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Title Description Duration
ID: KF019206
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Very calm, atmospheric passages with gentle strings, xylophone and high choir voices alternate with scary passages with brass, percussion and threatening strings. 02:37
The Search
ID: KF019111
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
An elegiac orchestra, melancholic and hopeful at the same time. 03:03
ID: KF019110
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
A very changeable, epic orchestra music, mulitfaceted, like telling a full story. From sinister and mysterious to hopeful, dramatic and threatening. 02:38
From The Roof
ID: KF019107
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
Atmospheric, exotic music with thrilling middle part. Strings, drums and atmospheric synthies. 02:40
Tomb Invaders
ID: KF019103
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
Dark orchestral fantasy-music with choirs, massive percussions and ethnic flutes (Shakuhachi, Duduk). 02:05
Just The Beginning
ID: KF019011
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Film music with powerful timpani, pipe and grinding background sounds. Combined with energetic brass, strings and a male choir. 01:59
Approaching Calamity
ID: KF019007
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Sinister, ominous track with xylophone, restless strings and mysterious flute. Combined with an energetic male choir and billowing synthies. 03:14
Combined Efforts
ID: KF019006
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Threatening, heroic track with xylophone, strings and forceful brass. Combined with choir voices. Energetic, thrilling and stirring. 02:59
Last Warning
ID: KF019004
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Energetic, impellent track with percussions, rhythmic acoustic guitar and strings. Parts with threatening synthies, choir and brass. Interesting mix of dance and fight music. 02:56
Strong Mind
ID: KF019001
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Energetically driving, combative, partly dissonant action track with drums, lots of brass players and suspenseful strings. 01:33
Feel It
ID: KF018903
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Calm, sinister and at the same time emotional and passionate. With acoustic guitar, flute and percussion. 01:37
ID: KF018901
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Atmospheric ambience track with flute, electric piano, rattles and acoustic guitar. Mysterious and creepy. 03:02
Slow Creatures
ID: KF018814
Album: Native American
Calm, sinister track with xylophone, panpipe and e-harp. 04:04
Secret World
ID: KF018813
Album: Native American
A calm, atmospheric and exotic track. First part with xylophone, panpipe and percussion. Second part more calm, complemented by harp. 04:04
Only A Shadow
ID: KF018812
Album: Native American
A calm track with piano and muffled drums, combined with a melancholic duduk and strings. Thoughtful, mysterious and threatening. 04:05
Leaving Behind
ID: KF018811
Album: Native American
Deep, calm ambience music with melancholic, sedate sounds of flute and low strings. 01:05
ID: KF018808
Album: Native American
An atmospheric, breathy track with shaky reed pipe, strings and harp. Threatening and mysterious. 01:44
During The Night
ID: KF018807
Album: Native American
A creepy, energetic track. Impelling bongos with an exotic, bewitched flute, lots of percussion and acoustic guitar sounds. 03:02
Grinding Fists
ID: KF018806
Album: Native American
Track with energetic drums and percussion, calm strings, rain stick and flute with it. Like forceful fists in a fight. 03:07
Been Here Before
ID: KF018805
Album: Native American
Soft acoustic guitars, Spanish in appearance, and flutes, combined with strings and piano. A melancholic, thoughtful track. 03:01
Oldest Enemy
ID: KF018804
Album: Native American
Energetic, consistent beats, strings, flute and xylophone define this exotic track. Calm, but powerful. 03:01
Shady Settlement
ID: KF018803
Album: Native American
muffled drums combined with strings and gently groovy percussion. With flute and xylophone. Single energetic brass blows. 03:01
In Bondage
ID: KF018802
Album: Native American
An exotic track with percussion, xylophone, flute and strings. Cracking, rattling and scary. 03:01
Aboriginal Rights
ID: KF018801
Album: Native American
Rapid track with lots of percussion, flutes, xylophone and strings. A hectic, excited hustle. 04:04
Their New World
ID: KF018708
Album: Meditation
A groovy, atmospheric track with an exotic percussion intro and melodic xylophone. Relaxed and gentle. 01:59
Blood Brothers
ID: KF018514
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Crescendo orchestra track, melancholic, with dramatic strings and brass. In combination with sinister choir singing. 01:45
Last Breath
ID: KF018513
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Fast, threatening rock orchestra track with rough strings, stomping drums, brass and insistent e-guitars. Combined with dramatic male choir. 01:35
ID: KF018512
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Emotional, imposing orchestra track which combines uplifting strings with heroic (choir) singing. 01:50
True To Love
ID: KF018507
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Majestic orchestra music with heroic brass, combined with dramatic strings and energetic timpani. Impressive and passionate. 02:12
March Through Hell
ID: KF018501
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
A strong piece of music with dramatic brass and choir, strings and timpani. Has a huge, heavy and drastic effect. Dub-Step remix available: "March Through Hell (RMX)" (KF020904). 02:30
Raging Teardrops
ID: KF018415
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Melancholic, heroic orchestra track with strings, brass and a rocky e-guitar. Calm ending with sad female singing. 02:09
Obey It
ID: KF018414
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Emotional, gripping and mighty film music with forceful bass beats and strings, combined with delicate female singing. 01:35
Fate Of Victory
ID: KF018413
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Film music, melancholic and heroic at the same time: tender female voice vs. energetic choir against a background of insistent drums and impressive strings. 01:43
Rising Forces
ID: KF018411
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Energetic, very powerful film music with an impulsive orchestra and an ominous choir. Thrilling to the full extent. 01:45
The Last Battle
ID: KF018410
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Epic fantasy-battle-music with rhythmic orchestra and choirs and a dramatic feeling. 01:29
ID: KF018408
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Energetic drum beats against a background of exotic, heroic brass and strings. High tension until the last tone. 01:51
For The Greater Good
ID: KF018407
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Melancholic, calm music at the beginning with strings, harp and a distant choir. Merging into a dramatic, combative final part with energetic brass and strings. 01:38
Aim High
ID: KF018405
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Powerful, imposing track with energetic timpani, strings and electric guitars. Combined with electric piano sounds and brass, working up to a heroic climax. 01:23
Shadow Hunters
ID: KF018403
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
A powerful orchestra track with majestic strings and brass. Accelerating in tempo and intensity, heroic and dramatic, with fulminant ending. 01:38
Storm Of Crows
ID: KF017910
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Big and epic orchestral track with a strong emotinal theme, both heroic and dramatic at the same time. Builds up to a fantastic finale with huge orchestration and choirs. 03:10
ID: KF017908
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Brave brasses and a hopeful trompet, backed of bright strings. Medieval orchestral piece with an oriental part in the middle. 03:16
ID: KF017907
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
A bright, mysterious choir on a thrilling orchestra. Reminds of breakup and adventure. Dub-Step remix available "Arms Of Zeus" (KF020903). 02:54
The Power Of All
ID: KF017906
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Insistent, forceful orchestra track with a gentle intro. Strings, duduk, energetic drums and brass. Melancholic and dramatic, but also melodic and hopeful. Dub-Step version available: "Quest For Power (RMX)" (KF020905). 02:58
Time To Strike Back
ID: KF017904
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Fast and thrilling orchestral music with heavy percussions and strong melodies. 01:47
Lost In Reverie
ID: KF017902
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Sinister, threatening track at the beginning, with strings, brass and synthies. Develops into a dramatic, melancholic piece. 02:19
Gazing Excitement
ID: KF017901
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
A beautiful, solemn orchestra track - melodic, mysterious and hopeful. Like a surprise moment, a first glance at something unexpected. 02:09
Full Might
ID: KF017709
Album: Fanfares
Short, uplifting fanfare with drum roll, trumpets and bells. The announcement of a great event. 00:12
Final Move
ID: KF017708
Album: Fanfares
Short, heroic fanfare with energetic brass section, harp and timpani. 00:09
ID: KF017704
Album: Fanfares
Short, dramatic theme with heroic brass, timpani and harp. 00:13
ID: KF017703
Album: Fanfares
Cautious brass at the beginning, getting more intense, combined with powerful timpani define this short, energetic track. 00:20
On A Hill Top
ID: KF017702
Album: Fanfares
Uplifting and dramatic fanfare, energetic and grand, with brass, strings and drum roll. 00:09
A Wide Land
ID: KF017701
Album: Fanfares
Short, dramatic and intense fanfare with brass, bells, strings and harp. Like a noble gesture. 00:08
In The Old Days
ID: KF017614
Album: European Cinema
A track in rustic style: accordion, acoustic guitar and percussion. Sounds like a folksy pirate drinking evening. 03:01
Assassins Attack
ID: KF017612
Album: European Cinema
Fast orchestral Action-Track with odd Times and strong melodies. 01:37
Imminent Risk
ID: KF017609
Album: European Cinema
Sinister, calm orchestra piece with clarinet, piano, electric piano and strings. Low piano tones and string basses towards the end. 01:10
Awaking The Abyss
ID: KF017309
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Sinister orchestral Fantasy-Action-track with massive brass, evil choirs and an unholy feeling. 02:22
Fiction Fight
ID: KF017306
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Orchestra track with spy film attitude, full of action and threatening. 02:59
The Dark Lord Arrives
ID: KF017303
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Dark, portentous marching orchestral music with low brass, deep male choirs and rhythmic strings. 01:59
Hidden In The Swamp
ID: KF017302
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Dark and sinister orchestral fantasy-music with choirs, massive percussions and ethnic flutes (Shakuhachi, Duduk). 02:29
Hellspire Ravens
ID: KF017301
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Sinister Fantasy-Action-track with massive brass, evil choirs and marching drums. 02:11
The Cloaked Man
ID: KF017113
Album: World Travels Vol.2
Exotic adventure track with Arabian leanings, the perfect music for games, films or travel documentaries. 02:21
Slow Motion
ID: KF017018
Album: Calm Orchestra
Spooky, exotic track with harp, flute and percussion. Combined with gentle strings and brass, forcing the tension. Nature sounds. 02:41
Blown Cover
ID: KF017015
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm and slow track with synths and strings as lead. Muffled bass beats join in during the middle part. 02:34
Shades Of Red
ID: KF017014
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, slow track with strings and brass. Very measured and consistent. 02:43
Down Memory Lane
ID: KF017012
Album: Calm Orchestra
Melancholic strings in a thoughtful composition. Heartrending violin playing and gentle flute. Like the memory of a painful past. 01:32
Out By The Sea
ID: KF017006
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, relaxed track with rain stick, low strings, acoustic guitar, flute and percussion. 03:07
ID: KF017004
Album: Calm Orchestra
Very calm, sinister and melancholic film music. Soft strings and hard bell sounds, accompanied by a melodic oboe, timpani and xylophone. 02:39
Infernal Tones
ID: KF016818
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three threatening, sinister and calm orchestra stingers with insistent brass and strings. 00:37
Malicious Waylay
ID: KF016815
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy and intense orchestra stingers. Calm and threatening at the same time. With brass and strings. 00:38
ID: KF016808
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Calm, sinister ambience track with electric piano, combined with bongo and steel sounds. 02:42
Dark Shadows
ID: KF016805
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Very calm, creepy track with bongos, strings and brass sounds. Reminds of a cautious boat trip through dark, foggy, unknown jungle waters. 03:08
ID: KF016715
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Energetic, melodic orchestra track with intense string and brass sounds and soft piano tones. 01:21
The Shield
ID: KF016714
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Disturbing and aggressive orchestra track with percussions and brass section, combined with synthie sounds. 01:31
ID: KF016713
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Unusual orchestra track with suspenseful, rhythmic strings, bright xylophone and electric guitar sounds. 01:39
High Energy
ID: KF016712
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Dramatic brass and strings, alternating volume. Energetic, exciting and heroic orchestra composition. 01:58
Enduring War
ID: KF016711
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Clear, melodic piano, dramatic strings, brass and drums. The music breaks up several times, only to swell up again with an energetic sound. 02:47
Shock And Awe
ID: KF016708
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
An exciting orchestra track with impelling strings, timpani and melodic brass. Like a heroic deployment of armed forces. 01:38
Before The Close
ID: KF016705
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Muffled synthies full of action combined with calm strings. Brass opens up and increases towards an epic end. 01:11
ID: KF016506
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Mystic oriental piece of music driven by percussion and a haunting lute pattern 02:13
Far Orients
ID: KF016205
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
Oriental piece with a lonesome voice. Mysterious and dark sounds of flute, oud and drums. 02:43
Moving Pipes
ID: KF016204
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
Action-packed exotic music. Hard drums and percussion, with ominous orchestra and bagpipes. 01:45
Cash Flow
ID: KF016001
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An epic, imaginative orchestra music with clear, hopeful tones, paired with a catchy tune. 01:59
Tribal Theory
ID: KF014512
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
An exotic music, reminding of primeval forests. With drums, timpani and bongos. The atmosphere is dangerous and threatening. 02:28
Global Vibes
ID: KF014510
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Exotic drum and percussion track, underlayed by a calm, pushing bass. 01:59
Runners Of Evil
ID: KF014508
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Dramatic, elemental orchestra music. Energetic strings are accompanied by jungle-drums and percussions. 01:08
We Overcame
ID: KF014406
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
A dramatic orchestra track with a big array of sounds and choir accompaniment. 02:00
Dense Fog
ID: KF014405
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
Pompous, combative track with a breathtaking power of sound. Big orchestra and choir. 04:00
No Justice
ID: KF014113
Album: Massive Orchestra
An epic, sonorous orchestra music accompanied by a quiet piano voice, choir, electric guitar and drums. 02:21
Night Calls
ID: KF014104
Album: Massive Orchestra
Energetic music for orchestra and electric guitar. Very strong sounding and thrilling. 02:23
Heroic Theme
ID: KF013307
Album: Heroic Orchestra
Epic film music with Far Eastern elements in the middle section. A hopeful spirit of optimism. 02:02
Cry Of Life
ID: KF013303
Album: Heroic Orchestra
A powerful, festive orchestra music. Melodic and sensitive, accompanied by a charming harp. 01:48
Combined Force
ID: KF013301
Album: Heroic Orchestra
Majestic, powerful orchestra music, with an atmosphere of departure and a thirst for action. 02:35
ID: KF013009
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
A driving orchestra music, heroic and hopeful. 01:07
Pirates Tale
ID: KF013002
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
A pirate theme with the spirit of optimism and dignity, very pathetic and adventurous. 01:29
Sharp Razor
ID: KF012508
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Adventurous orchestra track with dynamic choir accompaniment. Courageous, dangerous and exciting. 01:27
ID: KF012407
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Orchestra msuic with oriental elements, accompanied by a powerful choir. Energetic and threatening. 01:52
Wisdom Reigns
ID: KF012012
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dramatic but versatile film music with big orchestra and a male solo voice. 01:48
Forgotten Stories
ID: KF012005
Album: Emotional Trailer
Orchestral track full of courage and thirst of action. Very energetic and powerful. 01:38
Army Of Shades
ID: KF011712
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Sinister Fantasy-Action-track with massive brass, evil choirs and marching drums. 02:13
Tortuga Dreams
ID: KF011711
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic film music for fights and adventures. 01:40
209 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration