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Cyber Bugs
ID: KF035009
Album: Box Office Hits
Dark whispering, a ticking clock, klaxons, synthetic movements – this tension-filled track pulls the listener through both horrors and dark worlds of science fiction alike. 02:20
Above Skyscrapers
ID: KF035008
Album: Box Office Hits
The descending string arpeggios and dark horn section keep it dark and tense, with a smashing percussion perfect for navigating both physical and psychological battlefields. 02:29
Underground Life
ID: KF035007
Album: Box Office Hits
A long and slow rise featuring strings and synthetic effects, this track carries a tension-filled presentation into a stuttered finale. 02:57
Between Worlds
ID: KF035006
Album: Box Office Hits
Starting quiet, this track gets big with a choir and pounding percussion, the various drops and horn builds allow for variable tensions. 03:02
Chaos Control
ID: KF035005
Album: Box Office Hits
This track begins with a set of tense string arpeggios leading up to a smashing reveal; great for mysteries, inspirational works, and indie action projects. 02:01
Be A Hero
ID: KF035004
Album: Box Office Hits
Mysterious voices and violins call from beyond leading into a string part perfect for your action or fantasy project. 02:01
ID: KF035003
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening strong with a piano arpeggio, the rising piano line and staccato strings make sure the audience knows your thriller is packed with hair raising action. 02:09
Sum Of Parts
ID: KF034706
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A line of staccato strings plays over a digital tapping while symphonic sections of strings and horns push the track into an introspective drop of only the tapping, chimes and percussion. 02:44
Down The Rabbit Hole
ID: KF034703
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A classical piano rondo paired with modern kit drums and staccato strings that work to build tension and add pressure. 02:28
A Better World
ID: KF034702
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A nostalgic piano track with strings and choir that slowly rises up into a hope-filled conclusion. 02:49
Jet Flow
ID: KF034610
Album: Automotive Commercial
This hard-hitting psytrance track keeps changing between cybernetic pulsations and driving distorted guitars. 02:21
ID: KF034608
Album: Automotive Commercial
The definition of a high-energy drum n bass track with a massive bass and mad beat leaving your listeners racing down midnight highways and anticipating more action. 02:38
Dark Armor
ID: KF034605
Album: Automotive Commercial
Rising in with a skipping base line, this pumping trance track is full of energy and alternative cybernetic realities. 02:43
Step Two
ID: KF034602
Album: Automotive Commercial
Violins tap out an allegretto melody in this drum n bass symphony defined by piano stabs, sweeps, and a powerful bass synth. 03:01
ID: KF034410
Album: Electroland
This head-on track starts with a stab rhythm and quickly picks up the energy with a heavy melodic synth pattern. After the drop, the song rebuilds with an intense EDM drive. 02:35
Energy Flow
ID: KF034408
Album: Electroland
A rhythmic synth sets the flow as the energy picks up into a solid anthemic four-on-the-floor hit. After the break, the intense saws lower for a more atmospheric groove. 02:33
ID: KF034405
Album: Electroland
An electric piano and spacey sound effects open this soft house track, eventually building up to a full synth melody and danceable groove. 03:18
ID: KF034404
Album: Electroland
The track flashes open with a classic house electric piano leading into a side-chained bass overlaid with rhythmic plucks. 02:22
ID: KF034402
Album: Electroland
A saw synth melody paves the way for the four-on-the-floor beat, as spacey whooshes carry the track to a full-on club hit. 02:26
Did Work
ID: KF034310
Album: Economic Upswing
Opening with pumping synths and chimes, the track builds up to guitar melodies and a positive and accomplished synth line. 02:10
Good News
ID: KF034309
Album: Economic Upswing
This bright track starts with hard hitting movement and positive feelings, complete with a solid four-on-the-floor beat and constant arpeggiated and delayed movements. 02:09
Sunny Dance
ID: KF034303
Album: Economic Upswing
A melody of smooth sines brings the listener to a side chained synth and engaging dance beat, which breaks down to an electric piano driven rhythm. 02:18
Life Power
ID: KF034302
Album: Economic Upswing
Rhythmic synths open this track that leads to a quick paced beat and a lively pumping synth. 02:19
World Without Borders
ID: KF034301
Album: Economic Upswing
A plucked synth plays a call and answer melody over an electric piano, building into a full four-on-the-floor groove. 02:12
New Corners
ID: KF034109
Album: Go For It
The positive and energetic track is opened with an electric piano and percussion on rhythm and a synth on melody. After the drop, an electric guitar joins in the action. 02:14
ID: KF034103
Album: Go For It
A synth melody starts the track, with piano chords setting the pace. It reveals a full techno beat with a beautiful piano sequence at the drop. 02:15
Straight Forward
ID: KF034102
Album: Go For It
This energetic electronic track builds quickly with synth arps and a kick, reaching a solid cadence punctuated by pumping pads. 02:17
Solar Rays
ID: KF033810
Album: Wave & Vice
Synth noises and rhythms build up the beat and groove in this high energy take on classic 80s motifs. 02:29
At Your Fingertips
ID: KF033608
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano and guitar embrace each other in positive, nostalgic moods, accompanied by a violin and kit drums. 02:29
The Big Day
ID: KF033603
Album: Cinematic Emotions
This uplifting track opens with a staccato string arpeggio, joined by pads and legato cellos. 02:15
Mystery Box
ID: KF033510
Album: Power Source
Far out vocals over pads and electric piano build up to a smooth-laced future bass hit. 03:04
ID: KF033506
Album: Power Source
This fast-paced trapstep anthem starts with a classic urban synth line that molds into aggressive horn blasts. 02:17
Energy Flows
ID: KF033505
Album: Power Source
Opening with a series of risers, this high octane synthwave track pulses with nostalgia and fun. 02:32
Oh Darling
ID: KF033504
Album: Power Source
This future house vibe opens with stabs and pads, with a rhythm that builds up to a club powered thrill. 02:47
Laser Ride
ID: KF033502
Album: Power Source
Sawtooth synths pulse out a party rhythm perfect for any poolside or beach gathering in the sun. 02:12
Half Tune
ID: KF033501
Album: Power Source
Crystalline pads hold the listener's breath as an electronic melody plays out over downbeat drums. A riser builds the song up to a pop anthem. 02:29
You Can Do It
ID: KF033410
Album: New Ideas
Bouncing plucks and a piano introduce this track with an already lively feel. A four-on-the-floor kick keeps the momentum with pumping sawtooths and an infectious melody. 02:12
Happy People
ID: KF033409
Album: New Ideas
A piano and synth compete in an opening duet; the piano reigns supreme taking over for this anthemic movement of jubilant energy. 02:16
ID: KF033406
Album: New Ideas
The track opens with a piano and marimba duet, leading into an electric shuffle and waves of explosive energy. 01:52
ID: KF033401
Album: New Ideas
With a driving four-on-the-floor beat and piano progression, the track swells with momentum and positivity. 02:17
King Of The Sea
ID: KF033202
Album: Blockbuster
String arpeggios lead this motivational track alongside pounding timpanis and blasting horns. 02:06
Full Metal Freestyle
ID: KF033110
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This riff-laden rock track will get listeners stomping and clapping to the beat. 02:27
Sweat And Blood
ID: KF033109
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Capturing the classic 90s metal sound, this anthem is carried by hammering drums and powerful electric guitar riffs. 02:21
The Riot
ID: KF033108
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Driving, repetitive motifs by bouncing, dueling electric guitars define this rockabilly melody. 02:07
White-Hot Engine
ID: KF033107
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This heavy metal track features fast and heavy distorted guitars, pounding kicks, and smashing splashes, with a nostalgic chorus featuring a duet of legato guitars. 02:33
Just Watch It
ID: KF033106
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Synths make for majestic leads over a bed of muted guitars and steady kit drums. 02:12
Highspeed Hero
ID: KF033104
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A soft, mysterious guitar line cranks into a driving industrial track pumped by heavy guitars, synths and electronic effects. 02:30
ID: KF033103
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Dark driving distorted guitars with a rolling kit drum beat pounds into an epic lead and break. 02:24
Seize The Day
ID: KF033102
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This fast-paced punk rock track has an upbeat electric guitar and energetic drums that are sure to make listeners bob their heads. 02:28
ID: KF033101
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A long crescendo led by an electric guitar drone breaks into a progressive rock anthem. 02:54
ID: KF032904
Album: Movement
Opening with the repetitive background vocals of an old-school hip-hop track, this dance melody wreaks madness with a growling neuro bass and stabbing synths. 02:47
Not A Hurdle
ID: KF032903
Album: Movement
With an epic trance intro, this dance track climaxes with a wild, free, and massive saw riff. 02:34
We Are Busted
ID: KF032805
Album: Twisted Trails
Clockwork percussion, drums, synths, and guitars open this high-energy action sequence track. The track is accentuated by intense pizzicato strings and a rising horn section. 02:17
ID: KF032605
Album: Being Now
This heavy rockabilly track begins with a driving rhythm leading into a wailing guitar and a thunder of distortion. 02:34
ID: KF032410
Album: Colorful Emotions
This wave track takes turns between drops with the darker realms of trap and the futuristic stuttered rhythms of dubstep. 02:17
Feel Emotion
ID: KF032409
Album: Colorful Emotions
This anthemic dubstep hybrid opens with synth plucks setting the rhythm and a sin legato rising above the stuttered effects. 02:37
ID: KF032406
Album: Colorful Emotions
With vocals and snare marching through the intro, this future bass track is full of chopped vocals and stuttered insight. 02:08
ID: KF032405
Album: Colorful Emotions
With the complex hats and laid back rhythm of trap, this wave track builds up to an epic conclusion. 03:12
Into The Deep
ID: KF032402
Album: Colorful Emotions
The progression is enthroned by a repetitive marimba while chanting and vocals laden with classic EDM effects rise into a future bass drop. 02:32
ID: KF032401
Album: Colorful Emotions
A sine pluck arpeggiation opens the track and picks up with heavy drums and stutters, with a lively synth-led bridge. 02:28
ID: KF032309
Album: Thrilling Trailer
An arpeggiated synth opens the track, driven by horns and a dropping harp in a minor key. The constantly shifting arp continues across interchanging beds of instrumentation. 02:37
ID: KF032308
Album: Thrilling Trailer
The track starts with an arpeggio of staccato strings and a marching rhythm from a snare. A choir breaks in accompanied by an anthemic horn melody. 02:32
ID: KF032307
Album: Thrilling Trailer
A dark rhythm played over a drone rises up into a thematic motif exchanged by choirs and horns. 01:35
ID: KF032305
Album: Thrilling Trailer
The track begins with a soft and mysterious clarinet setting the motif, soon replaced by a full choir and horns in an epic, dark and tense anthem. 02:04
Taking Action
ID: KF032304
Album: Thrilling Trailer
A pulsing riser opens the action, quickly leading to a suspenseful rhythm on strings over kit drums. Horns make a heroic effort to cut the tension. 02:10
ID: KF032301
Album: Thrilling Trailer
A chilling drone is cut off by a driving distorted guitar riff and timpani impacts. Strings raise the tension, leading to kit drums smashing into a pulsing metal anthem. 01:59
History Lesson
ID: KF032210
Album: Acoustic Emotions
Whistling and guitars open this positively whimsical track. The atmosphere is reinforced by the addition of more guitars and the fading out of the whistling. Finally, a piano is added for a nostalgic effect. 02:08
ID: KF032007
Album: String Emotions
This track features expressive ethnic strings and percussive EDM elements, synthetic arpeggios and, later, powerful DubStep leads. 02:16
The Juggler's Feast
ID: KF031905
Album: Happy Swing
Bright, acoustic guitars fill the scene with positive notes of life and joy, as piano and accordion adds accents of a playful mood. 02:13
Light It Up
ID: KF031610
Album: Electro Collective
Fun, young, light and upward. After introducing its hook briefly at the start, an elaborate build-up lifts you to the saucy main part with fat synths and a groovy bass line. 02:36
Across The Universe
ID: KF031608
Album: Electro Collective
Dance club music at its finest - the spacey opening presents the main melody and builds up to the sleek chorus of the track, which moves the masses with its intoxicating bass line. Passage in between allow for short cool-downs before tightening the grip once more and building the action back up. 02:28
Queen Of Clubs
ID: KF031607
Album: Electro Collective
This electronica track carries a spicy, yet flowing overall sound - unifying elements from multiple genres. Each passage has its own unique variation on the overall progression with edgy pitched vocals, mellow synth hooks in between and all-out razor-sharp synth tunes. 02:52
Reach The Clouds
ID: KF031605
Album: Electro Collective
A classic dance party track with the right hook, pumping bass and wide-open backings and FX. During the calmer passage, a groovy piano sets in, whereupon a slick build-up takes it right back up to the top. The track ends on silky chords and blurry vocal elements. 02:36
Life Is Good
ID: KF031601
Album: Electro Collective
Dance to the pulsating groove all night long - the iconic synth tune is what will get stuck in your head. With a smooth start, a number of build-ups and breaks in between, this track has everything it takes to get the good vibes going, without pushing itself into the foreground. 02:51
ID: KF031510
Album: Cinematic Impact
Metallic shimmering, cybernetic elements, burning bass synthesizers and solid, distorted, unstoppable drums. Take cover if it'll stay standing. 02:15
ID: KF031509
Album: Cinematic Impact
Distorted, twisted synths come and disappear in the darkness with dangerous unpredictability until a percussive sequence readies for battle. It turns into an all-out war with screaming synths terrorizing the opponent while heavy drums drive the action forward. 02:14
Pushing Through
ID: KF031508
Album: Cinematic Impact
Marrying elements from high-tempo techno and amped stadium-grade drum and bass, this track brings cinematic electric guitars to the fray. 02:15
ID: KF031507
Album: Cinematic Impact
An alarming, synthetic undertone is shattered by enormous, frontal hits. The impacts become more relentless, rapid, destructive and rhythmic as the track progresses while cutting, gritty synthesizers roar with great vengeance. 02:10
ID: KF031506
Album: Cinematic Impact
Full-on rhythmic hits alternate with foreboding synth notes that drown in the silence. After a sweeping build-up, the track builds ever towards the next dramatic sequence with diabolical amped guitar sounds. Later joined by stormy strings and fast percussion, the ominous mayhem is complete. 02:08
ID: KF031505
Album: Cinematic Impact
This track lurks in the shadows, ready to attack. When it finally does, cutting synths, earth-shattering hits and percussive beats drive the action at a moderate but steady pace. 02:08
Twilight Prophecy
ID: KF031504
Album: Cinematic Impact
With a gloomy atmosphere at the start / ending, heartbeats and dangerous braams, this track has a toxic atmosphere to it. Travelling, creature-esque sounds add to the dread and suspense. Finally, dramatic brass and percussion drive it home. 02:19
ID: KF031503
Album: Cinematic Impact
Gigantic hits with high-tech sounding synth elements develop in volume and mass, until a heavy double-time action sequence shows its teeth. Unrelenting extremes until the end. 02:09
ID: KF031502
Album: Cinematic Impact
A dark, obscure thriller start that intensifies and throws extreme punches while remaining twisted, threatening and slightly psychedelic. The finale near the end brings in big brass and massive walls of sound for maximum fatality. 02:27
ID: KF031501
Album: Cinematic Impact
A dark, deep beginning with pulsating bass introduces a short trailer groove, before giving way to a heavy-hitting sequence of brutal percussion and razor-sharp synths. Badass cinematic action guaranteed. 02:01
ID: KF031409
Album: Focused
Modern, electronic, sunny dance music with an engaging samba beat, featuring a bright pop piano, rhythmic mallets and plucked synths. 02:24
Home Office
ID: KF031407
Album: Focused
Introducing a simple piano-guitar theme, this track gets progressively groovier until it explodes in a colorful celebration of dance with fat backing synths and a solid kick drum. In the middle, the track makes a cut, returns to its minimal outset and works its back to its epic finale in the end. 02:40
ID: KF031310
Album: Limitless
Starting with a pulsing sidechained pad, a complex set of risers builds it up to a full-on progressive trance hit. The energy expands quickly and sustains with layers of driving melody that carries on through the drop. 02:25
New Pulse
ID: KF031309
Album: Limitless
The track begins with early trance elements of a soft triangle arp quickly moving into a lead driven progressive melody. Full of arps, whooshes, and risers, this track will keep the rhythm while easily adjusting the energy of the content. 02:30
ID: KF031308
Album: Limitless
Starting with soft pads and hats, hints of a lead eventually take over and bring you right into the driving rhythm. The drop gives you a toned-down minimal version with the flavor elements slowly reintroduced in the final buildup. 02:21
Moving Forward
ID: KF031307
Album: Limitless
The track opens with a solid techno melody and quickly builds up the intensity and beat. After the drop, the listener is led to an electronic three-dimensional experience. 02:17
So Groovy
ID: KF031306
Album: Limitless
This techno beat brings in elements of funk and house to keep things groovy. After the buildup, the audience is left with a complex rhythm of synth horns and an arpeggiator sequence reminiscent of disco. 02:54
ID: KF031305
Album: Limitless
The techno lead first makes the track feel like an early genre trance and builds up to fill the hall with electric leads and a sharp-cut groove. 02:28
Night Drive
ID: KF031304
Album: Limitless
Driving keys lead the listener to a shuffle dance rhythm with stabs and pads keeping the groove. The drop brings it back to the basics. 02:36
Fly Away
ID: KF031303
Album: Limitless
Soft pads slowly build up to a synth driven club melody, dropping to a more minimalistic house style. The track soon progresses to a more complex and dance-enticing rhythm. 03:22
ID: KF031302
Album: Limitless
Summer vibes lead to a hard synth melody and driving beat with an energetic and bouncy house groove. 02:36
ID: KF031301
Album: Limitless
High energy and pounding, this four-on-the-floor beat is full of risers and a solid house rhythm. The swooshes upwards develop into an almost march-like hip house beat. 02:25
The Final Battle
ID: KF030910
Album: Got The Guts
Waves of string staccato pulses in as dark horn blasts seize the moment, carrying the audience into guttural metal riffs. Harmonic horns pick up in the background only to be cut off and returned to the quiet and tense movement of the strings. 02:28
ID: KF030909
Album: Got The Guts
The track begins with rhythmic guitar riffs as a chorus of strings works in a tension building melody. The reigns are handed over to the horn section which plays through the climax. 02:36
Enemy Troops
ID: KF030908
Album: Got The Guts
A snare and guitars tap out a military march as the horns call out preparing for war. Higher pitched guitars cover the sounds of frantic screams until the final clash with distortion hits. 02:07
Stormy Coast
ID: KF030907
Album: Got The Guts
A harmony of horns starts this track on its weathered course. After the initial verse, it shifts into the thunderous beat of war drums until it finally arrives at the double kicks more typical of heavy metal. 02:24
1146 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration