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Music and film soundtrack Got The Guts

These modern orchestral sounds, articulate guitar riffs and thudding kicks complement each other perfectly to form a dark palette of epic, assertive tracks.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
The Final Battle
ID: KF030910
Album: Got The Guts
Waves of string staccato pulses in as dark horn blasts seize the moment, carrying the audience into guttural metal riffs. Harmonic horns pick up in the background only to be cut off and returned to the quiet and tense movement of the strings. 02:28
ID: KF030909
Album: Got The Guts
The track begins with rhythmic guitar riffs as a chorus of strings works in a tension building melody. The reigns are handed over to the horn section which plays through the climax. 02:36
Enemy Troops
ID: KF030908
Album: Got The Guts
A snare and guitars tap out a military march as the horns call out preparing for war. Higher pitched guitars cover the sounds of frantic screams until the final clash with distortion hits. 02:07
Stormy Coast
ID: KF030907
Album: Got The Guts
A harmony of horns starts this track on its weathered course. After the initial verse, it shifts into the thunderous beat of war drums until it finally arrives at the double kicks more typical of heavy metal. 02:24
ID: KF030906
Album: Got The Guts
The track opens with a Shepard tone leading into an aggressive pairing of strings and guitar fusing together at a hard-driven pace to the end. 02:20
Outer Space
ID: KF030905
Album: Got The Guts
A high pitched drone floats into a wall of aggression and tension, slammed by a quick riser into a dark void driven by strings and staccato electric guitar strums. At the drop, the guitar stops. Horns bring in an element of mystery, which concludes after the resumption of the rhythm. 02:34
ID: KF030904
Album: Got The Guts
A slower but high-tension piece with driving guitars and horns. The track breaks down into a question and answer between strings and distorted guitars. 02:15
ID: KF030903
Album: Got The Guts
A helicopter-like riser introduces the listener to this track full of hits and drive. A string section pushes the rhythm until the drop switches the track to a more atmospheric metal, finally picking up with the earlier high symphonic tone once again. 02:34
Heavy Impact
ID: KF030902
Album: Got The Guts
The track starts immediately into a high impact rhythm, with heavy guitars driving a fast-paced dynamism. The kit drums drop off at the break, coming back in for an almost funky dialectic interlude between guitars and synth horns. 02:13
Riffs From Mars
ID: KF030901
Album: Got The Guts
The assault on the Red Planet opens with a slowly building drone, the rhythm emphasized by a growing, militant electric guitar. The kit drums kick in, creating a solid, cosmic metal reminiscent of Holst's Planets. 02:32
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration