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90 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Move It
ID: KF028606
Album: Electroactive
Funky electro track with a positive vibe and a catchy melody. 03:12
Move Your Body
ID: KF028302
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A programmatic retro track somewhere in between funk and soul, with typical vocals - this is great fun! 03:32
Sunrays Around Every Corner
ID: KF028111
Album: Serious Business
In this urban pop track smooth rnb sounds are paired with breakbeats 00:34
Funky Words
ID: KF028108
Album: Serious Business
Laidback funk track with distinctive bass lines and atmospheric synths 02:21
Evening Warmth
ID: KF027802
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.2
A relaxed pop trip-hop with a characteristic analog synth as well as guitar & piano fills 03:09
The Cosmopolitan
ID: KF027312
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Versatilely arranged chillout track with rhythmic guitar chords, world percussion and spheric sounds. 02:25
The Beat In My Head
ID: KF027311
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Meditative and atmospheric chillout track with spheric sound effects and world percussion, enhanced by a catchy bass groove and funky guitar licks. 01:45
Walking Throught The City
ID: KF027310
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Harmonically varied and dreamy chillout track with funky guitar and keyboard licks, set to loungy percussion and groovy bass. 02:14
Grooving Around
ID: KF027308
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Groovy and funky lounge track with fairly electronic influences and an uplifting interlude. 02:48
Animal, Reggae, Vegetable
ID: KF027215
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Mediterranenan, jolly reggae-track with steel drums, electric guitar, hammond organ and a catchy rhythm. 02:26
Fuse Me Up
ID: KF027211
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Spherical lounge track with a good amount of groove and style. E-piano, electric guitar and a supporting bass line combined with cool backing synth. 02:30
Midnight Session
ID: KF027202
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Groovy funk track with rhythmic electric guitar and a spirited brass section. With an e-piano solo in between. 02:16
Let The Record Sound
ID: KF027104
Album: Easy And Smooth
This modest lounge track has a vintage flavor to it. Mellow electric guitar lines, hammond organs and acoustic bass accompanied by a somewhat dirty groove. 02:19
Fancy Pants
ID: KF027006
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Sunny indie rock with cool guitar riffs, drum fills and hammond organ. 02:08
ID: KF026910
Album: Easy Pop Vol.1
Groovy, rhythmic pop track with piano, electric guitar, drums and bass to get your dancing juices flowing. 02:07
Futchure Fongk
ID: KF021613
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Modern funk track with scratches and vocal-samples. 03:20
ID: KF021405
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Minimal-dubstep track with funk influences. 01:22
Crash Money
ID: KF021207
Album: Electro Club
Funky and progressive house track, very atmospheric synths with a lot of reverberation. 01:42
New Vistas
ID: KF020317
Album: Fusion
Fusion track with emotional, passionate e-guitar within a groovy rhythm, with playful piano accompaniment. 02:33
Kickin' Back
ID: KF020316
Album: Fusion
Gentle, positive fusion track with an easy acoustic guitar, accompanied by e-piano and drums. 02:15
Boulevard Funk
ID: KF020315
Album: Fusion
A gentle funk track with saxophone, piano and e-piano, accompanied by a groovy e-bass. 01:31
ID: KF020313
Album: Fusion
Easy fusion track with bongos and acoustic guitar. Hopeful and melodic. 02:41
Future Com
ID: KF020312
Album: Fusion
Funky fusion track. E-guitar with cool rhythm, combined with a sensitive saxophone and a synthie organ. 02:44
ID: KF020309
Album: Fusion
Joyful, lively jazz-fusion with American character. E-piano combined with acoustic and e-guitar. 02:34
Start Up
ID: KF020308
Album: Fusion
Hopeful, energetic fusion music with a lot of emotion and a powerful e-guitar. 02:43
Good Company
ID: KF020307
Album: Fusion
Positive jazz-fusion track with sensitive saxophone tune and e-guitar. Complemented by bright strings. 02:39
ID: KF020306
Album: Fusion
Jazz-fusion with e-guitar and saxophone. A thoughtful, melancholic, but groovy track. 02:37
Premiere Night
ID: KF020305
Album: Fusion
