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In the stock music song category, you have a great overview of our vast amount of different stock music styles. Featured in this selection is a variety of songs from the genres we cover: from jazz to lounge, rock to electro, children’s music to romantic tunes, epic orchestras to spherical synthesizers and from solemn choirs to rhythmic hip hop - you name it, we offer it. Not only the genres are diverse, but also the various moods, rhythms and speeds. In any of our subcategories, you can find an array of differently nuanced vibes. Looking for uplifting acoustic tracks? Or production music that is supporting your press and news event? Yes and yes. Of course, genre limits are arbitrary, and many of our songs take influences from various styles. For example, one stock track can be used for both an action video game and a commercial. Depending on your project’s specific context, you can see that any royalty-free song from our library can be used in multiple ways. From a creative standpoint, Sonic Liberty offers any stock music song you need, in one place. In addition, from the legal (and more boring) side, we have got you covered, as well. All of Sonic Liberty’s tracks are cleared for royalties. This means that any song you download from us is directly licensed. Upon purchase, you acquire all necessary rights, including the sync and master rights. A royalty-free song is immediately usable as all legal procedures have been completed by us beforehand. Of course, we are not trying to sell you a pig in a poke. For your convenience, before you make a purchase, you can download any song and embed it in your project. For example, you can download the aforementioned uplifting acoustic track and test it within your commercial. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the corresponding license prior to publishing your work. In the unlikely event that you cannot find the right track you need, we are happy to provide a composition tailored to your specific needs. If you have any questions regarding specific licenses and pricing, pleaser refer to our FAQ or contact our customer service. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive library.

89 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
The Banners Of Quin
ID: KF032002
Album: String Emotions
Ethnic strings in front of crystalline, shimmering pads and fine guitar increase to a powerful track with prominent drums and electronic elements. 02:26
In A Cabin For Two
ID: KF029915
Album: Black Prophecy Vol.2
Carried by a solo saxophone and accompanied by a double bass, a vibraphone, strings and obscene moans, this Bossa Nova track radiates an erotic mood. 01:58
ID: KF029810
Album: Viral Pop
This track features pop strings, a captivating, groovy e-guitar line and semi-retro synth bass as well as melodies. The song plays with all elements, exchanging, building them up and mangling throughout its progression. 02:39
ID: KF029809
Album: Viral Pop
Atmospheric and "wet", this track comes with a solid dance rhythm, piano chords, vocal snippets in the background, plucked synth melodies and wide-open musical effects. 02:39
Growing Up
ID: KF029808
Album: Viral Pop
With an overall cheery disposition, this track features acoustic guitars during its calmer build-ups and energetic, voice-mangling beats with double-time elements. 02:39
ID: KF029807
Album: Viral Pop
Inviting to dance along, this catchy, dimensional track plays with a marimba hook, different electronic background elements, voice snippets and atmospheric effects. 02:47
Get It Movin'
ID: KF029806
Album: Viral Pop
Taking a smooth beginning with electric guitar accompaniment, developing into a calm interlude, this track builds up to a confident, modern vocal-infused beat. It ends as it started; with a calm electric guitar outro. 02:56
Broken Words
ID: KF029805
Album: Viral Pop
A gritty trap-electro track alternating between thoughtful, atmospheric passages and a down-to-business, almost aggressive synth-dominated main part. 02:34
ID: KF029804
Album: Viral Pop
Starting with a fresh, relaxed beat with piano chords and clean electric guitar, the piece packs a lot of heat in its chorus, where fast hi-hats and crisp synth lines drive the music. 02:52
Moombah Generation
ID: KF029803
Album: Viral Pop
Soulful, yet down-to-earth, this track introduces itself with carefully placed synth chords and vocal elements. Then it steps into a radiating bass line complete with synths and low brass hits. 03:01
ID: KF029802
Album: Viral Pop
A steady electro beat is underlined with a subtle double-time synth until the track breaks free into a playful main part where everything goes with an exhillerating tune. 02:49
ID: KF029801
Album: Viral Pop
On-the-nose and sassy, this track wastes no time and drives the audience forward with a steady bass and a spirited, high vocal synth. 02:35
ID: KF028311
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An emotional acoustic pop ballad with motivating lyrics and nice male vocals. 03:30
I Miss The Sun
ID: KF028310
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An epic and catchy arena pop-track with male vocals. 03:11
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
Cruel Life
ID: KF028308
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving and catchy pop-rock song with driving male vocals. 03:10
We Are Who We Are
ID: KF028307
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
Typical arena rock with calm verses, big chorus and motivational lyrics, pretty rocking! 03:23
Love Star
ID: KF028306
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A romantic love song in a familiar pop style with polyphonic vocal harmonies. 03:58
Your Imagination
ID: KF028305
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An epic and catchy arena rock track with calm verses and big chorus - fascinating male voice. 04:21
Blank Heart
ID: KF028304
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An emotional pop ballad with big sound and a beutiful female voice. 03:39
Walls In Our Heads
ID: KF028303
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A danceable deep house track with acoustic instrumentation and a sweet female voice - a track with great potential! 03:37
Move Your Body
ID: KF028302
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A programmatic retro track somewhere in between funk and soul, with typical vocals - this is great fun! 03:32
ID: KF028301
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
An epic and catchy stadium pop-track with romantic lyrics and great male vocals. 03:23
Falling Down
ID: KF027012
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Saucy indie punk song with on-the-spot vocals and exciting guitar riffs. 03:47
Single Tears
ID: KF027011
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Positive, lyric rock ballad with male vocals, reverberant solo electric guitar, upright piano and luscious drums. 04:20
ID: KF027004
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Positive, bright indie rock with male vocals, virtuosic drums, lively electric guitar, subtle acoustic guitar and bass. 03:55
ID: KF027001
Album: Pop-Rock Vol.1
Romantic soft-rock ballad with spacious backing and passionate male vocals. The overall meditative mood can swing both ways, depending on the application. 05:32
Thirty-one Seconds To Jupiter
ID: KF023011
Album: My New Band
Dreamy rock song with heavy drums. The second part is accompanied by synth pads, single note guitar and piano riffs. 02:37
Stoner Jam
ID: KF023010
Album: My New Band
Heavy grunge with screaching e-guitars, synths and distorted bass guitar. 01:40
Sick guitars
ID: KF023009
Album: My New Band
Sad grunge song in 6/8 meter. This track starts of with a soft e-guitar and finishes with hard rocking riffs. 01:46
Rough and Cool
ID: KF023008
Album: My New Band
Grunge rock with shivering synth effects. 02:08
Relief, Relief
ID: KF023007
Album: My New Band
A respiring pop track with gentle e-guitar and drums. Short flute and string notes accord the middle part. 02:57
Party again
ID: KF023006
Album: My New Band
Modern indie pop for parties with clean e-guitars and foregoing synths. 02:33
Let's get outside, kids!
ID: KF023005
Album: My New Band
Fröhlicher Rocktrack mit gezupften Streichern und rockigen E-Gitarrenmelodien. A happy rock track with plucked strings and groovy e-guitar melodies. 01:46
Garages And Guitars
ID: KF023004
Album: My New Band
Modern indie pop with dirty e-guitars and dazzling synhts. 03:54
ID: KF023003
Album: My New Band
A satisfied, soft pop/rocksong which lets you dream and chill out. 03:12
Flip out, it's spring!
ID: KF023002
Album: My New Band
Shuffled punkrock with brasses and a solo e-guitar in the middle section. 02:23
Daddy's garage
ID: KF023001
Album: My New Band
A rocking punktrack which nailes it to the point. Cool e-guitar riffs and single note riffs. 02:49
ID: KF022903
Album: Uplifting Dance Beats
Heavy synth bass line beneath a high and dazzling guitar. Dry drum sounds with high synth lines. 01:32
Explain The World
ID: KF022807
Album: Children's Corner
Relaxing pop song with flutes, acoustic guitar and chimes. Accompanied by calm drums. 01:48
Calm Places
ID: KF022805
Album: Children's Corner
Relaxed pop song without vocals. Rhodes, electric guitar and easy melodies. 02:18
Birds in the trees
ID: KF022804
Album: Children's Corner
Funny, easy and playful. Summertime guitars and whisteling. Bongos, piano and tambourine. 02:20
ID: KF022714
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
A vast and huge rock song with orchestral elements. Grooving drum beats and rocking e-guitars with soft string melodies in the second half. 01:38
Next Stop - Arcade Hell
ID: KF022712
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
The first half is a dark indie rocktrack with hard synths and heavy drum beats. In the second half there a clanking synth melodies and pads. 03:12
Mass Ive
ID: KF022711
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Aggressive rocktrack with a hard e-guitar, heavy drums and a distorted bass guitar. Accompanied by queer soundeffects, aching synthies and lightly piano. 03:18
Lonely Summer Friday
ID: KF022710
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Calm e-guitar melodies accompanied by spacious synth pads and a rhythmical drum beat. 03:26
Little Dots
ID: KF022709
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
A groovy poptrack with lots of synth pads and melodies. Accompanied by playful drums, distorted bass guitar, distorted e-guitar and rhodes. 00:51
Lights out and dance
ID: KF022708
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
A up-to-date indie poptrack with arpeggiated synth melodies and a dominant bass guitar. E-guitars are playing soft meldodies and chords in the background. 02:01
ID: KF022707
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Soulful, loungy poptrack with high piano and grooving e-drum rhythms. Soft string chords, aswell as quiet synth rhythms are moving arround in the background. 03:32
Inside your mind
ID: KF022706
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
A playful piano with strings is taking turns with very moving synth melodies and arpeggios. 04:14
Bullet Time
ID: KF022704
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
An impulsive actiontrack with distorted bass guitar and synths. On top a constant e-guitar and brasses. 02:28
All Systems Go!
ID: KF022703
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Aggressive poptrack with synths, rocking e-guitar and drums. Arpeggiator synths in the second half. 02:31
A Walk In The Park
ID: KF022702
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Positive Poptrack with drums, synth-basses, piano and acoustic guitar. In the second half soft strings are added. 02:30
ID: KF022701
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
An impulsive rock rhythm with drums, synth pads and solo synhts. Backed up with a distorted bass guitar. 03:51
At The Coast
ID: KF022306
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
Friendly piano, lively staccatto strings, a warm electric guitar tune, a catchy bassline and beat. Positive, promotional and drawing intrerest. 01:20
Silver Linings
ID: KF022304
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
Bright steel guitar, warm backing pads and atmospheric electric guitar. Later extended by percussion, piano and synth elements. Contemplative and slightly melancholic. 02:15
Desert Stripclub
ID: KF020810
Album: Surf Vol.2
This is the kind of music you´d expect in a southern strip-club – at least if it´s owned by vampires. 01:06
Pure Determination
ID: KF020602
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2
An acapella choir defines this melancholic, solemn and calm piece of music. 01:24
So This Is Life
ID: KF020508
Album: Retro Kitch
Muted jazz trumpet, piano and e-piano. Vintage style, with steady crackling and stumbling during the song. Relaxed and cheerful. 00:23
Winter Lovesong
ID: KF020503
Album: Retro Kitch
A jazzy winter-lovesong with jazz trumpet, piano, calm strings and female vocals. Romantic Christmas music for classy cosiness. 01:57
Dream Away
ID: KF020502
Album: Retro Kitch
Comfortable, thoughtful chanson with oboe and mouth organ as upper voice, accompanied by piano and snare drum. 01:05
Desert Dance
ID: KF019910
Album: World Adventure Vol.2
Oriental music with piano, rhythmic bongos, flute and violin. Catchy tune, reminds of the desert and belly dancing. 00:31
Raging Teardrops
ID: KF018415
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Melancholic, heroic orchestra track with strings, brass and a rocky e-guitar. Calm ending with sad female singing. 02:09
Old Times
ID: KF018222
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Relaxed, jazzy and cheerful track with easy clarinet and piano playing, combined with a dreamy violin. With the special, romantic crackling of a record player. 00:21
Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
ID: KF016610
Album: Christmas Time
This Christmas classic combines piano with small and big bells; in the course of the track, flutes join in. Electric piano creates a feel-good atmosphere, with a very gentle finish. 01:54
Zion's Daughter
ID: KF016609
Album: Christmas Time
Harmonic interplay of piano and harp at the beginning; complemented by soft strings and a clear piano creating the ultimate Christmas contemplation. 02:10
Suesser die Glocken nie klingen
ID: KF016608
Album: Christmas Time
Very peaceful, slow Christmas classic with soft piano and tube bells; middle section with soft pizzicato strings. 02:01
Come, All Ye Shepherds
ID: KF016607
Album: Christmas Time
Relaxed and stimulating Christmas classic with piano, xylophone, percussion, quiet bongos and drums. 02:17
Macht hoch die Tuer
ID: KF016606
Album: Christmas Time
Tender piano and gentle drums open this Christmas classic; an acoustic guitar carries you gently through to the end. 02:23
Leise rieselt der Schnee
ID: KF016605
Album: Christmas Time
Very relaxed Christmas classic in a jazzy lounge style; with a soft acoustic guitar as lead, quiet bells, bass and percussions. 02:12
Es ist fuer uns eine Zeit angekommen
ID: KF016604
Album: Christmas Time
Christmas classic with exhilarating electric piano, supported by soft drums as well as quiet bell and flute sounds. 02:17
Kling Gloeckchen
ID: KF016603
Album: Christmas Time
A playful interpretation of this Christmas classic with xylophone and bells, accompanied by bass and light drums. 02:42
Morgen Kinder wird's was geben
ID: KF016602
Album: Christmas Time
Christmas song with atmospheric beginning, a supporting, playful electric piano, xylophone and light drum beats. Quiet bells and synthie sounds. 02:01
Froehliche Weihnacht ueberall
ID: KF016601
Album: Christmas Time
Cheerful Christmas classic with bright flute and electric piano as lead voices, combined with lots of bells and light percussion. 01:51
The Coasts Of Andalusia
ID: KF016516
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Romantic piece with a spanish guitar and solo trumpet, accompanioed by soft and melancholic strings. 01:48
Not Very Smart
ID: KF016510
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A dreamy, enchanted french accordion piece, romantic and pleasant. 02:07
Kaldera Day
ID: KF016414
Album: World Tales Vol.1
Slow, mysterious acoustic track, with guitar and strings and gentle castanets. Dreamy and melancholy . 02:22
Setting Sun
ID: KF016309
Album: World Pop
A mediterranean flair. Dreamy and contemplative, a bit melancholic, with guitar, piano and accordeon. 01:52
Italian Opera
ID: KF016114
Album: Vocal Tracks
A gentle operatic aria, romantic and thoughtful. Increases towards the end of the chorus in a pathetic final. 01:42
Classical Voice
ID: KF016113
Album: Vocal Tracks
An operatic aria, full of feeling and drama, the soloist is accompanied by a strong-voiced choir and orchestra. 01:36
Faraway Story
ID: KF016112
Album: Vocal Tracks
Imaginative song with classical singing. The song tells of traveling into the distance. 01:35
ID: KF016111
Album: Vocal Tracks
A classic song, like an enchanted world. With gentle vocals, strings and harp. 01:01
The Dragons Bane
ID: KF016110
Album: Vocal Tracks
Medieval song. It tells a sad love story, accompanied by medieval guitar. 02:12
ID: KF016109
Album: Vocal Tracks
Romantic, dreamy orchestral and vocal pieces, playful and light like a children's song. 02:04
King And Country
ID: KF016108
Album: Vocal Tracks
An imaginative, sensitive song that deals with past times and worlds. Gradually use of strings and guitar. 01:42
Yeah Yeah
ID: KF016107
Album: Vocal Tracks
A young female voice sings of freedom and independence. Without lyrics. 01:27
Line Of Fire
ID: KF016106
Album: Vocal Tracks
A song like breathing in the dust of the prairie, with a singer whose husky voice creates a sense of melancholy. 02:09
Up There
ID: KF014717
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A soft piano track with quiet strng accompaniment and a sensitive guitar. Positive and romantic. 01:53
Chup Tup
ID: KF013509
Album: House
Nneties style dance track, electro beats and bongo rhythms, with female soul vocals. 02:41
89 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration