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Since its beginnings in the 1970s, electronic music has developed into one of the most popular music genres on the planet. Virtually everyone knows electronic music: from electro pop to drum bass , from techno to house music, from trip hop to dubstep – the spectrum of electronic music is immense. Our royalty-free electro selection provides you with a vast amount of stock music composed in the vein of popular electronic genres. As usual, our stock music electro subcategory features a wide range of styles and is thus very beneficial for a variety of projects. In this selection, you can find calm, relaxed tracks with a piano melody alongside fast, energetic synthesizer compositions. Unlike other genres, electronic music excels in any science fiction scenario. Shooting a sci-fi movie? Our spherical titles involving echoing synthesizer tones provide you with the right score for interstellar travel scenes, majestic planetary constellations and mystical alien landscapes. For those action-oriented projects, fast-paced tracks are perfectly suitable for high-speed space ship chases and starship dogfights. The ongoing trend of science fiction themed video games also necessitates the appropriate use of electronic music. Especially those tracks involving a syncopated and shuffled rhythm reminiscent of dubstep guarantee player immersion. Of course, science fiction video games and films are not the only beneficiaries of electronic music. For those looking for a retro soundtrack, we also have royalty-free electro evocative of 1980s disco tracks, including cheesy beats and hedonistic melodies. For projects in more recent settings, electro indie and indie pop tracks boasting electric guitar riffs can support concert scenes and art house productions alike, giving your project a distinct flair. In addition to being cinematically compatible, our selection of royalty-free electro music also includes relaxed lounge tracks with low speeds and soothing rhythms that can be used, for instance, for waiting loops. On the other hand, as far as commercials are concerned, our upbeat tracks can work wonders: giving your potential customer a positive feeling, light-hearted synthesizers and soft beats greatly support a benevolent association with your product. In conclusion, there is simply no kind of music electro cannot compete with. Enjoy our stock music electro category.

591 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF035807
Album: Vlog & Social Media
This downtempo boom bap track features a morose but optimistic bass line and is laced with vocal effects and an entrancing piano that enters at the drop. 02:15
Hang Out
ID: KF035805
Album: Vlog & Social Media
A reflective LoFi boom bap ballad played on piano and ukulele. 02:14
ID: KF035804
Album: Vlog & Social Media
A grainy piano plays a timbre of nostalgia and is joined by LoFi boom bap drums, pumping pads, and an electric guitar. 02:35
Moving Fast
ID: KF035803
Album: Vlog & Social Media
A dub dish served chill, this piece includes laid back vibes and a funkalicious bass groove with a side of shuffle. 02:20
ID: KF035801
Album: Vlog & Social Media
A chilled out lounge piano lays it out on top of a boom bap beep accompanied by a deep reese bass and a trumpet chopping up slices of cool. 02:38
Looking Glass
ID: KF035507
Album: Popular
This track slowly builds with metallic oscillators, joined by a heavy kick. The breaks are absolute with quick rises into drum and bass drops. 02:22
Seven Shades
ID: KF035501
Album: Popular
This nostalgic synthwave track has a groove felt on the dance floors of yesteryear. 02:20
Dark Companion
ID: KF035409
Album: Scoring Dramedy
Played over a deep legato synth bass, this modern cinematic track stirs up the tension and anxiety. 02:24
ID: KF035408
Album: Scoring Dramedy
This cinematic track builds off a rock percussion rhythm and intense strings and guitar arpeggiations. 02:09
All That Was Forgotten
ID: KF035210
Album: Beyond The World
Soft and ethereal pads with a gentle guitar strum open this introspective ambience full of light and lost memories. 03:11
Shining In The Night
ID: KF035209
Album: Beyond The World
High, distant glides and rippling plucks help to define this relaxed ambient track full of positive vibes. 02:54
Much To Be Done
ID: KF035208
Album: Beyond The World
This LoFi track is driven by a filtered piano playing a progression over a crackling vinyl effect while an EP plays out a jazzy riff. 03:02
Personal Space
ID: KF035207
Album: Beyond The World
An overwhelmingly deep, low frequency bottom drives the track while upper frequency percussions echo across the zone of perception. 02:40
ID: KF035206
Album: Beyond The World
Distant feelings traverse a void between glitched effects to create an ethereal and blissful soundscape. 03:04
ID: KF035205
Album: Beyond The World
Long, unstable synths create the underlying tension in this ambient track carried by intriguing string arpeggiations and synth percussions. 03:06
ID: KF035204
Album: Beyond The World
A distant, heavily filtered synth plays out the progression over a deep, drawn-out bass. 02:34
ID: KF035203
Album: Beyond The World
Soft echoes of plucked guitar strings create a wide, otherworldly soundscape as a piano plays an introspective discourse over deep, thoughtful kicks. 03:41
First Contact
ID: KF035202
Album: Beyond The World
Filter-shifting pads and a stuttered kick deliver messages to the beyond. 02:43
ID: KF035201
Album: Beyond The World
An ocean of synths slowly builds to a climactic finish with electronic percussion and resonant filters. 02:26
Flip The Coin
ID: KF035110
Album: Urban Streets
Chimes layered over 808 bass infused with an Indian spirit spice up this trap step take. 02:06
ID: KF035109
Album: Urban Streets
With glitchy effects, tape stops, hat stutters, and ghostly vocals, this trapstep pushes the mood darker and will be sure to bring an edge to your scene. 02:13
ID: KF035108
Album: Urban Streets
This East Asian-inspired trapstep track features a rocking koto line, a deep reese bass, and hip-hop backing vocals to round out the rough footwork. 02:58
Thin Glass
ID: KF035107
Album: Urban Streets
A shaking reese bass creates a dark bed for futuristic synth horns and grinding dub step drops. 02:31
ID: KF035106
Album: Urban Streets
With driving 808 bass and creepy strings pushing the rhythm, this EDM trap track is sure to create shivers in your audience. 02:28
High Level
ID: KF035105
Album: Urban Streets
This EDM trap track is typified by heavy, room shaking subs, skittering hats, and dark, blasting horns. 03:06
ID: KF035104
Album: Urban Streets
Sampled horns and a Middle Eastern synth line drive this esoteric club track through the roof. 01:53
ID: KF035103
Album: Urban Streets
Starting with a playful riff on keys, this future bass track builds up with sampled strings layered with hip-hop-style backing vocals. 02:03
Ink Drops
ID: KF035102
Album: Urban Streets
This dark and heavy downtempo track begins with energetic sampled violins and horns with an 808 driven beat. 02:22
ID: KF035101
Album: Urban Streets
A solid piano progression opens this serious affair, layered with tantalizing flutes. The drop kicks in screaming leads and deep bass. 03:08
Errors Excluded
ID: KF034910
Album: Short Days
The lo-fi strings and soft synth arps give this chill hop track a nostalgic mood. 02:41
New Romance
ID: KF034909
Album: Short Days
With all the sexiness of Barry White, this smooth chill hop is smothered in a romantic mood. 02:44
Old Screen
ID: KF034908
Album: Short Days
Opening with a solid boom bap beat, this chill hop classic has elements of 19th century French lounges with a trumpet trickling a touch of modern cool. 02:33
Inner Rebellion
ID: KF034907
Album: Short Days
This chill hop groove features ivory slapping rhythms and sliding basses. 02:19
Go Fly
ID: KF034906
Album: Short Days
The call and response between guitar chords and riffs and boom bap beat make this track a lo-fi masterclass in cool. 02:28
Urban Games
ID: KF034905
Album: Short Days
A vibraphone lays down the vibes over a solid boom bap beat and guitar rhythm. The drops feature head-bobbing guitar licks. 02:32
Latest And Greatest
ID: KF034904
Album: Short Days
Starting with an upfront beat, a solid electric guitar takes up the rhythm with horn stabs and a dancing bass. 02:56
ID: KF034903
Album: Short Days
This down tempo lo-fi track kicks off with a piano and a slow groove. Accompanied by a bass and atmospheric effects. 02:46
Cocktail Parasol
ID: KF034902
Album: Short Days
Opening with distant drums and trumpet, this lo-fi track is backed by a cool organ and an even cooler funk bass. 02:48
ID: KF034901
Album: Short Days
A cool interlude on a rainy day. The piano plays out an upbeat lounge tune over boom bap drums. Lively solos are traded between the piano, electric guitar, and bass. 02:41
Jet Flow
ID: KF034610
Album: Automotive Commercial
This hard-hitting psytrance track keeps changing between cybernetic pulsations and driving distorted guitars. 02:21
Shady Operation
ID: KF034609
Album: Automotive Commercial
This smashing synthwave track is accented by robotic vocals and a solid beat keeping the listener locked into a nostalgic reality. 03:12
ID: KF034608
Album: Automotive Commercial
The definition of a high-energy drum n bass track with a massive bass and mad beat leaving your listeners racing down midnight highways and anticipating more action. 02:38
The Razer
ID: KF034607
Album: Automotive Commercial
The pan flute melody over the hopping bass gives this solid EDM track a flavor of Latin America. 02:38
Rainbow Ride
ID: KF034606
Album: Automotive Commercial
Reverb-dripping synths chime over a vibrating reese bass in this downtempo yet epic electronic track. 02:14
Dark Armor
ID: KF034605
Album: Automotive Commercial
Rising in with a skipping base line, this pumping trance track is full of energy and alternative cybernetic realities. 02:43
Traffic Lights
ID: KF034603
Album: Automotive Commercial
This understated acid track with an ambient repeating vocal line takes the listener back to the dark action thrillers of the late 90s and sequels of a certain comic book vampire. 02:11
Step Two
ID: KF034602
Album: Automotive Commercial
Violins tap out an allegretto melody in this drum n bass symphony defined by piano stabs, sweeps, and a powerful bass synth. 03:01
ID: KF034601
Album: Automotive Commercial
Sine synths play out a suspenseful motive over energetic drums and a repetitive bass line that’s an unsolved mystery. 02:26
Love And Joy
ID: KF034509
Album: Timeless Horizons
The track builds from a soft drone to a harrowing piano melody. The mysterious feel is built upon with a rising bamboo flute riff. 03:31
Echoes From The Past
ID: KF034508
Album: Timeless Horizons
An East Asian inspired bamboo flute signals the opening of the track, with soft and slow arpeggiations played on a felt piano. 03:30
The Shepherd
ID: KF034507
Album: Timeless Horizons
A cello plays a slow and somber, East Asian-inspired piece over a quiet bed of synths. 02:48
Shaman Kingdom
ID: KF034506
Album: Timeless Horizons
The track opens with throat singing and timpani taps, a cello builds the tension over a low drone. 02:44
ID: KF034505
Album: Timeless Horizons
Crystal-like pads echo across the soft paradisiacal arpeggiations of a harp. The melodic waves coast over an oceanic drone of tranquility. 03:02
Power Of Nature
ID: KF034504
Album: Timeless Horizons
Starting out with gentle wooden marimba arpeggiations, the song is brought to focus by the distant cries of a bamboo flute and the push of a centered and focused pad. 03:10
Crystal Healing
ID: KF034503
Album: Timeless Horizons
The meditation begins with a woman's soft mystical singing followed by two harrowing piano chords. Perfect for scenes of reflection and introspection. 02:30
Morning Dance
ID: KF034502
Album: Timeless Horizons
A bed of pads starts the track, with the soft tinkling of a piano and drawn out cello. Muted kit drums carry the ambient medley across the morning tides, building up to a climactic finish, leaving only the strings behind. 02:44
Hollow God
ID: KF034501
Album: Timeless Horizons
This mystical ambient piece opens with a bed of harmonious pads overlaid with a distant bamboo flute playing softly echoed sentiments. 02:36
ID: KF034010
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The track begins with piano playing a loungey piece as boom bap drums and slap bass start up, leading into a clean, focused, and modern groove. 02:32
Comfort Zone
ID: KF034009
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A piano plays lounge music over the sound of running water and cheers. The ambience turns into a rhythm accompanied by kit drums. 02:28
Breathing Underwater
ID: KF034008
Album: Smooth Frequencies
Lo-fi keys open this chilled out groove. A saxophone pipes in a staccato dance with a piano's jazzy melody. 02:12
ID: KF034007
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The track opens with a slow, wobbling piano and a boom bap beat. An electric trumpet brings melody to life. The drop is a time of reflection accompanied by lo-fi keys and a flute solo. 02:25
Love Is Like
ID: KF034006
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A down-sampled piano lays out a melody over a boom bap beat. Solid bass and vibes que in the dank groove, with distant horns emphasizing the chill. 02:33
Room Tour
ID: KF034005
Album: Smooth Frequencies
Opening with a gentle electric piano, this lo-fi track stays downtempo with a glitchy piano, changing the mood with shifting frequency dynamics. 02:24
Night Circus
ID: KF034004
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This trap medley trips over a music box opening, aided by unsheathing knives and gunshots. A choir joins to accent this serious, ice cold affair. 02:41
ID: KF034003
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A glowing guitar melody over a crackling vinyl opens this lo-fi groove. Boom bap drums kick in with piano taking over, soon joined by electric keys and bass riffs. 02:32
Let's Talk
ID: KF034002
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The beat starts with generated cymbals, joined by a faded kit. A soprano saxophone carries the tune ahead of the twinkling piano keys. 02:34
ID: KF034001
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This vinyl spun track opens with a faded melody on piano that picks up with a boom bap kit. Guitars pluck in for a well-rounded groove. 02:35
ID: KF033803
Album: Wave & Vice
A hard synth arpeggiator builds layers as the percussion also races along. White noise risers grow the tension between each transition. 02:45
ID: KF033710
Album: This World
Pizzicato strings give way to sensual and uplifting pads, while chimes ring out an evening melody. 02:13
Walking Alone
ID: KF033709
Album: This World
A piano taps out a feeling of solitude, while electronic percussion steps the track forward. A distorted harmony accompanied by a tinkling arpeggiation delivers an otherworldly appeal. 02:27
Soul Suffers
ID: KF033708
Album: This World
Shimmering pads over long heavenly chords lift this track into higher planes. Kit drums later transform the movement into a chaotic blend of sentiments. 02:45
ID: KF033707
Album: This World
This heavy canon opens with light strums on plucky keys and a wide, undulating pad. It builds to a melodic resolve. 02:27
Bees And Combs
ID: KF033706
Album: This World
A downtempo beat is laid out under a positive vibe of keys; heavy, buzzing synths carry the progression to the end. 03:27
ID: KF033705
Album: This World
Lush, whirling pads start the track, interlaced throughout with spacey effects and layers of various other synths. 02:28
Winter Miracle
ID: KF033704
Album: This World
The track opens with a piano progression, layered with kit drums and an active bass line. 03:24
Cosmic Western
ID: KF033703
Album: This World
A crawling and modulated drum set drives the way for lingering and spacey theremin sounds and whistles on top of a bed of solid synth pads. 03:00
ID: KF033702
Album: This World
Dreamy, unhurried pads begin the track, joined by tinkling keys. A slow ambient drum beat adds to the mystery of the moment. 03:17
ID: KF033701
Album: This World
A beautiful, nature-infused drone carried along the clouds by playfully arpeggiating flutes. The drone builds and releases, leaving behind a lightly hinted melody on guitar. 02:34
ID: KF033506
Album: Power Source
This fast-paced trapstep anthem starts with a classic urban synth line that molds into aggressive horn blasts. 02:17
Tired People
ID: KF033310
Album: Well Told
An electric piano plays a soft melody over atmospherics, with ambient pads fading in and out. A deep bass and kit drums bring some jazz-flavored groove to the game. 02:12
Indigo Queen
ID: KF033309
Album: Well Told
The track opens with a crackling organ progression, quickly turning into a massive downtempo trip hop canticle to cool. 02:43
Barbershop Theme
ID: KF033308
Album: Well Told
Jazz piano plays over cymbals and a bass full of funk. Vibes accentuate the groove making this a head-bobbing master study in low fidelity. 02:27
ID: KF032710
Album: Cozy Days
This uptempo ambient track for rainy street nights starts with vibes and a beat that alternates from boom-bap to house and back. 02:14
ID: KF032501
Album: Beauty In Ambience
This introspective work is introduced by a slowly bowed orchestral progression, building with piano and light drum elements while remaining evocative. 03:50
ID: KF032007
Album: String Emotions
This track features expressive ethnic strings and percussive EDM elements, synthetic arpeggios and, later, powerful DubStep leads. 02:16
ID: KF031609
Album: Electro Collective
Mellow piano chords, soulful vocal effects and a smooth, low-tempo trap beat capture instill deep focus and capture the mind. 02:07
Gutter Gold
ID: KF031606
Album: Electro Collective
A spot-on hip-hop track that takes right to the streets in style. A unique mangled choir passage supplements the premium-feeling electronic beat with a round bass, trill strings in the background and sine synth elements. 02:43
ID: KF031603
Album: Electro Collective
Smooth, lounge-esque hip-hop music with electric piano and a pinch of background solo vocals. Later joined a small trumpet solo, relaxing in style is the motto of this track. 02:17
Air Wave
ID: KF031010
Album: #Weekendvibes
A timorous bass lays down the track built up by a smooth electric piano bringing it to life along with a boom-bap beat. The track drops and the bass shakes the air waves while the piano slides into a mysterious melody. 02:33
Space Work
ID: KF031009
Album: #Weekendvibes
Cosmic pads bring you into a lower frequency boom-bap beat founded on a deep bass groove. Soft clanks and echoes ground alien moods down to earth. 03:07
Simple Choice
ID: KF031008
Album: #Weekendvibes
The track opens directly into a boom-bap chill-out beat and a bass line that keeps people looking up to simply higher spiritual places. An electric piano busts out a funk-induced rhythm while a guitar wails out its responses. 02:30
ID: KF031007
Album: #Weekendvibes
Stay awake to these dreamy pads as the sound of a steel guitar taps into the night. A deep bass picks up with a scratchy rhythm glitching across the soundscape. It closes with a quiet, optimistic melodic appeal to the morning. 02:29
ID: KF031006
Album: #Weekendvibes
This jazzy electric piano picks up the groove as a blended flute/trumpet sound pipes in the missing parts of a melody. After the drop, it picks up with a straight bass and a super chilled EP vibe. 02:29
ID: KF031004
Album: #Weekendvibes
A sine wave arpeggiation opens up this groove-laden track, built up by an urban beat and a clean, harpsichord-like electric guitar rhythm. The drums filter down into a steamy syncopation as frequencies intersect, searching for the right pattern. 02:19
A Brief Moment
ID: KF031003
Album: #Weekendvibes
A piano softly plays a questioning but optimistic melody that is soon broken up by a light electric drum rhythm. The track is carried off by the piano with a guitar gently mimicking the playing, with a rising positivity before it fades. 03:34
Cherry Box
ID: KF031002
Album: #Weekendvibes
A pulsating pad introduces heavily filtered drums with an electric piano. It picks up with a light synth lead, rising to a drop that rebuilds from the arpeggiation of a light music box. 02:18
Ash Rain
ID: KF030710
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The intro is reminiscent of the attack ships off the shoulder of Orion, while a drumbeat picks up the energy and a high-pitched synth picks up the melody. 02:36
At The Crossroads
ID: KF030709
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
A dark drone with a reverb-rich atmospheric percussion sets the tone of the track. An eerie melody plays to the rhythm of a rattle, and the energy is brought up with an electronic drum kit. 02:28
ID: KF030708
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The track opens with a tense percussion and is quickly cut apart with blasts of bass and a frenetic synth line. 02:28
ID: KF030707
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
A percussion line kicks the track in, with light synth pads spread out across the range, driven by a legato sub bass. The bass drops out, creating a near ambient appeal, but for one last run. 02:55
591 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration