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Title Description Duration
Walking Throught The City
ID: KF027310
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Harmonically varied and dreamy chillout track with funky guitar and keyboard licks, set to loungy percussion and groovy bass. 02:14
The Stroller
ID: KF027304
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Laidback, yet groovy chillout track with bossa nova guitar, loungy piano melodies and spheric pads. 02:10
Late Hour Stroll
ID: KF027108
Album: Easy And Smooth
Lush bossa nova track with piano and electric guitar taking turns at the melody and backing department. 02:16
Bada Ba Baa
ID: KF027107
Album: Easy And Smooth
Carefree female vocals and warm acoustic guitar lines accompany this confident bossa nova track. 02:10
Sunlight Reef
ID: KF027106
Album: Easy And Smooth
Laid-back bossa nova with piano, playful vibes and spherical, soothing trumpet in the far background. 02:05
Horizon Swim
ID: KF027105
Album: Easy And Smooth
Sparkling bossa nova track with an airy, chilling atmosphere. Slightly melancholic. 02:01
More Of The Other
ID: KF027103
Album: Easy And Smooth
Spirited bossa nova with playful piano, electric guitar, vibraphone and a steady tempo. 02:28
Table For Two
ID: KF027102
Album: Easy And Smooth
A steady rhythm drives this astute but smooth rumba track with electric guitar, vibes and occasional string backing. 02:24
ID: KF027101
Album: Easy And Smooth
Well-tempered bossa nova with an inviting melody featuring trumpet, piano and clean guitar. 02:11
ID: KF021508
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Dynamic drums and a spherical piano and synths. 03:33
Ita Care Mare
ID: KF021109
Album: Chillout Vol.1
A smooth and spheric track with a quite and pensive part in the middle. A sound that reminds of summer and evenings at the beach. 03:34
Cuban Soul
ID: KF020511
Album: Retro Kitch
Happy latin sounds from cuba, accompanied by bird-like whisteling on top of a bossanova. 01:10
Red Bossa
ID: KF017403
Album: Easy Listening Vol.2
Bossa nova with jazzy brass and synthies. 02:03
ID: KF011823
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Quiet and light bossa nova with trumpet and flute. 02:03
ID: KF011822
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Lounge track with acoustic guitar accompanied by a jazzy electric piano. 01:53
Ghostly Bossa
ID: KF011821
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A bossa nova in a supernatural and spooky mood with a theremin. 02:06
Sunny Day
ID: KF011815
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Dreamy and soft bossa nova with playful accents and vibrapone. 02:07
ID: KF011814
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Playful and sunny bossa nova. 02:36
ID: KF011812
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Bossa Nova track with soft electric guitar in a loungy mood. 01:51
ID: KF011811
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Quiet bossa nova track with soft strings and vibraphone. Brings a 20s cocktail bar to mind. 02:21
Sad Bossa
ID: KF011805
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
Melancholic boosa nova with lyrics and jazz band. 02:33
ID: KF011803
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A bossa nova with smooth, relaxing vocals. It's like a mediterranean cruise under the sun. 02:15
22 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration