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Music and film soundtrack Feelgood Vol.1

Happy and friendly pop tracks with a groove. Mainly acoustic guitar and melodic e-piano. Creates a relaxed and light, positive and playful atmosphere. Your soundtrack for the next memorable movie moment.

21 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Watch Out Son
ID: KF012701
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Groovy and friendly pop track; acoustic guitars and melodic electric piano with organ accompaniment. 02:15
Three Sides
ID: KF012702
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Positive, dreamy pop track with mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric piano and organ. Easy and relaxed. 02:25
Meant To Forget
ID: KF012703
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A thoughtful pop track with a hopeful, positive chorus. 02:16
ID: KF012704
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A hopeful, emotional pop track with acoustic and electric guitar, accompanied by piano and e-organ. 02:22
Always Remember
ID: KF012705
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A hopeful, emotional and nostalgic music with acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment. 02:17
Light Bulb
ID: KF012706
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Thoughtful, sensitive pop music with piano and coustic guitar, dreamy and summerlike. 02:26
Write It Down
ID: KF012707
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Groovy, relaxed acoustic guitar track with country feeling. 02:18
High Levels
ID: KF012708
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Poppy, positive guitar track with melodious electric guitar solo. 02:03
Good Feeling
ID: KF012709
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Thoughtful pop track with acoustic guitars, piano and organ and a sensitive lead guitar. 02:13
Hands Together
ID: KF012710
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A very calm, gentle acoustic guitar track, accompanied by organ sounds and a sensitive lead guitar. 02:26
Deliver An Option
ID: KF012711
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
summerlike, gently driving track with synthie, piano and electric guitar soli, accentuated by acoustic guitars. 02:07
Solace In Sound
ID: KF012712
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Positive, relaxed pop track with acoustic guitars and sensitive electric guitar solo, accompanied by a quiet piano. 02:19
Made For You
ID: KF012713
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A groovy track with acoustic guitar, combined with electric guitar and electric piano. With a little bit of Caribbean flair, easy and summerlike. 02:16
Enough Of Me
ID: KF012714
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A positive, soft pop track with electric guitar melody. Accompanied by piano, organ and acoustic guitar. 02:20
Further Drop
ID: KF012715
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Thoughtful, calm acoustic track with electric guitar accompaniment and strings. Sensitive and melancholic. 02:36
ID: KF012716
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Easy, relaxed acoustic track with guitar and piano. Very gentle and dreamy. 02:14
Destination Reached
ID: KF012717
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Melodic, sensitive pop track with piano and electric guitar. Empathetic and hopeful. 02:47
Northern Lights
ID: KF012718
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A soft, positive acoustic track with guitar, electric piano and quiet bongo accompaniment. 02:13
Written Affection
ID: KF012719
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
An easy, soft pop song with piano and acoustic guitar, supplemented by electric guitar later on. Accompanied by quiet, bright string sounds. 02:13
Raised Arms
ID: KF012720
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
Easy, poppy acoustic and electric guitar track with electric piano accompaniment with a groovy rhythm. 02:36
ID: KF012721
Album: Feelgood Vol.1
A bright, friendly pop track with acoustic electric guitar, accompanied by piano and drums. 02:30
21 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration