Production music tracks from Axel Rohrbach

Royalty-free music from producer Axel Rohrbach

39 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Hard Hit
ID: KF025611
Album: Destructive Trailers
Thrilling, dark, disturbing. Perfect for dark and strange trailers. 01:19
Relentless Grip
ID: KF025610
Album: Destructive Trailers
Devastating hits with relentless, furious, ripping wipes and stings. Depicts horrifying entities with tremendous force. 00:28
Final Lockdown
ID: KF025609
Album: Destructive Trailers
Cutting synth and massive, frightening percussion combined with wailing background elements. A claustrophobic dungeon sequence. 00:24
ID: KF025608
Album: Destructive Trailers
A daunting soundscape with aggressive, screaming and ripping synth. Part grim tension, part downright horror. 01:18
Dark Forces
ID: KF025607
Album: Destructive Trailers
Dark, foreboding strings, massive percussion and alarming brass entries. Thrilling, dazing and tremendous. 00:48
Hit The Cinemas
ID: KF025606
Album: Destructive Trailers
Tense and unsettling percussion. Featuring gloomy ambiences and aggressive synth. 00:54
Creeping Goliath
ID: KF025605
Album: Destructive Trailers
Deep, dark brass, subtle staccatto strings and massive, stompy percussion. Epic trailer material. 00:53
Dead Freight
ID: KF025604
Album: Destructive Trailers
A series of cinematic hits furiously swelling to a raging percussive climax. 00:44
Crushing Sensation
ID: KF025603
Album: Destructive Trailers
Tense, eerie, pulsating, almost industrial percussion with an epic rise towards the end. 00:41
ID: KF021208
Album: Electro Club
Modern tech house track with vocals. Uplifiting and restive, perfect to dance all night long. 02:04
Vigorous Strangle
ID: KF014519
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Exotic and untamed drums and bongos, partly accompanied by a synthesizer. An energetic, futuristic mixture. 01:05
ID: KF014322
Album: Modern Suspense
Disturbing, sinister film music. Sad violin solo meets hard wind player sounds and drum rhythms. 01:16
Chemical Heat
ID: KF014321
Album: Modern Suspense
Gloomy, restless action track. The tension is curbed with difficulty and releases its power in the middle part in the form of harrassed drum rhythms. 01:23
Ice Huncher
ID: KF013415
Album: High Action
Fast rock track with playful, lively electric guitar and hard electro beats. Very energetic and driving. 01:27
No Stop Music
ID: KF011212
Album: Dance
Dreamy and atmospheric lounge track underlaid with fast beats. 01:36
We Are Loud
ID: KF011211
Album: Dance
Cool and modern dance track with vocals and a thrilling mood. 02:02
Get Juiced
ID: KF011210
Album: Dance
Hard and heavy dance track. Oriental elements. 01:58
Paradise Found
ID: KF011209
Album: Dance
Fast dance track with classic trance elements. 02:40
Protect Yourself
ID: KF011208
Album: Dance
Typical electro trance track. Melodic, energetic and positive. 01:57
Runaway Girl
ID: KF011207
Album: Dance
Energetic electro dance track with fat beats and synthesizers. 02:07
Sweet As Candy
ID: KF011206
Album: Dance
Fast 90s electro dance track with melodic synthesizers. 02:17
Silk & Smooth
ID: KF011205
Album: Dance
Minimal dance music - sober but energetic. 02:13
Dance For Me
ID: KF011203
Album: Dance
Electro dance track with a hard beat. Sounds linke a modern Rap / R 'n' B track without lyrics. 01:56
Dj Love All
ID: KF011201
Album: Dance
Dance music, cool and groovy. Sounds like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. 02:30
House Funk
ID: KF011017
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with groovy and playful synth melody. Has a happy 80s flair. 02:16
Show Up
ID: KF011016
Album: Club Beats
Thrilling and minimalistic electro track with groovy melody and powerful beat. 01:58
Hard Dance
ID: KF011015
Album: Club Beats
Techno track with groovy electro melody. Chilled, danceable and thrilling. 02:02
State Of Trance
ID: KF011014
Album: Club Beats
Atmospheric techno trance with energetic, soulful melody. Accompanied by a thrilling beat. 01:58
Funky French
ID: KF011013
Album: Club Beats
Electro dance track with bright and catchy melody. 02:02
Techno Street
ID: KF011011
Album: Club Beats
Deep house chill out with delayed chord line. 02:11
Pole Position
ID: KF011010
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro club track. 02:09
Danger In The House
ID: KF011009
Album: Club Beats
Minimal / Goa track. 02:07
Metallic Groove
ID: KF011008
Album: Club Beats
Non 4 on the floor club beat with freaky synth melody. 01:41
Return To Melody
ID: KF011007
Album: Club Beats
Deep house break with tech house chorus. 02:20
Don't You
ID: KF011006
Album: Club Beats
High energy electro track with vocal samples. 02:35
Calculated Moves
ID: KF011004
Album: Club Beats
Commercial electro house track. 01:37
Minimal Dance
ID: KF011003
Album: Club Beats
Tech-House in up-to-date style. 02:05
Master Of Dark Trance
ID: KF011002
Album: Club Beats
Progressive house with minimal chorus. 02:22
Sound Alarm
ID: KF011001
Album: Club Beats
Typical club beat in the style of house music. 02:01
39 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration