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325 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF010113
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Subdued orchestral piece with slowly swelling strings and occasional creepy piano runs. 01:44
Go For Them
ID: KF010117
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Rock-orchestra track with powerful brass section, hard e-guitar and rhythmic strings. Resolute and forceful. 01:09
Percussive Curse
ID: KF010201
Album: Action Orchestra
Hounded percussion and hammering piano in a dramatíc orchestral action piece. 02:15
ID: KF010205
Album: Action Orchestra
Electronic beats and a fierce orchestra in a fast-paced action track. 01:19
Chasing The Mole
ID: KF010206
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced, menacing action piece interspersed with a duduk and oriental vocals. 03:16
Ethnic Fights
ID: KF010209
Album: Action Orchestra
Menacing, exotic percussion-laden orchestral action piece. 01:04
No Trespassing
ID: KF010212
Album: Action Orchestra
Eerie, menacing action piece with high-range strings and a driving groove. 01:28
ID: KF010213
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic military action track with an energetic snare rhythm. 02:01
ID: KF010302
Album: Agents&Spies
Multifaceted piece, subdued suspense leading into a fast-paced action sequence. 01:58
Rotor Dynamic
ID: KF010409
Album: Alternative Rock
Cool, melodic rock tune with an aggressive, shredded middle part. 02:05
Drown It
ID: KF010416
Album: Alternative Rock
Short, powerful rock track with energetic drums and guitars. 00:31
One Too Many
ID: KF010418
Album: Alternative Rock
Heavy, no-excuses rock track with powerful guitars and a synthie bridge. 03:17
Mobilize Your Strength
ID: KF010507
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Scary atmospheric track spiced with electronics and horror SFX. 02:29
Gigantic Thoughts
ID: KF010512
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Swells, stingers, rises and impacts form this SFX-laden suspense track. 01:32
Backlands Drummer
ID: KF010608
Album: American Cowboys
Sombre, intense track dominated by percussion and acoustic guitars. 01:37
Acoustic Upturn
ID: KF010609
Album: American Cowboys
Atmospheric, sombre acoustic track, percussion-heavy with a desert feel to it. 01:33
No Country Sound
ID: KF010610
Album: American Cowboys
Dark, atmospheric tune with a driving acoustic guitar, rises to a heavy rock finale. 01:41
Storm Skyline
ID: KF010611
Album: American Cowboys
Percussion-heavy tune with driving guitars and a heavy pulse. 01:50
Dance For Me
ID: KF011203
Album: Dance
Electro dance track with a hard beat. Sounds linke a modern Rap / R 'n' B track without lyrics. 01:56
Hive Rise
ID: KF011504
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Powerful and aggressive orchestra music with choir and hard electric guitar riffs. 01:27
ID: KF011505
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Choir driven action track with orchestra. Increasing drama and tempo towards the end. 02:29
ID: KF011701
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A dramatic, threatening orchestra track with choir and droning brass. 01:05
Take Action
ID: KF011708
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A powerful orchestra track, energetic and versatile. 02:31
Army Of Shades
ID: KF011712
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Sinister Fantasy-Action-track with massive brass, evil choirs and marching drums. 02:13
Restless Chaser
ID: KF011901
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Modern action track with electro elements accompanied by a big orchestra. 02:00
Bio Hazard
ID: KF011908
Album: Electrified Orchestra
An action track with powerful rhythm. Fast and vigorous. Strings bring emotions and threat. 02:09
Rock The Future
ID: KF011914
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Fast action sound, bustling rhythm, futuristic. With orchestra, electro and a rock guitar. 02:16
ID: KF011917
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Epic military track with orchestra and choir. 01:53
Francis' death
ID: KF011920
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Dramatic orchestra track with rough electronic elements. 01:52
Guardian Of Truth
ID: KF012003
Album: Emotional Trailer
A fast and heroic orchestra track with rushing strings and powerful timpani hits. 01:33
The Great Step
ID: KF012015
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dramatic orchestra track with epic choir. The hard drums give it a military and heroic mood. 01:32
ID: KF012101
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Driving rock number with catchy riff and lead guitars. 02:19
ID: KF012102
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
A thrilling animating hard rock track. The electric guitars are in fast rhythm, powerful and willd. 02:05
Front Pressure
ID: KF012103
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
A spheric elctro rock track with contructive bright synthesizers and aggressive and powerful electric guitars. 02:20
Engine Cry
ID: KF012105
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Acute and aggresive electric guitar sound accompanied by fast powerful drums. 02:07
Exhaust Pipe
ID: KF012107
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Vigorous rock track with dramatic electric guitar, accompanied by synthesizers and strong drums. 01:46
Too Hip
ID: KF012108
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Rough and fast rock track with hard guitars, driving beat and cool riffs. 02:04
Cone Bust
ID: KF012109
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Fast riffs and a wall a guitars with catchy electric guitar melody. Driving. 02:03
Destruction Man
ID: KF012110
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
This is metal. After a rough garage sound intro there are fat guitars with catchy riffs. 01:36
Shatter The Rear
ID: KF012111
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Stadion rock track in mid tempp with driving groove and cowbell. 02:21
Axial Forces
ID: KF012113
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Energy rock track with electric guitar melody and synthetic elements. Vigorous and motivating. 02:38
ID: KF012114
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
A melodic rock track with electric guitar and synthesizers. Thrilling drums. 01:59
Frosty Start
ID: KF012117
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Loud energty rock track with a strong electric guitar melody. Accompanied by bright snythesizer beats. 02:00
Meat Masher
ID: KF012120
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
Blues rock track with whipping drums and good drive. High energy! 02:34
Dead Bones
ID: KF012203
Album: Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo)
A thrilling energy rock title with hard rock parts, groovy rhythm, electric guitar melody and synthesizers. 02:17
Pull Force
ID: KF012204
Album: Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo)
An aggressive heavy metal track with powerful drums and dynamic guitars. Motivating and vigorous. 02:07
Head Money Hunt
ID: KF012213
Album: Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo)
A modern energy rock track with fast rhythm, a hard electric guitar accompanied by melodic synthesizers. 02:34
Raise Em Up
ID: KF012217
Album: Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo)
Rock track with gentle rhythm. The electric guitar riffs are aggressive and vigorous. Accompanied by drums and percussion. 02:04
ID: KF012302
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
A hard electric guitar track, aggressive and threatening. Accompanied by strings and drums. 01:14
Ignition Lost
ID: KF012304
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
An aggressive hard rock and heavy metal song with fast electric guitars and orchestra. 01:42
ID: KF012305
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
An orchestral rock track with vigorous strings and powerful aggressive electric guitar. 02:09
Deadly Gods
ID: KF012307
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Tough electric guitar track with electro beats and brass. Hard rock! 01:21
ID: KF012309
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
An aggressive action track with hard rock electric guitar. Chorus with piano and emotional in a moderate tempo. 02:04
ID: KF012311
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Heroic and aggressive rock and orchestra track with much energy and emotion. 02:05
Turbo Charger
ID: KF012312
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Hard, fast rock and orchestra music. Strings and brass are accompanied by rapid drums, electric guitar and choir. 01:56
ID: KF012320
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Resounding music with a calm beginning. For the big orchestra, accompanied by an e-guitar with very catchy riffs. 02:25
Scepter Of Sovereignty
ID: KF012401
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Dramatic, sinister orchestra music with threatening choir and rapid strings. 01:39
Burning Horizon
ID: KF012403
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Orchestra and choir music with heavy military rhythm as drum accompaniment. 01:51
Open Waters
ID: KF012404
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Impressive, aggressive orchestra track with hard timpani drums and dramatic choir. 02:06
Sun And Moon
ID: KF012405
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A threatening, sinister film title for orchestra and choir. With energetic timpani beats and razor-sharp string sounds. 02:08
ID: KF012406
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Film music track with an intro of lurking strings and threatening choir. The power of sound and the threat are working up towards the end. 01:39
Sharp Razor
ID: KF012508
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Adventurous orchestra track with dynamic choir accompaniment. Courageous, dangerous and exciting. 01:27
Vision Overhead
ID: KF012509
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
An aggressive, threatening orchestra track with rushing drum rhythms and epic choir accompaniment. 01:19
Orbit Control
ID: KF012513
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Percussive orchestra music with choir. Building up tension until the end. 01:34
Obscure Thoughts
ID: KF012514
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Threatening, powerful choral singing, accompanied by fast drums and orchestra. 01:19
Thirst For Blood
ID: KF012516
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Choir and orchestra track with a driving, threatening atmosphere. Very powerful. 01:26
Spun Down
ID: KF012521
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A sinister, combative march. An impending danger, packed into a dramatic orchestra and choir music. 01:11
Heavy Engineering
ID: KF013101
Album: Hard Electro
Elector track, reminds of action sports and breakdance. 02:04
On the Edge
ID: KF013110
Album: Hard Electro
Hard action track in the style of a modern wild chase. Synthesizer and powerful drums. 02:06
Powered Dark
ID: KF013111
Album: Hard Electro
Rocking electric guitar within a modern action sound. Rapid and powerful. 02:38
Legal Doping
ID: KF013113
Album: Hard Electro
Neat, pervading drums, covered by synthies and electric guitar. 02:12
ID: KF013114
Album: Hard Electro
Driving electro beat, off-key and full of action. electric guitar. 02:06
Big Buzz
ID: KF013116
Album: Hard Electro
A weird track full of action with powerful drums, driving electro sound and peaked electric guitar. 01:47
Break The Beat
ID: KF013118
Album: Hard Electro
Synthetic action track, combines fast and slow passages. Aggressive, energetic and thoughtful. 02:10
ID: KF013120
Album: Hard Electro
A futuristic and very dynamic hard-rock track. With energetic electric guitars and electro sounds. 02:11
Nail Fight
ID: KF013201
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard-rock track with driving electric guitar riffs and energetic drum accompaniment. 01:32
ID: KF013202
Album: Heavy Metal
Energetic metal track, stomping half-time passages and a rapid thrash part. 01:37
ID: KF013203
Album: Heavy Metal
Metal track with solo electric guitar, aggressive riffs and intense drums. 01:35
Flames Of Fire
ID: KF013204
Album: Heavy Metal
At first, slow and rather thoughtful thrash track, increasing in speed and aggression. 02:23
Fingers Twisted
ID: KF013205
Album: Heavy Metal
Speed-metal track with harshly threshed drums and heavy guitar shreds. 02:14
Tunnel System
ID: KF013206
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive metal track with rapid electric guitar riffs and some electronic influence. 02:14
Steel Vest
ID: KF013207
Album: Heavy Metal
An energetic, aggressive heavy metal track, with a more quiet middle section. 02:43
Contact Wire
ID: KF013208
Album: Heavy Metal
Harsh metal track with aggressive electric guitars, energetic and threatening drums and some electro parts. 02:15
Junction Box
ID: KF013209
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard, aggressive electric guitars and metallic synthies combined within an energetic action track. 02:28
Brain Bracket
ID: KF013210
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard, fast old school metal, intense and thick. 01:47
Fundamental Force
ID: KF013211
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, heavy rock track with groovy drums and calm, spheric interlude. 02:54
Bruise It
ID: KF013212
Album: Heavy Metal
A driving, aggressive track with energetic electric guitars and a very fast, thrilling rhythm. 01:34
V Power Unit
ID: KF013213
Album: Heavy Metal
Metal track with aggressive, fast electric guitars and a melodic, energetic ending. 01:46
Drive Shaft
ID: KF013214
Album: Heavy Metal
Thrash track with rapid drums and polyphonic electric guitars. Very aggressive. 01:42
Drum Race
ID: KF013215
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, persistent heavy metal with fast electric guitars and rapid drums. 01:31
Possessiveness And Torment
ID: KF013216
Album: Heavy Metal
A hard, aggressive rock track with resounding and rapid drums. 01:24
Torment Breaker
ID: KF013217
Album: Heavy Metal
A thrilling, aggressive rock track, with energetic electric guitars and electro interludes. 02:03
Metal Drum Constructor
ID: KF013218
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, rapid heavy metal track with hard electric guitars and fast drums. 02:04
Death Doors
ID: KF013220
Album: Heavy Metal
Very fast and aggressive metal track with melodic guitars, with sirens in between. 01:29
Peak Attack
ID: KF013221
Album: Heavy Metal
Heavy metal track with hard and fast rhythm, the electric guitar is virtually shredding the air. 01:32
Main Infusion
ID: KF013222
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard metal with very fast electric guitars and aggressive drums. 01:37
Rise High
ID: KF013223
Album: Heavy Metal
Rapid rock sound with heavy metal character, aggressive and threatening. 01:31
Super Force
ID: KF013224
Album: Heavy Metal
A hard rock track, spurring on and intimidating. Very fast. 01:29
Ultra Pace
ID: KF013225
Album: Heavy Metal
Dynamic and aggressive, a metal-riff from beginning to end. 01:29
Vertical Mobility
ID: KF013401
Album: High Action
Rapid, aggressive action track with hard electro beats and brass. With a fast, rushing rhythm. 01:09
325 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration