Sonic Liberty

What is Sonic Liberty?

Sonic Liberty is a sizable music library with high-quality production-ready music. This music is "GEMA-free", i.e. free from additional royalties to GEMA after obtaining a license. Sonic Liberty offers a one-stop shop for music rights.

How much does Sonic Liberty music cost?

The costs vary based on following table:

LICENSE TYPE Apps & Games Videos Editorial (non-advertising) Advertising Online Video / TV / Radio / Cinema / POS Price
Personal Free, non-commercial, Apps done by an Individual (not for or through a company) without monetization Private: Online, regional TV, IPTV, 1 language not applicable 10,00 €
Business Small Development Budget up to 25k€, 1 platform Editorial Videos & Tutorials: Online, TV, IPTV, 1 language not applicable 49,00 €
Business Medium Development Budget up to 50k€, up to 2 platforms Imagefilm, Corporate Film: Online, TV, IPTV, Shows & Events, 1 language Online Ad StartUp (companies up to 10 employees, 1 language) 99,00 €
Business Large Development Budget up to 500k€, up to 2 platforms Imagefilm, Corporate Film: Online, TV, IPTV, Shows & Events, unlimited languages Online Ad (companies up to 500 employees, 1 language) or Radio Ad national (1 year) or Cinema Ad national (1 year) or TV Ad regional (1 year) 199,00 €
Custom Development Budget over 500k€, more than 2 platforms, sequels, etc. - please contact us Movies, TV Series, TV Films. More languages, more countries, larger companies, National or International TV Ads, starting at 499 SL Credits please contact us
Other Media e.g. website background, show / event music / DVDs / powerpoint presentations, etc.: PLEASE CONTACT US

Is Sonic Liberty music royalty-free?

Sonic Liberty music is free of any royalties collected by GEMA. On the part of GEMA or other collecting societies, there is NO cost tied to our licensing options.

I can't find any suitable music!

Please send us an email ( or call us (+496131-9208997). Our team will be happy to assist you, as they are very familiar with our catalogue. Aside from that, Sonic Liberty is regularly expanded and there is always the option to have music written for your needs specifically. Sonic Liberty carries a pool of internationally experienced composers and producers.

How do I download music?

After your registration you can download an MP3 preview of a song directly from the homepage. After logging in, click on the symbol to the right of the play button, to the left of the heart symbol ("favorites" symbol). After purchasing a license you will automatically receive the download links to the final audio file (MP3/WAV/AIF) without watermarking via email.

Which license is right for me?

The right license depends on the type of usage. In many cases of moving images (image film, corporate film) the category "editorial videos" is appropriate. However, this type of use is not suitable for advertising purposes. Advertising is usually used when the clip is part of a campaign, i. e. it is actively used and distributed on the Internet, PoS or TV/cinema for product advertising ("paid advertising"). Also, advertising videos are usually not editorial. In case of doubt, please contact us by mail ( or phone (06131-9208997). You will also find more detailed information in the General Terms and Conditions.