Emotional fusion music with a sensual saxophone. Positive, energetic and funky. 02:45
My Identity
ID: KF020304
Album: Fusion
Thoughtful, energetic fusion track within a groovy rhythm. With e-guitar, saxophone and piano. 02:50
Jazz It
ID: KF020303
Album: Fusion
A positive, groovy fusion track with a lot of e-guitar and piano. Lively and energetic. 02:36
Manhattan Lounge
ID: KF020302
Album: Fusion
A romantic, sensitive jazz-fusion music, shining with a fast rhythm and a playful acoustic guitar. 02:26
All The News
ID: KF020301
Album: Fusion
A sensitive jazz-fusion track with saxophone, acoustic guitar and piano. Joyful and dynamic. 02:30
The Yoka
ID: KF018009
Album: Groove Attack
Spheric funk-house track with clean and muted parts and a lot of synths. 02:30
ID: KF018008
Album: Groove Attack
Starts like a game show theme and continues funky and upbeat with two different vocal lines. 01:16
Dont Hold Back
ID: KF018007
Album: Groove Attack
Upbeat funk track with atmospheric synths, a positive horn section and funky bass and guitar. 02:57
Europe Inc
ID: KF018006
Album: Groove Attack
Electro sounds combined with electric guitar and brass. Lively and groovy funk track. 02:38
Retro Harmonies
ID: KF018005
Album: Groove Attack
Easy, relaxed track with electric guitar riffs and electric piano. Some far eastern elements. 02:34
Groove Hunt
ID: KF018004
Album: Groove Attack
Freaky fusion-funk track with fast, groovy electric guitars and brass. 02:05
Well Compiled
ID: KF018003
Album: Groove Attack
A positive, cheerful fusion track with groovy electric piano and funky brass. 02:21
Fast Tracks
ID: KF018002
Album: Groove Attack
Relaxed and groovy funk track with electric piano, bongos, electric guitar and supporting bass line. Slight fare for nighttime driving. 02:37
It Came Unglue
ID: KF018001
Album: Groove Attack
Hammond combined with groovy percussions, electric guitar and sporadic synthie sounds. A groovy funk track. 02:38
Look At Me
ID: KF017802
Album: Game Show
Light, cheerful music with soft electric piano, percussion rhythms and sporadic trumpet sounds. Background music for a show event. Loopable. 00:29
ID: KF016912
Album: Background Music
A relaxed, easy track with synthesizer elements and electric piano, accompanied by bongo rhythms. 02:32
ID: KF015805
Album: Trance Pop
Soft, relaxed, slightly thoughtful elektro-pop track with synthies and keyboard. 01:38
ID: KF015310
Album: Smooth Electro
Relaxed grooves with melodious synthie parts and interdispersed acoustic guitar licks. 02:56
Get it on up
ID: KF015308
Album: Smooth Electro
Lounge track with funk elements and elaborated drums. Groovy and relaxed at the same time. 02:42
Why Worry
ID: KF015307
Album: Smooth Electro
Breakbeat track combined with funk bass and electric piano. 02:54
Feel Blue
ID: KF015306
Album: Smooth Electro
Relaxed soul/funk track, solo muted trumpet. 02:02
Cool Down
ID: KF015305
Album: Smooth Electro
Breakbeat drums combined with cool synthesizer sounds and funky electric piano. 02:49
Funky D&B
ID: KF015303
Album: Smooth Electro
Break-beat, a funky electric guitar and a smooth electric piano. 02:37
Beat Charger
ID: KF015216
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
A futuristic pop track with synthesizer and electric guitar. Weird and energetic. 02:09
Too Clever
ID: KF015215
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Funk track with modern electro elements and horn section, topped by a an easy electric guitar and bass. 03:00
Determined To Dance
ID: KF015214
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Groovy track with cool beats and driving funk guitar, which animates immediately for dancing. 01:54
Sweet Rapture
ID: KF015210
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Groovy guitar track with electro beats and driving, energetic rhythm. 02:52
Boys Like Fighting
ID: KF015112
Album: Rocktronica
Rock track full of action, hard electric guitars and oldschool synthies. 02:08
New Orleans Blues
ID: KF014906
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Positive, playful Cajun track, very easy and cheerful. 02:31
Motor City Jam
ID: KF014905
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Happy fusion track with hammond organ, horn section and solo saxophone. 02:31
For Your Mind
ID: KF014608
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Relaxed g-funk track with full bass groove, brass and synthie strings. 02:23
Do It
ID: KF013624
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Funky track with wind section and concise e-bass. 00:17
Better Before
ID: KF013622
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Groovy, relaxed double bass sound with electric piano and distorted electro beats. 00:30
ID: KF013620
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A funky title track, made for the show. Band lineup and wind section. 00:19
Urban Culture
ID: KF013616
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A positive, groovy title track with funky rhythm. 00:31
ID: KF013515
Album: House
Neat disco sound of the eighties with electric guitar and bongo accompaniment. 02:25
Pump Da Beat
ID: KF013508
Album: House
Neat, groovy dance track with insistent beat and saxophone passage. 02:39
Funny Rider
ID: KF012920
Album: Funny Tracks
A playful funky track with an easy clarinet melody and piano accompaniment, a groovy bass with it. 01:53
Get Them Stars
ID: KF012816
Album: Funky Tracks
Cool modern pop sound with synthies, electric guitar and horn section. 02:22
Get da funk
ID: KF012815
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky electro track with vocals, with a slightly mystic note. 02:38
Lower Grounds
ID: KF012814
Album: Funky Tracks
Funk-blues track with relaxed solo electric guitar and organ. 01:17
Never Give Up
ID: KF012813
Album: Funky Tracks
Lively, groovy and sensual funk track, supported by a cool saxophone solo and an electric guitar. 02:32
Get High On This
ID: KF012812
Album: Funky Tracks
A funk track with a cool saxophone solo and a relaxed beat, stimulating movement. 02:22
Keep It Rollin
ID: KF012811
Album: Funky Tracks
A nice dance track; with easily grooving organ, electric guitar and horns. 02:23
Giant Stride
ID: KF012810
Album: Funky Tracks
A funky fusion track; electric guitar and bass defining the groove, organ and sonorous saxophone completing the composition. 02:21
Big Daddy
ID: KF012809
Album: Funky Tracks
Easy, cheerful funk track, with electric guitar, saxophone and trumpet. Cool and groovy. 02:30
City Streets
ID: KF012808
Album: Funky Tracks
A bluesy funk ballad, measured and sensitive. 02:43
Dynamite Hustle
ID: KF012807
Album: Funky Tracks
A funky rock track with hot electric guitar, organ and wind section. Stimulates hips to swing. 02:34
ID: KF012806
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky music with a sensitive electric guitar solo. Cool synthie parts combined with string interludes. 02:29
Get The Funk Out
ID: KF012805
Album: Funky Tracks
Easy, positive funk with energetic wind section passages, electric guitar and organ as lead instruments in the verses. 02:26
Nervous Trip
ID: KF012804
Album: Funky Tracks
Modern synthie and electric piano music with a groovy beat, very relaxed. 02:11
ID: KF012803
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky track with cool wind section, reminding of an American late night show. 02:04
The Snatcher
ID: KF012802
Album: Funky Tracks
Cool, funky track with the touch of a spy movie. electric guitar, electro beats and bass. 02:56
Black Mama
ID: KF012801
Album: Funky Tracks
Groovy funk track with strong bass, horns and electric guitar. 02:26
Close To You
ID: KF011826
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and dreamy jazz track with sax and synthesizers. 02:34
Afternoon Getaway
ID: KF011825
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Soft and atmospheric synth music with sax and strings sounds. Playful and emotional. 02:30
Fine Precision
ID: KF011824
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light relaxing track. This song feels like holiday and sun. 02:27
ID: KF011813
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Thoughtful music with trumpet and synth with relaxed rhythm. This lets you dream! 02:37
Rest & Relaxation
ID: KF011810
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A relaxed and quiet track with trumpet and synth accompanied by a catchy bass and piano. 02:37
ID: KF011806
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and dreamy track with sentimental trumpet, soft synths and a groovy electric piano. 02:54
Let The Night In
ID: KF011802
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Funky and soft jazz track with emotional sax and playful synthesizer. 02:27
Smooth Cruise
ID: KF011801
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light and relaxed track with electric jazz guitar and piano. With light strings and playful sound elements. 03:12
Seven Million
ID: KF010313
Album: Agents&Spies
Big band spy film track with funky guitars and melodic strings. 03:02
90 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration