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16 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
Free Style
ID: KF015616
Album: Surf Vol.1
Fast surf soundtrack of Bond-style with lots of percussion and playful electric guitar. Combined with double bass, ukulele and clapping. 01:36
30 Past Sunset
ID: KF015615
Album: Surf Vol.1
A slow, danceable rock track with a thoughtful electric guitar, accompanied by bongo rhythms. 02:19
Twang Dang
ID: KF015614
Album: Surf Vol.1
An emotional, summer surf ballad with sensitive electric guitar and relaxed rhythm. 02:12
Big Surfer
ID: KF015613
Album: Surf Vol.1
A rock Western track with an emotional, fast and positive electric guitar, calling for adventures. 02:03
Tunnel Run
ID: KF015612
Album: Surf Vol.1
A motivating electric guitar surf track with energetic bass and catchy hookline. 02:15
Wet Sparkle
ID: KF015611
Album: Surf Vol.1
An energetic, motivating surf track with neat electric guitar riffs and rapid rhythm. 02:27
Dance Of Waves
ID: KF015609
Album: Surf Vol.1
Electric guitar and powerful drums. A track with an energetic atmosphere, accompanied by wind players. 02:12
Texo Mexo
ID: KF015608
Album: Surf Vol.1
A fast Western track, telling the story of a cowboy. With electric guitar, drums and choir. 01:58
Dark Surface
ID: KF015606
Album: Surf Vol.1
A thoughtful, melancholic rock track accompanied by piano and trumpet, complemented by castanets. 02:14
Sick Tricks
ID: KF015605
Album: Surf Vol.1
A laid-back, groovy "Tex Mex" electric guitar track with quiet bongo accompaniment and melodious solo. 02:27
Famous And Notorious
ID: KF015604
Album: Surf Vol.1
Surf track with fierce rhythm and energetic atmosphere. 02:06
Maritime Journey
ID: KF015603
Album: Surf Vol.1
An energetic , inciting surf rock track with distorted guitars. 02:12
Cab Driver
ID: KF015602
Album: Surf Vol.1
A rock surf track with groovy electric guitar and tapping rhythm. Relaxed and energetic at the same time. 02:10
Playing With Fire
ID: KF015601
Album: Surf Vol.1
An energetic surf rock track with a cool beat. Stimulates action and competition. 02:06
Be Party
ID: KF012910
Album: Funny Tracks
A groovy track with the indicated theme of an agent movie. Marimba and synthie elements. 02:05
16 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration