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Beauty Shot
ID: KF038610
Album: Hyped Crowds
Unlocking the positive vibes, this bubblegum future house track features bright pad stabs, upbeat rhythms, and catchy vocals and chops. 02:35
Fire Hydrant
ID: KF038607
Album: Hyped Crowds
This bouncing future bass track with vocal chops and stuttered pads can pick up the mood in any scene. 02:56
Jump All Day
ID: KF038606
Album: Hyped Crowds
A bass-heavy trance track with driving rhythms, a pulsing drop and rise, and an overall dark tone is perfect for late-night club settings, raves, and action. 02:22
ID: KF038602
Album: Hyped Crowds
Featuring lightning synth rips, a driving bass, and massive beats, this high-energy progressive house track creates a vibrant and electrifying mood. 02:17
ID: KF038601
Album: Hyped Crowds
This future bass dance track is packed with riffing synths, bouncing bass lines, vocal chops, and an infectious rhythm, creating an upbeat and party atmosphere, perfect for beach scenes and club settings alike. 02:43
ID: KF038310
Album: Business Education
Featuring an uplifting piano melody, energetic strings, and infectious rhythm, the track conveys the spirit of resilience and overcoming challenges. 02:34
Market Share
ID: KF038309
Album: Business Education
With its solid beat, plucky arpeggios, and uplifting atmosphere, the track evokes a sense of inspiration and new beginnings. 02:48
One Of The Greats
ID: KF038308
Album: Business Education
Reflecting ambition and vision, this track combines an inspirational piano progression with soaring strings, electric guitar, and a sense of determination to create a mood of corporate excellence. 02:16
ID: KF038307
Album: Business Education
With a piano rhythm and lively arpeggios inspired by Latin beats, this track brings an energetic and uplifting vibe to portray the beauty of the sale. 02:50
Get To Work
ID: KF038306
Album: Business Education
A pulsing bass, strong four-on-the-floor beat, and staccato strings soundtrack the twists and turns of an interesting reveal. 02:35
ID: KF038303
Album: Business Education
Set a relaxing mood with a mellow piano melody and strings on harmony, perfect for instructional content that requires a calm and soothing ambiance. 02:54
The Merger
ID: KF038302
Album: Business Education
Get into the commercial spirit with this track featuring solid four-on-the-floor drums and a positive piano progression with a staccato strings melody. 02:16
ID: KF038301
Album: Business Education
This track radiates positivity with its upbeat piano progression, vibrant kit drums, and guitar hook, creating just the right mood to get down to business. 02:14
Team Spirit
ID: KF038110
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Punchy bass synths and driving drum machines evoke cruising down a rain-washed road at night while pulsing synth pads relay a sense of onward motion. 02:23
ID: KF038109
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Beginning with a horror-inspired flashback, this track hits all the 80s bases of popping basses and dancing square pads. 02:52
ID: KF038108
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Relying on an intense bass-driven nostalgic dance groove, this synthpop track features spacey arpeggios and pads and an epic synth lead. 03:24
ID: KF038106
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Analogue bass and retro drum machine rhythms depict an urban landscape in the future of the past. 02:22
ID: KF038105
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Ethereal minor key synth pads convey a somber, melancholic mood while a wavering synth solo brings a sense of forlorn hope. 03:29
Mellow Nights
ID: KF038101
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
A pumping synth pad pushes the four-on-the-floor beat that drives this synth wave track into the sunset. 02:13
And A Happy New Year
ID: KF037909
Album: X-mas Cinema
Driving rhythm, heavy guitar, and chimes put a fresh rock spin on holiday cheer. 03:10
Merry Christmas Everybody
ID: KF037908
Album: X-mas Cinema
A rocking interlude to a holiday story, this track features a cheerful solo guitar, swinging drums, and exciting horns. 02:53
Around The Globe
ID: KF037708
Album: Vlog Tunes
These crackling vinyl textures, head-nodding boom-bap beats, and a funky-bass are just right to capture that wanderlust mood. 02:18
Bonfire Stories
ID: KF037707
Album: Vlog Tunes
This smooth indoctrination of relaxing, nighttime vibes features vinyl crackling like fire, laid back beats, and a jazzy electric guitar rhythm. 02:17
Show Starts Soon
ID: KF037705
Album: Vlog Tunes
This dreamy track uses ice cold, funk-inspired horns, and a solid hip-hop groove to get people in the mood to get moving. 02:58
ID: KF037704
Album: Vlog Tunes
A vintage funk bassline and sultry piano licks create a mood of discovery while a lively vibe solo makes for a jazzy touch. 03:10
Full Of Life
ID: KF037610
Album: Summer Pop
This synth pop track features melodies on synth and a classic four-on-the-floor retro beat producing an overall upbeat, bright, and optimistic feel. 02:55
Young Love
ID: KF037609
Album: Summer Pop
A high-energy track celebrating life and love, featuring a wordless chorus, piano stabs and snapping fingers; the track gets more uplifting and infectious as it plays. 02:41
Cliff Jump
ID: KF037608
Album: Summer Pop
A rising anthemic ballad, the track starts with accented piano stabs and a slow, haunting guitar melody. The rolling rhythm of the drums picks up with an electric guitar and creates a stirring and emotional piece. 02:53
Special Strolls
ID: KF037607
Album: Summer Pop
This moderate-paced track with a bright, pop feel features whistling and kit drums and picks up the energy with a driving electric guitar. 02:50
Treehouse Anthem
ID: KF037605
Album: Summer Pop
This hauntingly beautiful track opens with a slow-paced piano and cello duet and builds into an anthemic and evocative piece full of positive emotions. 03:20
Amazing You
ID: KF037604
Album: Summer Pop
A bright and upbeat track that’s carried along by melodic arpeggios, an energetic four-on-the-floor kick, and a catchy synth pop melody full of excitement and anticipation. 02:14
Come By
ID: KF037603
Album: Summer Pop
This feel-good track shines with a catchy guitar riff and ukulele rhythm; kit drums, a tambourine, and a shaker join in on the jamboree. 02:04
Shine On Us
ID: KF037602
Album: Summer Pop
A poignant and emotional track that features a slow-building piano, lush string pads, and a haunting cello line; kit drums pick up the pace at the climax. 03:01
ID: KF037504
Album: City Rhythm
This jazz-infused track is spiced up by a boom bap beat, grooving percussion, guitar stabs, and vocal samples. 02:44
Must Be Said
ID: KF037410
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
An acoustic guitar lays out a classic-sounding folk progression. The cajon, cello, and guitar all work together to create an upbeat and optimistic Americana sound. 02:34
ID: KF037409
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
The handclaps and piano in this tune are catchy, yet there's a sinister undercurrent suggested by the cello. 02:34
ID: KF037408
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
A guitar lays down an arpeggiated progression over a distant drumbeat. Joined by an echoing piano, the melody floats on the wind and is carried onward by sentimentality. 02:33
New In Town
ID: KF037407
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
The guitar arpeggios, cello, piano, and gentle male voice in this track create a reflective and emotional atmosphere. 03:19
Eternal River
ID: KF037406
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
With a stripped down, folk vibe, this acoustic guitar-led medley featuring a gentle piano possesses a raw, organic character full of love and hope. 02:37
Back Then
ID: KF037405
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
A gentle strum embraces past worries while kit drums and piano push the track towards a hopeful future. 02:58
Infinite Day
ID: KF037404
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
What starts as a soft, fireside guitar arpeggio, builds up into a slow and sweet tune with violin, piano and kit. 02:30
ID: KF037403
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
The acoustic guitar and violin trade off an emotion-laden melody, while the rhythm is kept by shakers, handclaps, and a tambourine. 02:41
Sleeping Stars
ID: KF037402
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
This somber tune features a cello for melody and brushed drums for a gentle, steady pace; an acoustic guitar plays arpeggios to set the mood. 03:52
ID: KF037401
Album: Acoustic Daydreaming
The acoustic guitar, piano, and cello in this track create a catchy, foot-tapping rhythm, while the cello adds a touch of melancholy. 03:08
Party People
ID: KF037305
Album: Noble Nights
Flashy synths and clanging guitars make for a pumping 80s synth pop track perfect for energetic work outs and anything that needs an energy infusion. 02:10
Quick Race
ID: KF037204
Album: Press Start
This synth wave track features a driving kick and pumping pads with an alternating bouncing and pounding bass that will drive the listener to the finish. 02:26
ID: KF037107
Album: Electronic Intensity
This upbeat house track pounds out a head bopping appeal with edgy, 8-bit leads and groove-imbued sequences. 02:22
ID: KF037105
Album: Electronic Intensity
Full of modern effects, tape stops and starts and more, this anthemic future bass track is full of chopped vocals, a funky bassline, and retro arcade effects. 03:19
Great Times
ID: KF037104
Album: Electronic Intensity
Dark plucks and synth arps pave the way for this stumbling rhythmic powerhouse complete with mysterious vocal effects and reese bass drones. 03:08
ID: KF037103
Album: Electronic Intensity
This extremely positive take is a borderline gospel for future bass, with a high-brow progression and an exchange of synth question and answers that makes the listener want to give thanks. 02:26
Be Stronger
ID: KF037102
Album: Electronic Intensity
This future bass anthem opens with livid, manipulated vocals and a popping bass line that could really slap if electric basses could actually slap. 02:52
Computer Theme
ID: KF036810
Album: Corporate Economy
A big idea needs a big impact and a solid kick drum with electronic percussions and positive vibes. 02:21
Domestic Flight
ID: KF036809
Album: Corporate Economy
Soar through your presentation with a solid electronic groove and piano layered with acoustic guitar strums. 02:52
New Country
ID: KF036808
Album: Corporate Economy
This uplifting corporate track reaches new heights with a pressing piano progression and modern groove. 02:28
Monday Morning
ID: KF036807
Album: Corporate Economy
A piano progression wins the day on this corporate track, followed by a driving house beat and positive vibe arps and melodies. 02:30
ID: KF036806
Album: Corporate Economy
Guitar strums make for a classically commercial sound, driven by kit drums, synth strings, claps, and a general rock mood. 02:49
ID: KF036805
Album: Corporate Economy
Transitioning from acoustic to electric, guitar strums form the base of the progression while a kick pushes a four-on-the-floor dance groove. 03:17
Nano Tech
ID: KF036803
Album: Corporate Economy
Opening with a repeated vibe arp, this laid-back technocratic track features electronic percussions, sweeping atmospheres, and electric guitars. 01:59
Build Up
ID: KF036802
Album: Corporate Economy
A four-on-the-floor dance beat lays solid ground for a piano progression and house groove. 02:37
ID: KF036801
Album: Corporate Economy
A reflectively rhythmic guitar opens this thoughtful piece with kit drums and piano. 02:31
Waking Mind
ID: KF036608
Album: Earthbound
A side-chained progression pumps this retro take on trance, complete with vocal effects and sliding bass. 02:32
Day Times Change
ID: KF036604
Album: Earthbound
The electric piano accompanied with synth play through a progression rich with nostalgia. 02:19
ID: KF036603
Album: Earthbound
Soft waves of pure sine synths guide the listener on a cosmic journey of ambience and warmth. Check it out with and without percussion. 03:15
Animal Choice
ID: KF036602
Album: Earthbound
The gentle strums of a synthesizer open this laid back, retro track. 02:45
ID: KF036601
Album: Earthbound
This energetic spin on synthwave is loaded with bouncing arps that run the gauntlet between bass and melody. 02:48
Paper Planes
ID: KF036510
Album: Acoustic Weekend
An energetic track with a sweet bowing violin and a solid beat on kit drums, it’s perfect for nostalgic montages and b-rolls. 02:41
In Fine Weather
ID: KF036509
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Carried by the dancing of an upright bass, this happy track whistles along with a harmonica and guitar. 02:36
A Piece Of Cake
ID: KF036508
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a steady kit drum beat and clapping hands, this cheerful track is light-hearted and uplifting. 02:20
Mowing The Lawn
ID: KF036507
Album: Acoustic Weekend
A downbeat rock tune with a fast-picking guitar and an inspirational piano melody. 02:31
Farm Life
ID: KF036506
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Acoustic guitar arpeggiations and gentle strumming lead this relaxed country-style track that picks up with a rock drum kit and chimes. 02:49
Up The Hill
ID: KF036505
Album: Acoustic Weekend
This downtempo acoustic ballad brings out the feelings of reflectiveness and regret, with hand drums introducing a greater tension. 02:41
ID: KF036504
Album: Acoustic Weekend
This engaging, upbeat medley is led by a strong acoustic guitar rhythm and will surely get the audience clapping along. 02:19
Holding Hands
ID: KF036503
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With gentle acoustic guitar strums and a plucked uplifting melody, this track inspires the downtrodden with promises of friendship and gratefulness. 02:09
Summer Sun
ID: KF036502
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a touch of funk, this joyous track is driven by electric guitar and a solid rock drum kit. 03:18
ID: KF036501
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Characterized by airy downshifters, this track is led by a deep bass and gently plucking acoustic guitar. 02:34
Energy Of Life
ID: KF036310
Album: Summer Vibes
This pumping pop song builds quickly to a head-bobbing crescendo, carried on by energetic, soulful vocals. 02:23
Daily Push
ID: KF036309
Album: Summer Vibes
A solid, pumping four-on-the-floor track with intense rhythmic pads and leads. 02:23
Lonely Numbers
ID: KF036308
Album: Summer Vibes
This intense future bass track features vocal stutters, driving basses, and varying levels of energy, from low key to shimmering and vibrant. 02:52
ID: KF036307
Album: Summer Vibes
This quirky downtempo EDM track bounces with rhythmic pads and echoing vocal effects, punctuated by a piano progression. 02:37
Stay With Me
ID: KF036306
Album: Summer Vibes
With stuttering vocal effects and a shimmering rhythmic pad, this downtempo EDM track is perfectly suited for montages and lounges. 02:28
Beautiful Island
ID: KF036305
Album: Summer Vibes
A downtempo future bass track with vocal effects, filled with electronic risers and grinding sounds. 02:02
You And Me
ID: KF036304
Album: Summer Vibes
A feel good pop track led by stuttering acoustic guitars overcome by a positive and joyous lead. 02:12
There For You
ID: KF036303
Album: Summer Vibes
A gently plucking guitar articulates a soft but stirring feeling over a downtempo kick and deep bass. 02:19
ID: KF036302
Album: Summer Vibes
Driven by deep gliding basses, transforming arps, and stuttering drops, this future bass track is both uplifting and inspiring. 02:17
Taking Pictures
ID: KF036301
Album: Summer Vibes
The pads on this anthemic future bass track are thick and pumping over a squealing arp. 02:42
Flux Capacitor
ID: KF036203
Album: Retro Technology
Cruise back in time with this darkwave track packed with digital effects and dark, aggressive saw wave arps. 02:31
ID: KF035907
Album: Moon Tune
The electric piano gives this synth wave track an almost gospel feel, shifting gears in the middle to become a spacey hymn. 02:35
Behind The Curtain
ID: KF035906
Album: Moon Tune
Pull back the curtain to reveal a beach dance party with this future house track pounding with vocal effects and a classic house rhythm on piano. 02:43
Stay Golden
ID: KF035905
Album: Moon Tune
Alternately a trance anthem and an electro-house grind, this track wields electrifying synthesizers and open-filtered super saws. 02:27
ID: KF035809
Album: Vlog & Social Media
This nostalgic-feeling track opens with a guitar playing a progressive rock riff that carries over a boom bap beat. 02:10
Deep Blue
ID: KF035808
Album: Vlog & Social Media
An upbeat and quick LoFi track, it shares elements of breakbeat and boom bap while playing over a deep bass. 02:13
ID: KF035806
Album: Vlog & Social Media
Powered by a deep bass, this track includes psychedelic echoes and a spaced out groove. 01:59
ID: KF035804
Album: Vlog & Social Media
A grainy piano plays a timbre of nostalgia and is joined by LoFi boom bap drums, pumping pads, and an electric guitar. 02:35
ID: KF035709
Album: Ambitions
Opening with the sentimental playing of a piano, the track builds first with a guitar joining, then a sequenced bass, atmospheric vocals, synth effects, and kit drums for a final conquest. 02:08
Now And Forever
ID: KF035708
Album: Ambitions
A light, introspective piano melody leads into an inspirational masterpiece with strings and kit drums. 03:02
Count Me In
ID: KF035610
Album: Corporate Strategy
With a piano progression and jazzy pluck, this laid-back house groove will up the motivation and gather everyone's focus. 02:21
ID: KF035609
Album: Corporate Strategy
An energetic four-on-the-floor groove that perfectly goes with any project needing something that will focus the audience's attention. 02:26
ID: KF035605
Album: Corporate Strategy
Starting as a tender ballad, this track adds guitar, chimes, and violins to the movement of a sincere piano. 02:34
Need Help
ID: KF035604
Album: Corporate Strategy
This downbeat track masterfully builds to an exciting climax with a cinematic piano and dramatic violins. 02:52
World Run
ID: KF035603
Album: Corporate Strategy
The track opens with a pluck arpeggiation and builds toward a pumping and energetic piece with piano, synths, and bass. 02:12
618 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration