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Title Description Duration
Daily Dose
ID: KF037710
Album: Vlog Tunes
The vices of our daily routine are embodied by a jazzy piano, head-bopping beat, and lively guitar arpeggio. 02:00
Trip To Brazil
ID: KF035307
Album: Jazz Club
This bossa nova inspired track is full of energy and celebration; the dancing piano and cheerful shakers ready to add a dose of liveliness to any scene. 02:11
ID: KF035301
Album: Jazz Club
With a distinctly Latin flavor, this track will lift the mood of any audience with its smooth sax and tinkling piano. 02:55
In A Cabin For Two
ID: KF029915
Album: Black Prophecy Vol.2
Carried by a solo saxophone and accompanied by a double bass, a vibraphone, strings and obscene moans, this Bossa Nova track radiates an erotic mood. 01:58
The Stroller
ID: KF027304
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Laidback, yet groovy chillout track with bossa nova guitar, loungy piano melodies and spheric pads. 02:10
Look Who's There
ID: KF027213
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
This gentle pop track with jolly piano and almost latin percussion is both welcoming and unintrusive. 02:34
Been There, Done That
ID: KF027109
Album: Easy And Smooth
Mediterranean latin track; contemplative and dreamy, yet well seasoned and varied. 02:40
Sunlight Reef
ID: KF027106
Album: Easy And Smooth
Laid-back bossa nova with piano, playful vibes and spherical, soothing trumpet in the far background. 02:05
ID: KF027101
Album: Easy And Smooth
Well-tempered bossa nova with an inviting melody featuring trumpet, piano and clean guitar. 02:11
Little Sailors
ID: KF022809
Album: Children's Corner
Caribbean rhythms with marimba, strings and flutes. 00:51
Villages Of The South
ID: KF021805
Album: Calm Ambience
soft and subtle track in the style of andalusian or portuguese folk-music. The spanish guitar is accompanied by a portuguese mandolin and a few percussions. 01:06
Fado Para Amor Perdida
ID: KF021802
Album: Calm Ambience
This guitar-song is in the style of the portuguese folk-music „Fado“. It carries the typical melancoly and tristesse. In the background there is some latin percussion. 01:09
ID: KF020808
Album: Surf Vol.2
Melodious Rockabilly track: e-guitar combined with South American brass and percussion. 02:09
Cuban Soul
ID: KF020511
Album: Retro Kitch
Happy latin sounds from cuba, accompanied by bird-like whisteling on top of a bossanova. 01:10
Manhattan Lounge
ID: KF020302
Album: Fusion
A romantic, sensitive jazz-fusion music, shining with a fast rhythm and a playful acoustic guitar. 02:26
ID: KF017813
Album: Game Show
Rhythmic, cheerful Latin theme with trumpets and danceable percussion beats. 00:05
Jingle Win
ID: KF017812
Album: Game Show
Very short, quick jingle in Latin style, with trumpets and percussion. 00:02
Jingle Main Quiz
ID: KF017811
Album: Game Show
Groovy Latin jingle with trumpets and rhythmic percussions. Short, but danceable. 00:05
Jingle Final
ID: KF017810
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, rhythmic Latin theme with trumpets, percussion and xylophone. 00:06
Jingle Fail
ID: KF017809
Album: Game Show
Short, fast and rhythmic jingle with descending melody. Trumpets and percussion. Some kind of Latin fail melody. 00:02
Jingle category
ID: KF017808
Album: Game Show
Short, rhythmic and cheerful theme with energetic trumpets and percussion. 00:04
I Really Care
ID: KF017805
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, melodic and rhythmic track with trumpets, percussion, electric piano and flute. Loopable. 00:29
For Someone Else
ID: KF017611
Album: European Cinema
Calm, melancholic track. Solemn strings combined with staccato violins. With bongos, piano and flute on top. 00:36
Have My Attention
ID: KF017610
Album: European Cinema
Rhythmic track with lots of percussion and melodic strings. Like a classic Latin-American dance. Melancholic and passionate. 00:41
Today We Dream
ID: KF017601
Album: European Cinema
Calm, Spanish acoustic guitar play, embedded into electric piano sounds. Soft bongos with it. Melancholic and romantic. 01:11
Serene Qualities
ID: KF017408
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Latin half-time beat with synthies and guitar. 01:01
Red Bossa
ID: KF017403
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Bossa nova with jazzy brass and synthies. 02:03
Spain Wellness
ID: KF017106
Album: World Travels Vol.2
Slight allusion of a tango. Gentle, vivacious music, like a sunset romance. 01:37
Spain Artistic
ID: KF017103
Album: World Travels Vol.2
An emotional, lively and vivacious music, with a Spanish style. Acoustic guitar and orchestra, combined with rhythmic castanets. 01:33
Tango Molto
ID: KF016505
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A calm and thoughtful tango piece featuring a beautiful solo piano, 02:21
Slow Emotion
ID: KF016318
Album: World Pop
Samba homage to a certain guitar legend, on a warm bed of organ and percussion. 01:12
Feel It In Your Veins
ID: KF016317
Album: World Pop
A Latin-pop track, mixed with big beats, Brasilian percussion rhythms, e-piano, trumpets and bass. Latin brought to the streets. 02:43
The Fast Lane
ID: KF016316
Album: World Pop
A Latin-rock track with groovy bass line and rhythmic percussions, combined with piano and energetic guitar. Like driving on the fast lane. 02:45
Dreamlike Journey
ID: KF016315
Album: World Pop
Relaxed track with lots of brass and percussion in pop style. With e-piano, synthies and melodic acoustic guitar. Atmospheric and romantic Latin music. 01:44
Spain Elegancy
ID: KF016303
Album: World Pop
Gentle Spanish guitar music, accompanied by castanets. A dream of sunshine and a fiery love. 01:33
Spain Drums
ID: KF016208
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
Spanish music in a track for orchestra and acoustic guitar. Energetic and spirited. 01:32
Spain Emotions
ID: KF016207
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
A soulful orchestral music with Spanish character, accompanied by a gentle acoustic guitar. 01:35
Free Style
ID: KF015616
Album: Surf Vol.1
Fast surf soundtrack of Bond-style with lots of percussion and playful electric guitar. Combined with double bass, ukulele and clapping. 01:36
30 Past Sunset
ID: KF015615
Album: Surf Vol.1
A slow, danceable rock track with a thoughtful electric guitar, accompanied by bongo rhythms. 02:19
Dark Surface
ID: KF015606
Album: Surf Vol.1
A thoughtful, melancholic rock track accompanied by piano and trumpet, complemented by castanets. 02:14
ID: KF014806
Album: Relax
Spanish acoustic guitar in a mystic atmosphere. Beautifully melancholic. 02:03
Red Spain
ID: KF014610
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Vivacious spanish pop track with classic guitar and synthies, a little melancholic. 02:10
ID: KF014602
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
R 'n B track with string sounds, electric piano and a melodic acoustic guitar. A little melancholic. 01:33
Nova Hall
ID: KF014010
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Electric piano accompanied by a relaxed bossa-rhythm spreads a positive, easy mood. 02:02
Hot And Spicy
ID: KF013824
Album: Latin&Spanish
Vivacious Merengue with big band, bongos and playful piano. 01:38
Friday Fiesta
ID: KF013823
Album: Latin&Spanish
Energetic, lively, temperamented big band music with typical Latin American dance style. 03:03
La Senorita
ID: KF013822
Album: Latin&Spanish
Emotional acoustic guitar with energetic big band finale. Cheerful and demanding. 02:07
Nights Of Passion
ID: KF013821
Album: Latin&Spanish
Energetic, vivacious piano and trumpet track, accompanied by soft guitar sounds and drum rhythms. 02:13
Go Ahead
ID: KF013820
Album: Latin&Spanish
Groovy track with rhythmic bass, combined with steel drums, acoustic guitar, organ and wind section. 02:04
Dawn By The Shore
ID: KF013819
Album: Latin&Spanish
A slow, emotional acoustic track with trumpet, flute and guitar. Combined with soft drum rhythms. 02:04
La Casa
ID: KF013818
Album: Latin&Spanish
Sunny, melancholic trumpet music with sensitive Latin rhythm. 02:07
Sugar Coat
ID: KF013817
Album: Latin&Spanish
A Latin American dance track with cheerful drum rhythms, combined with guitar, flute, trumpet and piano. 02:09
ID: KF013816
Album: Latin&Spanish
Groovy guitar track with Spanish passion. 02:08
Emotional Journey
ID: KF013815
Album: Latin&Spanish
A vivacious acoustic guitar track with energetic rhythms. Melancholic and challenging. 02:16
Do The Trick
ID: KF013814
Album: Latin&Spanish
Cheerful Latin music with vivacious acoustic guitar and bright, playful Latin piano sounds. 02:05
Spain Folksy
ID: KF013813
Album: Latin&Spanish
An emotional acoustic guitar full of passion. Vivacious rhythms and soft passages alternate. 01:48
Spain Recording
ID: KF013812
Album: Latin&Spanish
Melancholic Rumba with gentle acoustic guitar and castanets. A romantic last dance. 01:37
En Alta Mar
ID: KF013811
Album: Latin&Spanish
Melancholic pop track with Spanish guitar and string instruments. 02:25
Los Caballeros
ID: KF013810
Album: Latin&Spanish
An emotional Spanish acoustic track. The guitar evokes sunshine dreams. 02:24
El Duende
ID: KF013809
Album: Latin&Spanish
Flamenco, vivacious and passionate, with a soft acoustic guitar. 02:03
Do Menor
ID: KF013808
Album: Latin&Spanish
A dreamy, thoughtful, Spanish music with guitars, accompnied by quiet strings. 02:00
Viento Antiguo
ID: KF013807
Album: Latin&Spanish
Spanish dance with strong drums and insistent, melancholic acoustic sound. 02:10
Flamenco Naval
ID: KF013806
Album: Latin&Spanish
A demanding Flamenco and an invitation for dancing with a beautiful solo guitar. 02:08
La Guardia
ID: KF013805
Album: Latin&Spanish
This romantic pop song includes a melancholic Spanish guitar and is accompanied by strings. 02:44
La Caleta
ID: KF013804
Album: Latin&Spanish
Dreamy Spanish sounds, acoustic guitar, castanets and bongos. Very romantic. 01:58
La Musica
ID: KF013803
Album: Latin&Spanish
Happy and high-spirited Flamenco. Guitars accompanied by piano and bongos. 02:12
La Pintarroja
ID: KF013802
Album: Latin&Spanish
A playful, emotional guitar music with Mediterranean temperament. 01:54
Welcome Home
ID: KF013801
Album: Latin&Spanish
Temperamental music with fast rhythm. Band, piano, guitar and wind section. 02:18
Encourage People
ID: KF013617
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A relaxed Latin jingle, evoking the thoughts of sunshine and holiday. 00:33
Ghostly Bossa
ID: KF011821
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A bossa nova in a supernatural and spooky mood with a theremin. 02:06
ID: KF011820
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Positive retro track, soft and relaxing. With a very light and quiet acoustic guitar melody and electric piano. 02:00
ID: KF011817
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A light, feathery instrumental track. This sounds like holidays. 02:09
Black Lounge
ID: KF011816
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Light groovy lounge track with trombone and synthesizer. 02:03
Sad Bossa
ID: KF011805
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Melancholic boosa nova with lyrics and jazz band. 02:33
ID: KF011803
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A bossa nova with smooth, relaxing vocals. It's like a mediterranean cruise under the sun. 02:15
75 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration