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20 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Lousy Contribution
ID: KF010601
Album: American Cowboys
Laid-back, soulful track featuring rolling, bluesy guitar riffs and a smooth hammond organ. 02:24
The Field
ID: KF010602
Album: American Cowboys
Country-infused, atmospheric guitar track with a driving pulse. 02:03
Rural Fun
ID: KF010603
Album: American Cowboys
Cool country & western tune, steadily rolling along to the sound of the slide guitar. 01:40
Wide Countryside
ID: KF010604
Album: American Cowboys
A blend of acoustic and electric guitars in a track that brings the desert to mind, 01:48
Ranch Frolic
ID: KF010605
Album: American Cowboys
Cool piano-driven rock track with a gentle flow. 02:12
Botch It
ID: KF010606
Album: American Cowboys
Fast but gentle fingerpicking, offbeat country track. 02:06
Joy Riding
ID: KF010607
Album: American Cowboys
Cool, nice-and-easy fingerpicking country tune. 01:58
Backlands Drummer
ID: KF010608
Album: American Cowboys
Sombre, intense track dominated by percussion and acoustic guitars. 01:37
Acoustic Upturn
ID: KF010609
Album: American Cowboys
Atmospheric, sombre acoustic track, percussion-heavy with a desert feel to it. 01:33
No Country Sound
ID: KF010610
Album: American Cowboys
Dark, atmospheric tune with a driving acoustic guitar, rises to a heavy rock finale. 01:41
Storm Skyline
ID: KF010611
Album: American Cowboys
Percussion-heavy tune with driving guitars and a heavy pulse. 01:50
Blame The Bad Guys
ID: KF010612
Album: American Cowboys
Twangy guitar and dramatic strings in a drum-heavy, driving track. 01:40
Heroic Darkness
ID: KF010613
Album: American Cowboys
Sombre acoustic track dominated by percussion and guitars, rises up to a grand finale. 01:39
Slamming Banjo
ID: KF010614
Album: American Cowboys
Dark, atmospheric track with acoustic beginning, heavy guitars in part 2 and 3. 01:40
Cowboy Core
ID: KF010615
Album: American Cowboys
Emotional, melancholic acoustic track. 01:33
Savage Tension
ID: KF010616
Album: American Cowboys
Sombre americana track with a desert feel to it. Acoustic guitars and slide guitar. 02:05
Busted Drollery
ID: KF010617
Album: American Cowboys
Yeehaw! Let's go to the rodeo! A rollicking, fingerpicking country rock track. 01:37
Chuckling Stock
ID: KF010618
Album: American Cowboys
Fast and funny, up-beat country tune. 01:30
Jolly Buster
ID: KF010619
Album: American Cowboys
Rollicking, funny country track in classic blues form. 01:39
Relaxed And Strong
ID: KF010620
Album: American Cowboys
Emotional americana track with a steady pulse and great guitars. 01:29
20 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration