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666 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF034707
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
Soft waves of digital noise roll into the opening, with heavy drums and bells rattling in a slow cello arpeggio. 02:35
Sum Of Parts
ID: KF034706
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A line of staccato strings plays over a digital tapping while symphonic sections of strings and horns push the track into an introspective drop of only the tapping, chimes and percussion. 02:44
Into The Light
ID: KF034705
Album: Cinematic Curiosity
A shimmering piano arpeggiation lays the root for this slow and tantalizing track that builds up with full horn and string sections. 02:20
Shady Operation
ID: KF034609
Album: Automotive Commercial
This smashing synthwave track is accented by robotic vocals and a solid beat keeping the listener locked into a nostalgic reality. 03:12
ID: KF034608
Album: Automotive Commercial
The definition of a high-energy drum n bass track with a massive bass and mad beat leaving your listeners racing down midnight highways and anticipating more action. 02:38
Rainbow Ride
ID: KF034606
Album: Automotive Commercial
Reverb-dripping synths chime over a vibrating reese bass in this downtempo yet epic electronic track. 02:14
Night Out
ID: KF034604
Album: Automotive Commercial
A side chained bass defines this dark trance track interlaced with cosmic voices and drizzling synth effects. 02:42
The Shepherd
ID: KF034507
Album: Timeless Horizons
A cello plays a slow and somber, East Asian-inspired piece over a quiet bed of synths. 02:48
Crystal Healing
ID: KF034503
Album: Timeless Horizons
The meditation begins with a woman's soft mystical singing followed by two harrowing piano chords. Perfect for scenes of reflection and introspection. 02:30
ID: KF034409
Album: Electroland
A piano plays a gentle rhythm as synth tones push the track downtempo, with sax-like synth tones taking up a call-and-answer melody while pads sweep in like waves. 02:36
ID: KF034406
Album: Electroland
The track opens with subtle undersea tones of pads, plucks, and vocal effects. It builds up into a house track that feels both dark and laid back. 03:12
ID: KF034404
Album: Electroland
The track flashes open with a classic house electric piano leading into a side-chained bass overlaid with rhythmic plucks. 02:22
ID: KF034403
Album: Electroland
This down tempo house track includes a deep bass groove and spacey pad melodies. After the drop, the music picks up with synth horns and complex rhythms. 03:17
It's Time
ID: KF034307
Album: Economic Upswing
The piano plays a light air as a kit drum, flute, and picked acoustic guitar come in to give the track some gentle motion. 02:36
Measured Rhythm
ID: KF034306
Album: Economic Upswing
The track opens as a downtempo four-on-the-floor with pads of wind instruments and chimes keeping it measured and light-hearted. 02:28
Fresh Air
ID: KF034108
Album: Go For It
A piano backed by a muted guitar lays down the progression, soon joined by a drum rhythm and synth arpeggiations. A saw synth dials in the energy. 02:17
ID: KF034103
Album: Go For It
A synth melody starts the track, with piano chords setting the pace. It reveals a full techno beat with a beautiful piano sequence at the drop. 02:15
ID: KF034010
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The track begins with piano playing a loungey piece as boom bap drums and slap bass start up, leading into a clean, focused, and modern groove. 02:32
Comfort Zone
ID: KF034009
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A piano plays lounge music over the sound of running water and cheers. The ambience turns into a rhythm accompanied by kit drums. 02:28
Breathing Underwater
ID: KF034008
Album: Smooth Frequencies
Lo-fi keys open this chilled out groove. A trumpet pipes in a staccato dance with a piano's jazzy melody. 02:12
ID: KF034007
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The track opens with a slow, wobbling piano and a boom bap beat. An electric trumpet brings melody to life. The drop is a time of reflection accompanied by lo-fi keys and a flute solo. 02:25
Love Is Like
ID: KF034006
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A down-sampled piano lays out a melody over a boom bap beat. Solid bass and vibes que in the dank groove, with distant horns emphasizing the chill. 02:33
Room Tour
ID: KF034005
Album: Smooth Frequencies
Opening with a gentle electric piano, this lo-fi track stays downtempo with a glitchy piano, changing the mood with shifting frequency dynamics. 02:24
Night Circus
ID: KF034004
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This trap medley trips over a music box opening, aided by unsheathing knives and gunshots. A choir joins to accent this serious, ice cold affair. 02:41
ID: KF034003
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A glowing guitar melody over a crackling vinyl opens this lo-fi groove. Boom bap drums kick in with piano taking over, soon joined by electric keys and bass riffs. 02:32
ID: KF034001
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This vinyl spun track opens with a faded melody on piano that picks up with a boom bap kit. Guitars pluck in for a well-rounded groove. 02:35
ID: KF033910
Album: Dreaming Piano
A repeated motif resolves and leads into a reflective melody that pushes the listener to confront the harder truths. 02:14
Letting Go
ID: KF033909
Album: Dreaming Piano
A hopeful period of question and answer leads to a solemn and final conclusion. 02:49
That Mood
ID: KF033906
Album: Dreaming Piano
This piano etude opens with a repetition in intervals, with the left hand humming the melody. The track shifts with the upper region bringing more energy to the forefront. 02:28
Simple And True
ID: KF033905
Album: Dreaming Piano
A question repeats through the opening motif only to be answered in a more impactful chorus. The track builds in noise, carrying the echoes of the fingers and strings. 02:17
If I Did
ID: KF033902
Album: Dreaming Piano
A bouncy and reflective track, the piano moves up and down the scale with a cheerful yet nostalgic motif. 02:24
Memories Of You
ID: KF033901
Album: Dreaming Piano
This melancholic piano ballade begins with a soft arpeggiation, soon joined by a descending melody. 02:15
Miami Cruiser
ID: KF033809
Album: Wave & Vice
The track begins with a bed of synth string pads, pushed to the background by a slow, solid beat and synth string arpeggiations. 02:13
Blood Dawn
ID: KF033807
Album: Wave & Vice
This darkwave track begins with a driving detuned bass and a brilliant, high-pitched arpeggiation. 02:23
Technical Display
ID: KF033806
Album: Wave & Vice
A piano opens the track with a more modern techno percussion groove. The synths quickly add in that nostalgic touch. 02:28
Space Race
ID: KF033802
Album: Wave & Vice
The track begins with a solid four-on-the-floor kick and a flowing synth arpeggiation. Pads fill in the gaps with synth toms for a purely 80s vibe. 02:15
ID: KF033801
Album: Wave & Vice
A jazzy key progression and funky bass open this synthwave anthem, while vocal cuts and percussion capture the groove. 02:48
Soul Suffers
ID: KF033708
Album: This World
Shimmering pads over long heavenly chords lift this track into higher planes. Kit drums later transform the movement into a chaotic blend of sentiments. 02:45
ID: KF033707
Album: This World
This heavy canon opens with light strums on plucky keys and a wide, undulating pad. It builds to a melodic resolve. 02:27
Bees And Combs
ID: KF033706
Album: This World
A downtempo beat is laid out under a positive vibe of keys; heavy, buzzing synths carry the progression to the end. 03:27
ID: KF033705
Album: This World
Lush, whirling pads start the track, interlaced throughout with spacey effects and layers of various other synths. 02:28
Winter Miracle
ID: KF033704
Album: This World
The track opens with a piano progression, layered with kit drums and an active bass line. 03:24
Cosmic Western
ID: KF033703
Album: This World
A crawling and modulated drum set drives the way for lingering and spacey theremin sounds and whistles on top of a bed of solid synth pads. 03:00
You Appeared
ID: KF033610
Album: Cinematic Emotions
The track opens with a guitar melody and soft percussion. The nostalgic air picks up with kit drums and spiccato strings. 03:19
Travel Theme
ID: KF033609
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Walking down the scale, a piano is joined by ambient synth drums and arpeggiations played on various wooden instruments. 02:28
The Letter
ID: KF033607
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Beginning with an inspiring piano arpeggiation, heavy synth drums and legato strings accentuate the uplifting mood, replaced by guitar strums after the drop. 02:41
Remind Me
ID: KF033606
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A soft, nostalgic melody is plucked out on nylon guitar strings while kit drums play a shuffle. 02:18
Last Step
ID: KF033604
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A profound piano progression is accented by taikos, horns, and strings. 02:44
ID: KF033602
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano plays over sounds of the seashore. As the waves fade, percussion and pads build to an uplifting climax. 02:30
Long Ways
ID: KF033601
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Opening with gentle guitar plucks and soft cymbal splashes, percussion taps in to build up the rhythm of this lyrical ballad. 03:37
Mystery Box
ID: KF033510
Album: Power Source
Far out vocals over pads and electric piano build up to a smooth-laced future bass hit. 03:04
Tired People
ID: KF033310
Album: Well Told
An electric piano plays a soft melody over atmospherics, with ambient pads fading in and out. A deep bass and kit drums bring some jazz-flavored groove to the game. 02:12
Indigo Queen
ID: KF033309
Album: Well Told
The track opens with a crackling organ progression, quickly turning into a massive downtempo trip hop canticle to cool. 02:43
ID: KF033301
Album: Well Told
This downtempo track has a gentle guitar riff on repeat over a deep bass line and mellow kit drums. 02:32
ID: KF033209
Album: Blockbuster
This soft ambient track fills the listener with a since of disquiet and searching. A piano plays the pensive melody and progression over a bed of synth strings. 04:09
Far Off
ID: KF033207
Album: Blockbuster
String arpeggiations and a solid tambourine-led beat define this serious and motivational track that starts with just a music box and piano. 02:31
The Great Jump
ID: KF033105
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A downtempo, progressive rock track, with a singing guitar chorus pushing into positive, but harder territory. 02:56
Time Out
ID: KF033010
Album: Time For Yourself
Tender synths play against acoustic riffs to create an ethereal atmosphere, leading the way to a steady percussive chorus that keeps the scene moving forward. 02:31
Spa Day
ID: KF033009
Album: Time For Yourself
A lush landscape driven by acoustic riffs and melodies, with a jumping bass and swelling strings that lead to a place of contentment and satisfaction. 01:58
ID: KF033008
Album: Time For Yourself
A reassuring acoustic picking melody opens the door as the lead guitar tells the tale, accompanied by airy synths, a brooding bassline, and a thumping kick drum providing a heartbeat. 02:07
Those Were The Days
ID: KF033007
Album: Time For Yourself
Dreamy electric guitar riffs work together with an acoustic rhythm and a deep bassline, building a calm sense of anticipation. 01:57
In Your Mind
ID: KF033006
Album: Time For Yourself
Piano and strings set a harrowing tone, while layers of acoustic guitar and powerful rhythmic percussions work to lighten the mood. 02:27
ID: KF033004
Album: Time For Yourself
An intricate acoustic fingerpicking melody accompanied by a delicate bongo percussion and steady strings to enhance the sentiment of the scene. 02:00
Writing A Book
ID: KF033003
Album: Time For Yourself
A lush acoustic guitar starts off a dynamic journey, gaining momentum with strings and intimate percussive snaps sure to elevate any emotional scene. 02:13
ID: KF033002
Album: Time For Yourself
A light, emotional piece with a steady acoustic melody and an empathetic lead, nestled into a bed of backing synths that draws the listener into scenes of contemplation and reflection. 02:22
Beach House
ID: KF033001
Album: Time For Yourself
A calm, acoustic soiree with a soothing guitar lead that drifts along and subtly builds an emotional tension that is then released in the chorus. 02:16
Palm Tree
ID: KF032910
Album: Movement
The bouncing bass and waving groove help the synth lead keep a light-hearted, head-nodding tune. 02:21
First Price
ID: KF032908
Album: Movement
This upbeat dance track includes kicks, claps, and vibe – soon taken over by a dark neuro bass that pumps up the energy. 02:21
Born This Way
ID: KF032906
Album: Movement
A grooving downtempo dance track with an infectious, high synth melody line carried over claps and keys. 02:22
The End Of The Road
ID: KF032809
Album: Twisted Trails
The track opens with a slow piano question over a droning bass and strings. A slight touch of synth arpeggios delicately plays in waves. 02:08
Secret Lab
ID: KF032807
Album: Twisted Trails
Soft chimes set a mysterious mood. A heavy, brooding bass carries the track, with the melody interlaced by guitar, horns, and strings. Perfect for a spy thriller. 02:47
Lost Signal
ID: KF032806
Album: Twisted Trails
A gentle guitar plays arpeggiations over mysterious string and vocal lines. 02:18
ID: KF032710
Album: Cozy Days
This uptempo ambient track for rainy street nights starts with vibes and a beat that alternates from boom-bap to house and back. 02:14
Cup Of Coffee
ID: KF032708
Album: Cozy Days
This reflective ballad begins with a spacey guitar and a slowly chugging, steady beat. 02:38
In April
ID: KF032707
Album: Cozy Days
Gentle synths play like raindrops on leaves while upbeat electronic drums keep nature's tempo. 03:17
Soft Silk
ID: KF032702
Album: Cozy Days
A downtempo synthwave track featuring a dreamy piano and tinkling chime-like arpeggiations. 02:22
Here With Me
ID: KF032610
Album: Being Now
Opening with a soft strummed melody, heavily EQ'd pianos lay down the progression while toms introduce a march. The track builds to a full rock anthem. 02:34
ID: KF032607
Album: Being Now
This upbeat track features guitar arpeggiations laid out over an organ bed, with piano accentuating the rhythm for an almost jazzy feel. 02:41
Somber Mood
ID: KF032510
Album: Beauty In Ambience
Opening with a melancholic piano and abysmal strings, the solemn melody is played by a cello over piano rhythms and with violins playing the harmony. 03:01
There Is Hope
ID: KF032509
Album: Beauty In Ambience
Beginning at a soft and reflective pace, a contrast is marked midway by a virtuosic piano gliding over pads of strings and synths. 03:36
Cold Fire
ID: KF032508
Album: Beauty In Ambience
The soft crackling of a fire sets the backdrop to this track with pulsing piano chords and a string ensemble gently signaling mystery and loss. 03:33
Snow On Mountains
ID: KF032507
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A lone and isolated drone calls out, beseeched by the a high-pitched, drawn-out calling of the wind and ghosts. 03:30
Walking Barefoot
ID: KF032506
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A heartbeat leads the pace of this meandering piano track played on a bed of soft synths and gentle echoing sounds that wash in like gentle waves breaking after a storm. 02:38
Present Past
ID: KF032505
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A woman's probing voice disturbs unsettled memories while ghostly pads move across an ambient dreamscape. 03:20
Natural Theme
ID: KF032504
Album: Beauty In Ambience
On a sea of synth beds, the tide slowly washes in. Percussion beats and chimes play a meditative rhythm while a dark piano leads a triumphant symphony of synths. 03:31
Frozen Skies
ID: KF032503
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A cello and piano search for answers while drifting through a sea of soft synth arpeggiations and pads. The track builds to a climax of violin arpeggios and a probing piano melody, leaving questions unanswered. 03:11
Warm Soil
ID: KF032502
Album: Beauty In Ambience
Defined by a shared space of a minimalist guitar and arpeggiating piano, this track features soft driving kit drums and encompassing pads. 03:31
ID: KF032501
Album: Beauty In Ambience
This introspective work is introduced by a slowly bowed orchestral progression, building with piano and light drum elements while remaining evocative. 03:50
Bonfire Theme
ID: KF032408
Album: Colorful Emotions
Soft kit drums guide this relaxed, electronic guitar ballad with delicate synths and plucking six-strings. 02:08
Evening Rain
ID: KF032403
Album: Colorful Emotions
A guitar plucks out the rhythm over a steady rock beat with filters fading in and out the drums to introduce the guitar melody. 02:16
The Good Vibe
ID: KF032208
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A guitar strum and clap welcome the listener to this cheery track of xylophones and merriness. 02:09
Mountain Theme
ID: KF032207
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A high synth lays the meadow bed for guitar picking and melodies. Pads pick up and carry the tune off on a voyage into the sunset. 02:26
Brave Decisions
ID: KF032205
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A music box pitters a gentle melody as a violin comes in to set the atmosphere. The bass, string pads, and guitar build to hold up the harder choices that must be made. 02:22
Be Right Back
ID: KF032204
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The track opens with a nostalgic guitar melody over a high melancholic organ line. It builds intensity with the bass and percussion, calling the listener back to home. 02:25
Hotel Room
ID: KF032203
Album: Acoustic Emotions
A guitar softly sets the scene as strumming and bass carry the dynamic across to the percussion which keeps the listener in the mood. 01:53
ID: KF032202
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The guitar picks out a pensive arpeggiation soon reinforced by a solemn strum. Percussion and strings bring it to an emotional climax. 02:24
Beautiful Creature
ID: KF032201
Album: Acoustic Emotions
The track starts with a steady and positive picking pattern, joined with an active and uplifting melody. The percussion kicks off and builds the energy and is soon replaced by a piano. 02:19
The Golden Path
ID: KF032107
Album: Hope & Victory
Gentle pads of strings and horns move in rolling waves, building with choirs and tubular bells. 02:46
Feels Like Home
ID: KF032105
Album: Hope & Victory
A nostalgic progression of strings, accompanied by French horns and piano, lead the listener to a timpani build and melody led by a plucked harp, signaling the percussion, horns, and staccato violins to further build the rhythm. 02:28
ID: KF032103
Album: Hope & Victory
Opening with droning strings, this oceanic track builds to a piano-led anthem of triumph, closing with a peaceful violin sonatina. 02:52
666 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration