Youtube and Web

I'd like to use music on YouTube.

YouTube is an online video platform like many others. In order to use music in a video, you will need to obtain sync- and master-rights of the music you intend to use.

Content-ID, YouTube blocking

First of all, you don't need to worry about that. If you have properly licensed the project, the use of the music is not illegal. You should challenge the claim by going through YouTube's dispute resolution process and citing "Sonic Liberty" as the reason. That should be enough to get the claim dropped. You can watch this video from our partner platform Smartsound to learn more about the process.

Part of Sonic Liberty's catalog is licensed on a non-exclusive basis from composers who make it available to other providers. Sometimes these providers upload the music to YouTube's Content ID system even though they are not authorized to do so, resulting in the incorrect information. If you have any problems with COntent ID claims despite your objection, please contact