search. The music pulsates, urges and the sound-effects raise the tension. 03:04
Making Ground
ID: KF029308
Album: Hybrid Tension
A patient, spheric and superior hybrid-track, which includes besides sustained chords some quiet sound-effects. 01:08
383 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration