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895 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Finally We Won
ID: KF037310
Album: Noble Nights
A post-grunge track with a serious driving rhythm and many variations of guitar playing to fit nearly any mood. 02:30
ID: KF037308
Album: Noble Nights
Take your money all the way to the parliament with this track of serious funky tones on guitar and strings, with a synth mooging up the vibe to something near disco. 02:13
ID: KF037306
Album: Noble Nights
An unstoppable enterprise of funk, clean guitars, female vocals and horns lay down the groove on this track. 02:35
Party People
ID: KF037305
Album: Noble Nights
Flashy synths and clanging guitars make for a pumping 80s synth pop track perfect for energetic work outs and anything that needs an energy infusion. 02:10
Just A Glimpse
ID: KF037304
Album: Noble Nights
This driving bass, kick drums, and solid strumming clean guitar will pack your projects onto a solid projection upwards. 02:46
Replay Highlights
ID: KF037209
Album: Press Start
A downtempo electronic track that uses a wavering pulsing synth and piano to guide the rhythm and play the refrain. 02:16
Quick Race
ID: KF037204
Album: Press Start
This synth wave track features a driving kick and pumping pads with an alternating bouncing and pounding bass that will drive the listener to the finish. 02:26
Main Menu
ID: KF037202
Album: Press Start
Some classic sounding lo-fi jazz horn riffs play over hardcore dubstep rhythms with grills and grinds, occasionally dropping to a smooth melody. 02:35
Start The Game
ID: KF037201
Album: Press Start
Encapsulating the sound of a sax-infused breakdance contest on the street, the bass drops, vocal effects, and piano montuno will go full SNL Hans & Franz and pump-you-up. 02:03
Free Mind
ID: KF037106
Album: Electronic Intensity
Horn blasts, klaxon risers, and a hard-pumping climax work deliciously together to support this scintillatingly retro melody. 03:31
ID: KF037105
Album: Electronic Intensity
Full of modern effects, tape stops and starts and more, this anthemic future bass track is full of chopped vocals, a funky bassline, and retro arcade effects. 03:19
Great Times
ID: KF037104
Album: Electronic Intensity
Dark plucks and synth arps pave the way for this stumbling rhythmic powerhouse complete with mysterious vocal effects and reese bass drones. 03:08
ID: KF037103
Album: Electronic Intensity
This extremely positive take is a borderline gospel for future bass, with a high-brow progression and an exchange of synth question and answers that makes the listener want to give thanks. 02:26
ID: KF037101
Album: Electronic Intensity
This track is packed with bouncing four-on-the-floor beats and pure, high-energy fun. 02:09
Computer Theme
ID: KF036810
Album: Corporate Economy
A big idea needs a big impact and a solid kick drum with electronic percussions and positive vibes. 02:21
New Country
ID: KF036808
Album: Corporate Economy
This uplifting corporate track reaches new heights with a pressing piano progression and modern groove. 02:28
Monday Morning
ID: KF036807
Album: Corporate Economy
A piano progression wins the day on this corporate track, followed by a driving house beat and positive vibe arps and melodies. 02:30
ID: KF036806
Album: Corporate Economy
Guitar strums make for a classically commercial sound, driven by kit drums, synth strings, claps, and a general rock mood. 02:49
ID: KF036805
Album: Corporate Economy
Transitioning from acoustic to electric, guitar strums form the base of the progression while a kick pushes a four-on-the-floor dance groove. 03:17
Renewable Energies
ID: KF036804
Album: Corporate Economy
This modern high-culture piece for strings is reminiscent of happier moments in the more popular historical dramas of today. 01:57
Build Up
ID: KF036802
Album: Corporate Economy
A four-on-the-floor dance beat lays solid ground for a piano progression and house groove. 02:37
A Piece Of Cake
ID: KF036508
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a steady kit drum beat and clapping hands, this cheerful track is light-hearted and uplifting. 02:20
Farm Life
ID: KF036506
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Acoustic guitar arpeggiations and gentle strumming lead this relaxed country-style track that picks up with a rock drum kit and chimes. 02:49
ID: KF036504
Album: Acoustic Weekend
This engaging, upbeat medley is led by a strong acoustic guitar rhythm and will surely get the audience clapping along. 02:19
Holding Hands
ID: KF036503
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With gentle acoustic guitar strums and a plucked uplifting melody, this track inspires the downtrodden with promises of friendship and gratefulness. 02:09
Summer Sun
ID: KF036502
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a touch of funk, this joyous track is driven by electric guitar and a solid rock drum kit. 03:18
Energy Of Life
ID: KF036310
Album: Summer Vibes
This pumping pop song builds quickly to a head-bobbing crescendo, carried on by energetic, soulful vocals. 02:23
Daily Push
ID: KF036309
Album: Summer Vibes
A solid, pumping four-on-the-floor track with intense rhythmic pads and leads. 02:23
Lonely Numbers
ID: KF036308
Album: Summer Vibes
This intense future bass track features vocal stutters, driving basses, and varying levels of energy, from low key to shimmering and vibrant. 02:52
Stay With Me
ID: KF036306
Album: Summer Vibes
With stuttering vocal effects and a shimmering rhythmic pad, this downtempo EDM track is perfectly suited for montages and lounges. 02:28
You And Me
ID: KF036304
Album: Summer Vibes
A feel good pop track led by stuttering acoustic guitars overcome by a positive and joyous lead. 02:12
There For You
ID: KF036303
Album: Summer Vibes
A gently plucking guitar articulates a soft but stirring feeling over a downtempo kick and deep bass. 02:19
Taking Pictures
ID: KF036301
Album: Summer Vibes
The pads on this anthemic future bass track are thick and pumping over a squealing arp. 02:42
ID: KF036105
Album: Piano Moods
A late night lounge reflection played on piano after closing time. 02:21
Truly You
ID: KF036104
Album: Piano Moods
A piano quartet featuring a guitar picking out the rhythm and violins voice a longing legato. 02:20
Empty Box
ID: KF036008
Album: Nostalgia
A guitar plucks out a tune in a heavenly space, while violins playing legato and staccato fill up these glorious depths. 02:59
ID: KF036005
Album: Nostalgia
A soft exchange of guitars creates an open space of safety and warmth over a pulsing bass rhythm that propels the audience optimistically forward. 02:49
Astro Girl
ID: KF035908
Album: Moon Tune
This electro-house tune goes full-80s with spinning arpeggios, electric piano progressions, whirling filters, and spaced-out flute effects. 02:23
ID: KF035907
Album: Moon Tune
The electric piano gives this synth wave track an almost gospel feel, shifting gears in the middle to become a spacey hymn. 02:35
Behind The Curtain
ID: KF035906
Album: Moon Tune
Pull back the curtain to reveal a beach dance party with this future house track pounding with vocal effects and a classic house rhythm on piano. 02:43
Stay Golden
ID: KF035905
Album: Moon Tune
Alternately a trance anthem and an electro-house grind, this track wields electrifying synthesizers and open-filtered super saws. 02:27
ID: KF035904
Album: Moon Tune
Full of life and movement, synths dance around this four-on-the-floor track with pumping bass and a groovy call-and-response melody. 03:04
ID: KF035901
Album: Moon Tune
This dark, pounding, fast-paced electro-house track will energize your audience with an invisible touch. 02:31
Deep Blue
ID: KF035808
Album: Vlog & Social Media
An upbeat and quick LoFi track, it shares elements of breakbeat and boom bap while playing over a deep bass. 02:13
ID: KF035804
Album: Vlog & Social Media
A grainy piano plays a timbre of nostalgia and is joined by LoFi boom bap drums, pumping pads, and an electric guitar. 02:35
ID: KF035709
Album: Ambitions
Opening with the sentimental playing of a piano, the track builds first with a guitar joining, then a sequenced bass, atmospheric vocals, synth effects, and kit drums for a final conquest. 02:08
Now And Forever
ID: KF035708
Album: Ambitions
A light, introspective piano melody leads into an inspirational masterpiece with strings and kit drums. 03:02
Climb High
ID: KF035707
Album: Ambitions
String arpeggiations over slowly attacking waves of strings and horns crescendo to declare a mighty champion. 02:03
Never Let Go
ID: KF035706
Album: Ambitions
Encapsulating the classic motivational music for documentaries and commercials, the track starts with stringed arpeggios and is pushed forward by powerful horns. 02:23
With Every Cell
ID: KF035703
Album: Ambitions
This is a slowly rising ambient track featuring chimes, strings, and a percussion that mimics the heart. 03:22
Until The End
ID: KF035701
Album: Ambitions
A slowly building, motivational track that features a nostalgic melody on a trumpet accented by tambourine and timpani. 02:45
Count Me In
ID: KF035610
Album: Corporate Strategy
With a piano progression and jazzy pluck, this laid-back house groove will up the motivation and gather everyone's focus. 02:21
ID: KF035608
Album: Corporate Strategy
Guitar arpeggiations layer over the piano chord progression as this track seeks to encourage and lift people up. 02:24
One Of Us
ID: KF035607
Album: Corporate Strategy
This motivational track features kit drums and a guitar playfully plucking a powerful pattern under a driving distorted guitar and solid bass line. 02:16
Need Help
ID: KF035604
Album: Corporate Strategy
This downbeat track masterfully builds to an exciting climax with a cinematic piano and dramatic violins. 02:52
World Run
ID: KF035603
Album: Corporate Strategy
The track opens with a pluck arpeggiation and builds toward a pumping and energetic piece with piano, synths, and bass. 02:12
ID: KF035601
Album: Corporate Strategy
Upbeat and positive, this vibrant house track features a pumping synth with piano chord progressions, containing the right recipe to keep your audience focused. 02:17
ID: KF035510
Album: Popular
Buzzing synths and wind-blown effects make for massive builds in this trance club thumper complete with a hot and electric climax. 02:31
ID: KF035508
Album: Popular
Pumping sidechained synths overlaid with triangle arpeggiations keep things moving in this standard house groove. 02:27
Looking Glass
ID: KF035507
Album: Popular
This track slowly builds with metallic oscillators, joined by a heavy kick. The breaks are absolute with quick rises into drum and bass drops. 02:22
Carry On
ID: KF035506
Album: Popular
With profound drops and shifting stutters, this is a tripping future bass masterpiece with bell synths articulating a reflective move in the build. 02:38
ID: KF035504
Album: Popular
Opening with a driving four-on-the-floor kick, this hard-hitting house track features an energetic synth melody and groove that will get people moving. 02:38
High Stakes
ID: KF035503
Album: Popular
Opening with a down tempo drum and bass rhythm, this genre bending future bass track features a powerful call and answer drop and a shimmering, layered percussion. 02:29
Another Pulse
ID: KF035502
Album: Popular
A high energy dance track with saws found in fitness and dance clubs alike. Perfect for sequences involving pounding the lead. 02:32
Seven Shades
ID: KF035501
Album: Popular
This nostalgic synthwave track has a groove felt on the dance floors of yesteryear. 02:20
ID: KF035302
Album: Jazz Club
Capturing all the suave groove of a blues standard, this track features a piano, sax, and kit. 02:32
Errors Excluded
ID: KF034910
Album: Short Days
The lo-fi strings and soft synth arps give this chill hop track a nostalgic mood. 02:41
Energy Star
ID: KF034808
Album: Night Owls
Robotic basses, klaxon risers, intense saw riffs, and rubbery sines make for the most extreme trance explosion of the decade. 02:18
ID: KF034807
Album: Night Owls
This pulsating and catchy track is pulled from rave scenes and night drives with streaking and shimmering lights. 02:35
On The Roof
ID: KF034804
Album: Night Owls
This high energy trance track keeps a punchy kick and a squeaky resonance to keep the audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor. 02:22
ID: KF034802
Album: Night Owls
Epic, side chained saws open this anthemic trance hit full of exciting riffs and ripping arps. 02:35
Great Things Ahead
ID: KF034710
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A piano builds up a questioning asked alongside cellos, answered by a higher ranged piano. And the answer is triumphant. 02:41
Wind And Sea
ID: KF034709
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
Starting as an up-tempo piano ballad, the track continues its emotional appeal to be there and stand by the audience. 02:49
Echoes From The Past
ID: KF034508
Album: Timeless Horizons
An East Asian inspired bamboo flute signals the opening of the track, with soft and slow arpeggiations played on a felt piano. 03:30
Morning Dance
ID: KF034502
Album: Timeless Horizons
A bed of pads starts the track, with the soft tinkling of a piano and drawn out cello. Muted kit drums carry the ambient medley across the morning tides, building up to a climactic finish, leaving only the strings behind. 02:44
ID: KF034409
Album: Electroland
A piano plays a gentle rhythm as synth tones push the track downtempo, with sax-like synth tones taking up a call-and-answer melody while pads sweep in like waves. 02:36
Energy Flow
ID: KF034408
Album: Electroland
A rhythmic synth sets the flow as the energy picks up into a solid anthemic four-on-the-floor hit. After the break, the intense saws lower for a more atmospheric groove. 02:33
ID: KF034401
Album: Electroland
A synth pluck melody opens the track over pads. The track builds up to a stuttered rhythm, breaking down to a laid-back groove with the plucks leading the way out. 02:13
Did Work
ID: KF034310
Album: Economic Upswing
Opening with pumping synths and chimes, the track builds up to guitar melodies and a positive and accomplished synth line. 02:10
Good News
ID: KF034309
Album: Economic Upswing
This bright track starts with hard hitting movement and positive feelings, complete with a solid four-on-the-floor beat and constant arpeggiated and delayed movements. 02:09
No Walls
ID: KF034308
Album: Economic Upswing
A piano starts the track off while snaps pick up the rhythm, leading into a slow but upbeat deep house melody. 02:09
It's Time
ID: KF034307
Album: Economic Upswing
The piano plays a light air as a kit drum, flute, and picked acoustic guitar come in to give the track some gentle motion. 02:36
ID: KF034305
Album: Economic Upswing
A fanciful melody on flute and violin progresses with clarinet and piano and remains downtempo and restive. 02:45
Get Started
ID: KF034304
Album: Economic Upswing
The track opens with an acoustic guitar rhythm and builds with piano and a drum shuffling on toms. Strings and claps build on the growing excitement. 02:21
Sunny Dance
ID: KF034303
Album: Economic Upswing
A melody of smooth sines brings the listener to a side chained synth and engaging dance beat, which breaks down to an electric piano driven rhythm. 02:18
Life Power
ID: KF034302
Album: Economic Upswing
Rhythmic synths open this track that leads to a quick paced beat and a lively pumping synth. 02:19
World Without Borders
ID: KF034301
Album: Economic Upswing
A plucked synth plays a call and answer melody over an electric piano, building into a full four-on-the-floor groove. 02:12
Getting Things Done
ID: KF034110
Album: Go For It
An electric guitar signals the track to begin, bringing in the four-on-the-floor kick and clap, accompanied by a piano keeping up the positive vibes. 02:44
New Corners
ID: KF034109
Album: Go For It
The positive and energetic track is opened with an electric piano and percussion on rhythm and a synth on melody. After the drop, an electric guitar joins in the action. 02:14
The Best Of Us
ID: KF034107
Album: Go For It
A pulsing synth rhythm is joined by a piano, quickly built up by a strong beat of kit drums and synth marimba. 02:19
Back On Track
ID: KF034105
Album: Go For It
A bed of shimmering flutes and piano bring the track into various string-backed motifs of hope and positivity. 02:18
Straight Forward
ID: KF034102
Album: Go For It
This energetic electronic track builds quickly with synth arps and a kick, reaching a solid cadence punctuated by pumping pads. 02:17
ID: KF034101
Album: Go For It
Opening with a guitar rhythm, the track builds up with a four-on-the-floor beat and synths that add a strong melodic house groove. 02:17
ID: KF034001
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This vinyl spun track opens with a faded melody on piano that picks up with a boom bap kit. Guitars pluck in for a well-rounded groove. 02:35
Summer Morning
ID: KF033908
Album: Dreaming Piano
This jazzy pop ballad is perfect for grabbing some coffee and starting the day. An upbeat harmony keeps up its positive, blues-inspired melody. 02:14
ID: KF033907
Album: Dreaming Piano
This classic melody marches along at an even pace, balancing positivity and reflection, energy and placidity. 02:13
Simple And True
ID: KF033905
Album: Dreaming Piano
A question repeats through the opening motif only to be answered in a more impactful chorus. The track builds in noise, carrying the echoes of the fingers and strings. 02:17
Picking Sun Rays
ID: KF033904
Album: Dreaming Piano
Emotionally shifting through intervals, the track moves gracefully into a question and answer ballade that has a gentle and affirmative resolve. 02:35
If I Did
ID: KF033902
Album: Dreaming Piano
A bouncy and reflective track, the piano moves up and down the scale with a cheerful yet nostalgic motif. 02:24
ID: KF033710
Album: This World
Pizzicato strings give way to sensual and uplifting pads, while chimes ring out an evening melody. 02:13
895 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration