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Sonic Liberty’s royalty-free stock music film score library offers the right track for your cinematic enterprise.

Do you need an original soundtrack for your film, video game or documentary? Without licensing troubles, our stockmusic and sound design film scores are a breeze.

While movies and other film projects are frequently made to be visually impressive, more often than not one of the most important dimensions of filmmaking is neglected in favor of lavish imagery: the right film music. In order for your project to succeed on the whole audio-visual spectrum of film, Sonic Liberty offers production music and sound effects without royalty, composed specifically for film music. Our extensive film music library comprises the right background music for many genres. From devastating brass and heavy drums to menacing synths and unsettling percussions, from heroic and bright orchestras to epic compositions – Sonic Liberty’s royalty-free production music tracks for film scores are as versatile as your movie plans.

For which genres can I use your production music?
You can use our music tracks for any genre. Planning on shooting a horror film? We have the right mix of suspenseful strings and disquieting melodies that are guaranteed to make your audiences tremble. Heart rates increase with our more propulsive and high BPM music tracks suitable for action and chase sequences. Fierce strings accompanied by frantic drums keeps everyone at the edge of their seats. Our pop music offers cheerful tunes for family-friendly comedies and advertisements, while more demure tracks are great matches for a documentary. Our orchestral symphonies, on the other hand, are perfect for classical heroic journeys and epic tales. Whether your cinematic project includes elements from action, drama or comedy: our music library offers the right stock music for everything. Of course, our tense compositions are also great for trailer music. With the right sound design film music exceeds its occupation as a mere backdrop for the action: professionally composed stock music and sound effects help increase the impact of your cinematic event, heightening the possibility of spectator immersion considerably. Needless to say, the production music in our film score library is not only usable as film music but also for other enterprises such as video games. Racing, action and suspense games benefit from our compositions to the same amount as films do. As a result, you are likely to find the right stock music and license for your project within our libraries. Please feel free to browse and explore.

1387 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Child's Play
ID: KF038710
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This lively thematic scherzo has lines influenced by jazz and is somewhat reminiscent of a place where everyone knows your name. 02:12
Every Journey
ID: KF038709
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This somber solo piano composition has the gentle melody development of a lullaby but without the melodic flourishes. 02:11
Coronation Of The King
ID: KF038708
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This solo nocturne with rippling arpeggios and gentle progression drifts across waves of memories and reflections. 02:47
ID: KF038707
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A pensive solo piano nocturne that creates a thoughtful, nostalgic mood. 02:17
Silver Bike
ID: KF038706
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A reflective and at times playful melody featuring solo piano, creating a serene and contemplative mood, ideal for playful film scenes and heartfelt moods. 02:12
Her Fantasy
ID: KF038705
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
Elegant and introspective, this piano composition exudes an air of refined contemplation. 02:39
Emergency Call
ID: KF038704
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This atmospheric composition is a somber and moving duet between piano and strings that leads into a touching finale. 02:23
Blank Canvas
ID: KF038703
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
An upbeat and expressive piano piece that conveys the feelings of happiness and contemplation. 02:27
Broken Spirit
ID: KF038702
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A heartfelt piano nocturne sets a poignant and emotional mood, perfect for romantic film scenes and genuine storytelling. 02:06
ID: KF038701
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
Ideal for moving film scenes or reflective moments, this solo piano piece has an enthralling melody that can make listeners feel a wide range of emotions. 02:10
All I Want
ID: KF038510
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A determined piano riff and rock-centric kit drums inspire creativity and fresh ideas. 02:33
ID: KF038509
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A hopeful piano melody and optimistic string arrangement soundtrack a journey of expansion and progress. 02:53
New Land
ID: KF038508
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
The sounds of victory and achievement are blueprinted by the triumphant strings and a shuffling percussion. 02:37
The Fountain
ID: KF038507
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
Reflective strings and a contemplative piano melody evoke moments of deep introspection and emotional reflection. 02:35
One Thing I know
ID: KF038506
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A tender piano, pulsing percussion, and emotive strings create an atmosphere of emotional embrace and heartfelt connection in cinematic scenes. 03:02
Rule My World
ID: KF038505
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
This track features an elegant piano that builds to a rhythmic and stirring symphony with strings and guitar. 02:38
Not Close Enough
ID: KF038504
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A dancing piano line harmonizes with polished strings and a punctuating percussion to embody the essence of success. 02:08
Winter Magic
ID: KF038503
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
Piano notes falling like snowflakes paired with staccato strings and a dynamic sleigh bell set a dreamlike tone. 02:10
Be Patient
ID: KF038502
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
An uplifting piano part accompanied by strong strings and a forward momentum create a feeling of determination. 02:06
ID: KF038501
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A nostalgic piano melody, warm pads, and a gentle rhythm on acoustic guitar with rising strings evoke a sense of fond memories and heritage. 02:50
Dream Big
ID: KF038305
Album: Business Education
A fusion of orchestral elements, including expressive strings and vibes and rolling timpani and snares, creating a mood of artistic inspiration and innovation. 02:22
Global Network
ID: KF038304
Album: Business Education
Embark on a cinematic adventure with soaring strings, powerful guitar solo, and a slow, steady rhythm that forces contemplation. 02:05
ID: KF038303
Album: Business Education
Set a relaxing mood with a mellow piano melody and strings on harmony, perfect for instructional content that requires a calm and soothing ambiance. 02:54
Carol Of The Bells (Piano)
ID: KF038207
Album: Christmas Piano
This piano arrangement of the Ukrainian Christmas classic preserves the mysterious and dynamic character of more traditional versions. 02:04
Space Hero
ID: KF038107
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Futuristic synth leads with a definite 80s progression and mood inspire feelings of a retro epic sci-fi adventure. 02:15
A New Home
ID: KF038010
Album: Big Feelings
A weeping cello opens over somber piano chords, articulating deep pain and loss in love, as soft legato strings embrace and lift up the heavy heart and an epic choir reveals a new life and hope. 02:44
In The Course Of Time
ID: KF038009
Album: Big Feelings
Weightless string arpeggios ebb and flow like the tide of time while majestic horns and strings carry the listener through difficult struggles. 02:51
Love Letter
ID: KF038008
Album: Big Feelings
Whimsical piano and chimes dance around warm string melodies, capturing new romance and joyful affection that slowly build to an epic finish. 02:43
Eagle Flight
ID: KF038007
Album: Big Feelings
Epic horns and strings guided by a proud piano take flight through the majestic mountains as a choir joins in during the moment of triumph. 03:04
Miracles Happen
ID: KF038006
Album: Big Feelings
A heavily reverbed and slightly dissonant piano gives way to an energetic string-led melody that still holds back some reservations. Timpani strikes deliver an undefeatable urge to conquer. 02:28
Sunset Rays
ID: KF038005
Album: Big Feelings
Opening with a reflective piano arpeggio progression backed by strings, this track blossoms into a hopeful symphony carried by legato strings and bold horns. 03:06
Secret Spot
ID: KF038004
Album: Big Feelings
Somber cello and piano chords evoke deep thought and reflection and transmute into a playful and pensive interlude. 03:34
Climb The Mountain
ID: KF038003
Album: Big Feelings
Bold French horns echo through the valleys as the massive strings give pause to capture the grandeur of the snow-capped mountains. 02:18
Strong Heart
ID: KF038002
Album: Big Feelings
Soft, gradual strings usher in a quiet hope as piano arpeggios, timpani pulses, and horn legatos build a sense of inner strength. 03:01
Atlantic Waves
ID: KF038001
Album: Big Feelings
A gentle piano and string section create a peaceful, thoughtful mood, accompanied by a gentle push from the timpani as the full orchestra picks up majestic tones. 02:24
Keep It To The Heart
ID: KF037907
Album: X-mas Cinema
Delicate, drifting piano and ethereal strings evoke the tranquil beauty of fresh snow falling while a horn fanfare introduces a familiar Christmas melody. Can serve as a reprise to "Christmas Morning". 02:48
Busy Christmas Elves
ID: KF037905
Album: X-mas Cinema
A glockenspiel melody worthy of a ballet, this frolicking track contains the energy of a happy mystery. 02:03
Always Trouble With Santa Claus
ID: KF037904
Album: X-mas Cinema
This mysterious opening with strings, bells and violins gives way to action and adventure. 02:06
Christmas Home Alone
ID: KF037903
Album: X-mas Cinema
The concluding statement of a holiday adventure, with warm horns, soft choir vocals, and energetic strings. 02:24
Family In Harmony
ID: KF037902
Album: X-mas Cinema
Celebrate the most wonderful day with this track’s whimsical melodies on chimes, warm brass, strings, and winds. 02:12
Christmas Morning
ID: KF037901
Album: X-mas Cinema
Unwrap the Christmas miracle in this sentimental and joyful overture with horns, strings, and harps. Pairs well with "Keep It To the Heart". 02:41
Fifty Plus One
ID: KF037810
Album: Scoreboard
A throbbing bass and swirling strings build anticipation in the intro while the main theme's majestic horns and anthemic strings celebrate the ultimate victory in a hard-fought battle. 01:53
ID: KF037809
Album: Scoreboard
Gripping and intense, the heavy industrial trailer-style opening breaks out into a massive onslaught of cinematic horns and choir. 01:43
Free Throw
ID: KF037808
Album: Scoreboard
Opening with quick synth arpeggios, this track is quickly overcome by a bold brass fanfare with an exciting anthemic string interlude. 01:54
ID: KF037807
Album: Scoreboard
Triumphant horns proclaim success over a long and arduous adventure, while the lower brass of the interlude reminds us of the costs and perils of the journey. 02:24
Here We Go
ID: KF037806
Album: Scoreboard
Swashbuckling brass evokes a pirate-like daring and heroism, complete with vocal interjections, hybrid electronic effects, and a high-seas string backing, priming the audience for an action-packed adventure. 02:28
Sudden Death
ID: KF037805
Album: Scoreboard
Frenetic percussion hits and blasting brass stabs set a mood of barely contained chaos coming to an exciting conclusion on prime time. 02:00
ID: KF037804
Album: Scoreboard
A dark track driven by an analog synth, it starts with a slow build leading to a glorious horn-led anthem of a dastardly group of hard-working heroes pushing to victory through the toughest trials. 02:50
ID: KF037803
Album: Scoreboard
This pounding and engaging track is total metal swashbuckling mayhem! With driving distorted guitars, epic solos, and heroic horns, it will carry the action both on and off the field. 02:12
Let The Games Begin
ID: KF037802
Album: Scoreboard
A hybrid track of modern dubstep influence packed with a victorious horn and string motifs and tension building string arpeggios of traditional sports television. 02:09
ID: KF037801
Album: Scoreboard
With a tense engaging intro, this track features triumphant horns and a swashbuckling melody, equally home with fast-paced sports or pirate adventures. 02:05
Back Again
ID: KF037010
Album: Higher Spheres
Shakers and piano introduce a feel of excited anticipation over a droning four-on-the-floor beat while other percussive elements chime in and a piano plays a detached melody. 02:06
Autumn Breeze
ID: KF037002
Album: Higher Spheres
Opening with a piano playing over a field of high frequency synths and drawn-out bass notes, the heartbeat modeled kick and gentle guitar strums raise a peculiar tension. 02:15
Renewable Energies
ID: KF036804
Album: Corporate Economy
This modern high-culture piece for strings is reminiscent of happier moments in the more popular historical dramas of today. 01:57
ID: KF036710
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
The track begins with dark, plucked tones and a heavy pulsing bass that leads to a terrifying requiem. 01:59
Source Of Life
ID: KF036709
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
A drone begins a track with heavy, foreboding braahms and pulsating synths and pads that pull the audience to an intriguing end. 02:33
ID: KF036707
Album: Epic Trailer Hybrid
A soft felt piano opens this track, with mystical vocal pads giving rise to strings of hope where none was had before. 02:36
ID: KF036410
Album: Sinister Machinations
Low bass tones encapsulate this dark pulsating track, with an echoing guitar and hollow synth playing the melody. 02:13
Between Mirrors
ID: KF036409
Album: Sinister Machinations
Electronic sounds and vibes trickle throughout the dark waves of this suspense-burdened ambient track. 02:39
Abandoned House
ID: KF036408
Album: Sinister Machinations
This haunting ambient track contains suspenseful cues and dark, foreboding tones. 02:19
ID: KF036407
Album: Sinister Machinations
This startling score features a dark, weaving drone and an industrial rhythm that sets the scene of the crime. 02:10
Tears Of The Sun
ID: KF036406
Album: Sinister Machinations
Suspenseful despair frames this ambient track orchestrated with sad tones from violins and piano. 02:41
Shady Places
ID: KF036405
Album: Sinister Machinations
A dark ambient track with haunting echoes and heavy distorted guitar articulations build up a criminal suspense. 02:25
Getting Close
ID: KF036404
Album: Sinister Machinations
A dark pulsing bass is accentuated by a ticking clock as the time counts down in this cryptic thriller track. 02:35
In The Woods
ID: KF036403
Album: Sinister Machinations
With a bouncing bass line influenced by spy movies, this downtempo electronic track is perfect for suspense and thrillers alike. 02:41
ID: KF036402
Album: Sinister Machinations
An aggressive, bass-filled beat and distorted guitars forges this industrial ambient track. 02:29
Long Hallway
ID: KF036401
Album: Sinister Machinations
Haunting tones and drifting effects build up to a reese bass-guided dark ambient sound. 02:29
ID: KF036110
Album: Piano Moods
Soft, silky arpeggiations lead the discourse in this haunting piano nocturne. 02:20
Last Night
ID: KF036109
Album: Piano Moods
A quiet and peaceful lullaby on piano recalling the better times. 02:20
ID: KF036108
Album: Piano Moods
This tense piano ballad brings in feelings of nostalgia and reflection. 02:21
ID: KF036107
Album: Piano Moods
A gentle nocturne for passing time and fading memories. 02:38
Spring Story
ID: KF036106
Album: Piano Moods
A triumphant tale told on piano about changing seasons and changing passions. 02:41
ID: KF036105
Album: Piano Moods
A late night lounge reflection played on piano after closing time. 02:21
Truly You
ID: KF036104
Album: Piano Moods
A piano quartet featuring a guitar picking out the rhythm and violins voice a longing legato. 02:20
Window Sill
ID: KF036103
Album: Piano Moods
A timely waltz played from behind the window on a cold rainy evening. 02:07
Sailing Boat
ID: KF036102
Album: Piano Moods
Long chords ring out in profound tones as the piano track opens into a soft, sonorous ballad. 02:06
Swing Higher
ID: KF036101
Album: Piano Moods
A soft felt piano playing a hope-filled prelude. 02:08
Empty Box
ID: KF036008
Album: Nostalgia
A guitar plucks out a tune in a heavenly space, while violins playing legato and staccato fill up these glorious depths. 02:59
ID: KF036005
Album: Nostalgia
A soft exchange of guitars creates an open space of safety and warmth over a pulsing bass rhythm that propels the audience optimistically forward. 02:49
ID: KF035710
Album: Ambitions
The track opens minimally with a decisive guitar progression, joined later by profound strings and rolling drums sure to uplift the spirit. 02:38
Now And Forever
ID: KF035708
Album: Ambitions
A light, introspective piano melody leads into an inspirational masterpiece with strings and kit drums. 03:02
Climb High
ID: KF035707
Album: Ambitions
String arpeggiations over slowly attacking waves of strings and horns crescendo to declare a mighty champion. 02:03
Never Let Go
ID: KF035706
Album: Ambitions
Encapsulating the classic motivational music for documentaries and commercials, the track starts with stringed arpeggios and is pushed forward by powerful horns. 02:23
King Of The World
ID: KF035705
Album: Ambitions
Powerful horns bring this propelling piece to its climax over a progression of arpeggiating strings and other articulated effects. 03:56
Plan B
ID: KF035704
Album: Ambitions
A dark and serious track designed to propel the audience into victory, with cinematic percussion, gripping strings and horns, and a triumphant choir. 02:42
With Every Cell
ID: KF035703
Album: Ambitions
This is a slowly rising ambient track featuring chimes, strings, and a percussion that mimics the heart. 03:22
Powerful Thoughts
ID: KF035702
Album: Ambitions
Marcato strings keep the beat in this fulfilling accompaniment with kit drums and synth effects. 02:23
Until The End
ID: KF035701
Album: Ambitions
A slowly building, motivational track that features a nostalgic melody on a trumpet accented by tambourine and timpani. 02:45
In Your Hands
ID: KF035606
Album: Corporate Strategy
With a powerful reese bass underlying the track, the audience becomes entranced by an emotional symphony of violins. 02:34
ID: KF035605
Album: Corporate Strategy
Starting as a tender ballad, this track adds guitar, chimes, and violins to the movement of a sincere piano. 02:34
ID: KF035410
Album: Scoring Dramedy
A soft cinematic piece pushed by strings, choir, piano, and chimes, both stirring and full of resolution. 02:16
Dark Companion
ID: KF035409
Album: Scoring Dramedy
Played over a deep legato synth bass, this modern cinematic track stirs up the tension and anxiety. 02:24
ID: KF035408
Album: Scoring Dramedy
This cinematic track builds off a rock percussion rhythm and intense strings and guitar arpeggiations. 02:09
Follow The Light
ID: KF035407
Album: Scoring Dramedy
Positivity is promoted by violin pulls, flute puffs, and chimes, paving the way for an uplifting and optimistic scene. 02:20
ID: KF035406
Album: Scoring Dramedy
This sentimental orchestration wields emotional strings over a choir-filled sound bed. 02:26
ID: KF035405
Album: Scoring Dramedy
Quick strums on a harp progresses into playing a melody while a bed of strings carries the track across the movements. 02:59
Attic Mystery
ID: KF035404
Album: Scoring Dramedy
The strings lead this hopeful track with a legato melody and staccato rhythm, overlaid with chimes and felt piano. 02:49
In The Garden
ID: KF035403
Album: Scoring Dramedy
A tense progression played on piano and backed by high strings while a single percussion ticks away like a quick, broken clock. 02:11
Writing A Note
ID: KF035402
Album: Scoring Dramedy
While a fractured rhythm plays on piano and piano strings, a violin sounds a morose melody. 03:14
ID: KF035401
Album: Scoring Dramedy
The track opens with a gentle swaying piano accented by chimes while a bed of strings crescendos to a pensive climax. 02:27
1387 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration