Production music tracks from Doug Collins

Royalty-free music from producer Doug Collins

21 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Well Collected
ID: KF016312
Album: World Pop
A far-eastern touch, atmospheric synthie track with drum'n'bass appeal and electric zither. 02:19
Broken Doll
ID: KF016311
Album: World Pop
Atmospheric lounge track with electric piano and e-zither. A dreamy, contemplative atmosphere. 03:05
ID: KF016310
Album: World Pop
A meditative pop track with asian leanings, bright piano sounds and synthesized atmospheric elements. 02:47
Ladysmith Road
ID: KF016304
Album: World Pop
Easy-going, positive acoustic guitar track with harmonica and marimba, influenced by South African. 02:43
Intoxicating Rush
ID: KF015221
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
A groovy, modern action track, emanating coolness and speed. Energetic beats and fat synthies. 01:49
In Time You Will Know
ID: KF015201
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Trance-action music with a hard electro beat and spheric synthie melody. Vivid and dynamic. 02:22
Frantic Heartbeat
ID: KF013404
Album: High Action
Hard, futuristic rock track with powerful electric guitars and electro beats. Energetic and aggressive. 01:19
The Bruiser
ID: KF013403
Album: High Action
Aggressive hard rock track with thrilling electric guitars, paired with fast elector beats. 02:32
ID: KF013120
Album: Hard Electro
A futuristic and very dynamic hard-rock track. With energetic electric guitars and electro sounds. 02:11
Electric Dog
ID: KF012916
Album: Funny Tracks
A colourful, happy dance track for kids. Fast beat and funny synthie melody. 02:50
Lands Of Their Fathers
ID: KF012611
Album: Fantastic Orchestra
A festive, epic orchestra music. Strings and woodwind players, accompanied by an energetic, constant timpani. 01:25
Before Our Time
ID: KF012316
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Electronic and acoustic fantasy composition. String ensemble combined with synthies and electric guitar in an epic atmosphere. 01:18
The Wale
ID: KF012011
Album: Emotional Trailer
Electro beats like a heart beat in a mystic atmosphere. Accompanied by a bright exotic voice. 02:46
The Aftermath
ID: KF012010
Album: Emotional Trailer
Dramatic film music with dark and restless mood. Strings and brass accompanied by piano and percussion. 00:53
Last Rays Of Sunlight
ID: KF011819
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Atmospheric and esoteric sounds in a soft and relaxed synth track. With acoustic guitar and piano. 03:23
To Far Spheres
ID: KF011107
Album: Cool Ambience
Futuristic ambient track with synthesizer and electric piano with a dreamy and thoughtful melody. 03:19
Outside Unsheltered
ID: KF011105
Album: Cool Ambience
A thunderstorm accompanied by bright synthetic chimes, electric guitar and piano. A lonesome and sentimental atmosphere. 02:48
ID: KF011102
Album: Cool Ambience
Bright electric piano sounds with atmospheric electro beats. Some radio voices in the background. Like a journey to the moon. 02:32
Should Have Listened
ID: KF011019
Album: Club Beats
Modern action track with atmospheric electro elements and a thrilling electro melody. 02:15
Dance Or Perish
ID: KF011018
Album: Club Beats
Hard bass electro beats with thrilling rhythm and a playful synth melody. Groovy. 02:39
Mobilize Your Strength
ID: KF010507
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Scary atmospheric track spiced with electronics and horror SFX. 02:29
21 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration