Production music tracks from Benny Oschmann

Royalty-free music from producer Benny Oschmann

24 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Journey To Another World
ID: KF028704
Album: Orchestral Tales
A lush orchestral work instilling heroic quests with inspirational determination. 02:41
Magical Journey
ID: KF025201
Album: Epic Fantasy
A fast voyage through magical realms painted by playful strings and dramatic orchestra. 01:15
Escape The Tower
ID: KF021705
Album: Epic Dimension
An exited violin and powerful timpanis. Moving and driving. 00:51
March Through Hell (RMX)
ID: KF020904
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Dramatic orchestra with a powerful dub step beat. Driving sci fi piece with a calm part in the middle and a rising finale. Dub-Step version of "March Through Hell" (KF018501) 02:39
Arms Of Zeus (RMX)
ID: KF020903
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Atmospheric dub step track with sci fi synth and suspenseful orchestra. Like an epic space battle. Dub-Step version of "Disarmed" (KF017907) 02:53
Dubious Promises
ID: KF019308
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
This track combines calm electric piano with synthies, strings and brass and evokes doubting and insecurity. 02:40
Cold Fright
ID: KF019306
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
A calm, creepy track with sinister synthies, suspenseful strings and brass. Wavelike, increasing intensity in the middle section. 02:44
Dark Pitch
ID: KF019305
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Calm, low strings and creepy synthie sounds define this sinister track. With unpleasant moments of tension. 02:41
All Hell Breaks Loose
ID: KF019301
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Energetically impelling, hectic strings define this creepy orchestra track. In addition, equally hectic strings and electric guitar. 02:41
Majestic Spectacle
ID: KF019214
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
A solemn, majestic orchestra track with energetic strings and brass, combined with harp and chorale elements. Warm and heroic, like a sublime flight. 01:55
Change Of Strategy
ID: KF018510
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Sinister and exciting orchestra music with energetic strings and brass, mysterious choir and rhythmic trumpets. 02:34
Frantic Chevy
ID: KF018509
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Very suspenseful orchestra track full of action. Impelling drum rhythms and strings, combined with powerful brass and synthies. Sounds like a fatal hunt. 02:32
March Through Hell
ID: KF018501
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
A strong piece of music with dramatic brass and choir, strings and timpani. Has a huge, heavy and drastic effect. Dub-Step remix available: "March Through Hell (RMX)" (KF020904). 02:30
Once Upon A Time
ID: KF018412
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
A fast orchestra track full of action, exciting, energetic and dramatic. With tube bells and powerful brass. Reminds of fast cavalry. 01:06
Hymn Of Honour
ID: KF018107
Album: World Anthems
Festive and heroic orchestra track with powerful brass and xylophone. Reminds of a festive military parade. 00:30
ID: KF017908
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
Brave brasses and a hopeful trompet, backed of bright strings. Medieval orchestral piece with an oriental part in the middle. 03:16
ID: KF017907
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
A bright, mysterious choir on a thrilling orchestra. Reminds of breakup and adventure. Dub-Step remix available "Arms Of Zeus" (KF020903). 02:54
Lethal Coercion
ID: KF016814
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three orchestra stingers with brass, synthies, electric piano and strings. Intrusive, annoying and creepy. Like being pushed into a corner by an evil force. 00:43
Evil Intent
ID: KF016813
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy orchestral stingers. Quietly threatening, with strings, brass, timpani and synthies. 00:40
In Cold Blood
ID: KF016812
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three short, threatening stingers with aggressive brass, combined with synthies, cymbals and timpani. 00:38
Full Of Peace
ID: KF013007
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
The dream of a child, interwoven into a calm, playful film music with flute and chimes. 01:41
Fantastic Town
ID: KF012601
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
Film music with strings, harp and flute. Festive and hopeful. 01:38
Tortuga Dreams
ID: KF011711
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic film music for fights and adventures. 01:40
Dark And Sad
ID: KF010910
Album: Children
A sad and emotional orchestral track. The same theme is picked up over and over again. 02:09
24 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration