Production music tracks from Jochen Flach

Royalty-free music from producer Jochen Flach

118 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Never To Thrive
ID: KF026508
Album: Spherical Mood
Dark atmosphere with melodic piano lines. Emotional, dreamy and yet dramatic. 02:59
Expanding Slough
ID: KF026507
Album: Spherical Mood
Dark atmosphere with emotional plucked instruments. Emotional, dreamy and yet dramatic. 02:59
Breeds Of The Swamp
ID: KF025407
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.3
Thrilling strings and piano lines create this rising and falling amount of tension. 02:59
Lost In The Marshland
ID: KF025406
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.3
Mostly percussive instruments mixed with atmospherical soundscapes. 02:02
About To Thieve
ID: KF025405
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.3
Emotional tension with atmospherical breaks. Dreamy, thrilling and driving. 03:31
Hot Power
ID: KF020702
Album: Energy Rock Vol.4
Grunge track with beautiful lead guitar and a continuous beat. 01:33
So This Is Life
ID: KF020508
Album: Retro Kitch
Muted jazz trumpet, piano and e-piano. Vintage style, with steady crackling and stumbling during the song. Relaxed and cheerful. 00:23
Drops Of Black Gold
ID: KF020114
Album: World Tales Vol.2
Atmospheric, solemn ambience track with threatening brass, synthies and electric piano background. Soft beats, flute and xylophone. 03:02
At Nightfall
ID: KF020109
Album: World Tales Vol.2
Calm, steady track with acoustic guitars, Spanish in appearance, strings, piano and quiet percussion. Melancholic and thoughtful. 03:01
Bright Morning
ID: KF019912
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Uplifting orchestra music, partly energetic, partly, gentle. With tube bells and flute. 02:06
Buried Wishes
ID: KF019911
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
A relaxed, thoughtful composition with a spanish sounding piano and clarinet. Combined with strings and rhythmic bongos. 00:32
Desert Dance
ID: KF019910
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Oriental music with piano, rhythmic bongos, flute and violin. Catchy tune, reminds of the desert and belly dancing. 00:31
Side Effect
ID: KF019908
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Arabian sounds within an exciting orchestra track with percussions, impelling brass and strings. 01:40
Under The Palm Trees
ID: KF019907
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Exotic music with a harmonic combination of rattles, duduk, flute, saxophone, harp and strings. Merges into a calm orchestra part. 01:30
Hunting Shadows
ID: KF019906
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Scary, sinister orchestra track with easy, clear bongos and dominant brass. Exciting and fast. 01:43
Mild Vision
ID: KF019905
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Calming, Far Eastern orchestra music. Solemn strings combined with mandolin, duduk and clarinet. 01:03
Leap In The Dark
ID: KF019904
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Far Eastern orchestra music with electro elements, calm at the beginning, growing dangerously. With synthies and mandolin. 02:05
Return Of The Unwanted
ID: KF019903
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Melancholic, mysterious orchestra music with impelling timpani beats, xylophone and harp. Significantly calmer towards the end. 02:00
Blessed Concubine
ID: KF019902
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Threatening music like out of 1001 Nights. Arabic flute play surrounded by sinister strings, impelling percussion and powerful brass. 02:02
Discovering The Future
ID: KF019901
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Orchestra music, rising up strong and majestically from time to time, to then fade away softly. Parts with clarinet, flute and harp. 01:00
Dangerous Assumptions
ID: KF019312
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Creepy, suspenseful orchestra track with strings, brass, bright female choir and single, roaring beats. Scray, gloomy atmosphere. 02:51
Smoldering Ashes
ID: KF019311
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
A smouldering track just as an abandoned fireplace in the wind. Calm strings, muted timpani and threatening synthies. 02:46
Dangerous Jungle
ID: KF019219
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Sunspensful film music with threatening, insidious strings, impelling rhythms and roaring brass. 03:01
ID: KF019110
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
A very changeable, epic orchestra music, mulitfaceted, like telling a full story. From sinister and mysterious to hopeful, dramatic and threatening. 02:38
Combined Efforts
ID: KF019006
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Threatening, heroic track with xylophone, strings and forceful brass. Combined with choir voices. Energetic, thrilling and stirring. 02:59
Last Warning
ID: KF019004
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Energetic, impellent track with percussions, rhythmic acoustic guitar and strings. Parts with threatening synthies, choir and brass. Interesting mix of dance and fight music. 02:56
Insecure Sorrow
ID: KF018809
Album: Native American
Calm, melancholic ambience track with plucked acoustic guitar, reed pipe, electric piano and harp. 00:57
Been Here Before
ID: KF018805
Album: Native American
Soft acoustic guitars, Spanish in appearance, and flutes, combined with strings and piano. A melancholic, thoughtful track. 03:01
Last Breath
ID: KF018513
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Fast, threatening rock orchestra track with rough strings, stomping drums, brass and insistent e-guitars. Combined with dramatic male choir. 01:35
Raging Teardrops
ID: KF018415
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Melancholic, heroic orchestra track with strings, brass and a rocky e-guitar. Calm ending with sad female singing. 02:09
For The Greater Good
ID: KF018407
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Melancholic, calm music at the beginning with strings, harp and a distant choir. Merging into a dramatic, combative final part with energetic brass and strings. 01:38
Heavy Weapons
ID: KF018406
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Energetic, threatening music with powerful brass and strings, with few individual flute sounds. Aggressive, with the sound of sword blades and heroic choir. 02:39
Black Sand Desert
ID: KF018404
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Sinister, scary and dynamic orchestra track. Threatening, rhythmic strings, alternating between crescendo and diminuendo. 01:26
Full Might
ID: KF017709
Album: Fanfares
Short, uplifting fanfare with drum roll, trumpets and bells. The announcement of a great event. 00:12
On A Hill Top
ID: KF017702
Album: Fanfares
Uplifting and dramatic fanfare, energetic and grand, with brass, strings and drum roll. 00:09
A Wide Land
ID: KF017701
Album: Fanfares
Short, dramatic and intense fanfare with brass, bells, strings and harp. Like a noble gesture. 00:08
In The Old Days
ID: KF017614
Album: European Cinema
A track in rustic style: accordion, acoustic guitar and percussion. Sounds like a folksy pirate drinking evening. 03:01
For Someone Else
ID: KF017611
Album: European Cinema
Calm, melancholic track. Solemn strings combined with staccato violins. With bongos, piano and flute on top. 00:36
Have My Attention
ID: KF017610
Album: European Cinema
Rhythmic track with lots of percussion and melodic strings. Like a classic Latin-American dance. Melancholic and passionate. 00:41
Imminent Risk
ID: KF017609
Album: European Cinema
Sinister, calm orchestra piece with clarinet, piano, electric piano and strings. Low piano tones and string basses towards the end. 01:10
Corrupt Minds
ID: KF017608
Album: European Cinema
Elated accordion with sinister, creepy strings and piano tones. Threatening stinger at the end. 01:07
Tiny Wink
ID: KF017604
Album: European Cinema
A playful, versatile and calm piece of music with clarinet, triangle sounds, electric piano, strings and piano. Reminds of lanky theater characters. 02:02
One Man's Footprints
ID: KF017603
Album: European Cinema
A melancholic, dreamy track with guitar-playing combined with piano, strings and oboe. 01:02
Afternoon Playtime
ID: KF017602
Album: European Cinema
A dreamy, imaginative music with pizzicato strings, acoustic guitar, flute, drums, brass and xylophone. Colourful, emotional and playful. 02:02
Rising Moon
ID: KF017108
Album: World Travels Vol.2
Loud, hard drum and timpani beats combined with very sensitive, heroic strings. An exotic, wild and emotional music. 02:14
On The Tide
ID: KF017009
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, melancholic ambience orchestra track with atmospheric strings and rapt clarinet. Mysterious and sinister, but hopeful. 02:32
ID: KF017008
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, sinister and scary film music with strings and oboe. Reminds of foggy darkness. 03:01
In A Dream
ID: KF017003
Album: Calm Orchestra
A very gentle, dreamy track with continous marimba pattern, a clear flute and birds twittering. Dark timpani in the middle section, calm outro. 02:31
High Energy
ID: KF016712
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Dramatic brass and strings, alternating volume. Energetic, exciting and heroic orchestra composition. 01:58
Visitors From Abroad
ID: KF016514
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Exotic, percussion-driven piece with mystic flute melodies. 02:02
The Wide Lands Of Australia
ID: KF016513
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Energetic piece driven by percussion and didgeridoo. 02:06
Austrian Folk
ID: KF016314
Album: World Pop
Loungy track with synths, electric piano and cheerful chords. Funny. 01:31
ID: KF016111
Album: Vocal Tracks
A classic song, like an enchanted world. With gentle vocals, strings and harp. 01:01
ID: KF016007
Album: Uplifting&Positive
This cinematic music is telling a story of adventures in distant worlds and of magic and socery. 01:07
Shining Bright
ID: KF016004
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A magical orchestra carries the listener away into a fairytale-dream world 00:34
Breathy Air
ID: KF016003
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Uplifting music with piano and strings. Creates positive feelings and inspires dreams. 00:35
Scorched Earth
ID: KF015917
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
Partly aggressive, sinister music with orchestra, electric guitar and vocals, amongst them creepy chimes. 01:00
Up There
ID: KF014717
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A soft piano track with quiet strng accompaniment and a sensitive guitar. Positive and romantic. 01:53
Rock Identity
ID: KF014709
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Piano track accompanied by electric guitar and drums. Calm beginning and rocking final. 01:28
ID: KF014412
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
Heroic, solemn orchestra track, military in appearance. 01:55
ID: KF014409
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
Orchestra sounds, resembling gun shots, accentuated with a powerful choir in a gloomy, threatening atmosphere. Danger is near. 01:06
Hairy Beast
ID: KF014408
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
Threatening orchestra music with military drums and trumpets. Accompanied by an energetic, dramatic choir. 01:06
Ropy Lump
ID: KF014402
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
A pervading string melody accompanied by hard drums and orchestra. 01:03
Battle Music
ID: KF014401
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.1
Loud, energetic orchestra music, a threatening march with strong drum beats. Speeds up towards the end. 01:07
Call Chain
ID: KF014320
Album: Modern Suspense
Quiet, sinister orchestra music, accentuated with electro beats and percussive accompaniment. Melancholic, sad and gloomy. 02:38
Badge 361
ID: KF013410
Album: High Action
A positive, melodic rock track with energetic electric guitar and e-bass, combined with hard rhythms and electro sounds. 01:54
Renewed Confidence
ID: KF012613
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
A mighty orchestra track with imposing strings, combined with oboe, xylophone and piano. Sedate, hopeful and heroic. 01:57
Dark Giant
ID: KF012608
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
A mysterious, energetic orchestra music with enchanted choir vocals within a calm atmosphere. 01:25
Spun Down
ID: KF012521
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A sinister, combative march. An impending danger, packed into a dramatic orchestra and choir music. 01:11
Heavy Load
ID: KF012520
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Enchanted, partly restless and partly hopeful orchestra music with continous timpani rhythms and percussions. 01:35
Rebel Command
ID: KF012519
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Orchestra music, very dramatic and powerful, with choir accompaniment and large orchestra. 01:20
Thirst For Blood
ID: KF012516
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Choir and orchestra track with a driving, threatening atmosphere. Very powerful. 01:26
ID: KF012515
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Dramatic orchestra music with powerful strings, accompanied by a threatening choir. 01:39
Obscure Thoughts
ID: KF012514
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Threatening, powerful choral singing, accompanied by fast drums and orchestra. 01:19
Better Than You
ID: KF012512
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Film music for orchestra and choir, like a big fight, full of courage and lurking danger. Threatening and resolute. 01:39
Majestic Blood
ID: KF012511
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Creepy, lurking film music with grand orchestra. The second part creates a dramatic, heroic mood, accompanied by a choir. 01:47
Infinite Pain
ID: KF012510
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A sinister, dangerous film music with energetic choir voice. The orchestra playing intensively and pervasive. 01:37
Vision Overhead
ID: KF012509
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
An aggressive, threatening orchestra track with rushing drum rhythms and epic choir accompaniment. 01:19
Sharp Razor
ID: KF012508
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Adventurous orchestra track with dynamic choir accompaniment. Courageous, dangerous and exciting. 01:27
Still Energetic
ID: KF012507
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Film music resounding hope, danger, mysteries and combats. Epic and spectacular. 01:11
Hurt But Alive
ID: KF012506
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Hard, brutal timpani beats, combined with a dynamic orchestra and a threatening choir. A powerful, epic orchestra music. 01:06
Unique Origin
ID: KF012502
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A dramatic orchestra music with sinister, warning choir in a fast rhythm. Threatening and driving. 01:35
ID: KF012501
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Epic, threatening film music for grand orchstre and choir. In a thrilling, combative atmosphere. 01:11
Bow And Arrow
ID: KF012421
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A fast orchestra musik, driving strings and choir. 01:42
Exclusive Access
ID: KF012418
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Strings, brass and choir. Reminding of epic battles. 01:29
Out Of The Mist
ID: KF012417
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A heroic orchestra piece with heavy strings, impressive percussions and choir. 02:03
Original Edge
ID: KF012416
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Energetic, touching orchestra music, hopeful and immense. Accompanied by a grand choir. 02:09
Take Umbrage
ID: KF012415
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A sinister and epic orchestra music, with energetic strings and resounding wind section, accompanied by a bright choir. 01:54
Oblique Angle
ID: KF012414
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Disturbing, heroic track with a big orchestra and an extraordinary choir accompaniment. 01:17
ID: KF012411
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
An epic orchestra music with big trappings. Male vocal accompaniment, hopeful and driving. 01:38
ID: KF012410
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A dark, threatening march. A sinister army marching towards a battle, with orchestra and war-like drums. 01:33
Burning Horizon
ID: KF012403
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Orchestra and choir music with heavy military rhythm as drum accompaniment. 01:51
Scepter Of Sovereignty
ID: KF012401
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Dramatic, sinister orchestra music with threatening choir and rapid strings. 01:39
Deep Hollow
ID: KF012008
Album: Emotional Trailer
A hopeful and powerful orchestra track with energetic choir and uplifting mood. 01:14
ID: KF012007
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dark, threatening orchestral track. More and more aggression and speed towards the end. Accompanied by a choir. 01:18
New Opportunity
ID: KF012006
Album: Emotional Trailer
Alternatibg between hope and menace, this orchestra track is energetic and versatile. Accompanied by a choir. 01:19
ID: KF012004
Album: Emotional Trailer
An epic and hopeful orchestral track accompanied by a choir. 01:11
Guardian Of Truth
ID: KF012003
Album: Emotional Trailer
A fast and heroic orchestra track with rushing strings and powerful timpani hits. 01:33
Entry Of Evil
ID: KF012002
Album: Emotional Trailer
Dramatic orchestra with hard drums and timpani hits. Threatening brass and a powerful choir. 01:13
Space Music
ID: KF011918
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Powerful film music, energetic and menacing at times. 02:40
118 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration