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Title Description Duration
Game On
ID: KF029407
Album: Orchestral Colors
An orchestra-track, which sparkles over the whole length with thurst for adventure and the feeling of a fresh start. It begins with solo-piano and closes with the full orchestra. 01:01
Childs Game
ID: KF028502
Album: Corporate and Positive
Positive track with electric piano and electric guitar, tender and beautiful. 01:52
Happy Morning
ID: KF028212
Album: Emotional Promotion
Sweet and melodious pop track with glockenspiel, claps and rhythmic acoustic guitars 02:08
Little Secrets
ID: KF028211
Album: Emotional Promotion
A positive and catchy pop track with sweet glockenspiel melodies and rhythmic acoustic guitars 02:03
Hey There
ID: KF028210
Album: Emotional Promotion
A relaxing and joyful acoustic pop track with whistled melody and glockenspiel 01:33
Hello Blue Skies
ID: KF028209
Album: Emotional Promotion
A positive and catchy pop track with sweet glockenspiel melodies and rhythmic acoustic guitars 00:45
Good Companion
ID: KF028208
Album: Emotional Promotion
A positive and catchy pop track with sweet Glockenspiel melodies and rhythmic acoustic guitars 02:08
Everybody Smiles
ID: KF028202
Album: Emotional Promotion
Sweet and melodious pop track with glockenspiel, whistled melody and a variety of acoustic instruments 01:53
Acoustic Breeze
ID: KF028201
Album: Emotional Promotion
Joyful folk pop song with offbeat claps, rhythmic acoustic guitars, whistled melodie and glockenspiel 01:07
Porcelain Man
ID: KF028109
Album: Serious Business
An intimate and emotional track that receives its special note through flowing piano arpeggios and memorable reverse sounds 01:00
Mountain Crossing
ID: KF027904
Album: Wellness Vol.01
Memorizable music box motifs are paired with spherical pads and soft beats 04:20
Fallen Leaves
ID: KF027703
Album: Piano Works
And intimate and melancholic piano track with a simple melody progression and arpeggios 01:36
Soleil Et Neige
ID: KF027702
Album: Piano Works
Bittersweet melodic motifs are shaping this emotional solo piano piece 03:16
My Good Side
ID: KF027210
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Smooth pop track for relaxing and feeling well. Friendly tunes and ample backings consisting of acoustic instruments, organs and pads. 01:54
You Can't Make Me Stop
ID: KF027208
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Catchy easy-pop track with hammond organ and acoustic guitar. Earwig material. 02:00
Morning Campfire
ID: KF027204
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Light hearted country-pop with a small line-up of acoustic guitar, ukulele, bright glockenspiel and a catchy clap rhythm. 01:39
Skip Them All
ID: KF027005
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Spirited, skippy track with light rhythm, acoustic guitar, organ, bass, piano and drums. 02:03
The Burrows
ID: KF025506
Album: A Fantasy Story
Heroic main theme accompanied by spirited, positive, bright orchestra. 00:39
The Mole
ID: KF025505
Album: A Fantasy Story
Disney-style fantasy world with playful, partly dreamy strings , woodwinds and triangle. 01:27
Breeding Burrow
ID: KF025504
Album: A Fantasy Story
Playful, happy-go-lucky film score with plucked strings; eventually accompanied by grand orchestra with slightly dramatic elements. 01:37
ID: KF022811
Album: Children's Corner
Jumping, sneaking Bass with high strings. Marimba, piano and percussion. 01:28
Rain Dance
ID: KF022810
Album: Children's Corner
Happy xylophone with guitar and piano, joyfully and easy. 01:21
Little Sailors
ID: KF022809
Album: Children's Corner
Caribbean rhythms with marimba, strings and flutes. 00:51
Gute Nacht
ID: KF022808
Album: Children's Corner
Funny child song with xylophone, acoustic guitar, drums and piano. 01:32
Explain The World
ID: KF022807
Album: Children's Corner
Relaxing pop song with flutes, acoustic guitar and chimes. Accompanied by calm drums. 01:48
Dancing owl
ID: KF022806
Album: Children's Corner
Piano and Xylophone play in happy and bouncing motion. Accompanied by a small drumset. 01:38
Birds in the trees
ID: KF022804
Album: Children's Corner
Funny, easy and playful. Summertime guitars and whisteling. Bongos, piano and tambourine. 02:20
ID: KF022803
Album: Children's Corner
Easy, playful orchestra. Staccato strings with varied percussion hits 01:06
Babies in the garden
ID: KF022802
Album: Children's Corner
Childish simple piano lines with guitars. Light, happy and jumpy melodies. 01:32
ID: KF022801
Album: Children's Corner
Playful piano and plucked strings, along with guitar and whisteling. 02:06
ID: KF022303
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
Playful fairy-tale music; occasionally majestic and contemplative. 01:14
Liliania Magic Castle
ID: KF021008
Album: Children Vol.2
A track full of magic and mystery. Like the theme of a disney film. 02:06
Liliania Fools Rattor
ID: KF021007
Album: Children Vol.2
Playful orchestral piece with a lot of joy and a postive mood. Including some circus elements. 02:00
ID: KF021004
Album: Children Vol.2
Quiet but suspensful orchestral music that starts and stops several times. 01:54
Al Hassouf's Adventures
ID: KF021003
Album: Children Vol.2
Fantastic and playful orchestral music. With dark brasses and bright percussion elements. 01:46
ID: KF021002
Album: Children Vol.2
Magical film music. Bright strings and a mysterious celeste create an unreal atmosphere. 01:32
Share Hope
ID: KF020402
Album: Promotional Vol.2
A soft and playful composition for piano and strings. Positive, easy, uplifting and romantic. 02:22
Sense Of Pleasure
ID: KF018309
Album: Kids Club
A funny, playful track with electric piano and flute accompanied by low tuba tones and xylophone. Lifts the spirits. 01:30
Playing Sea Gulls
ID: KF018308
Album: Kids Club
Soft, dreamy and playful music for kids with flute, piano, electric piano and accordion. Evoking a picture of a happy day at the seaside. 01:32
Young Minds
ID: KF018307
Album: Kids Club
A soft, solemn and cheerful track with xylophone, accordion and bass. Sounding childlike and naive. 01:32
This And That
ID: KF018306
Album: Kids Club
A fleet-footed, soft and cheerful track with xylophone, piano, tuba and percussion. Reminds of a visit in the zoo, with lots of things to be discovered. 01:30
Strip Cartoon
ID: KF018305
Album: Kids Club
A funny, relaxed track with low tuba tones, piano and synthies. Combined with staccato strings and xylophone. Easy and playful. 00:46
The Bear Family
ID: KF018304
Album: Kids Club
An elated, still calm track with xylophone and relaxed bassline, combined with piano and accordion. 00:46
Holiday Connection
ID: KF018303
Album: Kids Club
Happy and easy music for kids with xylophone and electric piano, combined with accordion. Like a colourful play afternoon. 00:46
Nightly Steps
ID: KF018302
Album: Kids Club
Gentle, dreamy music with xylophone and pizzicato strings. Reminds of a sleepwalker under the starry sky. 01:09
Worth A Day
ID: KF018301
Album: Kids Club
Cheerful and playful piano combined with xylophone sounds. Melodic like a sunny spring day. 01:44
ID: KF017807
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, fleet-footed track with xylophone, percussion and trumpets. Playful and danceable, with groovy bass towards the end. 01:31
Afternoon Playtime
ID: KF017602
Album: European Cinema
A dreamy, imaginative music with pizzicato strings, acoustic guitar, flute, drums, brass and xylophone. Colourful, emotional and playful. 02:02
In A Dream
ID: KF017003
Album: Calm Orchestra
A very gentle, dreamy track with continous marimba pattern, a clear flute and birds twittering. Dark timpani in the middle section, calm outro. 02:31
No Pressure
ID: KF016908
Album: Background Music
Easy, relaxed and playful track with xylophone, synthies, piano, electric piano and electric guitar. Atmospheric and technical. 01:39
Froehliche Weihnacht ueberall
ID: KF016601
Album: Christmas Time
Cheerful Christmas classic with bright flute and electric piano as lead voices, combined with lots of bells and light percussion. 01:51
Safari Dance
ID: KF016508
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Marimba, pizzicato strings, flute and percussion in a cheerful, african sounding track. 02:31
Ladysmith Road
ID: KF016304
Album: World Pop
Easy-going, positive acoustic guitar track with harmonica and marimba, influenced by South African. 02:43
ID: KF016109
Album: Vocal Tracks
Romantic, dreamy orchestral and vocal pieces, playful and light like a children's song. 02:04
ID: KF016013
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Imaginative, epic orchestral piece with an enchanting, fairy-tale ambiance and adventuresomeness. 01:23
Shining Bright
ID: KF016004
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A magical orchestra carries the listener away into a fairytale-dream world 00:34
Weather And All
ID: KF013613
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Soft, melodic acoustic guitar in a title track for thoughtful, quiet moments. 00:19
Satin Glow
ID: KF013612
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Playful, groovy wind section and synthies with funny side elements and a catchy tune. 00:19
Rollin' Around
ID: KF013611
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A playful, imaginative advertising jingle with clear marimba sounds and trumpets in a happy rhythm. 00:32
Adventure Starts
ID: KF013305
Album: Heroic Orchestra
Imaginative, epic orchestra music, with lots of magic and positive mood. 02:05
Until They Came
ID: KF013304
Album: Heroic Orchestra
Romantic, imaginative orchestra piece with playful chimes and gentle strings. Energetic second part. 02:03
Bucolic Suburb
ID: KF013018
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
Imaginative, positive string theme with a bright melody and a lively orchestra accompaniment. 02:20
A Change In Plans
ID: KF013017
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
A dreamy, romantic film music. Very soft, with gentle piano sounds, harp and a hopeful string melody. 02:02
Rewind To Yesterday
ID: KF013012
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
A loving, gentle orchestra track with bright, slightly melancholic mood. The strings are telling of a journey. 02:00
Full Of Peace
ID: KF013007
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
The dream of a child, interwoven into a calm, playful film music with flute and chimes. 01:41
Innocent Eyes
ID: KF013006
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
A very gentle, dreamy orchestra music with lots of playful elements. 01:55
Horseback Ride
ID: KF012919
Album: Funny Tracks
Easy, playful pop song with electric piano, guitar and tuba - accompanied by twittering of birds. Nice music for kids. 02:28
Electric Dog
ID: KF012916
Album: Funny Tracks
A colourful, happy dance track for kids. Fast beat and funny synthie melody. 02:50
Rocking Christmas
ID: KF012911
Album: Funny Tracks
Modern rock version of the Christmas song "Kling Glöckchen, kling". With electric guitars and chimes. 02:02
Beach Sands
ID: KF012908
Album: Funny Tracks
Relaxed, positive music with cheerful steel drums and chimes. Caribbean flair. 01:48
Petit Prince
ID: KF012906
Album: Funny Tracks
A funny track for kids with solmization syllables as text - some fun. 01:32
Sweet Peeps
ID: KF012905
Album: Funny Tracks
A title track for a kids programme, with cheerful synthie melodies. 01:24
ID: KF012904
Album: Funny Tracks
Summer music with enchanting accordeon, bongos and steel drums. Reminds of a french restaurant at the seaside. 01:25
Toy Clowns
ID: KF012903
Album: Funny Tracks
Short, happy, playful clown and circus track with oboe as lead voice and lots of funny rattle effects. 00:38
Circus Flights
ID: KF012902
Album: Funny Tracks
A cheerful, happy music with a groovy melody by pizzicato strings, marimba and chimes. 01:59
Clown Circus
ID: KF012901
Album: Funny Tracks
Fast and funny circus music, very playful. Rattles, chimes, drums, horns and orchestra. 01:52
Fairy Tales
ID: KF012614
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
Soft, upraising and warm music wiht bells and piano sounds, flute and pizzicato strings. Like a colourful, harmonic fantasy world, waiting to be discovered. 01:39
Dark Giant
ID: KF012608
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
A mysterious, energetic orchestra music with enchanted choir vocals within a calm atmosphere. 01:25
Fantastic Journey
ID: KF012605
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
A mysterious, medieval sounding orchestra music. Energetic strings and tender transverse flute. 01:16
Journey To Neverland
ID: KF012603
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
Enchanted, fleet-footed and playful track with diversified theme. 02:02
Chasing The Past
ID: KF012602
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
Charming, energetic film music with lots of fantasy for a grand orchestra. 01:21
Cat Run
ID: KF011710
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An enchanting chase with magical obstacles. Orchestra and accordeon. 02:08
Hunting The Clown
ID: KF011709
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Playful but very powerful track. Orchestra driven by military rhythm. Has many percussive elements. 01:16
Escape From The Void
ID: KF011703
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Energetic, positive film music full of fantasy. With a large orchestra. 01:28
Neutral Woman
ID: KF011111
Album: Cool Ambience
Harp and strings. A mystic and restless track. 01:09
Sidewalk Joy
ID: KF010918
Album: Children
A merry track which is defined by cheerful, elated strings and light bongo rhythms. Easy and playful. 01:29
Good Nina
ID: KF010915
Album: Children
Bright film music for big orchestra. Imaginative and playful. 01:02
Alive Pets
ID: KF010914
Album: Children
Playful and smooth film music. 00:56
Country Cake
ID: KF010913
Album: Children
Playful flute with chimes and plucked strings. 01:04
Spooky Suspense
ID: KF010912
Album: Children
Mysterious chimes with chembalo and soulful guitar. Accompanied by orchestra. 01:34
Monster Factory
ID: KF010911
Album: Children
Mysterious track with playful percussion, sensitive flute, dark wind instruments and a harp. 01:45
Dark And Sad
ID: KF010910
Album: Children
A sad and emotional orchestral track. The same theme is picked up over and over again. 02:09
Susanna Plays
ID: KF010909
Album: Children
Playful and enchanting music. Strings accompanied by quiet harp, chimes and woodwinds. 01:50
Quiet Cottage
ID: KF010908
Album: Children
A sensitive and emotional orchestral track in a playful and light mood. Very soft with chimes and harp. 02:01
Rat Flight
ID: KF010907
Album: Children
A quick and playful film music. Orchestra accompanied by accordion. 01:57
Goodbye Love
ID: KF010906
Album: Children
Striking, adventurous orchestral track with playful and mystic elements. 02:02
So Beautiful
ID: KF010905
Album: Children
Enchanted strings and playful bells. A sensitive flute creates a romantic song. 02:10
Land Of Wonders
ID: KF010904
Album: Children
Positive and dreamy song with a playful flute and plucked harp. 02:00
Mr Tiny
ID: KF010903
Album: Children
Chimes in interaction with harp and plucked strings. A playful fairy tale piece. 00:58
The Puppet Master
ID: KF010902
Album: Children
Fantasy film music with orchestra, choir and music box. Music from an enchanted world. 02:07
108 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration