Production music tracks from Andreas Adler

Royalty-free music from producer Andreas Adler

15 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Kingdom Pt.4
ID: KF021716
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An increasing orchestra track with playful strings, accompanied by a choir. 02:34
Kingdom Pt.3
ID: KF021715
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A powerful orchestral piece with a smooth beginning, perfect for epic battles. 02:43
Kingdom Pt.1
ID: KF021714
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Fantastic orchestra music, starts dreamy and emotional, suddenly rushs to an epic finale and fade out smooth in the end. 02:04
Kingdom Pt.2
ID: KF021005
Album: Children Vol.2
Quiet orchestra music, mysterious like a walk through a bewitched forest. 00:53
ID: KF021004
Album: Children Vol.2
Quiet but suspensful orchestral music that starts and stops several times. 01:54
ID: KF021001
Album: Children Vol.2
A quiet an magical track, full of peace an joy. 00:59
The Search
ID: KF019111
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
An elegiac orchestra, melancholic and hopeful at the same time. 03:03
Eagle Fly
ID: KF017912
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
A moving orchestral piece with a gently melody. Ist getting darker and more dramatic in the middle part. 03:03
The Valley
ID: KF017019
Album: Calm Orchestra
Emotional strings and a calm piano. Like the memory of lost beloveds. 02:36
Rainbow Angel
ID: KF011618
Album: Drama
Sentimental score music that starts in a melancholic mood and ends pretty uplifting. 02:17
ID: KF011617
Album: Drama
Slowly increasing track, from spooky piano in the beginning to an epic and volouminous finale. 01:21
Ada Reign
ID: KF010824
Album: Beautiful
A piano track full of feelings with some calm timpani beats in the background. Careful and discreet. 02:19
Nella's Dream
ID: KF010823
Album: Beautiful
Quiet and peaceful track with increasing intensity. Strings, piano and marimba. 01:42
Eddie's Journey
ID: KF010822
Album: Beautiful
Like a journey through a fantastic world. Playful strings, a positive piano and voluminous timpanis. 02:49
Christal Forest
ID: KF010821
Album: Beautiful
A melancholic track with soft violins in the background and a hopeful guitar melody. 01:04
15 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration