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488 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Laser Rays
ID: KF010105
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Enigmatic, mysterious track, strings and piano combined with percussion and synthesizers. 02:12
Lost Place
ID: KF010112
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Orchestral Action track featuring a marimba - calm yet steadily driving onwards. 02:12
Iron Rabbit
ID: KF010202
Album: Action Orchestra
Percussion-heavy orchestral action track featuring fast string runs and fierce brass. 01:09
Showdown In The Air
ID: KF010217
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced action piece with vibrant strings and bustling percussion parts. 01:59
ID: KF010302
Album: Agents&Spies
Multifaceted piece, subdued suspense leading into a fast-paced action sequence. 01:58
Foreign Office
ID: KF010306
Album: Agents&Spies
Cool, short, spy film track with a nice synthie hook. 00:30
The Louvre
ID: KF010307
Album: Agents&Spies
Welcome to France, Mr. Bond! Spy film track spiced with accordion and flute. 00:42
Jacks Van
ID: KF010308
Album: Agents&Spies
Suspenseful, calm-before-the-storm agent film track with melodic guitar. 02:00
Mr Inspector
ID: KF010314
Album: Agents&Spies
Classic big band spy film theme with retro feel. 01:13
Flee Fleet
ID: KF010320
Album: Agents&Spies
Mysterious melody with playful piano and several string sections. Got a smooth ending. 00:54
Lonnie Doubts It
ID: KF010321
Album: Agents&Spies
Funny film music with very playful percussions in the middle. A little spooky with an increasing intensity. 01:05
To Freedom
ID: KF010401
Album: Alternative Rock
Melodic, hopeful rock track with piano and electric guitars. 03:59
Kaiser Wilhelm
ID: KF010402
Album: Alternative Rock
Cool, riff-based alternative rock track. 02:17
Now Or Never
ID: KF010404
Album: Alternative Rock
High-spirited, hopeful pop rock track. 03:09
Go For It
ID: KF010408
Album: Alternative Rock
Positive, upbeat rock track with powerful guitars. 03:18
Rotor Dynamic
ID: KF010409
Album: Alternative Rock
Cool, melodic rock tune with an aggressive, shredded middle part. 02:05
Sunshine Avenue
ID: KF010414
Album: Alternative Rock
Energetic, happy rock track, lively and fast-paced. 02:55
White Shadows
ID: KF010415
Album: Alternative Rock
Powerful, positive rock tune with nice guitar riffs and a synthie hook on top. 02:03
Easier Than Expected
ID: KF010417
Album: Alternative Rock
Powerful rock track with nice hook line and a fat bass. 02:00
One Too Many
ID: KF010418
Album: Alternative Rock
Heavy, no-excuses rock track with powerful guitars and a synthie bridge. 03:17
ID: KF010501
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Ethereal, peaceful synthie track, reminiscent of outer space. 03:21
Botch It
ID: KF010606
Album: American Cowboys
Fast but gentle fingerpicking, offbeat country track. 02:06
Joy Riding
ID: KF010607
Album: American Cowboys
Cool, nice-and-easy fingerpicking country tune. 01:58
Busted Drollery
ID: KF010617
Album: American Cowboys
Yeehaw! Let's go to the rodeo! A rollicking, fingerpicking country rock track. 01:37
Chuckling Stock
ID: KF010618
Album: American Cowboys
Fast and funny, up-beat country tune. 01:30
Light And Sunshine
ID: KF010801
Album: Beautiful
Hopeful track with piano and strings. 00:45
Valley Sight
ID: KF010805
Album: Beautiful
Positive quiet track with piano and acoustic guitar. Accompanied by drums, cello and violin. 02:17
Summer Dreaming
ID: KF010807
Album: Beautiful
A playful piano accompanied by quiet violins. A dreamy and lovely piece of film music. 01:53
Pleasant Valley
ID: KF010809
Album: Beautiful
Play- and peaceful orchestral track. Soft strings accompanied by cembalo, flute and percussions. 02:06
Happy Piano
ID: KF010816
Album: Beautiful
Soft and playful piano music with a simple melody. 01:31
Velvet Glass
ID: KF010817
Album: Beautiful
A light and hopeful music. Playful with soft chimes. 00:38
Eddie's Journey
ID: KF010822
Album: Beautiful
Like a journey through a fantastic world. Playful strings, a positive piano and voluminous timpanis. 02:49
Little Ones
ID: KF010901
Album: Children
Fantastic and playful orchestral music. Dreamy with bright elements of chimes and harp. 01:06
The Puppet Master
ID: KF010902
Album: Children
Fantasy film music with orchestra, choir and music box. Music from an enchanted world. 02:07
Mr Tiny
ID: KF010903
Album: Children
Chimes in interaction with harp and plucked strings. A playful fairy tale piece. 00:58
Land Of Wonders
ID: KF010904
Album: Children
Positive and dreamy song with a playful flute and plucked harp. 02:00
So Beautiful
ID: KF010905
Album: Children
Enchanted strings and playful bells. A sensitive flute creates a romantic song. 02:10
Goodbye Love
ID: KF010906
Album: Children
Striking, adventurous orchestral track with playful and mystic elements. 02:02
Rat Flight
ID: KF010907
Album: Children
A quick and playful film music. Orchestra accompanied by accordion. 01:57
Quiet Cottage
ID: KF010908
Album: Children
A sensitive and emotional orchestral track in a playful and light mood. Very soft with chimes and harp. 02:01
Susanna Plays
ID: KF010909
Album: Children
Playful and enchanting music. Strings accompanied by quiet harp, chimes and woodwinds. 01:50
Monster Factory
ID: KF010911
Album: Children
Mysterious track with playful percussion, sensitive flute, dark wind instruments and a harp. 01:45
Spooky Suspense
ID: KF010912
Album: Children
Mysterious chimes with chembalo and soulful guitar. Accompanied by orchestra. 01:34
Country Cake
ID: KF010913
Album: Children
Playful flute with chimes and plucked strings. 01:04
Alive Pets
ID: KF010914
Album: Children
Playful and smooth film music. 00:56
Good Nina
ID: KF010915
Album: Children
Bright film music for big orchestra. Imaginative and playful. 01:02
The Gargoyle's Dance
ID: KF010916
Album: Children
Soft rhythmic orchestral piece with pizzicato-strings and woodwinds. 01:36
Sidewalk Joy
ID: KF010918
Album: Children
A merry track which is defined by cheerful, elated strings and light bongo rhythms. Easy and playful. 01:29
Sound Alarm
ID: KF011001
Album: Club Beats
Typical club beat in the style of house music. 02:01
Master Of Dark Trance
ID: KF011002
Album: Club Beats
Progressive house with minimal chorus. 02:22
Minimal Dance
ID: KF011003
Album: Club Beats
Tech-House in up-to-date style. 02:05
Calculated Moves
ID: KF011004
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro house track. 01:37
Don't You
ID: KF011006
Album: Club Beats
High energy electro track with vocal samples. 02:35
Return To Melody
ID: KF011007
Album: Club Beats
Deep house break with tech house chorus. 02:20
Metallic Groove
ID: KF011008
Album: Club Beats
Non 4 on the floor club beat with freaky synth melody. 01:41
Danger In The House
ID: KF011009
Album: Club Beats
Minimal / Goa track. 02:07
Pole Position
ID: KF011010
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro club track. 02:09
Techno Street
ID: KF011011
Album: Club Beats
Deep house chill out with delayed chord line. 02:11
Funky French
ID: KF011013
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with bright and catchy melody. 02:02
Hard Dance
ID: KF011015
Album: Club Beats
Techno track with groovy electro melody. Chilled, danceable and thrilling. 02:02
Show Up
ID: KF011016
Album: Club Beats
Thrilling and minimalistic electro track with groovy melody and powerful beat. 01:58
House Funk
ID: KF011017
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with groovy and playful synth melody. Has a happy 80s flair. 02:16
Dance Or Perish
ID: KF011018
Album: Club Beats
Hard bass electro beats with thrilling rhythm and a playful synth melody. Groovy. 02:39
The Cyborg
ID: KF011020
Album: Club Beats
Grasping electro track with striking beat. Modern and full of energy. 02:02
ID: KF011102
Album: Cool Ambience
Bright electric piano sounds with atmospheric electro beats. Some radio voices in the background. Like a journey to the moon. 02:32
Science Report
ID: KF011103
Album: Cool Ambience
Atmospheric and playful synth track with bright electric piano sounds and metallic percussion. 01:42
ID: KF011104
Album: Cool Ambience
Soft electro track with a positive mood. Hopeful and sentimental. 02:06
ID: KF011106
Album: Cool Ambience
A positive happy track with light atmospheric synth sound. With some dreamy strings. 02:06
To Far Spheres
ID: KF011107
Album: Cool Ambience
Futuristic ambient track with synthesizer and electric piano with a dreamy and thoughtful melody. 03:19
Neat Cop
ID: KF011108
Album: Cool Ambience
A futuristic track with a catchy electric guitar motif. 02:14
Neutral Woman
ID: KF011111
Album: Cool Ambience
Harp and strings. A mystic and restless track. 01:09
ID: KF011112
Album: Cool Ambience
Mystic lounge track with floating melody and electro beats. Atmospheric and soft. 02:48
Mars Views
ID: KF011113
Album: Cool Ambience
Futuristic background track with atmospheric synthesizers and bright electro melody. 02:27
ID: KF011114
Album: Cool Ambience
A meditative, futuristic background track with interesting synthesizers and electro beats. 02:04
ID: KF011115
Album: Cool Ambience
A metallic synth track with a soft electro melody. With a futuristic background. 02:03
Laid Back
ID: KF011116
Album: Cool Ambience
Synthetic string sounds with catchy bass line. A groovy and modern pop track. 02:02
Dj Love All
ID: KF011201
Album: Dance
Dance music, cool and groovy. Sounds like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. 02:30
We Are Loud
ID: KF011211
Album: Dance
Cool and modern dance track with vocals and a thrilling mood. 02:02
ID: KF011213
Album: Dance
90s dance track with relaxing mood and a light melody. 01:02
Percussion Burst
ID: KF011214
Album: Dance
Energetic dance track with rhythmic strings and scratching. 01:07
Green Lights
ID: KF011215
Album: Dance
Loop based R 'n' B / electro track with modern synthesizers. Positive and playful. 02:12
Techoid Loft
ID: KF011217
Album: Dance
Groovy dance and lounge track with bongo, electric piano and electric guitar. 02:07
Beautys Beast
ID: KF011221
Album: Dance
Dance track with bright electric piano sounds. Playful and light. 02:09
Easy Driving
ID: KF011222
Album: Dance
Dance track with electronic melody and a groovy electric guitar. 02:05
ID: KF011313
Album: Dark Cinema
Science fiction track in quiet atmosphere. Meditative and sober. 02:15
Base Layer
ID: KF011605
Album: Drama
A dreamy, melancholic piano piece accompanied by quiet synth sounds. Modern and sentimental. 01:36
Deep In Thought
ID: KF011607
Album: Drama
Atmospheric and melancholic track with piano melody and electric guitar. 02:30
Run Down
ID: KF011702
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A menacing, agitated orchestral track with lots of action and drama. 02:15
Escape From The Void
ID: KF011703
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Energetic, positive film music full of fantasy. With a large orchestra. 01:28
Platinum Steel
ID: KF011706
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic and very energetic orchestra track with roaring trumpets, timpani, percussion and flutes. 01:33
Hunting The Clown
ID: KF011709
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Playful but very powerful track. Orchestra driven by military rhythm. Has many percussive elements. 01:16
Cat Run
ID: KF011710
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An enchanting chase with magical obstacles. Orchestra and accordeon. 02:08
Tortuga Dreams
ID: KF011711
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic film music for fights and adventures. 01:40
Smooth Cruise
ID: KF011801
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and relaxed track with electric jazz guitar and piano. With light strings and playful sound elements. 03:12
Let The Night In
ID: KF011802
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Funky and soft jazz track with emotional sax and playful synthesizer. 02:27
Best Of Times
ID: KF011804
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A dreamy synth track with soft trumpet. Atmospheric, relaxed and sensitive. 02:47
ID: KF011806
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and dreamy track with sentimental trumpet, soft synths and a groovy electric piano. 02:54
Just The Thing
ID: KF011807
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and quiet synth track with sax, dreamy and relaxed mood. 02:41
Everlasting Kiss
ID: KF011808
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A sentimental and soft sax track. Accompanied by synthetic sounds and percussion. 02:49
Off Chances
ID: KF011809
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Thoughtful and melancholic track with trumpets and piano in a soft and quiet mood. 02:31
488 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration