Funny background music

Funny royalty-free film music designed for media projects

Playful xylophones, comically deep string basses, sharply plucked strings. A quirky rhythm and a joyful sound. A cheerful a capella and jolly choirs. After all, what makes a tune funny? A funny soundtrack can be like a very intricate audio network, consisting of multiple participants, but the most important one is an upbeat melody. Well versed in funny music as our team is, you can hear in every single track of ours that the scoring sessions were just as cheerful as the results. Our selection of funny stock music offers a vast amount of happy-go-lucky tracks that can be used in a variety of scenarios. TV or radio ads aimed at a young target audience, for example, have always benefited greatly from funny commercial music. Whether you are using a simple funny background score or include loop sounds (such as a chord progression from the aforementioned xylophone), the funniness of the track will leave a mark on your product. Commonly, embedded in joyful background music funny toys become hilarious. Needless to say, the very same is applicable to children’s radio shows or film productions. Another popular example for the importance of funny music are comedies: with the right sound design funny situations quickly become crowd favorites, increasing the memorability of your film project. However, children’s ads and comedy films are not the only beneficiaries of funny tunes. Even non-fiction projects such as documentaries profit from a gleeful soundtrack. Paramount examples are animal documentaries that feature the clumsy shenanigans of pups. Using a funny documentary music emphasizes the awkwardness on-screen. With the right background music funny situations are emphasized, leading to a great resonance from audiences. Funny music can also be an asset in other contexts. For example, it can serve as cheerful music-on-hold. In addition, with the help of proper sound design funny levels in video games or apps turn into memorable segments that players love to return to. The only thing that is no fun is music royalty. But since we are taking care of music royalty, the fun part begins immediately after downloading. We hope you have a great time browsing through our collection of funny music.

86 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Busy Christmas Elves
ID: KF037905
Album: X-mas Cinema
A glockenspiel melody worthy of a ballet, this frolicking track contains the energy of a happy mystery. 02:03
How To's
ID: KF037709
Album: Vlog Tunes
Laid-back beats, hazy pads, and a lo-fi guitar inspire just the right vibe for a tutorial on relaxation. 02:16
Play Online
ID: KF037210
Album: Press Start
Total electronic madness ensues while the distorted bass dances up and down the octave and synth glitches and effects breakdance across a mat made by the sonic spectrum. 02:30
In Fine Weather
ID: KF036509
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Carried by the dancing of an upright bass, this happy track whistles along with a harmonica and guitar. 02:36
Summer Morning
ID: KF033908
Album: Dreaming Piano
This jazzy pop ballad is perfect for grabbing some coffee and starting the day. An upbeat harmony keeps up its positive, blues-inspired melody. 02:14
Once In The Village
ID: KF031910
Album: Happy Swing
An upbeat rhythm guitar makes room for piano and trumpet solos to guide the way and keep spirits high. 02:14
Pet Walk
ID: KF031909
Album: Happy Swing
A high-energy piece carried by electric jazz organ, this track delivers a happy mood and a lively atmosphere. 02:02
Happy Hopper
ID: KF031908
Album: Happy Swing
Accordion and piano set the mood for this lighthearted track, as clarinet and strings dance to fill out the musical space. 02:14
The Juggler's Feast
ID: KF031905
Album: Happy Swing
Bright, acoustic guitars fill the scene with positive notes of life and joy, as piano and accordion adds accents of a playful mood. 02:13
Pink Bubbles
ID: KF031902
Album: Happy Swing
An easy-listening piece, with a simple structure and alternating instrumental solos. Piano, clarinet, flute, and brass section come together to create a carefree atmosphere. 02:13
A Warm Breeze
ID: KF031901
Album: Happy Swing
A lighthearted and jazzy track featuring a full brass band juxtaposed against a hearty whistling soloist. 02:00
Easy Peasy
ID: KF031710
Album: Quirky & Fun
A smooth but incorruptible trumpet duo and solo french horn, accompanied by tuba, trombone and piano present their "all's well that ends well" attitude in musical form. 02:09
Petticoat Lane
ID: KF031709
Album: Quirky & Fun
Styleful vintage sound delivered on a smooth bossa rhythm: Smoky organs paired with piano and electric guitar arrange for an exciting trip back in time. 02:17
Afternoon Toon
ID: KF031708
Album: Quirky & Fun
Happily swinging through the day, a muted trumpet , whistling and bright clarinet carry the main tune while a lively, chimy backing section play along, later joined by subtle vocals. 02:16
Beggar Stagger
ID: KF031706
Album: Quirky & Fun
An old ragtime piano slowly plays along to saxophone, musicbox and various other quirky, slightly detuned instruments and effects, amplifying the overall sleazy, laid-back vibe. 02:11
Weekend Trip
ID: KF031704
Album: Quirky & Fun
With a consoling and mellow tune, this track features organ an inviting rhythm, mallets and clean electric guitar, which takes center stage during a soulful solo in the middle. 02:26
Let's Fetz
ID: KF031703
Album: Quirky & Fun
Swift and light, this smooth swing-along features acoustic string instruments and piano, as well as clarinets, later joined by sax and trumpet. 02:14
On The Road To Sanity
ID: KF030409
Album: Cinematic Piano Scoring
With a slightly playful 3/4 rhythm in the beginning, the track evokes childhood memories. In a truly cinematic fashion, the grand atmosphere takes the listener to a warm, predominatly orchestral middle part. In the final part, the bass note rests on one key, while light piano chords complete the journey. 03:26
ID: KF030210
Album: Cartoons & Agents
This track gets progressively spooky in a comical sense as it progresses. An iconic main line carries the arrangement through the ever increasing suspense curve and bizarrely developing instrumentation. 02:06
Suspicious Guys
ID: KF030209
Album: Cartoons & Agents
A classic "sneaking about" track. Clarines, trumpets, baritone sax, vibraphone and a steadily intesifying arrangement give the piece an "endearing bad guys" touch. 02:14
Spy's Eyes
ID: KF030208
Album: Cartoons & Agents
With a catchy main tune, this laid back swing track scatters bold brass and sax cues into the mix, always fresehing up the material while keeping the setting recognizable and familiar. 02:10
Fun Run
ID: KF030206
Album: Cartoons & Agents
Plucked strings race against a varied instrumental palette that gets introduced bit by bit throughout this uptempo track. Whimsical, adventurous and a bit chaotic. 02:05
Golf Cart Chase
ID: KF030205
Album: Cartoons & Agents
Send your audience on an exciting, suspenseful mini-adventure with this high-tempo track. A steady rhythm keeps the action going while variations, small intermezzos and changes in instrumentation allow for interesting plot advancements and sequences. 02:04
French Ride
ID: KF030203
Album: Cartoons & Agents
With subtle orchestral accompaniment and accordion passages, this fast paced track combines excitement with an unmistakeable city-of-love flair. The joyful tune takes little creative ventures at several points before turning back to the original rhythm. 02:01
Hurry Up
ID: KF030202
Album: Cartoons & Agents
Fast, light and skipping: A friendly reminder that the clock is ticking. The middle part plays at half the tempo for a little breathing space before picking up towards the end again. 02:02
Pet Detective
ID: KF030201
Album: Cartoons & Agents
This soft, downtempo piece sets the scene for some moderate, investigative action. Vibraphone, piano, plucked strings, muted trumpet and a gentle rhythm section keep things interesting while creating a relaxed, thoughtful atmosphere. 02:15
When It Starts
ID: KF030103
Album: Dance Rush
Featuring bright acoustic guitar grooves and elements, this cheerful track takes an easygoing but nevertheless energetic path. With different intensities, build-ups and intermezzos there is a huge degree of variety to be had. 03:03
Above The Sun
ID: KF030101
Album: Dance Rush
A continuously elevating track that starts with bright keys in the upper range and pumps it home with a catchy synth lead, solid bass line and a steady beat. 02:43
Game On
ID: KF029407
Album: Orchestral Colors
An orchestra-track, which sparkles over the whole length with thurst for adventure and the feeling of a fresh start. It begins with solo-piano and closes with the full orchestra. 01:01
Childs Game
ID: KF028502
Album: Corporate and Positive
Positive track with electric piano and electric guitar, tender and beautiful. 01:52
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
Move Your Body
ID: KF028302
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A programmatic retro track somewhere in between funk and soul, with typical vocals - this is great fun! 03:32
Acoustic Breeze
ID: KF028201
Album: Emotional Promotion
Joyful folk pop song with offbeat claps, rhythmic acoustic guitars, whistled melodie and glockenspiel 01:07
You Can't Make Me Stop
ID: KF027208
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Catchy easy-pop track with hammond organ and acoustic guitar. Earwig material. 02:00
Morning Campfire
ID: KF027204
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Light hearted country-pop with a small line-up of acoustic guitar, ukulele, bright glockenspiel and a catchy clap rhythm. 01:39
Let The Record Sound
ID: KF027104
Album: Easy And Smooth
This modest lounge track has a vintage flavor to it. Mellow electric guitar lines, hammond organs and acoustic bass accompanied by a somewhat dirty groove. 02:19
More Of The Other
ID: KF027103
Album: Easy And Smooth
Spirited bossa nova with playful piano, electric guitar, vibraphone and a steady tempo. 02:28
Fancy Pants
ID: KF027006
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Sunny indie rock with cool guitar riffs, drum fills and hammond organ. 02:08
Skip Them All
ID: KF027005
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Spirited, skippy track with light rhythm, acoustic guitar, organ, bass, piano and drums. 02:03
Breeding Burrow
ID: KF025504
Album: A Fantasy Story
Playful, happy-go-lucky film score with plucked strings; eventually accompanied by grand orchestra with slightly dramatic elements. 01:37
ID: KF022811
Album: Children's Corner
Jumping, sneaking Bass with high strings. Marimba, piano and percussion. 01:28
Rain Dance
ID: KF022810
Album: Children's Corner
Happy xylophone with guitar and piano, joyfully and easy. 01:21
Little Sailors
ID: KF022809
Album: Children's Corner
Caribbean rhythms with marimba, strings and flutes. 00:51
Gute Nacht
ID: KF022808
Album: Children's Corner
Funny child song with xylophone, acoustic guitar, drums and piano. 01:32
Birds in the trees
ID: KF022804
Album: Children's Corner
Funny, easy and playful. Summertime guitars and whisteling. Bongos, piano and tambourine. 02:20
Babies in the garden
ID: KF022802
Album: Children's Corner
Childish simple piano lines with guitars. Light, happy and jumpy melodies. 01:32
ID: KF022801
Album: Children's Corner
Playful piano and plucked strings, along with guitar and whisteling. 02:06
Smooth It
ID: KF020504
Album: Retro Kitch
Piano and organ accompanied by a classic jazz band. An easy, playful track. 01:35
Beluga Games
ID: KF020113
Album: World Tales Vol.2
An exotic, relaxed Far Eastern track with chinese zither and strings. Combined with funny bubble sounds and rhythmic strings. Festive, harmonic and positive. 01:49
For Once Together
ID: KF019703
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Spooky tongue-in-cheek end of the world theme with 6/8 jazz beat, pizzicati, organ, theremin and light-hearted horror elements. 01:05
Editors Life
ID: KF018310
Album: Kids Club
An easy, positive song. Acoustic guitar as lead, accompanied by plucked strings, flute and bongos. 01:50
Sense Of Pleasure
ID: KF018309
Album: Kids Club
A funny, playful track with electric piano and flute accompanied by low tuba tones and xylophone. Lifts the spirits. 01:30
Strip Cartoon
ID: KF018305
Album: Kids Club
A funny, relaxed track with low tuba tones, piano and synthies. Combined with staccato strings and xylophone. Easy and playful. 00:46
Safari Dance
ID: KF016508
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Marimba, pizzicato strings, flute and percussion in a cheerful, african sounding track. 02:31
Austrian Folk
ID: KF016314
Album: World Pop
Loungy track with synths, electric piano and cheerful chords. Funny. 01:31
Bavarian Fun
ID: KF016313
Album: World Pop
Bavarian folk music with guitar and accordeon, presented in a modern lounge style. Happy and cheerful. 01:39
Ladysmith Road
ID: KF016304
Album: World Pop
Easy-going, positive acoustic guitar track with harmonica and marimba, influenced by South African. 02:43
Country Side
ID: KF014918
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A country music and rock'n'roll track which invites immediately for dancing. 02:11
Orleans Romp
ID: KF014914
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A playful Cajun track with accordion and electric guitar. A funny, good mood mix embedded in a lively, energetic atmosphere. 01:46
New Orleans Blues
ID: KF014906
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Positive, playful Cajun track, very easy and cheerful. 02:31
Satin Glow
ID: KF013612
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Playful, groovy wind section and synthies with funny side elements and a catchy tune. 00:19
Rollin' Around
ID: KF013611
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A playful, imaginative advertising jingle with clear marimba sounds and trumpets in a happy rhythm. 00:32
Funny Rider
ID: KF012920
Album: Funny Tracks
A playful funky track with an easy clarinet melody and piano accompaniment, a groovy bass with it. 01:53
Horseback Ride
ID: KF012919
Album: Funny Tracks
Easy, playful pop song with electric piano, guitar and tuba - accompanied by twittering of birds. Nice music for kids. 02:28
Down To Earth
ID: KF012917
Album: Funny Tracks
A grooy pop track with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and synthies. 03:09
Electric Dog
ID: KF012916
Album: Funny Tracks
A colourful, happy dance track for kids. Fast beat and funny synthie melody. 02:50
ID: KF012915
Album: Funny Tracks
Playful, cheerful summer track. Electro meets horn section. 02:17
Island Party
ID: KF012913
Album: Funny Tracks
An imaginative, happy track with steel drums and guitar. Easy and like summer, reminding of Caribbean sand beaches. 01:52
Rocking Christmas
ID: KF012911
Album: Funny Tracks
Modern rock version of the Christmas song "Kling Glöckchen, kling". With electric guitars and chimes. 02:02
Be Party
ID: KF012910
Album: Funny Tracks
A groovy track with the indicated theme of an agent movie. Marimba and synthie elements. 02:05
Petit Prince
ID: KF012906
Album: Funny Tracks
A funny track for kids with solmization syllables as text - some fun. 01:32
Sweet Peeps
ID: KF012905
Album: Funny Tracks
A title track for a kids programme, with cheerful synthie melodies. 01:24
ID: KF012904
Album: Funny Tracks
Summer music with enchanting accordeon, bongos and steel drums. Reminds of a french restaurant at the seaside. 01:25
Toy Clowns
ID: KF012903
Album: Funny Tracks
Short, happy, playful clown and circus track with oboe as lead voice and lots of funny rattle effects. 00:38
Circus Flights
ID: KF012902
Album: Funny Tracks
A cheerful, happy music with a groovy melody by pizzicato strings, marimba and chimes. 01:59
Clown Circus
ID: KF012901
Album: Funny Tracks
Fast and funny circus music, very playful. Rattles, chimes, drums, horns and orchestra. 01:52
Keep It Rollin
ID: KF012811
Album: Funky Tracks
A nice dance track; with easily grooving organ, electric guitar and horns. 02:23
Cat Run
ID: KF011710
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An enchanting chase with magical obstacles. Orchestra and accordeon. 02:08
Slipping Away
ID: KF010920
Album: Children
Ideal promotional sound: quick, funny and melodic. Three parts with strings, brass and xylophone. Rapid middle part with harp, theremine and rolling timpani. 01:39
Rat Flight
ID: KF010907
Album: Children
A quick and playful film music. Orchestra accompanied by accordion. 01:57
Jolly Buster
ID: KF010619
Album: American Cowboys
Rollicking, funny country track in classic blues form. 01:39
Chuckling Stock
ID: KF010618
Album: American Cowboys
Fast and funny, up-beat country tune. 01:30
Busted Drollery
ID: KF010617
Album: American Cowboys
Yeehaw! Let's go to the rodeo! A rollicking, fingerpicking country rock track. 01:37
Joy Riding
ID: KF010607
Album: American Cowboys
Cool, nice-and-easy fingerpicking country tune. 01:58
Botch It
ID: KF010606
Album: American Cowboys
Fast but gentle fingerpicking, offbeat country track. 02:06
Rural Fun
ID: KF010603
Album: American Cowboys
Cool country & western tune, steadily rolling along to the sound of the slide guitar. 01:40
86 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration