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Universal Mind
ID: KF016901
Album: Background Music
Relaxed and soft electro lounge track with consistent, gently driving beats, synthies and electric piano. 02:12
Efficient Work
ID: KF016902
Album: Background Music
This relaxed track combines piano and electric piano sounds in a clear, soft composition. Some scattered synthies and muffled rhythms. 02:07
This Late Hour
ID: KF016903
Album: Background Music
Groovy bassline, electric piano and electric guitar with a relaxed and atmospheric mood. 02:52
ID: KF016904
Album: Background Music
Atmospheric, soft and exotic track with relaxed electric piano, breathy flute and bluesy electric guitar. The mood is completed by synthies. 02:37
Fade Away Mind
ID: KF016905
Album: Background Music
Jazzy and atmospheric, relaxed and dynamic. A soft track defined by electric piano, synthies and drums. 02:01
Warm Snow
ID: KF016906
Album: Background Music
Piano, bass and drums combined in a soft, easy track. Slightly melancholic and thoughtful, but still positive. 01:04
Maybe More
ID: KF016907
Album: Background Music
A soft piano track with a catchy, consistent melody. Combined with tender synthies and percussion. 02:03
No Pressure
ID: KF016908
Album: Background Music
Easy, relaxed and playful track with xylophone, synthies, piano, electric piano and electric guitar. Atmospheric and technical. 01:39
ID: KF016909
Album: Background Music
Groovy, relaxed jazz track. Classy, with laid-back e-guitar and bass, accompanied by e-piano, jazz trumpet and gentle drums. 01:58
Sunny Morning
ID: KF016910
Album: Background Music
A positive, relaxed and hopeful wake-up song for a good start for the day. With piano, electric guitar and flute. 03:12
Future Progress
ID: KF016911
Album: Background Music
Synthetic, futuristic track with synthie melody and electro beats. Thoughtful and playful. 02:27
ID: KF016912
Album: Background Music
A relaxed, easy track with synthesizer elements and electric piano, accompanied by bongo rhythms. 02:32
ID: KF016913
Album: Background Music
Synthetic flute and electro beats, accompanied by metallic percussions. A cool, playful, futuristic music. 01:29
No Way Out
ID: KF016914
Album: Background Music
Rhythmic electro orchestra track with sounds of clapping and billowing synthies against the background of dramatic strings and drums. Combined with xylophone. 03:09
ID: KF016915
Album: Background Music
Relaxed, melancholic guitar track with atmospheric synthie sounds. 02:07
Gentle Groove
ID: KF016916
Album: Background Music
Relaxed, easy rock track. E-guitar accompanied by some electro elements and an energetic drums. 01:32
Catchy Moves
ID: KF016917
Album: Background Music
Catchy pop, deep house-crossover with melodic piano and acoustic guitar sounds, rhythmically refined by a 4-to-the-floor-beat and additional percussion. 01:56
17 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度