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Title Description Duration
ID: KF035010
Album: Box Office Hits
Inspirational, triumphant, motivational, all the sounds and emotions needed to carry the team forward and past the finish line. 02:11
Cyber Bugs
ID: KF035009
Album: Box Office Hits
Dark whispering, a ticking clock, klaxons, synthetic movements – this tension-filled track pulls the listener through both horrors and dark worlds of science fiction alike. 02:20
Above Skyscrapers
ID: KF035008
Album: Box Office Hits
The descending string arpeggios and dark horn section keep it dark and tense, with a smashing percussion perfect for navigating both physical and psychological battlefields. 02:29
Underground Life
ID: KF035007
Album: Box Office Hits
A long and slow rise featuring strings and synthetic effects, this track carries a tension-filled presentation into a stuttered finale. 02:57
Between Worlds
ID: KF035006
Album: Box Office Hits
Starting quiet, this track gets big with a choir and pounding percussion, the various drops and horn builds allow for variable tensions. 03:02
Chaos Control
ID: KF035005
Album: Box Office Hits
This track begins with a set of tense string arpeggios leading up to a smashing reveal; great for mysteries, inspirational works, and indie action projects. 02:01
Be A Hero
ID: KF035004
Album: Box Office Hits
Mysterious voices and violins call from beyond leading into a string part perfect for your action or fantasy project. 02:01
ID: KF035003
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening strong with a piano arpeggio, the rising piano line and staccato strings make sure the audience knows your thriller is packed with hair raising action. 02:09
The Conqueror
ID: KF035002
Album: Box Office Hits
Quiet and tense with elements of high strings and throat singings, distant war horns sound while various FX raise the tension in this track perfect for thriller or science fiction projects. 02:44
ID: KF035001
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening with a creepy music box, the track punches in the percussion while the string melody and choir create a perfectly frightening atmosphere for your horror production. 02:32
ID: KF034410
Album: Electroland
This head-on track starts with a stab rhythm and quickly picks up the energy with a heavy melodic synth pattern. After the drop, the song rebuilds with an intense EDM drive. 02:35
ID: KF034409
Album: Electroland
A piano plays a gentle rhythm as synth tones push the track downtempo, with sax-like synth tones taking up a call-and-answer melody while pads sweep in like waves. 02:36
Energy Flow
ID: KF034408
Album: Electroland
A rhythmic synth sets the flow as the energy picks up into a solid anthemic four-on-the-floor hit. After the break, the intense saws lower for a more atmospheric groove. 02:33
ID: KF034407
Album: Electroland
Beginning with an electric piano and synth chimes, this track starts with a downtempo feel but quickly moves into a club anthem. 02:09
ID: KF034406
Album: Electroland
The track opens with subtle undersea tones of pads, plucks, and vocal effects. It builds up into a house track that feels both dark and laid back. 03:12
ID: KF034405
Album: Electroland
An electric piano and spacey sound effects open this soft house track, eventually building up to a full synth melody and danceable groove. 03:18
ID: KF034404
Album: Electroland
The track flashes open with a classic house electric piano leading into a side-chained bass overlaid with rhythmic plucks. 02:22
ID: KF034403
Album: Electroland
This down tempo house track includes a deep bass groove and spacey pad melodies. After the drop, the music picks up with synth horns and complex rhythms. 03:17
ID: KF034402
Album: Electroland
A saw synth melody paves the way for the four-on-the-floor beat, as spacey whooshes carry the track to a full-on club hit. 02:26
ID: KF034401
Album: Electroland
A synth pluck melody opens the track over pads. The track builds up to a stuttered rhythm, breaking down to a laid-back groove with the plucks leading the way out. 02:13
Did Work
ID: KF034310
Album: Economic Upswing
Opening with pumping synths and chimes, the track builds up to guitar melodies and a positive and accomplished synth line. 02:10
Good News
ID: KF034309
Album: Economic Upswing
This bright track starts with hard hitting movement and positive feelings, complete with a solid four-on-the-floor beat and constant arpeggiated and delayed movements. 02:09
No Walls
ID: KF034308
Album: Economic Upswing
A piano starts the track off while snaps pick up the rhythm, leading into a slow but upbeat deep house melody. 02:09
It's Time
ID: KF034307
Album: Economic Upswing
The piano plays a light air as a kit drum, flute, and picked acoustic guitar come in to give the track some gentle motion. 02:36
Measured Rhythm
ID: KF034306
Album: Economic Upswing
The track opens as a downtempo four-on-the-floor with pads of wind instruments and chimes keeping it measured and light-hearted. 02:28
ID: KF034305
Album: Economic Upswing
A fanciful melody on flute and violin progresses with clarinet and piano and remains downtempo and restive. 02:45
Get Started
ID: KF034304
Album: Economic Upswing
The track opens with an acoustic guitar rhythm and builds with piano and a drum shuffling on toms. Strings and claps build on the growing excitement. 02:21
Sunny Dance
ID: KF034303
Album: Economic Upswing
A melody of smooth sines brings the listener to a side chained synth and engaging dance beat, which breaks down to an electric piano driven rhythm. 02:18
Life Power
ID: KF034302
Album: Economic Upswing
Rhythmic synths open this track that leads to a quick paced beat and a lively pumping synth. 02:19
World Without Borders
ID: KF034301
Album: Economic Upswing
A plucked synth plays a call and answer melody over an electric piano, building into a full four-on-the-floor groove. 02:12
Getting Things Done
ID: KF034110
Album: Go For It
An electric guitar signals the track to begin, bringing in the four-on-the-floor kick and clap, accompanied by a piano keeping up the positive vibes. 02:44
New Corners
ID: KF034109
Album: Go For It
The positive and energetic track is opened with an electric piano and percussion on rhythm and a synth on melody. After the drop, an electric guitar joins in the action. 02:14
Fresh Air
ID: KF034108
Album: Go For It
A piano backed by a muted guitar lays down the progression, soon joined by a drum rhythm and synth arpeggiations. A saw synth dials in the energy. 02:17
The Best Of Us
ID: KF034107
Album: Go For It
A pulsing synth rhythm is joined by a piano, quickly built up by a strong beat of kit drums and synth marimba. 02:19
Role Model
ID: KF034106
Album: Go For It
This motivational anthem builds from the start with strings and piano to a crescendo featuring triumphant horns and string arpeggiations. 02:20
Back On Track
ID: KF034105
Album: Go For It
A bed of shimmering flutes and piano bring the track into various string-backed motifs of hope and positivity. 02:18
Clear Sky
ID: KF034104
Album: Go For It
Opening with a soft piano interlude and backing strings, the track is joined with a strumming guitar and leads into a slow string-led anthem. 02:11
ID: KF034103
Album: Go For It
A synth melody starts the track, with piano chords setting the pace. It reveals a full techno beat with a beautiful piano sequence at the drop. 02:15
Straight Forward
ID: KF034102
Album: Go For It
This energetic electronic track builds quickly with synth arps and a kick, reaching a solid cadence punctuated by pumping pads. 02:17
ID: KF034101
Album: Go For It
Opening with a guitar rhythm, the track builds up with a four-on-the-floor beat and synths that add a strong melodic house groove. 02:17
ID: KF034010
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The track begins with piano playing a loungey piece as boom bap drums and slap bass start up, leading into a clean, focused, and modern groove. 02:32
Comfort Zone
ID: KF034009
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A piano plays lounge music over the sound of running water and cheers. The ambience turns into a rhythm accompanied by kit drums. 02:28
Breathing Underwater
ID: KF034008
Album: Smooth Frequencies
Lo-fi keys open this chilled out groove. A trumpet pipes in a staccato dance with a piano's jazzy melody. 02:12
ID: KF034007
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The track opens with a slow, wobbling piano and a boom bap beat. An electric trumpet brings melody to life. The drop is a time of reflection accompanied by lo-fi keys and a flute solo. 02:25
Love Is Like
ID: KF034006
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A down-sampled piano lays out a melody over a boom bap beat. Solid bass and vibes que in the dank groove, with distant horns emphasizing the chill. 02:33
Room Tour
ID: KF034005
Album: Smooth Frequencies
Opening with a gentle electric piano, this lo-fi track stays downtempo with a glitchy piano, changing the mood with shifting frequency dynamics. 02:24
Night Circus
ID: KF034004
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This trap medley trips over a music box opening, aided by unsheathing knives and gunshots. A choir joins to accent this serious, ice cold affair. 02:41
ID: KF034003
Album: Smooth Frequencies
A glowing guitar melody over a crackling vinyl opens this lo-fi groove. Boom bap drums kick in with piano taking over, soon joined by electric keys and bass riffs. 02:32
Let's Talk
ID: KF034002
Album: Smooth Frequencies
The beat starts with generated cymbals, joined by a faded kit. A soprano saxophone carries the tune ahead of the twinkling piano keys. 02:34
ID: KF034001
Album: Smooth Frequencies
This vinyl spun track opens with a faded melody on piano that picks up with a boom bap kit. Guitars pluck in for a well-rounded groove. 02:35
Solar Rays
ID: KF033810
Album: Wave & Vice
Synth noises and rhythms build up the beat and groove in this high energy take on classic 80s motifs. 02:29
Miami Cruiser
ID: KF033809
Album: Wave & Vice
The track begins with a bed of synth string pads, pushed to the background by a slow, solid beat and synth string arpeggiations. 02:13
Movement In Stasis
ID: KF033808
Album: Wave & Vice
Opening with a very classic sounding synth melody, this anthemic synthwave piece has a driving beat and bass. 02:21
Blood Dawn
ID: KF033807
Album: Wave & Vice
This darkwave track begins with a driving detuned bass and a brilliant, high-pitched arpeggiation. 02:23
Technical Display
ID: KF033806
Album: Wave & Vice
A piano opens the track with a more modern techno percussion groove. The synths quickly add in that nostalgic touch. 02:28
Smooth Escape
ID: KF033805
Album: Wave & Vice
This downtempo synthwave track keeps up the energy with a solid four-on-the-floor and minimalist synth arpeggiator. The spacey pads bring an immersive effect. 02:22
Crime And Space
ID: KF033804
Album: Wave & Vice
A bouncing arpeggiation starts the track while a dirty bass carves in the edges. The slow pad progression and resonance-rich melody push the groove forward. 02:19
ID: KF033803
Album: Wave & Vice
A hard synth arpeggiator builds layers as the percussion also races along. White noise risers grow the tension between each transition. 02:45
Space Race
ID: KF033802
Album: Wave & Vice
The track begins with a solid four-on-the-floor kick and a flowing synth arpeggiation. Pads fill in the gaps with synth toms for a purely 80s vibe. 02:15
ID: KF033801
Album: Wave & Vice
A jazzy key progression and funky bass open this synthwave anthem, while vocal cuts and percussion capture the groove. 02:48
ID: KF033710
Album: This World
Pizzicato strings give way to sensual and uplifting pads, while chimes ring out an evening melody. 02:13
Walking Alone
ID: KF033709
Album: This World
A piano taps out a feeling of solitude, while electronic percussion steps the track forward. A distorted harmony accompanied by a tinkling arpeggiation delivers an otherworldly appeal. 02:27
Soul Suffers
ID: KF033708
Album: This World
Shimmering pads over long heavenly chords lift this track into higher planes. Kit drums later transform the movement into a chaotic blend of sentiments. 02:45
ID: KF033707
Album: This World
This heavy canon opens with light strums on plucky keys and a wide, undulating pad. It builds to a melodic resolve. 02:27
Bees And Combs
ID: KF033706
Album: This World
A downtempo beat is laid out under a positive vibe of keys; heavy, buzzing synths carry the progression to the end. 03:27
ID: KF033705
Album: This World
Lush, whirling pads start the track, interlaced throughout with spacey effects and layers of various other synths. 02:28
Winter Miracle
ID: KF033704
Album: This World
The track opens with a piano progression, layered with kit drums and an active bass line. 03:24
Cosmic Western
ID: KF033703
Album: This World
A crawling and modulated drum set drives the way for lingering and spacey theremin sounds and whistles on top of a bed of solid synth pads. 03:00
ID: KF033702
Album: This World
Dreamy, unhurried pads begin the track, joined by tinkling keys. A slow ambient drum beat adds to the mystery of the moment. 03:17
ID: KF033701
Album: This World
A beautiful, nature-infused drone carried along the clouds by playfully arpeggiating flutes. The drone builds and releases, leaving behind a lightly hinted melody on guitar. 02:34
You Appeared
ID: KF033610
Album: Cinematic Emotions
The track opens with a guitar melody and soft percussion. The nostalgic air picks up with kit drums and spiccato strings. 03:19
Travel Theme
ID: KF033609
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Walking down the scale, a piano is joined by ambient synth drums and arpeggiations played on various wooden instruments. 02:28
At Your Fingertips
ID: KF033608
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano and guitar embrace each other in positive, nostalgic moods, accompanied by a violin and kit drums. 02:29
The Letter
ID: KF033607
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Beginning with an inspiring piano arpeggiation, heavy synth drums and legato strings accentuate the uplifting mood, replaced by guitar strums after the drop. 02:41
Remind Me
ID: KF033606
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A soft, nostalgic melody is plucked out on nylon guitar strings while kit drums play a shuffle. 02:18
Ancient Caves
ID: KF033605
Album: Cinematic Emotions
The track opens with a subtle, melancholic violin melody and a mystical progression. A deep bass and synth pluck arpeggiation introduce a sense of dark tension. 02:32
Last Step
ID: KF033604
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A profound piano progression is accented by taikos, horns, and strings. 02:44
The Big Day
ID: KF033603
Album: Cinematic Emotions
This uplifting track opens with a staccato string arpeggio, joined by pads and legato cellos. 02:15
ID: KF033602
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano plays over sounds of the seashore. As the waves fade, percussion and pads build to an uplifting climax. 02:30
Long Ways
ID: KF033601
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Opening with gentle guitar plucks and soft cymbal splashes, percussion taps in to build up the rhythm of this lyrical ballad. 03:37
Mystery Box
ID: KF033510
Album: Power Source
Far out vocals over pads and electric piano build up to a smooth-laced future bass hit. 03:04
Around The City
ID: KF033509
Album: Power Source
The punchy bass groove is brought to life by a piano harmony and melody, kit drums keep things shaking. 03:06
Stand Up
ID: KF033508
Album: Power Source
A spacey future ballad with an oceanic motion, the pulse of the vocals and the deep bass lull the listener into a hypnotic pattern. 02:27
ID: KF033507
Album: Power Source
Beginning with a piano and downtempo kit-like beat, this electronic ballad introduces strings and sentiments with its high-pitched synths ringing like chimes. 03:28
ID: KF033506
Album: Power Source
This fast-paced trapstep anthem starts with a classic urban synth line that molds into aggressive horn blasts. 02:17
Energy Flows
ID: KF033505
Album: Power Source
Opening with a series of risers, this high octane synthwave track pulses with nostalgia and fun. 02:32
Oh Darling
ID: KF033504
Album: Power Source
This future house vibe opens with stabs and pads, with a rhythm that builds up to a club powered thrill. 02:47
Role Models
ID: KF033503
Album: Power Source
Gentle plucks followed by a soothing arpeggiation directly lead to this bassy, vocal-chopped chill house tune. 03:07
Laser Ride
ID: KF033502
Album: Power Source
Sawtooth synths pulse out a party rhythm perfect for any poolside or beach gathering in the sun. 02:12
Half Tune
ID: KF033501
Album: Power Source
Crystalline pads hold the listener's breath as an electronic melody plays out over downbeat drums. A riser builds the song up to a pop anthem. 02:29
You Can Do It
ID: KF033410
Album: New Ideas
Bouncing plucks and a piano introduce this track with an already lively feel. A four-on-the-floor kick keeps the momentum with pumping sawtooths and an infectious melody. 02:12
Happy People
ID: KF033409
Album: New Ideas
A piano and synth compete in an opening duet; the piano reigns supreme taking over for this anthemic movement of jubilant energy. 02:16
ID: KF033408
Album: New Ideas
Pads, piano, and nostalgic synths make for the extra labor to lift this track into positive results. 02:16
Anything Is Possible
ID: KF033407
Album: New Ideas
A soft felt piano progresses through the opening while a bed of strings slowly lifts the track. 02:13
ID: KF033406
Album: New Ideas
The track opens with a piano and marimba duet, leading into an electric shuffle and waves of explosive energy. 01:52
Easy Day
ID: KF033405
Album: New Ideas
A muted guitar holds the rhythm over a solid kick and pulsing synths. Active, melodic strings fill in the energy from the drop. 02:16
Good Job
ID: KF033404
Album: New Ideas
Starting with solid chords played out on piano, synth stabs and an electric kick pick up the beat while a nostalgic synth wave melody plays out. 02:16
ID: KF033403
Album: New Ideas
A guitar strum plays the count over a high synth arpeggiation while a four-on-the-floor beat keeps the energy up. An electric guitar takes the place of the synths for the drop. 02:20
ID: KF033402
Album: New Ideas
The track opens with a gentle guitar arpeggiation over synth sounds, leading into an upbeat melody that's sure to capture the audience's attention. 02:34
ID: KF033401
Album: New Ideas
With a driving four-on-the-floor beat and piano progression, the track swells with momentum and positivity. 02:17
286 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration