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Music and film soundtrack Epic Trailer Vol.2

22 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF012501
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Epic, threatening film music for grand orchstre and choir. In a thrilling, combative atmosphere. 01:11
Unique Origin
ID: KF012502
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A dramatic orchestra music with sinister, warning choir in a fast rhythm. Threatening and driving. 01:35
Tantrum Ride
ID: KF012503
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A struggle for life and death, full of energy and drama. An orchestra and choir music for the great cinema. 01:05
Treasure Hunter
ID: KF012504
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
An epic, energetic orchestra music. The choir is powerful and creates a courageous, purposeful mood. 01:33
Polar Bear
ID: KF012505
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Demanding, energetic orchestra title with aggressive choir voice and a touching, hopeful middle section. 01:28
Hurt But Alive
ID: KF012506
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Hard, brutal timpani beats, combined with a dynamic orchestra and a threatening choir. A powerful, epic orchestra music. 01:06
Still Energetic
ID: KF012507
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Film music resounding hope, danger, mysteries and combats. Epic and spectacular. 01:11
Sharp Razor
ID: KF012508
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Adventurous orchestra track with dynamic choir accompaniment. Courageous, dangerous and exciting. 01:27
Vision Overhead
ID: KF012509
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
An aggressive, threatening orchestra track with rushing drum rhythms and epic choir accompaniment. 01:19
Infinite Pain
ID: KF012510
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A sinister, dangerous film music with energetic choir voice. The orchestra playing intensively and pervasive. 01:37
Majestic Blood
ID: KF012511
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Creepy, lurking film music with grand orchestra. The second part creates a dramatic, heroic mood, accompanied by a choir. 01:47
Better Than You
ID: KF012512
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Film music for orchestra and choir, like a big fight, full of courage and lurking danger. Threatening and resolute. 01:39
Orbit Control
ID: KF012513
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Percussive orchestra music with choir. Building up tension until the end. 01:34
Obscure Thoughts
ID: KF012514
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Threatening, powerful choral singing, accompanied by fast drums and orchestra. 01:19
ID: KF012515
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Dramatic orchestra music with powerful strings, accompanied by a threatening choir. 01:39
Thirst For Blood
ID: KF012516
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Choir and orchestra track with a driving, threatening atmosphere. Very powerful. 01:26
Spell Bound
ID: KF012517
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Film music describing a dramatic fight for life or death. For grand orchestra and choir. 01:32
Bold Crusade
ID: KF012518
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Spheric, sacral orchestra music with drums and choir. Epic and powerful. 02:04
Rebel Command
ID: KF012519
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Orchestra music, very dramatic and powerful, with choir accompaniment and large orchestra. 01:20
Heavy Load
ID: KF012520
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Enchanted, partly restless and partly hopeful orchestra music with continous timpani rhythms and percussions. 01:35
Spun Down
ID: KF012521
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
A sinister, combative march. An impending danger, packed into a dramatic orchestra and choir music. 01:11
ID: KF012522
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Action music with grand orchestra, accompanied by hard electro beats. Very energetic and powerful. 01:14
22 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration