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Admittedly, rock music is a very broad field. There is classic rock, punk rock, heavy metal and alternative rock, just to name a few. And those subgenres have their own branches: alternative rock leads to grunge, punk rock to anarcho-punk, heavy metal to death metal, etc. And then there is our specialty: royalty-free rock. Originating from the rock and roll genre, rock music has come a long way. It’s unparalleled diversity offers a type of rock for everyone, resulting in a vast amount of bands and rock music aficionados. As far as popular music is concerned, it is perhaps the most successful genre worldwide. Of course, it is very easy to get lost in the vast amount of rock songs there is. Figuring out which one works the best can be quite a chore. Fortunately, this is where Sonic Liberty comes in: in our stock music rock category, we provide you with a great selection of rock stock titles. For your convenience, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the diversity of rock is mirrored in our production music. We offer indie rock, heavy metal, stoner rock, surf rock, pop rock, and many, many more. The versatility of rock music is an advantage for your project: aggressive, energetic rock titles are greatly beneficial for creating a fast-paced movie scene. Our garage rock tracks, on the other hand, can be used to create an atmosphere of nonchalant coolness. In turn, adding heavy guitar riffs and slow drums evoke a sense of gravitas and significance. Of course, our royalty-free rock titles are curated in a fashion that allows a vast amount of applications. Our indie rock titles, for example, are upbeat and motivating, rendering them excellent choices for events. Additionally, the atmosphere in video games, for example, can be greatly intensified by the right rock soundtrack: fast drums and aggressively distorted guitars pander to car chases, shoot-outs and boss fights alike. Dramatic scenes in film, radio and video games can benefit from added piano tunes which generate an atmosphere of longing and passion. Whatever your project is, you can rest assured that the scope of our rock stock tracks leaves little to be desired. Please enjoy browsing through our stock music rock category.

490 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
And A Happy New Year
ID: KF037909
Album: X-mas Cinema
Driving rhythm, heavy guitar, and chimes put a fresh rock spin on holiday cheer. 03:10
Young Love
ID: KF037609
Album: Summer Pop
A high-energy track celebrating life and love, featuring a wordless chorus, piano stabs and snapping fingers; the track gets more uplifting and infectious as it plays. 02:41
Special Strolls
ID: KF037607
Album: Summer Pop
This moderate-paced track with a bright, pop feel features whistling and kit drums and picks up the energy with a driving electric guitar. 02:50
ID: KF037606
Album: Summer Pop
Opening with a foot-tapping piano groove, clapping, and singing, this high-energy track is complete with a driving beat, catchy melodies, and a spirited virtuoso guitar. 02:34
ID: KF037601
Album: Summer Pop
The track builds slowly, with layers of guitars, strings, and pads adding to the emotional, uplifting intensity. 02:51
Finally We Won
ID: KF037310
Album: Noble Nights
A post-grunge track with a serious driving rhythm and many variations of guitar playing to fit nearly any mood. 02:30
Constant Change
ID: KF037309
Album: Noble Nights
A hard driving, inspirational melody played out on distorted guitar, vibraphone, guitar arpeggios and kit drums. 02:33
ID: KF037302
Album: Noble Nights
This funk-inspired prog-rock track features a piano melody laid over a bouncing guitar and bass. 02:46
Major Deals
ID: KF037301
Album: Noble Nights
An attention grabbing, show-stopping, hard-rocking track ready to raise your project with driving guitars and a solid beat. 02:08
ID: KF037207
Album: Press Start
Heavily distorted synth leads drive the action with stutters and phasers while kicks and claps keep it all grounded. 02:16
ID: KF036805
Album: Corporate Economy
Transitioning from acoustic to electric, guitar strums form the base of the progression while a kick pushes a four-on-the-floor dance groove. 03:17
ID: KF036801
Album: Corporate Economy
A reflectively rhythmic guitar opens this thoughtful piece with kit drums and piano. 02:31
ID: KF035709
Album: Ambitions
Opening with the sentimental playing of a piano, the track builds first with a guitar joining, then a sequenced bass, atmospheric vocals, synth effects, and kit drums for a final conquest. 02:08
With Every Cell
ID: KF035703
Album: Ambitions
This is a slowly rising ambient track featuring chimes, strings, and a percussion that mimics the heart. 03:22
ID: KF035608
Album: Corporate Strategy
Guitar arpeggiations layer over the piano chord progression as this track seeks to encourage and lift people up. 02:24
One Of Us
ID: KF035607
Album: Corporate Strategy
This motivational track features kit drums and a guitar playfully plucking a powerful pattern under a driving distorted guitar and solid bass line. 02:16
Happy People
ID: KF033409
Album: New Ideas
A piano and synth compete in an opening duet; the piano reigns supreme taking over for this anthemic movement of jubilant energy. 02:16
Full Metal Freestyle
ID: KF033110
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This riff-laden rock track will get listeners stomping and clapping to the beat. 02:27
Sweat And Blood
ID: KF033109
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Capturing the classic 90s metal sound, this anthem is carried by hammering drums and powerful electric guitar riffs. 02:21
The Riot
ID: KF033108
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Driving, repetitive motifs by bouncing, dueling electric guitars define this rockabilly melody. 02:07
White-Hot Engine
ID: KF033107
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This heavy metal track features fast and heavy distorted guitars, pounding kicks, and smashing splashes, with a nostalgic chorus featuring a duet of legato guitars. 02:33
Just Watch It
ID: KF033106
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Synths make for majestic leads over a bed of muted guitars and steady kit drums. 02:12
The Great Jump
ID: KF033105
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A downtempo, progressive rock track, with a singing guitar chorus pushing into positive, but harder territory. 02:56
Highspeed Hero
ID: KF033104
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A soft, mysterious guitar line cranks into a driving industrial track pumped by heavy guitars, synths and electronic effects. 02:30
ID: KF033103
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Dark driving distorted guitars with a rolling kit drum beat pounds into an epic lead and break. 02:24
Seize The Day
ID: KF033102
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This fast-paced punk rock track has an upbeat electric guitar and energetic drums that are sure to make listeners bob their heads. 02:28
ID: KF033101
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A long crescendo led by an electric guitar drone breaks into a progressive rock anthem. 02:54
Cruise Blues
ID: KF032706
Album: Cozy Days
This funky blues track opens with a Green Onions-inspired organ and continues with some head bobbing guitar wahwah action. 02:18
Here With Me
ID: KF032610
Album: Being Now
Opening with a soft strummed melody, heavily EQ'd pianos lay down the progression while toms introduce a march. The track builds to a full rock anthem. 02:34
ID: KF032605
Album: Being Now
This heavy rockabilly track begins with a driving rhythm leading into a wailing guitar and a thunder of distortion. 02:34
Spring Tune
ID: KF032603
Album: Being Now
Opening with a kick and muted guitar, the track kicks in the distortion and dials in the rock with exciting kit fills and a driving rhythm. 02:17
ID: KF032601
Album: Being Now
This progressive rock track is accentuated with an inspiring guitar lead and a light shuffle with kit drums. 02:26
Pet Walk
ID: KF031909
Album: Happy Swing
A high-energy piece carried by electric jazz organ, this track delivers a happy mood and a lively atmosphere. 02:02
Weekend Trip
ID: KF031704
Album: Quirky & Fun
With a consoling and mellow tune, this track features organ an inviting rhythm, mallets and clean electric guitar, which takes center stage during a soulful solo in the middle. 02:26
Pushing Through
ID: KF031508
Album: Cinematic Impact
Marrying elements from high-tempo techno and amped stadium-grade drum and bass, this track brings cinematic electric guitars to the fray. 02:15
The Final Battle
ID: KF030910
Album: Got The Guts
Waves of string staccato pulses in as dark horn blasts seize the moment, carrying the audience into guttural metal riffs. Harmonic horns pick up in the background only to be cut off and returned to the quiet and tense movement of the strings. 02:28
ID: KF030909
Album: Got The Guts
The track begins with rhythmic guitar riffs as a chorus of strings works in a tension building melody. The reigns are handed over to the horn section which plays through the climax. 02:36
Enemy Troops
ID: KF030908
Album: Got The Guts
A snare and guitars tap out a military march as the horns call out preparing for war. Higher pitched guitars cover the sounds of frantic screams until the final clash with distortion hits. 02:07
Stormy Coast
ID: KF030907
Album: Got The Guts
A harmony of horns starts this track on its weathered course. After the initial verse, it shifts into the thunderous beat of war drums until it finally arrives at the double kicks more typical of heavy metal. 02:24
ID: KF030906
Album: Got The Guts
The track opens with a Shepard tone leading into an aggressive pairing of strings and guitar fusing together at a hard-driven pace to the end. 02:20
Outer Space
ID: KF030905
Album: Got The Guts
A high pitched drone floats into a wall of aggression and tension, slammed by a quick riser into a dark void driven by strings and staccato electric guitar strums. At the drop, the guitar stops. Horns bring in an element of mystery, which concludes after the resumption of the rhythm. 02:34
ID: KF030904
Album: Got The Guts
A slower but high-tension piece with driving guitars and horns. The track breaks down into a question and answer between strings and distorted guitars. 02:15
ID: KF030903
Album: Got The Guts
A helicopter-like riser introduces the listener to this track full of hits and drive. A string section pushes the rhythm until the drop switches the track to a more atmospheric metal, finally picking up with the earlier high symphonic tone once again. 02:34
Heavy Impact
ID: KF030902
Album: Got The Guts
The track starts immediately into a high impact rhythm, with heavy guitars driving a fast-paced dynamism. The kit drums drop off at the break, coming back in for an almost funky dialectic interlude between guitars and synth horns. 02:13
Riffs From Mars
ID: KF030901
Album: Got The Guts
The assault on the Red Planet opens with a slowly building drone, the rhythm emphasized by a growing, militant electric guitar. The kit drums kick in, creating a solid, cosmic metal reminiscent of Holst's Planets. 02:32
The Magic Sitar
ID: KF029010
Album: Bollywood
Rock indian track with sitars, vocals and electric guitars. 02:44
Watch Me Explode
ID: KF028920
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Old school rock and roll track, very energetic. 02:25
Straight Ahead
ID: KF028919
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Rock and roll all the way with an 80s vibe. 03:02
Speed Shifter
ID: KF028918
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Determined indie-rock; a bit on the harsh side with guitars leading the way. 01:29
Pyro Boots
ID: KF028917
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Positive and confident rock track with a very catchy topline. 01:37
One More Sinner
ID: KF028916
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Rock track with e-piano, drums and guitars. 03:17
ID: KF028915
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Groovy rock track with an indie vibe. 02:11
Break Free
ID: KF028914
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Sweet, positive rock track with drums guitars and bass. 02:55
Bad Ass
ID: KF028913
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Western rock track with an energetic vibe. 01:52
Never Enough
ID: KF028912
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Encouraging rock track, positive and very energetic. 01:52
Mental Dropkick
ID: KF028911
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Groovy rock track with powerful distorted guitars. 01:42
Join The Party
ID: KF028910
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Rock track changing between slow and hard passages. 02:28
Guitar Island
ID: KF028909
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Emotional and positive song with guitars, drums, bass and e-piano. 02:02
Good Times
ID: KF028908
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Emotional punk-pop/rock track with a 90s vibe. 01:34
Good Feelings
ID: KF028907
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Positive and emotional rock track with drums, guitars and bass. 01:32
Falling Forward
ID: KF028906
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Confident rock track with a catchy guitar. 01:35
Drive by Insults
ID: KF028905
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Rock track with explosive distortions and positive vibe. 02:01
Cheery Thoughts
ID: KF028904
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Upbeat Rock track with melodic e-guitar and a catchy tune. 03:01
Amplified Sunshine
ID: KF028903
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Dynamic, positive and stimulating rock track. 01:35
All Or Nothing
ID: KF028902
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
A rock Western track, fast and positive. 01:32
Bring It On
ID: KF028901
Album: Alternative Rock Vol.2
Incentive, active rock music, very direct and energetic. 02:03
Burning Bridges
ID: KF028609
Album: Electroactive
Fast paced, furious, grungy and hitting hard electro-metal track. 02:39
Electric Fire
ID: KF028603
Album: Electroactive
Electro rock track with an aggressive synthesizer and loud percussions. 03:08
Electronic Emporium
ID: KF028601
Album: Electroactive
Electro beats combined with atmospheric strings and piano melody. 02:43
Sunday Drive
ID: KF028511
Album: Corporate and Positive
Energetic positive track with a sticky synthesizer melody line. 02:39
First Light
ID: KF028510
Album: Corporate and Positive
Melancholic inspirational track with emotional strings. 01:29
ID: KF028509
Album: Corporate and Positive
A melodic, energetic rock track with motivatig electric guitar and whistling. 02:33
Positive Motivation
ID: KF028508
Album: Corporate and Positive
Relaxing, calming music with quiet synthie sounds, accompanied by soft strings and electric piano. 02:44
Easy Walks
ID: KF028507
Album: Corporate and Positive
Rock track with melodic keys and a catchy tune. Energetic pleasant and positive. 02:32
Glitter Stuff
ID: KF028506
Album: Corporate and Positive
Positive strings combined with synthesizers pads and piano. 02:12
ID: KF028505
Album: Corporate and Positive
A pop feel-good track with electronic percussion piano arpeggios and emotional interludes. 02:12
Sunny And Bright
ID: KF028504
Album: Corporate and Positive
Acoustic and emotional with a positive melody. 02:30
ID: KF028503
Album: Corporate and Positive
Melancholic music with piano and strings. Creates positive feelings and inspiration. 02:12
ID: KF028501
Album: Corporate and Positive
Groovy and cool, an rocky beat with positive attitude. 02:38
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
Cruel Life
ID: KF028308
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving and catchy pop-rock song with driving male vocals. 03:10
We Are Who We Are
ID: KF028307
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
Typical arena rock with calm verses, big chorus and motivational lyrics, pretty rocking! 03:23
Move Your Body
ID: KF028302
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A programmatic retro track somewhere in between funk and soul, with typical vocals - this is great fun! 03:32
Positive Charge
ID: KF028205
Album: Emotional Promotion
An emotional and hopeful pop rock track with catchy piano 02:10
Something In The Air
ID: KF028110
Album: Serious Business
A bluesy keyboard line is paired with smooth pop rock sounds and flowing acoustic guitar arpeggios 02:57
Get Up And Go
ID: KF028106
Album: Serious Business
In this track rocking guitars are paired with pop synthies to a 4-to-the-floor beat 00:58
Gentle Breeze
ID: KF028105
Album: Serious Business
An atmospheric pop track with laidback beats and a variety of melodic fill-ins 04:01
Feeling Free
ID: KF028011
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Harmonious pop-rock sounds with catchy guitar melodies embedded in a common chord progression 02:21
ID: KF028010
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Open and catchy pop-rock track in slow tempo, elegantly instrumented and topped off with a slide guitar in the chorus 04:02
ID: KF028009
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Slow pop rock track with melodic guitars and uplifting chorus 02:32
Bright Days
ID: KF028008
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Laidback pop-rock track with memorable, rhythmical acoustic guitars and electric melodies 03:12
Blown Away
ID: KF028007
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Optimistic pop-rock track with calm verses and intense chorus, accompanied by rock guitars and strings in high range 03:06
Behind The Mask
ID: KF028006
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
An upflifting and atmospheric pop track with characteristic sound effects and slide guitar 03:30
Fly Away
ID: KF028005
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
This pop-rock track combines emotional guitar melodies with rhythmic acoustic guitars 03:50
Take Me Higher
ID: KF028004
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
A feel-good pop track with rhythmic acoustic guitars and electric melodies 03:11
Ready To Start
ID: KF028003
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
A driving pop rock track with a catchy and rocking chorus 03:05
Driving Force
ID: KF028002
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
Fast and catchy pop rock track with calm interludes 02:22
Better Days
ID: KF028001
Album: Feelgood Vol.2
This pop-rock track combines emotional guitar arpeggios and melodies with rhythmic acoustic guitars 02:31
Three Corpses
ID: KF027607
Album: Automotive Vol.2
A rocking trailer track with clever beats, dubstep elements and emotional cello 02:05
The Attorney
ID: KF027606
Album: Automotive Vol.2
An epic and full electronic track with a surprisingly rocking conclusion 02:01
490 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration