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Welcome to our production music category jazz. Our carefully curated selection of royalty-free jazz is a treasure trove for those who want something classy. In this category, we provide you with a rich source of jazzy music. Naturally, the stock music jazz we offer is professionally composed and has a wide area of uses. Ranging from the dreamy groove of our lounge jazz to off-beat jazz mixed with hip hop elements, the vast genre of jazz is represented in our jazz stock. The variety of the music tracks you can find on this page leads to an excellent applicability. There are many uses you can make of our royalty-free jazz. For example, our relaxed lounge tunes are classical corporate favorites, tailored perfectly for the use as background music of lobbies or elevators. In addition, dreamy jazz tunes can be used as shopping cart music for supermarkets. Our upbeat jazz titles, on the other hand, can be used for waiting loops. Nobody likes to be put on hold; at the very least, the playfulness of jazz swing can smooth out this dreaded time of inactivity. After all, chill saxophones and joyful piano tunes have an amazingly relaxing effect. Of course, lounge jazz is not the only variation this great genre has on offer and we try our very best to feature all kinds of jazz in our production music. For instance, you can find jazz influenced by hip hop. The rhythmic attacks on old-school Hammond organs accompanied by dry hip hop beats can be a great way to enhance the atmosphere of film montages and can perfectly be used as a music loop. In turn, funkier tunes including smooth saxophones and a fast tempo may heavily support trailers or opening credits. Because jazz freely associates tones and melodies and unifies them to a harmonic whole, it can correspond to your visual narrative. Being a cinematic classical favorite, jazz is mostly used in montages, intros and establishing scenes. Our stock music jazz subcategory will leave little to be desired when it comes to cinematically compatible jazz tunes. Of course, we take care of the jazz royalty so you can focus on the creative part of your project. Start browsing through our jazz titles and find the right track for you today.

91 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Something In The Air
ID: KF028110
Album: Serious Business
A bluesy keyboard line is paired with smooth pop rock sounds and flowing acoustic guitar arpeggios 02:57
Funky Words
ID: KF028108
Album: Serious Business
Laidback funk track with distinctive bass lines and atmospheric synths 02:21
Vertigo Place
ID: KF025708
Album: Urban Dreams Vol.2
A jazzy chill sound with interessting filtered pads. 06:14
Emerald Fields
ID: KF021609
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
A calm track with jazzy piano and a nice flute. 04:03
Supa Scat'n
ID: KF021509
Album: Chillout Vol.2
A beautiful womans voice on a relaxed lounge track. 02:24
Red Snapper
ID: KF021407
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Dubby breakbeat with an funky organ. 04:25
Jam On
ID: KF021110
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Jazzy electric piano on constant beats. 02:16
ID: KF021103
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Starts very quite with a relaxed bass line and expand to a typical lounge track with percussions, saxophone and vocal elements. 04:55
So This Is Life
ID: KF020508
Album: Retro Kitch
Muted jazz trumpet, piano and e-piano. Vintage style, with steady crackling and stumbling during the song. Relaxed and cheerful. 00:23
Swing It To Me
ID: KF020507
Album: Retro Kitch
Dreamy electric guitar sounds within an easy and romantic atmosphere. 01:26
More Or Less
ID: KF020506
Album: Retro Kitch
Playful, jazzy piano music, strongly reminding of the piano bars from the fifties. 02:55
Smooth It
ID: KF020504
Album: Retro Kitch
Piano and organ accompanied by a classic jazz band. An easy, playful track. 01:35
New Vistas
ID: KF020317
Album: Fusion
Fusion track with emotional, passionate e-guitar within a groovy rhythm, with playful piano accompaniment. 02:33
Kickin' Back
ID: KF020316
Album: Fusion
Gentle, positive fusion track with an easy acoustic guitar, accompanied by e-piano and drums. 02:15
ID: KF020313
Album: Fusion
Easy fusion track with bongos and acoustic guitar. Hopeful and melodic. 02:41
Future Com
ID: KF020312
Album: Fusion
Funky fusion track. E-guitar with cool rhythm, combined with a sensitive saxophone and a synthie organ. 02:44
ID: KF020309
Album: Fusion
Joyful, lively jazz-fusion with American character. E-piano combined with acoustic and e-guitar. 02:34
Start Up
ID: KF020308
Album: Fusion
Hopeful, energetic fusion music with a lot of emotion and a powerful e-guitar. 02:43
Good Company
ID: KF020307
Album: Fusion
Positive jazz-fusion track with sensitive saxophone tune and e-guitar. Complemented by bright strings. 02:39
ID: KF020306
Album: Fusion
Jazz-fusion with e-guitar and saxophone. A thoughtful, melancholic, but groovy track. 02:37
Premiere Night
ID: KF020305
Album: Fusion
Emotional fusion music with a sensual saxophone. Positive, energetic and funky. 02:45
My Identity
ID: KF020304
Album: Fusion
Thoughtful, energetic fusion track within a groovy rhythm. With e-guitar, saxophone and piano. 02:50
Jazz It
ID: KF020303
Album: Fusion
A positive, groovy fusion track with a lot of e-guitar and piano. Lively and energetic. 02:36
Manhattan Lounge
ID: KF020302
Album: Fusion
A romantic, sensitive jazz-fusion music, shining with a fast rhythm and a playful acoustic guitar. 02:26
All The News
ID: KF020301
Album: Fusion
A sensitive jazz-fusion track with saxophone, acoustic guitar and piano. Joyful and dynamic. 02:30
Old Times
ID: KF018222
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Relaxed, jazzy and cheerful track with easy clarinet and piano playing, combined with a dreamy violin. With the special, romantic crackling of a record player. 00:21
ID: KF018010
Album: Groove Attack
Electronic sample mix with jazzy influences. 00:46
Retro Harmonies
ID: KF018005
Album: Groove Attack
Easy, relaxed track with electric guitar riffs and electric piano. Some far eastern elements. 02:34
Groove Hunt
ID: KF018004
Album: Groove Attack
Freaky fusion-funk track with fast, groovy electric guitars and brass. 02:05
Well Compiled
ID: KF018003
Album: Groove Attack
A positive, cheerful fusion track with groovy electric piano and funky brass. 02:21
It Came Unglue
ID: KF018001
Album: Groove Attack
Hammond combined with groovy percussions, electric guitar and sporadic synthie sounds. A groovy funk track. 02:38
ID: KF017807
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, fleet-footed track with xylophone, percussion and trumpets. Playful and danceable, with groovy bass towards the end. 01:31
First Round
ID: KF017804
Album: Game Show
A soft, jazzy and rhythmic track with percussion rhythms and xylophone,combined with trumpets. With a groovy bass line and electric guitar. Loopable. 01:40
I Dreamed About You
ID: KF017615
Album: European Cinema
Jazzy, romantic and melancholic track with piano, violin and relaxed drums, flute in addition. 01:10
I Didn't Mean It
ID: KF017411
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Contemplative, slightly jazzy chillout track with emotional guitar melodies as well as spheric pads and lounge vibes. 02:32
Only You
ID: KF017407
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
A gentle, romantic track with saxophone and electric piano, combined with quiet bongo rhythms. 02:55
Red Cat
ID: KF017405
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Uplifitng, big band style lounge track. 02:03
Red Bossa
ID: KF017403
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Bossa nova with jazzy brass and synthies. 02:03
Smoothly Jazzed
ID: KF017401
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Easy, jazzy music with piano and electric guitar. 02:28
Sunny Morning
ID: KF016910
Album: Background Music
A positive, relaxed and hopeful wake-up song for a good start for the day. With piano, electric guitar and flute. 03:12
Warm Snow
ID: KF016906
Album: Background Music
Piano, bass and drums combined in a soft, easy track. Slightly melancholic and thoughtful, but still positive. 01:04
Fade Away Mind
ID: KF016905
Album: Background Music
Jazzy and atmospheric, relaxed and dynamic. A soft track defined by electric piano, synthies and drums. 02:01
Efficient Work
ID: KF016902
Album: Background Music
This relaxed track combines piano and electric piano sounds in a clear, soft composition. Some scattered synthies and muffled rhythms. 02:07
Leise rieselt der Schnee
ID: KF016605
Album: Christmas Time
Very relaxed Christmas classic in a jazzy lounge style; with a soft acoustic guitar as lead, quiet bells, bass and percussions. 02:12
Motor City Jam
ID: KF014905
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Happy fusion track with hammond organ, horn section and solo saxophone. 02:31
ID: KF014004
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Easy, groovy lounge track with synthetic organ. In the style of the seventies. 02:45
One Long Moment
ID: KF013723
Album: Jazzy Moods
Thoughtful jazz track with sensitive trumpet and soft and quiet piano as background. 02:53
I Lift My Hat
ID: KF013722
Album: Jazzy Moods
Swinging, relaxed jazz title with bright solo trumpet. 02:39
The Night Has Just Begun
ID: KF013721
Album: Jazzy Moods
Fast, easy jazz music. electric piano, electric guitar, a groovy bass and trumpet. 02:31
Melting Snow
ID: KF013720
Album: Jazzy Moods
A sad saxophone track for calm, melancholic evenings in a jazz bar. Accompanied by calm piano sounds. 02:40
As It Was Before
ID: KF013719
Album: Jazzy Moods
Easy jazz track with trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar and piano. Easy, relaxed atmosphere. 02:32
Can Do Nothing About It
ID: KF013718
Album: Jazzy Moods
A soft bar jarr track with sensitive saxophone. Relaxed and soft. 02:36
Over The Brim Of Her Glasses
ID: KF013717
Album: Jazzy Moods
electric guitar and piano with a thoughtful, soft mood. Calm and dreamy atmosphere. 02:30
Not Too Much
ID: KF013716
Album: Jazzy Moods
Energetic jazz music with groovy rhythm. Piano and bass create their own interlude, as well as the trumpet. 02:01
From Across The Room
ID: KF013715
Album: Jazzy Moods
A very emotional, soft electric guitar and a gentle vibraphone, accompanied by a hammond organ. Dreamy atmosphere. 02:20
Did It Again
ID: KF013714
Album: Jazzy Moods
Groovy jazz track with playful piano and a bright trumpet melody. Stimulates dancing. 01:52
Home Stretch
ID: KF013713
Album: Jazzy Moods
Cheerful jazz track with solo saxophone and a fast-paced, easy walking bass. With sensitive piano. 02:45
Gotcha Covered
ID: KF013712
Album: Jazzy Moods
Swing-jazz track with soft saxophone and trumpet, combined with a playful piano. Reminds of a hotel bar in the fifties. 02:29
The Usual Table
ID: KF013711
Album: Jazzy Moods
A very soft, jazz bar music with beautiful piano, saxophone and trumpet. 02:30
So There
ID: KF013710
Album: Jazzy Moods
Jazz track with a lot of emotion and a fast, easy rhythm. 01:57
Sign In
ID: KF013709
Album: Jazzy Moods
Relaxed, swinging jazz track with a sensitive saxophone, accompanied by jazz drums and piano. 02:12
Maybe Soon
ID: KF013708
Album: Jazzy Moods
Farewell music: bittersweet jazz with saxophone and trumpet, accompanied by a gentle jazz piano. 02:00
Swing That Thing
ID: KF013707
Album: Jazzy Moods
Swinging big band track with walking bass, soft jazz drums, soloists and superb tutti passages. 02:00
It's Cool
ID: KF013706
Album: Jazzy Moods
Neat, groovy bar track with saxophone and trumpet, accompanied by a walking bass and piano. 01:24
Julie's Place
ID: KF013705
Album: Jazzy Moods
Neat jazz track with solo trumpet, piano and vibration. Quick passages into the solo and a relaxed overall mood. 02:32
Lights On Low
ID: KF013704
Album: Jazzy Moods
A thougthful jazz track with soft saxophone and trumpet, accompanied by quiet piano sounds. 02:34
ID: KF013703
Album: Jazzy Moods
Melancholic jazz music, very soft and sensitive. 02:25
Win Some Lose Some
ID: KF013702
Album: Jazzy Moods
A positive, gentle jazz track with a very soft trumpet and saxophone. The piano emphasizes some bright features. 02:05
After The Rain
ID: KF013701
Album: Jazzy Moods
A dreamy jazz track, calm and relaxed. With soft and melancholic saxophone and piano. 02:24
ID: KF013626
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Signature tune with groovy, easy listening jazz. Sensitive, relaxed and positive. 00:11
Seventies Show
ID: KF012909
Album: Funny Tracks
Neat, playful big band-swing music. Saxophone and a groovy bass line. 01:55
Giant Stride
ID: KF012810
Album: Funky Tracks
A funky fusion track; electric guitar and bass defining the groove, organ and sonorous saxophone completing the composition. 02:21
Close To You
ID: KF011826
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and dreamy jazz track with sax and synthesizers. 02:34
Afternoon Getaway
ID: KF011825
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and atmospheric synth music with sax and strings sounds. Playful and emotional. 02:30
Fine Precision
ID: KF011824
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light relaxing track. This song feels like holiday and sun. 02:27
ID: KF011823
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Quiet and light bossa nova with trumpet and flute. 02:03
Black Lounge
ID: KF011816
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Light groovy lounge track with trombone and synthesizer. 02:03
Sunny Day
ID: KF011815
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Dreamy and soft bossa nova with playful accents and vibrapone. 02:07
ID: KF011814
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Playful and sunny bossa nova. 02:36
ID: KF011813
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Thoughtful music with trumpet and synth with relaxed rhythm. This lets you dream! 02:37
ID: KF011812
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Bossa Nova track with soft electric guitar in a loungy mood. 01:51
ID: KF011811
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Quiet bossa nova track with soft strings and vibraphone. Brings a 20s cocktail bar to mind. 02:21
Rest & Relaxation
ID: KF011810
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A relaxed and quiet track with trumpet and synth accompanied by a catchy bass and piano. 02:37
Off Chances
ID: KF011809
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Thoughtful and melancholic track with trumpets and piano in a soft and quiet mood. 02:31
Everlasting Kiss
ID: KF011808
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A sentimental and soft sax track. Accompanied by synthetic sounds and percussion. 02:49
Just The Thing
ID: KF011807
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and quiet synth track with sax, dreamy and relaxed mood. 02:41
ID: KF011806
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and dreamy track with sentimental trumpet, soft synths and a groovy electric piano. 02:54
Best Of Times
ID: KF011804
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A dreamy synth track with soft trumpet. Atmospheric, relaxed and sensitive. 02:47
ID: KF011803
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A bossa nova with smooth, relaxing vocals. It's like a mediterranean cruise under the sun. 02:15
Let The Night In
ID: KF011802
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Funky and soft jazz track with emotional sax and playful synthesizer. 02:27
Smooth Cruise
ID: KF011801
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and relaxed track with electric jazz guitar and piano. With light strings and playful sound elements. 03:12
91 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration