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Title Description Duration
Perpetuum Nobile
ID: KF022908
Album: Uplifting Dance Beats
Dreamy deep house and electronic beats, synths and long pad spheres, e-piano and sound effects. 02:55
On Point
ID: KF022715
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Impulsive drums in disco style with spherical piano melodies, rhodes and e-guitars. Broad synth trance melodies come shining trough clearly from time to time. 02:50
Eternal Fame
ID: KF022307
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
A calm bassline dominates the track; bright strings in the background create an easy and bright ambience. 03:46
Mare Nubium
ID: KF021810
Album: Calm Ambience
Short, melancholic guitar music with spheric synths. 00:58
Futchure Fongk
ID: KF021613
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Modern funk track with scratches and vocal-samples. 03:20
ID: KF021612
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Funky house track with jazzy elements. 03:46
ID: KF021611
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Melancholic deep house track. Smooth and light. 03:36
Emerald Fields
ID: KF021609
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
A calm track with jazzy piano and a nice flute. 04:03
Bad Brax
ID: KF021604
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Modern drum and bass track with very calm bass and progressive synth parts 03:22
ID: KF021603
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Relaxed grooves with melodious synth parts. 04:36
Basement Dub
ID: KF021601
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Chilled and dubby deep house track with atmospheric synths. 03:48
Welcome To Digiville
ID: KF021513
Album: Chillout Vol.2
A bright and dreamy melody on a calm beat. Chilled, danceable and catchy. 05:16
ID: KF021510
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Bright synths and dark basses. 02:04
Supa Scat'n
ID: KF021509
Album: Chillout Vol.2
A beautiful womans voice on a relaxed lounge track. 02:24
ID: KF021508
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Dynamic drums and a spherical piano and synths. 03:33
ID: KF021507
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Very atmospheric track with a lot of synths and a playful guitar. 03:32
ID: KF021506
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Relaxed track, constant intensity and smooth synthies. 03:13
ID: KF021505
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Percussions with breackbeat elements and dynamic synths. A playful track with a positive mood. 02:19
Spectral Love
ID: KF021504
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Calm lounge music with spheric synths. 03:25
Smooth Services
ID: KF021503
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Dynamic lounge track with jazzy elements. 03:19
ID: KF021502
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Calm electric piano, cool and without pressure. 02:02
Reign Elle
ID: KF021501
Album: Chillout Vol.2
Jazzy electric piano on a slow beat, calm and smooth. 03:11
Dreamin Comb Filter
ID: KF021408
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Very calm and dubby track with reverbal synth 02:39
Red Snapper
ID: KF021407
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Dubby breakbeat with an funky organ. 04:25
Monday Iddim
ID: KF021406
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Electro track with organ and progressive synths. 03:12
ID: KF021405
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Minimal-dubstep track with funk influences. 01:22
ID: KF021404
Album: Dub&Dubstep
An exotic melody with powerful and deep beats. 02:05
Dubi's Jam
ID: KF021403
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Calm Dub track with bright melodic synths. 04:23
ID: KF021402
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Starts with ska rhythm and switchs into a powerful dubstep track. Contains a lot of different elements, for example a hooter. 02:35
ID: KF021401
Album: Dub&Dubstep
Menacing dubstep track with Sci-Fi sounds and vocals. 06:12
Xtreme Core
ID: KF021310
Album: Dancefloor Beats
Rough beats with varied rhythms. Progessive synths and vocals give the track its own character. 03:44
Ruff Ridaz
ID: KF021308
Album: Dancefloor Beats
Classical club track - driving, positive and catchy. 03:59
Distorted Circuitry
ID: KF021304
Album: Dancefloor Beats
Groovy tech house track with a synth firework and vocals - "catch me if you can" 04:08
Communication Madness
ID: KF021303
Album: Dancefloor Beats
Driving club beat with varied rhythms and rising parts. 03:59
ID: KF021302
Album: Dancefloor Beats
Energetic dance track, booming and dubby, with atmospheric elements in the middle. 02:01
Acid Cherry
ID: KF021301
Album: Dancefloor Beats
Breakbeat rhythm with powerful synths and a feminine, distorted voice on a dubby melody. 02:38
Strip (take Em All Off)
ID: KF021204
Album: Electro Club
Electro dance track with groovy and playful synth. 02:13
Space Galopper
ID: KF021203
Album: Electro Club
Atmospheric club track with dubstep elements in the second half. 03:21
ID: KF021201
Album: Electro Club
Groovy tech beat with futuristic synths. Very atmospheric because of the reverberating synths. 03:14
Magnesium Peaches
ID: KF021111
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Futuristic synths and dark basses, sounds like an journey to space. 02:53
Jam On
ID: KF021110
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Jazzy electric piano on constant beats. 02:16
Ita Care Mare
ID: KF021109
Album: Chillout Vol.1
A smooth and spheric track with a quite and pensive part in the middle. A sound that reminds of summer and evenings at the beach. 03:34
Idle Iddim
ID: KF021108
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Groovy dance track with pensive and deep parts. An interplay of rising brasses and calm beats. 03:59
ID: KF021107
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Groovy and cool, an urban beat with relaxed attitude. 03:14
Her Silent Smile
ID: KF021106
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Playful, bright tones on spherical synths. Uplifting and calming at the same time. 03:01
ID: KF021103
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Starts very quite with a relaxed bass line and expand to a typical lounge track with percussions, saxophone and vocal elements. 04:55
Cala Jondal
ID: KF021101
Album: Chillout Vol.1
Deep house track with vocal elements and an atmospheric part in the middle. Driving melody and an exiting beat. 04:45
ID: KF020902
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Epic Sci-Fi track with powerful dubstep bass and melodious piano. Dark, mysterious and energetic. 03:12
She's Got It
ID: KF020412
Album: Promotional Vol.2
Groovy breakbeat with a positive guitar riff. 02:01
New Visions
ID: KF020410
Album: Promotional Vol.2
Delay guitars carry this atmospheric track. Trendy, touching and perfect for advertising. 02:51
Joy Ride
ID: KF020409
Album: Promotional Vol.2
Uplifting dance track with driving and rhythmic parts. Energetic beat and bright synths. 03:05
Far Horizon
ID: KF020408
Album: Promotional Vol.2
Sensitive pop-rock track with positive piano. Easy and uplifting. 03:14
The Dude
ID: KF019620
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Very dynamic track. Beginns like a goa track, switches to classical house music with vocals and atmospheric synths, in the middle the style changes again and gets harder. 04:11
Toxic Fallout
ID: KF019619
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Restless electro music with a lot of different styles in one track. Rough and hectic but still groovy. 01:19
Science Friction
ID: KF019618
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Dynamic dance track with powerful synths and catchy melody. A track for clubs and dicos. 04:07
Play Wid Me
ID: KF019617
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Electronic pop track with drum and bass rhythm. Playful and restive. 03:10
Freak N Out Basswobble
ID: KF019615
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Rough dance track with harsh synthies and a driving mood. 03:54
Dancing Disco
ID: KF018012
Album: Groove Attack
Groovy discobeat with e-guitar, bass, drums, rhodes, synths, organ and strings. 02:24
Disco Time
ID: KF018011
Album: Groove Attack
A funky disco track with e-guitar, a moving bass line and smooth synths on top. 03:08
The Yoka
ID: KF018009
Album: Groove Attack
Spheric funk-house track with clean and muted parts and a lot of synths. 02:30
Dont Hold Back
ID: KF018007
Album: Groove Attack
Upbeat funk track with atmospheric synths, a positive horn section and funky bass and guitar. 02:57
The Transfer
ID: KF011620
Album: Drama
Thoughtful but anxious piano track, accompanied by dramatic strings and with a quite part in the middle. 00:54
The Fog
ID: KF011619
Album: Drama
Melancholic and atmospheric piano track. 01:23
Classroom Rampage
ID: KF010420
Album: Alternative Rock
Positive college rock track, with straight drums and driving guitars. 01:41
ID: KF010419
Album: Alternative Rock
Melodic rock track with muted guitar riffs and postive attitude. 02:11
65 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration