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13 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Blank Heart
ID: KF028304
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An emotional pop ballad with big sound and a beutiful female voice. 03:39
Walls In Our Heads
ID: KF028303
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A danceable deep house track with acoustic instrumentation and a sweet female voice - a track with great potential! 03:37
ID: KF027501
Album: Automotive Vol.1
A modern, electronic track that stands out due to its melodic fills, trance synthesizers and spherical pads 01:51
Open Window
ID: KF020404
Album: Promotional Vol.2
Lively electric guitar track combined with bass and piano. Energetic and positive. 02:37
Share Hope
ID: KF020402
Album: Promotional Vol.2
A soft and playful composition for piano and strings. Positive, easy, uplifting and romantic. 02:22
No Way Out
ID: KF016914
Album: Background Music
Rhythmic electro orchestra track with sounds of clapping and billowing synthies against the background of dramatic strings and drums. Combined with xylophone. 03:09
Efficient Work
ID: KF016902
Album: Background Music
This relaxed track combines piano and electric piano sounds in a clear, soft composition. Some scattered synthies and muffled rhythms. 02:07
Universal Mind
ID: KF016901
Album: Background Music
Relaxed and soft electro lounge track with consistent, gently driving beats, synthies and electric piano. 02:12
Solace In Sound
ID: KF012712
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Positive, relaxed pop track with acoustic guitars and sensitive electric guitar solo, accompanied by a quiet piano. 02:19
ID: KF012704
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A hopeful, emotional pop track with acoustic and electric guitar, accompanied by piano and e-organ. 02:22
Watch Out Son
ID: KF012701
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Groovy and friendly pop track; acoustic guitars and melodic electric piano with organ accompaniment. 02:15
Dj Love All
ID: KF011201
Album: Dance
Dance music, cool and groovy. Sounds like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. 02:30
To Freedom
ID: KF010401
Album: Alternative Rock
Melodic, hopeful rock track with piano and electric guitars. 03:59
13 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration