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Title Description Duration
Bach Guitar
ID: KF015720
Album: Traditionals
An interpretation of Bach's "Orchestra Suite No. 3" with acoustic guitars. Very gentle and dreamy. 01:20
ID: KF015719
Album: Traditionals
An epic, expressive orchestra music with choir accompaniment. With the theme from Richard Wagner's "Valkyrie". 01:12
Wedding March Strings
ID: KF015718
Album: Traditionals
Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" interpreted as strings version. Elegant and ceremonial. 02:56
Wedding March Piano
ID: KF015717
Album: Traditionals
Piano interpretation of Mendelssohn's "Wedding March". 02:55
Wedding March Organ
ID: KF015716
Album: Traditionals
Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" as a version for organ. A festive, joyful music. 02:37
Trumpet Voluntary
ID: KF015715
Album: Traditionals
Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary" as a version for trumpets and wind players. A very festive, majestic music, accompanied by sounds of organ. 02:16
Trumpet Rondeau Solo
ID: KF015714
Album: Traditionals
Solo interpretation of Mouret's trumpet rondo. A festive, energetic music, attracting attention. 00:24
Trumpet Rondeau Duet
ID: KF015713
Album: Traditionals
Interpretation of Mouret's trumpet duett. A festive, bright music. 00:24
Bridal March Strings
ID: KF015712
Album: Traditionals
Strings interpretation of Wagner's "Wedding March". A festive chamber music. 01:28
Bridal March Piano
ID: KF015711
Album: Traditionals
Piano version of Wagner's "Wedding March". Festive and playful. 01:19
Bridal March Organ
ID: KF015710
Album: Traditionals
Wagner's "Wedding March", taken over by a big church organ. Festive and pompous. 01:30
Ave Maria Oboe
ID: KF015709
Album: Traditionals
Schubert's "Ave Maria" interpreted by an oboe as upper voice, accompanied by a soft guitar. A thoughtful, magic atmosphere. 01:51
Ave Maria Guitar
ID: KF015708
Album: Traditionals
"Hail Mary"played by two acoustic guitars. Very gentle, sensitive and thoughtful. 01:52
Ave Maria Flute
ID: KF015707
Album: Traditionals
Delicate flutes, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. An interpretation of Schubert's "Hail Mary". 01:52
Piano Sonata
ID: KF015706
Album: Traditionals
Interpretation of Mozart's "Piano Sonata No. 11". A soft, quiet piano piece. 02:27
Queen Of Sheba
ID: KF015705
Album: Traditionals
Adaption of Händels' "Marching in of the Queen of Saba" from the oratorio "Solomon". Majestic and festive. 02:30
ID: KF015704
Album: Traditionals
A gentle, quiet music with flute and acoustic guitar, accompanied by woodwind players. Following the motif of Faurés Pavane. 02:27
Mozart Night
ID: KF015703
Album: Traditionals
A gentle, playful, classic music with piano, flute and oboe. Easy and intimate. 02:35
Handel Air Piano
ID: KF015702
Album: Traditionals
Piano interpretation of Händels' "Water Music, Suite No. 1, Air". An easy, playful music. 02:17
Pachelbel Canon
ID: KF015701
Album: Traditionals
Strings interpretation of Pachelbels "Canon in D Major". A very emotional, hopeful and melancholic music. 02:35
20 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration