Production music tracks from Christian Hartung

Royalty-free music from producer Christian Hartung

152 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Road Satellite
ID: KF021910
Album: Power Rock
Aggressive e-guitar and retro-techno elements create a futuristic rock track. 02:02
ID: KF020808
Album: Surf Vol.2
Melodious Rockabilly track: e-guitar combined with South American brass and percussion. 02:09
ID: KF020803
Album: Surf Vol.2
Harmonious, slightly melancholic e-guitar track in country style, with brass as positive, energy-laden brighteners. 02:06
Eat It
ID: KF020711
Album: Energy Rock Vol.4
Short rock intro with lots of adrenalin and good atmosphere. 00:41
ID: KF020401
Album: Promotional Vol.2
A sensitive piece with gently played Banjo, sustaining strings and soft piano. Emotional and uplifting. 01:00
ID: KF020310
Album: Fusion
A very calm, atmospheric lounge track, with gentle sound of an e-guitar. 02:44
Never Rely
ID: KF020218
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
An impelling, energetic rock track with melancholic piano accompaniment. A dramatic, powerful music. 02:07
Down Fast
ID: KF020215
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
E-guitar, partly rocked, partly melodic, accompanied by synthesizers and drums. 02:56
Go Directly
ID: KF020212
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Uplifting, energetic rock music with contemplative melody. Both positive and serious atmosphere. 02:07
Breaking Bad
ID: KF020201
Album: Energy Rock Vol.3
Aggressive, energetic rock music with hard electric guitars and powerful drums. Charged atmosphere. 02:13
A Life to Live
ID: KF019613
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Action dance track, muted intro, then opening up with driving beats and dominant synthie sounds. 02:38
Adventure Call
ID: KF019602
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Roaring, fast and suspenseful electro track with electric guitar. Reminds of a motor boat trip with tricks and turns. 02:36
ID: KF019601
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Driving electro rock track with diversified synthie sounds. Energetic and unstoppable. 02:36
Measure Your Life
ID: KF019505
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
A positive track combining rock and groove. Relaxed, urban and a little melancholic. With electric guitar, xylophone and electric piano, at times dramatic bells. 02:03
ID: KF019503
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
Driving beats, electric piano and synthies, combined with electric guitar. Relaxed and energetic at the same time. 02:35
American Burger
ID: KF019501
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
Relaxed, atmospheric track with a little bit of Western. Easy electric guitar play combined with piano, electric piano and synthies. Urban and weightless. 02:37
Touch Of Feet
ID: KF018703
Album: Meditation
Chinese music for meditation with panpipe, pipa and timpani. 02:38
True To Love
ID: KF018507
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Majestic orchestra music with heroic brass, combined with dramatic strings and energetic timpani. Impressive and passionate. 02:12
All My Time
ID: KF018213
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Catchy, calm jingle with piano and slight synthie sounds. Tube bells as finale. 00:12
Sentimental Rules
ID: KF018212
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Short, intense jingle: gentle strings, tube bells, xylophone and electric piano underlay. 00:10
Tv Kid
ID: KF018210
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
A calm, friendly and clear jingle with violin, strings, xylophone and tube bells. 00:13
Europe Inc
ID: KF018006
Album: Groove Attack
Electro sounds combined with electric guitar and brass. Lively and groovy funk track. 02:38
It Came Unglue
ID: KF018001
Album: Groove Attack
Hammond combined with groovy percussions, electric guitar and sporadic synthie sounds. A groovy funk track. 02:38
ID: KF017813
Album: Game Show
Rhythmic, cheerful Latin theme with trumpets and danceable percussion beats. 00:05
Beatmaster Jim
ID: KF017806
Album: Game Show
Happy, playful orchestra track with powerful trumpets as lead, flute and xylophone on top. Spreads positive, rhythmic and heroic energy and reminds of a festive award ceremony. 00:49
I Really Care
ID: KF017805
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, melodic and rhythmic track with trumpets, percussion, electric piano and flute. Loopable. 00:29
In Case You Know
ID: KF017803
Album: Game Show
A rhythmic, cheerful track with groovy electric piano, combined with an easy electric guitar, xylophone and flute. Relaxed percussions. Loopable. 01:02
Look At Me
ID: KF017802
Album: Game Show
Light, cheerful music with soft electric piano, percussion rhythms and sporadic trumpet sounds. Background music for a show event. Loopable. 00:29
Tonight Club
ID: KF017801
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, energetic and melodic trumpets accompanied by a bright flute and percussion. Sounds like a show event. Loopable. 00:30
The Superstar
ID: KF017705
Album: Fanfares
A military and ceremonial music with drums, heroic brass and xylophone. For a festive awards ceremony. 00:34
The Beat Goes On
ID: KF017206
Album: Dance Charts
Driving electro track with a catchy hook, as well as playful and dreamy elements. 02:39
When I Grow Up
ID: KF017205
Album: Dance Charts
Melancholic house track with driving beats and playful synthies. 02:41
Headlong Rush
ID: KF017204
Album: Dance Charts
Fast, energetic action-sport soundtrack - the kick before the cliff diving… Driving beats, synthies and rock sounds. 02:38
Stop The Tears
ID: KF017203
Album: Dance Charts
Electro-pop track with positive, energetic e-piano and synthie sounds, catchy melody and relaxed beats. 01:23
ID: KF017201
Album: Dance Charts
Poppy track with catchy electro-synthies and filling beats. Animating and full of energy. 02:33
ID: KF016915
Album: Background Music
Relaxed, melancholic guitar track with atmospheric synthie sounds. 02:07
No Way Out
ID: KF016914
Album: Background Music
Rhythmic electro orchestra track with sounds of clapping and billowing synthies against the background of dramatic strings and drums. Combined with xylophone. 03:09
ID: KF016909
Album: Background Music
Groovy, relaxed jazz track. Classy, with laid-back e-guitar and bass, accompanied by e-piano, jazz trumpet and gentle drums. 01:58
Maybe More
ID: KF016907
Album: Background Music
A soft piano track with a catchy, consistent melody. Combined with tender synthies and percussion. 02:03
Fade Away Mind
ID: KF016905
Album: Background Music
Jazzy and atmospheric, relaxed and dynamic. A soft track defined by electric piano, synthies and drums. 02:01
ID: KF016904
Album: Background Music
Atmospheric, soft and exotic track with relaxed electric piano, breathy flute and bluesy electric guitar. The mood is completed by synthies. 02:37
Universal Mind
ID: KF016901
Album: Background Music
Relaxed and soft electro lounge track with consistent, gently driving beats, synthies and electric piano. 02:12
Trance Parade
ID: KF015813
Album: Trance Pop
An emotional dance track, accompanied by a soft electric piano. 02:21
Transcentral Flow
ID: KF015803
Album: Trance Pop
Dance track with empathetic and energetic piano ostinato. Thoughtful and emotional. 02:12
Another Place
ID: KF015801
Album: Trance Pop
Positive, hopeful electro and electric piano track, with dreamy melody and dance rhythm. 02:35
Twang Dang
ID: KF015614
Album: Surf Vol.1
An emotional, summer surf ballad with sensitive electric guitar and relaxed rhythm. 02:12
Dance Of Waves
ID: KF015609
Album: Surf Vol.1
Electric guitar and powerful drums. A track with an energetic atmosphere, accompanied by wind players. 02:12
The Second Best
ID: KF015607
Album: Surf Vol.1
An energetic rock track with a sensitive electric guitar and dreamy, spheric mood. 02:27
Dark Surface
ID: KF015606
Album: Surf Vol.1
A thoughtful, melancholic rock track accompanied by piano and trumpet, complemented by castanets. 02:14
Sick Tricks
ID: KF015605
Album: Surf Vol.1
A laid-back, groovy "Tex Mex" electric guitar track with quiet bongo accompaniment and melodious solo. 02:27
Faked Proof
ID: KF015516
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Thrilling, energetic rock music with melodic, thoughtful electric guitar. Aggressive and dramatic. 02:23
Heading For The Ground
ID: KF015512
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Energy rock with spheric mood. Aggressive electric guitar riffs are combined with slower, sensitive elements. 02:17
Rock Buster
ID: KF015511
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
A melodic, energetic rock track with motivatig electric guitar and synthies in a fast, thrilling rhythm. 02:10
Beat The Heat
ID: KF015509
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
A dynamic track with a rocking electric guitar, synthies and an energetic beat of drums. 02:48
Corned Beef
ID: KF015507
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Futuristic electro-rock track with aggressive electric guitar. Hopeful and energetic. 02:16
ID: KF015506
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Energetic rock music with pervading, powerful electric guitar riffs, synthies and tough drums. 02:04
Full Booze
ID: KF015505
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Aggressive hard rock paired with sensitive electric guitar melodies. Energetic and uplifting. 02:15
ID: KF015501
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Aggressive hard rock track with fast-paced electric guitars, interrupted by a soft interlude of synthies in the middle of the song. 02:20
Rock The Road
ID: KF015422
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Energetic parts with rough electric guitars and resounding rhythm alternate with a melodic electric guitar solo. 02:22
Bums & Noses
ID: KF015421
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Fast-paced rock track with pervading electric guitar solo and a strong beat. 02:03
ID: KF015420
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Funky rock track with fast electric guitar riffs and dramatic synthies. 02:01
Wylde's X
ID: KF015419
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Aggressive rock track with driving electric guitar and dramatic strings interludes. 02:23
Move Your Head
ID: KF015418
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Aggressive electric guitar with energetic rhythm and dramatic synthesizer riffs. Arranged into a powerful action track. 02:13
Punk & Fun
ID: KF015417
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Punk-rock track for nice weather and and sports. A classic rock band lineup. 01:57
ID: KF015404
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Energetic punk rock track with a fast electric guitar and strong drums. 02:10
In Your Face
ID: KF015402
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Rock track with skillful electric guitar and incisive lead sound of synthies. 02:28
Rock And Leather
ID: KF015401
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Dynamic, positive and stimulating rock track with a catchy hook. electric guitar, synthie elements and energetic drum rhythms. 02:21
ID: KF015301
Album: Smooth Electro
Futuristic lounge music with a pervasive bass and energetic synthies. 02:03
Bigger And Better
ID: KF015109
Album: Rocktronica
Energetic rock track full of synthies. Futuristic, activating and aggressive. 02:11
Before I Fall
ID: KF015105
Album: Rocktronica
Modern, aggressive electro-rock track, which combines hard electric guitar with futuristic synthies. 02:07
Heavy Fifth
ID: KF015104
Album: Rocktronica
Futuristic rock music with hard electric guitar sounds accompanied by synthies and energetic drums. 02:15
ID: KF014806
Album: Relax
Spanish acoustic guitar in a mystic atmosphere. Beautifully melancholic. 02:03
Red Spain
ID: KF014610
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Vivacious spanish pop track with classic guitar and synthies, a little melancholic. 02:10
ID: KF014606
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Pop track with acoustic guitar and piano. Relaxed and groovy, a little melancholic. 02:35
ID: KF014602
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
R 'n B track with string sounds, electric piano and a melodic acoustic guitar. A little melancholic. 01:33
Big Disgrace
ID: KF014318
Album: Modern Suspense
Exotic-futuristic track with low, vibrating synthies, accompanied by energetic drums and bongos. 02:05
Know Your Score
ID: KF014317
Album: Modern Suspense
Gloomy, futuristic music with electro beats and metallic percussions. 02:04
No Justice
ID: KF014113
Album: Massive Orchestra
An epic, sonorous orchestra music accompanied by a quiet piano voice, choir, electric guitar and drums. 02:21
Sinister Dreams
ID: KF014112
Album: Massive Orchestra
Film music for a grand orchestra, increasing in intensity, accompanied by soft piano sounds and electric guitar. 02:10
Roy Kahn
ID: KF014001
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Neat lounge sound with concise drum beat, electric piano and synthetic elements. 02:21
Piano Moods
ID: KF013910
Album: Lounge Vol.1
Soft, easy piano track, accompanied by spheric strings and a quiet acoustic guitar. 01:52
Go Ahead
ID: KF013820
Album: Latin&Spanish
Groovy track with rhythmic bass, combined with steel drums, acoustic guitar, organ and wind section. 02:04
Dawn By The Shore
ID: KF013819
Album: Latin&Spanish
A slow, emotional acoustic track with trumpet, flute and guitar. Combined with soft drum rhythms. 02:04
La Casa
ID: KF013818
Album: Latin&Spanish
Sunny, melancholic trumpet music with sensitive Latin rhythm. 02:07
Sugar Coat
ID: KF013817
Album: Latin&Spanish
A Latin American dance track with cheerful drum rhythms, combined with guitar, flute, trumpet and piano. 02:09
En Alta Mar
ID: KF013811
Album: Latin&Spanish
Melancholic pop track with Spanish guitar and string instruments. 02:25
Do Menor
ID: KF013808
Album: Latin&Spanish
A dreamy, thoughtful, Spanish music with guitars, accompnied by quiet strings. 02:00
Viento Antiguo
ID: KF013807
Album: Latin&Spanish
Spanish dance with strong drums and insistent, melancholic acoustic sound. 02:10
La Caleta
ID: KF013804
Album: Latin&Spanish
Dreamy Spanish sounds, acoustic guitar, castanets and bongos. Very romantic. 01:58
La Pintarroja
ID: KF013802
Album: Latin&Spanish
A playful, emotional guitar music with Mediterranean temperament. 01:54
One Long Moment
ID: KF013723
Album: Jazzy Moods
Thoughtful jazz track with sensitive trumpet and soft and quiet piano as background. 02:53
I Lift My Hat
ID: KF013722
Album: Jazzy Moods
Swinging, relaxed jazz title with bright solo trumpet. 02:39
The Night Has Just Begun
ID: KF013721
Album: Jazzy Moods
Fast, easy jazz music. electric piano, electric guitar, a groovy bass and trumpet. 02:31
Melting Snow
ID: KF013720
Album: Jazzy Moods
A sad saxophone track for calm, melancholic evenings in a jazz bar. Accompanied by calm piano sounds. 02:40
As It Was Before
ID: KF013719
Album: Jazzy Moods
Easy jazz track with trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar and piano. Easy, relaxed atmosphere. 02:32
Can Do Nothing About It
ID: KF013718
Album: Jazzy Moods
A soft bar jarr track with sensitive saxophone. Relaxed and soft. 02:36
Over The Brim Of Her Glasses
ID: KF013717
Album: Jazzy Moods
electric guitar and piano with a thoughtful, soft mood. Calm and dreamy atmosphere. 02:30
ID: KF013620
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A funky title track, made for the show. Band lineup and wind section. 00:19
Who Can You Tell
ID: KF013618
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Easy, positive piano and guitar music with cheerful, hopeful mood. 00:13
Encourage People
ID: KF013617
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A relaxed Latin jingle, evoking the thoughts of sunshine and holiday. 00:33
152 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration