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240 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Open Range
ID: KF019507
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
Playful acoustic guitar music with bright electric piano and chime tones. Friendly and gentle. 02:23
Shiny Shape
ID: KF019506
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.2
Sporty, positive fitness dance track with piano. Uplifting, hopeful music. 01:04
Brick In Awe
ID: KF019409
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
Sonorous, different percussion beds with a futuristic character, sporadically accompanied by bright, atmospheric singing. 02:26
Editors Life
ID: KF018310
Album: Kids Club
An easy, positive song. Acoustic guitar as lead, accompanied by plucked strings, flute and bongos. 01:50
This And That
ID: KF018306
Album: Kids Club
A fleet-footed, soft and cheerful track with xylophone, piano, tuba and percussion. Reminds of a visit in the zoo, with lots of things to be discovered. 01:30
Holiday Connection
ID: KF018303
Album: Kids Club
Happy and easy music for kids with xylophone and electric piano, combined with accordion. Like a colourful play afternoon. 00:46
ID: KF018205
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Mysterious and positive jingle. Electric piano, piano and synthie sounds create curiosity. 00:13
Dabrowskis Mazurka
ID: KF018112
Album: World Anthems
Festive and merry orchestra version of the Polish national anthem. Gentle, exhilarating and hopeful at the same time. 00:41
The Star-Spangled Banner
ID: KF018111
Album: World Anthems
A festive version of the American national anthem. Hopeful and dramatic, with powerful timpani. 01:13
La Marseillaise
ID: KF018102
Album: World Anthems
Festive and merry orchestra version of the French national anthem. Powerful and passionate. 01:10
The Yoka
ID: KF018009
Album: Groove Attack
Spheric funk-house track with clean and muted parts and a lot of synths. 02:30
ID: KF018008
Album: Groove Attack
Starts like a game show theme and continues funky and upbeat with two different vocal lines. 01:16
Dont Hold Back
ID: KF018007
Album: Groove Attack
Upbeat funk track with atmospheric synths, a positive horn section and funky bass and guitar. 02:57
Retro Harmonies
ID: KF018005
Album: Groove Attack
Easy, relaxed track with electric guitar riffs and electric piano. Some far eastern elements. 02:34
ID: KF017813
Album: Game Show
Rhythmic, cheerful Latin theme with trumpets and danceable percussion beats. 00:05
Jingle Win
ID: KF017812
Album: Game Show
Very short, quick jingle in Latin style, with trumpets and percussion. 00:02
Jingle Main Quiz
ID: KF017811
Album: Game Show
Groovy Latin jingle with trumpets and rhythmic percussions. Short, but danceable. 00:05
Jingle Final
ID: KF017810
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, rhythmic Latin theme with trumpets, percussion and xylophone. 00:06
Jingle category
ID: KF017808
Album: Game Show
Short, rhythmic and cheerful theme with energetic trumpets and percussion. 00:04
ID: KF017807
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, fleet-footed track with xylophone, percussion and trumpets. Playful and danceable, with groovy bass towards the end. 01:31
Beatmaster Jim
ID: KF017806
Album: Game Show
Happy, playful orchestra track with powerful trumpets as lead, flute and xylophone on top. Spreads positive, rhythmic and heroic energy and reminds of a festive award ceremony. 00:49
I Really Care
ID: KF017805
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, melodic and rhythmic track with trumpets, percussion, electric piano and flute. Loopable. 00:29
Look At Me
ID: KF017802
Album: Game Show
Light, cheerful music with soft electric piano, percussion rhythms and sporadic trumpet sounds. Background music for a show event. Loopable. 00:29
Tonight Club
ID: KF017801
Album: Game Show
Cheerful, energetic and melodic trumpets accompanied by a bright flute and percussion. Sounds like a show event. Loopable. 00:30
See You Tomorrow
ID: KF017412
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Optmistic, dreamy and versatile chillout-track with a present beat as well as harmonical progressions and electronic effects. 02:26
Spaghetti Per Favore
ID: KF017102
Album: World Travels Vol.2
Italian, elated tarantella with accordion and Italian instruments. Dance-like second part. 02:09
Catchy Moves
ID: KF016917
Album: Background Music
Catchy pop, deep house-crossover with melodic piano and acoustic guitar sounds, rhythmically refined by a 4-to-the-floor-beat and additional percussion. 01:56
Evil Distress
ID: KF016801
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
A calm, atmospheric piece with synthies and electro beats. Lonesome, sinister and creepy atmosphere. 02:56
Morgen Kinder wird's was geben
ID: KF016602
Album: Christmas Time
Christmas song with atmospheric beginning, a supporting, playful electric piano, xylophone and light drum beats. Quiet bells and synthie sounds. 02:01
Froehliche Weihnacht ueberall
ID: KF016601
Album: Christmas Time
Cheerful Christmas classic with bright flute and electric piano as lead voices, combined with lots of bells and light percussion. 01:51
ID: KF016509
Album: World Travels Vol.1
The title says it - a pleasant, cheerful track carried by marimba melodies. 02:11
Safari Dance
ID: KF016508
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Marimba, pizzicato strings, flute and percussion in a cheerful, african sounding track. 02:31
African Sun
ID: KF016501
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A joyful, cheery african tune featuring a mixed choir, marimba, flute and percussion. 02:03
Feel It In Your Veins
ID: KF016317
Album: World Pop
A Latin-pop track, mixed with big beats, Brasilian percussion rhythms, e-piano, trumpets and bass. Latin brought to the streets. 02:43
Austrian Folk
ID: KF016314
Album: World Pop
Loungy track with synths, electric piano and cheerful chords. Funny. 01:31
Bavarian Fun
ID: KF016313
Album: World Pop
Bavarian folk music with guitar and accordeon, presented in a modern lounge style. Happy and cheerful. 01:39
Well Collected
ID: KF016312
Album: World Pop
A far-eastern touch, atmospheric synthie track with drum'n'bass appeal and electric zither. 02:19
Ladysmith Road
ID: KF016304
Album: World Pop
Easy-going, positive acoustic guitar track with harmonica and marimba, influenced by South African. 02:43
ID: KF016109
Album: Vocal Tracks
Romantic, dreamy orchestral and vocal pieces, playful and light like a children's song. 02:04
Popping Bubbles
ID: KF016022
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A light summer track with a gentle piano melody and soft strings in the background. Accompanied by relaxed drums. 01:35
Liquid Sun
ID: KF016015
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Light music with piano, harp and strings in a soft, dreamy atmosphere. 01:49
ID: KF016013
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Imaginative, epic orchestral piece with an enchanting, fairy-tale ambiance and adventuresomeness. 01:23
Sky Jump
ID: KF015816
Album: Trance Pop
Groovy dance track, accompanied by playful sounds of synthies. 02:32
Wedding March Piano
ID: KF015717
Album: Traditionals
Piano interpretation of Mendelssohn's "Wedding March". 02:55
Wedding March Organ
ID: KF015716
Album: Traditionals
Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" as a version for organ. A festive, joyful music. 02:37
Bridal March Organ
ID: KF015710
Album: Traditionals
Wagner's "Wedding March", taken over by a big church organ. Festive and pompous. 01:30
Punk & Fun
ID: KF015417
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Punk-rock track for nice weather and and sports. A classic rock band lineup. 01:57
ID: KF015404
Album: Sports Rock Vol.1
Energetic punk rock track with a fast electric guitar and strong drums. 02:10
Country Side
ID: KF014918
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A country music and rock'n'roll track which invites immediately for dancing. 02:11
Rodeo Roundup
ID: KF014915
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A happy Western track, reminding of rodeo and saloons. electric guitar and harmonica take turns in the lead part. 01:41
Orleans Romp
ID: KF014914
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A playful Cajun track with accordion and electric guitar. A funny, good mood mix embedded in a lively, energetic atmosphere. 01:46
Just Folks
ID: KF014912
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A cool, relaxed acoustic guitar track with a humorous touch, positive and happy. 03:07
New Orleans Blues
ID: KF014906
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Positive, playful Cajun track, very easy and cheerful. 02:31
Motor City Jam
ID: KF014905
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Happy fusion track with hammond organ, horn section and solo saxophone. 02:31
Goal Oriented
ID: KF014718
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Motivating, positive track with strings, brass and piano. 02:05
ID: KF014710
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Energetic, happy music with orchestra, playful piano and string play. 01:37
Upright Shine
ID: KF014704
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Modern, energetic pop track with electric piano, electric guitar and strings. 01:42
Versus TV
ID: KF014701
Album: Promotional Vol.1
This pop track starts off pretty quiet and relaxed and transforms immediately into a powerful rock track. 02:02
ID: KF014601
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Easy, positive guitar and piano music, accompanied by drums and organ. 02:08
Cloudy Sky
ID: KF014012
Album: Lounge Vol.2
Lounge sound with the atmosphere of an ocean cruise. Gentle, dreamy sound with electric guitar. 02:39
Hot And Spicy
ID: KF013824
Album: Latin&Spanish
Vivacious Merengue with big band, bongos and playful piano. 01:38
Friday Fiesta
ID: KF013823
Album: Latin&Spanish
Energetic, lively, temperamented big band music with typical Latin American dance style. 03:03
Sugar Coat
ID: KF013817
Album: Latin&Spanish
A Latin American dance track with cheerful drum rhythms, combined with guitar, flute, trumpet and piano. 02:09
Do The Trick
ID: KF013814
Album: Latin&Spanish
Cheerful Latin music with vivacious acoustic guitar and bright, playful Latin piano sounds. 02:05
La Musica
ID: KF013803
Album: Latin&Spanish
Happy and high-spirited Flamenco. Guitars accompanied by piano and bongos. 02:12
Home Stretch
ID: KF013713
Album: Jazzy Moods
Cheerful jazz track with solo saxophone and a fast-paced, easy walking bass. With sensitive piano. 02:45
Sign In
ID: KF013709
Album: Jazzy Moods
Relaxed, swinging jazz track with a sensitive saxophone, accompanied by jazz drums and piano. 02:12
Swing That Thing
ID: KF013707
Album: Jazzy Moods
Swinging big band track with walking bass, soft jazz drums, soloists and superb tutti passages. 02:00
ID: KF013620
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A funky title track, made for the show. Band lineup and wind section. 00:19
Who Can You Tell
ID: KF013618
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Easy, positive piano and guitar music with cheerful, hopeful mood. 00:13
Urban Culture
ID: KF013616
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A positive, groovy title track with funky rhythm. 00:31
Pretty Close
ID: KF013615
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Cheerful jingle with lapsteel guitar reminding of Hawaii and sunny beaches. Easy and relaxed. 00:20
ID: KF013614
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Cheerful disco track with bright strings and groovy synthie beats. 00:23
Satin Glow
ID: KF013612
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Playful, groovy wind section and synthies with funny side elements and a catchy tune. 00:19
Rollin' Around
ID: KF013611
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A playful, imaginative advertising jingle with clear marimba sounds and trumpets in a happy rhythm. 00:32
Pump Da Beat
ID: KF013508
Album: House
Neat, groovy dance track with insistent beat and saxophone passage. 02:39
ID: KF013502
Album: House
Bongo rhythms, relaxed synthies and electric guitar within a dance track with lounge feeling. 02:24
Speed Game
ID: KF013421
Album: High Action
Aggressive electro track with fast rhythm and hard electro sounds. Energetic and impelling. 01:39
Fight For Fortune
ID: KF013302
Album: Heroic Orchestra
Fast orchestra track with energetic wind players, humour and fantasy. Mulitfaceted and enchanting. 02:31
Bucolic Suburb
ID: KF013018
Album: Grand Themes Vol.1
Imaginative, positive string theme with a bright melody and a lively orchestra accompaniment. 02:20
Funny Rider
ID: KF012920
Album: Funny Tracks
A playful funky track with an easy clarinet melody and piano accompaniment, a groovy bass with it. 01:53
Horseback Ride
ID: KF012919
Album: Funny Tracks
Easy, playful pop song with electric piano, guitar and tuba - accompanied by twittering of birds. Nice music for kids. 02:28
Electric Dog
ID: KF012916
Album: Funny Tracks
A colourful, happy dance track for kids. Fast beat and funny synthie melody. 02:50
ID: KF012915
Album: Funny Tracks
Playful, cheerful summer track. Electro meets horn section. 02:17
Feel Good Factor
ID: KF012914
Album: Funny Tracks
Relaxed modern track, combines serenity with dreaming. Flute as lead voice, accompanied by piano and synthies. 03:01
Island Party
ID: KF012913
Album: Funny Tracks
An imaginative, happy track with steel drums and guitar. Easy and like summer, reminding of Caribbean sand beaches. 01:52
Aloa Summer
ID: KF012912
Album: Funny Tracks
Easy, positive guitar music with acoustic guitar and vibraphone. Reminds of mermaids and Caribbean beaches. 02:04
Seventies Show
ID: KF012909
Album: Funny Tracks
Neat, playful big band-swing music. Saxophone and a groovy bass line. 01:55
Beach Sands
ID: KF012908
Album: Funny Tracks
Relaxed, positive music with cheerful steel drums and chimes. Caribbean flair. 01:48
ID: KF012907
Album: Funny Tracks
Placid, easy beach bar music, with steel drums, marimba and relaxed string accompaniment. 01:10
Petit Prince
ID: KF012906
Album: Funny Tracks
A funny track for kids with solmization syllables as text - some fun. 01:32
Sweet Peeps
ID: KF012905
Album: Funny Tracks
A title track for a kids programme, with cheerful synthie melodies. 01:24
ID: KF012904
Album: Funny Tracks
Summer music with enchanting accordeon, bongos and steel drums. Reminds of a french restaurant at the seaside. 01:25
Toy Clowns
ID: KF012903
Album: Funny Tracks
Short, happy, playful clown and circus track with oboe as lead voice and lots of funny rattle effects. 00:38
Circus Flights
ID: KF012902
Album: Funny Tracks
A cheerful, happy music with a groovy melody by pizzicato strings, marimba and chimes. 01:59
Clown Circus
ID: KF012901
Album: Funny Tracks
Fast and funny circus music, very playful. Rattles, chimes, drums, horns and orchestra. 01:52
Keep It Rollin
ID: KF012811
Album: Funky Tracks
A nice dance track; with easily grooving organ, electric guitar and horns. 02:23
ID: KF012806
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky music with a sensitive electric guitar solo. Cool synthie parts combined with string interludes. 02:29
ID: KF012803
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky track with cool wind section, reminding of an American late night show. 02:04
ID: KF012721
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A bright, friendly pop track with acoustic electric guitar, accompanied by piano and drums. 02:30
240 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration