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Title Description Duration
Sound Alarm
ID: KF011001
Album: Club Beats
Typical club beat in the style of house music. 02:01
Master Of Dark Trance
ID: KF011002
Album: Club Beats
Progressive house with minimal chorus. 02:22
Minimal Dance
ID: KF011003
Album: Club Beats
Tech-House in up-to-date style. 02:05
Calculated Moves
ID: KF011004
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro house track. 01:37
Don't You
ID: KF011006
Album: Club Beats
High energy electro track with vocal samples. 02:35
Return To Melody
ID: KF011007
Album: Club Beats
Deep house break with tech house chorus. 02:20
Metallic Groove
ID: KF011008
Album: Club Beats
Non 4 on the floor club beat with freaky synth melody. 01:41
Danger In The House
ID: KF011009
Album: Club Beats
Minimal / Goa track. 02:07
Pole Position
ID: KF011010
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro club track. 02:09
Techno Street
ID: KF011011
Album: Club Beats
Deep house chill out with delayed chord line. 02:11
Funky French
ID: KF011013
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with bright and catchy melody. 02:02
State Of Trance
ID: KF011014
Album: Club Beats
Atmospheric techno trance with energetic, soulful melody. Accompanied by a thrilling beat. 01:58
Hard Dance
ID: KF011015
Album: Club Beats
Techno track with groovy electro melody. Chilled, danceable and thrilling. 02:02
Show Up
ID: KF011016
Album: Club Beats
Thrilling and minimalistic electro track with groovy melody and powerful beat. 01:58
House Funk
ID: KF011017
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with groovy and playful synth melody. Has a happy 80s flair. 02:16
The Cyborg
ID: KF011020
Album: Club Beats
Grasping electro track with striking beat. Modern and full of energy. 02:02
Dj Love All
ID: KF011201
Album: Dance
Dance music, cool and groovy. Sounds like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. 02:30
Downbeat Thumpin
ID: KF011202
Album: Dance
90s electro dance track, positive and atmospheric. 02:06
Dance For Me
ID: KF011203
Album: Dance
Electro dance track with a hard beat. Sounds linke a modern Rap / R 'n' B track without lyrics. 01:56
ID: KF011204
Album: Dance
Atmospheric trance / dance track with fast rhythm and interesting synthesizers. 01:35
Silk & Smooth
ID: KF011205
Album: Dance
Minimal dance music - sober but energetic. 02:13
Sweet As Candy
ID: KF011206
Album: Dance
Fast 90s electro dance track with melodic synthesizers. 02:17
Runaway Girl
ID: KF011207
Album: Dance
Energetic electro dance track with fat beats and synthesizers. 02:07
Protect Yourself
ID: KF011208
Album: Dance
Typical electro trance track. Melodic, energetic and positive. 01:57
Paradise Found
ID: KF011209
Album: Dance
Fast dance track with classic trance elements. 02:40
Get Juiced
ID: KF011210
Album: Dance
Hard and heavy dance track. Oriental elements. 01:58
We Are Loud
ID: KF011211
Album: Dance
Cool and modern dance track with vocals and a thrilling mood. 02:02
No Stop Music
ID: KF011212
Album: Dance
Dreamy and atmospheric lounge track underlaid with fast beats. 01:36
ID: KF011213
Album: Dance
90s dance track with relaxing mood and a light melody. 01:02
Percussion Burst
ID: KF011214
Album: Dance
Energetic dance track with rhythmic strings and scratching. 01:07
Green Lights
ID: KF011215
Album: Dance
Loop based R 'n' B / electro track with modern synthesizers. Positive and playful. 02:12
Do Not Forget Me
ID: KF011216
Album: Dance
Driving positive and motivating electro sound with nice melody and cool beats. 02:42
Techoid Loft
ID: KF011217
Album: Dance
Groovy dance and lounge track with bongo, electric piano and electric guitar. 02:07
ID: KF011218
Album: Dance
A dreamy dance mix with bongo sounds. Relaxed atmosphere. 01:56
Highheel Groove
ID: KF011219
Album: Dance
Cool house track with fast and groovy rhythm and catchy melody. 02:08
Livid Bass
ID: KF011220
Album: Dance
A relaxed lounge and dance track with some bongo sounds. 02:25
Beautys Beast
ID: KF011221
Album: Dance
Dance track with bright electric piano sounds. Playful and light. 02:09
Easy Driving
ID: KF011222
Album: Dance
Dance track with electronic melody and a groovy electric guitar. 02:05
Electric Dog
ID: KF012916
Album: Funny Tracks
A colourful, happy dance track for kids. Fast beat and funny synthie melody. 02:50
ID: KF013502
Album: House
Bongo rhythms, relaxed synthies and electric guitar within a dance track with lounge feeling. 02:24
Distorted Velocity
ID: KF013503
Album: House
Fast, energetic house track with trance elements. 02:12
Star Trance
ID: KF013504
Album: House
Fast, slightly melancholic dance track. Hard beats and a bright, distinctive melody. 02:40
Club Bits
ID: KF013505
Album: House
House track with fast rhythm and catchy, danceable melody. Energetic and groovy. 02:26
Knife Drive
ID: KF013506
Album: House
A dynamic, futuristic dance track, with heavy beat and bright upper voice. 02:30
Stamp It
ID: KF013507
Album: House
A sensitive house track. Pervading beat, accompanied by bongos and a bright melody. 02:47
Pump Da Beat
ID: KF013508
Album: House
Neat, groovy dance track with insistent beat and saxophone passage. 02:39
Chup Tup
ID: KF013509
Album: House
Nneties style dance track, electro beats and bongo rhythms, with female soul vocals. 02:41
Blurred Street Lights
ID: KF013510
Album: House
Positive, easy funk house track, reminding of the big New York fashion shows. Synthies and electric guitar. 02:17
The Way you move
ID: KF013512
Album: House
Energetic dance track with rolling bass, slightly romantic vocals, accompanied by a piano. 02:04
See my destiny
ID: KF013513
Album: House
Fast dance track with steady rhythm, positive and catchy. 02:30
ID: KF013514
Album: House
Funky disco lounge track with organ and electric guitar. 01:53
ID: KF013515
Album: House
Neat disco sound of the eighties with electric guitar and bongo accompaniment. 02:25
ID: KF013516
Album: House
Groovy house music with flute licks and alienated vocals. 02:46
ID: KF013517
Album: House
Oriental and atmospheric house sound with electric piano and vocal parts. 02:03
White Room
ID: KF013518
Album: House
House track with vocal part, bongos and oriental elements. 02:27
Dj Kumi
ID: KF013519
Album: House
Groovy, atmospheric dance track with catchy rhythm, low beats and bright melody. 02:30
Ultra Sound
ID: KF013520
Album: House
Relaxed house track with electric piano, organ and bongo accompaniment. 02:34
ID: KF013614
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Cheerful disco track with bright strings and groovy synthie beats. 00:23
Xtended Control
ID: KF014006
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Funky dance track with an atmospheric middle part, inspired by Indian culture. 02:06
The Rolling Five
ID: KF014009
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Relaxed, dreamy dance track with electric piano, accompanied by neat electric guitar beats, bongos and rattles. 02:25
ID: KF014016
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Lounge track with catwalk flair. Easy, modern and dynamic. 02:04
Fist Assault
ID: KF015107
Album: Rocktronica
Rock and electro sound combined in a modern way. Aggressive and powerful. 01:52
In Time You Will Know
ID: KF015201
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Trance-action music with a hard electro beat and spheric synthie melody. Vivid and dynamic. 02:22
Groove System
ID: KF015203
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Electro track with a hard breakbeat and dynamic sound effects. Reminds of modern spy movies. 02:23
Determined To Dance
ID: KF015214
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Groovy track with cool beats and driving funk guitar, which animates immediately for dancing. 01:54
Fashion Academy
ID: KF015304
Album: Smooth Electro
Electro/dance track with a touch of the eighties, accompanied by synthie pads 02:05
Another Place
ID: KF015801
Album: Trance Pop
Positive, hopeful electro and electric piano track, with dreamy melody and dance rhythm. 02:35
Transcentral Flow
ID: KF015803
Album: Trance Pop
Dance track with empathetic and energetic piano ostinato. Thoughtful and emotional. 02:12
Sphere Of Control
ID: KF015807
Album: Trance Pop
Electro track with catchy tune, trance style. 02:05
Precision Work
ID: KF015808
Album: Trance Pop
Playful, active electro track with enthralling synthies and beautiful hooklines. 02:02
When The Street Boys Arrive
ID: KF015809
Album: Trance Pop
Cool, impelling electro track with a playful and energetic synthie melody. Futuristic and exotic. 02:07
The Next Step
ID: KF015811
Album: Trance Pop
Electro track, sometimes reminiscent of EBM. Meandering lines of synthies and energetic beat. 02:07
Trance Parade
ID: KF015813
Album: Trance Pop
An emotional dance track, accompanied by a soft electric piano. 02:21
Wide Space
ID: KF015815
Album: Trance Pop
Dance track with electric piano and electric beats. A spheric and futuristic composition, with a breath of the eighties. 02:40
Catchy Moves
ID: KF016917
Album: Background Music
Catchy pop, deep house-crossover with melodic piano and acoustic guitar sounds, rhythmically refined by a 4-to-the-floor-beat and additional percussion. 01:56
ID: KF017201
Album: Dance Charts
Poppy track with catchy electro-synthies and filling beats. Animating and full of energy. 02:33
Life's Journey
ID: KF017202
Album: Dance Charts
A dance track with technical sound, driving and relaxed at the same time. Melodious piano and tube bells with it. 02:41
When I Grow Up
ID: KF017205
Album: Dance Charts
Melancholic house track with driving beats and playful synthies. 02:41
The Beat Goes On
ID: KF017206
Album: Dance Charts
Driving electro track with a catchy hook, as well as playful and dreamy elements. 02:39
One Step ahead
ID: KF017207
Album: Dance Charts
Energetic dance track with driving synthies and electric piano. Melodic and sporty. 02:41
ID: KF017208
Album: Dance Charts
Relaxed dance track with electric piano, synthie sounds and bongo rhythms. Atmospheric, positive and pleasant. 02:35
Good Shape
ID: KF017209
Album: Dance Charts
Electro-dance track with hard, driving beats and melodic electric piano sections. Dance the night away! 02:40
Endless Maze
ID: KF017210
Album: Dance Charts
Dance track with synthies and driving beats. An atmospheric, exhilarating music. 02:34
Power House
ID: KF017211
Album: Dance Charts
Positive dance track with muffled drum beats and melodic electric piano. Driving and atmospheric. 02:44
ID: KF017212
Album: Dance Charts
Groovy dance track with electric piano, synthies and melodic piano. Impelling and energetic. 02:34
Electrolytes In Motion
ID: KF017213
Album: Dance Charts
Future space dance track with muffled, impelling beats and an atmospheric mood. 02:50
Spirited Dance
ID: KF017214
Album: Dance Charts
Dark house beat with guitar chords. Atmospheric and relaxed. 01:12
When Skies Clear Up
ID: KF017215
Album: Dance Charts
Cool, impelling electro song with a catchy synthie melody. 02:01
Serene Qualities
ID: KF017408
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Latin half-time beat with synthies and guitar. 01:01
Shiny Shape
ID: KF019506
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
Sporty, positive fitness dance track with piano. Uplifting, hopeful music. 01:04
Made Of Lead
ID: KF019606
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Groovy electro-pop track with a danceable rhythm, accompanied by synthie-organ and electric guitar. 02:31
A Life to Live
ID: KF019613
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Action dance track, muted intro, then opening up with driving beats and dominant synthie sounds. 02:38
ID: KF019616
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Spehric track, rough and driving but also melodious. 00:48
News Rhythm
ID: KF019801
Album: Trance Pop Vol.2
Uplifting dance show intro gives way to a reduced dark trance bed, leaving room for news or other copy. 02:19
Hey You
ID: KF019803
Album: Trance Pop Vol.2
Bright, dynamic electro dance track, with fast rhythm and energetic electric guitar. 02:40
No Borders
ID: KF019805
Album: Trance Pop Vol.2
Fast electro-dance track with danceable rhythm and hard synthies beats. 02:38
ID: KF020908
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
A driving and cinematic dubstep-track with epic choir fills and a melodic interlude 02:00
Kowloon Progression
ID: KF021202
Album: Electro Club
Deep house track with spheric vocals in the seond half. 05:40
Cash Her
ID: KF021206
Album: Electro Club
Rhythmic house track with strings. Positiv and still very atmospheric, driving synths create tension and relaxation at the same time. 01:33
ID: KF021208
Album: Electro Club
Modern tech house track with vocals. Uplifiting and restive, perfect to dance all night long. 02:04
278 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration