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Since its beginnings in the 1970s, electronic music has developed into one of the most popular music genres on the planet. Virtually everyone knows electronic music: from electro pop to drum bass , from techno to house music, from trip hop to dubstep – the spectrum of electronic music is immense. Our royalty-free electro selection provides you with a vast amount of stock music composed in the vein of popular electronic genres. As usual, our stock music electro subcategory features a wide range of styles and is thus very beneficial for a variety of projects. In this selection, you can find calm, relaxed tracks with a piano melody alongside fast, energetic synthesizer compositions. Unlike other genres, electronic music excels in any science fiction scenario. Shooting a sci-fi movie? Our spherical titles involving echoing synthesizer tones provide you with the right score for interstellar travel scenes, majestic planetary constellations and mystical alien landscapes. For those action-oriented projects, fast-paced tracks are perfectly suitable for high-speed space ship chases and starship dogfights. The ongoing trend of science fiction themed video games also necessitates the appropriate use of electronic music. Especially those tracks involving a syncopated and shuffled rhythm reminiscent of dubstep guarantee player immersion. Of course, science fiction video games and films are not the only beneficiaries of electronic music. For those looking for a retro soundtrack, we also have royalty-free electro evocative of 1980s disco tracks, including cheesy beats and hedonistic melodies. For projects in more recent settings, electro indie and indie pop tracks boasting electric guitar riffs can support concert scenes and art house productions alike, giving your project a distinct flair. In addition to being cinematically compatible, our selection of royalty-free electro music also includes relaxed lounge tracks with low speeds and soothing rhythms that can be used, for instance, for waiting loops. On the other hand, as far as commercials are concerned, our upbeat tracks can work wonders: giving your potential customer a positive feeling, light-hearted synthesizers and soft beats greatly support a benevolent association with your product. In conclusion, there is simply no kind of music electro cannot compete with. Enjoy our stock music electro category.

591 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF010412
Album: Alternative Rock
Fast-paced, emotional rock tune, electric guitars paired with synths. 03:29
Deep Swell
ID: KF010509
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Atmospheric, sombre synth track with filtered electronic beats. 01:37
Sound Alarm
ID: KF011001
Album: Club Beats
Typical club beat in the style of house music. 02:01
Master Of Dark Trance
ID: KF011002
Album: Club Beats
Progressive house with minimal chorus. 02:22
Minimal Dance
ID: KF011003
Album: Club Beats
Tech-House in up-to-date style. 02:05
Calculated Moves
ID: KF011004
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro house track. 01:37
Don't You
ID: KF011006
Album: Club Beats
High energy electro track with vocal samples. 02:35
Return To Melody
ID: KF011007
Album: Club Beats
Deep house break with tech house chorus. 02:20
Metallic Groove
ID: KF011008
Album: Club Beats
Non 4 on the floor club beat with freaky synth melody. 01:41
Danger In The House
ID: KF011009
Album: Club Beats
Minimal / Goa track. 02:07
Pole Position
ID: KF011010
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro club track. 02:09
Techno Street
ID: KF011011
Album: Club Beats
Deep house chill out with delayed chord line. 02:11
Funky French
ID: KF011013
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with bright and catchy melody. 02:02
State Of Trance
ID: KF011014
Album: Club Beats
Atmospheric techno trance with energetic, soulful melody. Accompanied by a thrilling beat. 01:58
Hard Dance
ID: KF011015
Album: Club Beats
Techno track with groovy electro melody. Chilled, danceable and thrilling. 02:02
Show Up
ID: KF011016
Album: Club Beats
Thrilling and minimalistic electro track with groovy melody and powerful beat. 01:58
House Funk
ID: KF011017
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with groovy and playful synth melody. Has a happy 80s flair. 02:16
Dance Or Perish
ID: KF011018
Album: Club Beats
Hard bass electro beats with thrilling rhythm and a playful synth melody. Groovy. 02:39
The Cyborg
ID: KF011020
Album: Club Beats
Grasping electro track with striking beat. Modern and full of energy. 02:02
Ambient Space
ID: KF011101
Album: Cool Ambience
Esoteric and meditative track with a clear, space-like atmosphere. 00:55
Science Report
ID: KF011103
Album: Cool Ambience
Atmospheric and playful synth track with bright electric piano sounds and metallic percussion. 01:42
ID: KF011104
Album: Cool Ambience
Soft electro track with a positive mood. Hopeful and sentimental. 02:06
Outside Unsheltered
ID: KF011105
Album: Cool Ambience
A thunderstorm accompanied by bright synthetic chimes, electric guitar and piano. A lonesome and sentimental atmosphere. 02:48
Pin Stitch
ID: KF011109
Album: Cool Ambience
Atmospheric, relaxing and futuristic track with fast electro beats and a soft electric piano melody. 02:12
ID: KF011110
Album: Cool Ambience
Synthesizer melody with bright accents and dark electro elements. Futuristic and strange. 02:00
Neutral Woman
ID: KF011111
Album: Cool Ambience
Harp and strings. A mystic and restless track. 01:09
ID: KF011112
Album: Cool Ambience
Mystic lounge track with floating melody and electro beats. Atmospheric and soft. 02:48
Mars Views
ID: KF011113
Album: Cool Ambience
Futuristic background track with atmospheric synthesizers and bright electro melody. 02:27
ID: KF011114
Album: Cool Ambience
A meditative, futuristic background track with interesting synthesizers and electro beats. 02:04
ID: KF011115
Album: Cool Ambience
A metallic synth track with a soft electro melody. With a futuristic background. 02:03
Dj Love All
ID: KF011201
Album: Dance
Dance music, cool and groovy. Sounds like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. 02:30
Downbeat Thumpin
ID: KF011202
Album: Dance
90s electro dance track, positive and atmospheric. 02:06
Dance For Me
ID: KF011203
Album: Dance
Electro dance track with a hard beat. Sounds linke a modern Rap / R 'n' B track without lyrics. 01:56
ID: KF011204
Album: Dance
Atmospheric trance / dance track with fast rhythm and interesting synthesizers. 01:35
Silk & Smooth
ID: KF011205
Album: Dance
Minimal dance music - sober but energetic. 02:13
Sweet As Candy
ID: KF011206
Album: Dance
Fast 90s electro dance track with melodic synthesizers. 02:17
Runaway Girl
ID: KF011207
Album: Dance
Energetic electro dance track with fat beats and synthesizers. 02:07
Protect Yourself
ID: KF011208
Album: Dance
Typical electro trance track. Melodic, energetic and positive. 01:57
Paradise Found
ID: KF011209
Album: Dance
Fast dance track with classic trance elements. 02:40
Get Juiced
ID: KF011210
Album: Dance
Hard and heavy dance track. Oriental elements. 01:58
We Are Loud
ID: KF011211
Album: Dance
Cool and modern dance track with vocals and a thrilling mood. 02:02
No Stop Music
ID: KF011212
Album: Dance
Dreamy and atmospheric lounge track underlaid with fast beats. 01:36
Green Lights
ID: KF011215
Album: Dance
Loop based R 'n' B / electro track with modern synthesizers. Positive and playful. 02:12
Do Not Forget Me
ID: KF011216
Album: Dance
Driving positive and motivating electro sound with nice melody and cool beats. 02:42
Highheel Groove
ID: KF011219
Album: Dance
Cool house track with fast and groovy rhythm and catchy melody. 02:08
ID: KF011315
Album: Dark Cinema
Groovy electro track with a soft melody. Driving and atmospheric. 01:33
Black Road
ID: KF011316
Album: Dark Cinema
Exciting electro track. Futuristic with strings and brass. 03:08
ID: KF011611
Album: Drama
Atmospheric track with a reverberant piano melody. Grave and meditative, accompanied by dark electro sounds. 01:37
Power Switch
ID: KF011919
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Futuristic electro explosion with breakbeats and glitches. 01:25
Francis' death
ID: KF011920
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Dramatic orchestra track with rough electronic elements. 01:52
Get da funk
ID: KF012815
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky electro track with vocals, with a slightly mystic note. 02:38
Heavy Engineering
ID: KF013101
Album: Hard Electro
Elector track, reminds of action sports and breakdance. 02:04
ID: KF013102
Album: Hard Electro
Sci-fi track with dramatic, thoughtful atmosphere. Fast and futuristic. 02:09
Centerpiece Breaker
ID: KF013103
Album: Hard Electro
Futuristic electro-rock track. Fast, dynamic and spheric. 02:08
Bad Attitude
ID: KF013104
Album: Hard Electro
Neat, melodic action track. Funky and modern. 02:01
Attack Run
ID: KF013105
Album: Hard Electro
Sci-fi track with electro and synthie elements. Energetic, playful and uplifting. 02:30
ID: KF013106
Album: Hard Electro
A driving, playful electro music, active and dynamic. Accompanied by electric piano sounds. 02:23
ID: KF013107
Album: Hard Electro
Fast, driving electro track with synthies and howling sirenes. 02:08
Mood Switch
ID: KF013108
Album: Hard Electro
Modern electro music with low beats and danceable rhythm. 01:07
ID: KF013109
Album: Hard Electro
Energetic electro-techno with fast beat and hard synthies. 02:12
On the Edge
ID: KF013110
Album: Hard Electro
Hard action track in the style of a modern wild chase. Synthesizer and powerful drums. 02:06
Powered Dark
ID: KF013111
Album: Hard Electro
Rocking electric guitar within a modern action sound. Rapid and powerful. 02:38
Cruel Sliding
ID: KF013112
Album: Hard Electro
A futuristic action track with metallic synthies and electric guitars. 02:52
Legal Doping
ID: KF013113
Album: Hard Electro
Neat, pervading drums, covered by synthies and electric guitar. 02:12
ID: KF013114
Album: Hard Electro
Driving electro beat, off-key and full of action. electric guitar. 02:06
Don't Mess With Me
ID: KF013115
Album: Hard Electro
Fast, aggressive electro action track within a technical, futuristic atmosphere. 02:22
Big Buzz
ID: KF013116
Album: Hard Electro
A weird track full of action with powerful drums, driving electro sound and peaked electric guitar. 01:47
Four Pole
ID: KF013117
Album: Hard Electro
Fast electro track with hard beat and bright accents. Energetic, calls for speed. 02:32
Break The Beat
ID: KF013118
Album: Hard Electro
Synthetic action track, combines fast and slow passages. Aggressive, energetic and thoughtful. 02:10
Roller Girl
ID: KF013119
Album: Hard Electro
A hard, energetic electro track with fast rhythm, dull melody and groovy atmosphere. 02:10
ID: KF013120
Album: Hard Electro
A futuristic and very dynamic hard-rock track. With energetic electric guitars and electro sounds. 02:11
Into The Machine
ID: KF013121
Album: Hard Electro
Fast and driving electro sci-fi groove with breakbeats. 02:14
Vertical Mobility
ID: KF013401
Album: High Action
Rapid, aggressive action track with hard electro beats and brass. With a fast, rushing rhythm. 01:09
Stand Up And Sparkle
ID: KF013402
Album: High Action
Modern, aggressive rock music with a hard electric guitar rhythm and synthies. 01:38
The Bruiser
ID: KF013403
Album: High Action
Aggressive hard rock track with thrilling electric guitars, paired with fast elector beats. 02:32
Frantic Heartbeat
ID: KF013404
Album: High Action
Hard, futuristic rock track with powerful electric guitars and electro beats. Energetic and aggressive. 01:19
After Death
ID: KF013405
Album: High Action
Hard sci-fi rock with fast electric guitars and very powerful drums, accompanied by electro beats. 01:45
Living Hell
ID: KF013406
Album: High Action
Aggressive, futuristic rock track with hard electric guitars and a fast, restless synthie beat. 01:42
Empty Faces
ID: KF013407
Album: High Action
Hard rock track with aggressive electric guitar, fast and threatening. Accompanied by electro elements and energetic drums. 01:43
Badge 361
ID: KF013410
Album: High Action
A positive, melodic rock track with energetic electric guitar and e-bass, combined with hard rhythms and electro sounds. 01:54
ID: KF013414
Album: High Action
Action-rock trailer in a heated, exciting mood. electric guitar accompanied by electro beats. 02:02
Ice Huncher
ID: KF013415
Album: High Action
Fast rock track with playful, lively electric guitar and hard electro beats. Very energetic and driving. 01:27
Smash Attack Reloaded
ID: KF013416
Album: High Action
Driving, powerful action-rock music with electronic elements. At first, dominating drums and timpani, electric guitar adds on towards the end. 01:43
Heavy Metal Roaring
ID: KF013417
Album: High Action
Resounding electric guitars paired with futuristic electro elements. A modern action track. 02:17
Mediocre Movie
ID: KF013419
Album: High Action
Short electro-rock passage, accompanied by a threatening, metallic roar. Aggressive and disturbing. 00:28
ID: KF013501
Album: House
Modern electro sound, relaxed but still driving. 01:29
Star Trance
ID: KF013504
Album: House
Fast, slightly melancholic dance track. Hard beats and a bright, distinctive melody. 02:40
Club Bits
ID: KF013505
Album: House
House track with fast rhythm and catchy, danceable melody. Energetic and groovy. 02:26
Blurred Street Lights
ID: KF013510
Album: House
Positive, easy funk house track, reminding of the big New York fashion shows. Synthies and electric guitar. 02:17
Dj Kumi
ID: KF013519
Album: House
Groovy, atmospheric dance track with catchy rhythm, low beats and bright melody. 02:30
We Are Fashion
ID: KF013915
Album: Lounge Vol.1
Electric piano and electric guitar, accompanied by string sounds and synthies, in a thoughtful, sensitive lounge track. 02:05
Cut Me Off
ID: KF014605
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Groovy "West Coast" track with modern elements, sounds of strings, electric piano and a clear e-bass. 02:39
ID: KF014611
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
An easy, spheric dub-track with funk influences and occasional vocals. 02:36
Rising Chords
ID: KF014705
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A modern, emotional rock track with a strong electric guitar. 01:49
Science Colossus
ID: KF015101
Album: Rocktronica
An aggressive, futuristic electro track, settled into a driven atmosphere - like in a wild chase. 02:20
Heavy Fifth
ID: KF015104
Album: Rocktronica
Futuristic rock music with hard electric guitar sounds accompanied by synthies and energetic drums. 02:15
Before I Fall
ID: KF015105
Album: Rocktronica
Modern, aggressive electro-rock track, which combines hard electric guitar with futuristic synthies. 02:07
Twin Vessel
ID: KF015114
Album: Rocktronica
Successful combination of modern beats, synthies and hard guitars with wide chorus. 02:58
Coil Spring
ID: KF015204
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Track with intensive e-bass, bright and effectful synthies and pervading rhythm. 02:09
ID: KF015205
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Groovy sci-fi track with fast, energetic rhythms and a driving mood. 02:17
591 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration