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On The Horizon
ID: KF010114
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Exciting and powerful rock orchestra track with percussions, e-guitar, brass and bright e-piano tones. 01:29
Well Trained
ID: KF010115
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Action-orchestra track with percussions, dramatic brass and strings and e-piano - a typical spy movie soundtrack. 01:21
Go For Them
ID: KF010117
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
Rock-orchestra track with powerful brass section, hard e-guitar and rhythmic strings. Resolute and forceful. 01:09
Through Blood
ID: KF010118
Album: Action Grounds Vol.1
An energetic and scary orchestra-rock track with several parts. Hectic strings, synthies and a choir, combined with distorted e-guitar. 02:50
Percussive Curse
ID: KF010201
Album: Action Orchestra
Hounded percussion and hammering piano in a dramatíc orchestral action piece. 02:15
Chasing The Mole
ID: KF010206
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced, menacing action piece interspersed with a duduk and oriental vocals. 03:16
Conquer The Sky
ID: KF010207
Album: Action Orchestra
Send a call to arms with this dramatic, brass laden orchestral action track. 02:06
Get The Grip
ID: KF010208
Album: Action Orchestra
Quiet, eerie passages alternating with dramatic, beat- and brass-heavy action sequences. 01:35
Active Girls
ID: KF010211
Album: Action Orchestra
Action piece with stabbing brass hits and fast-paced string runs. 00:36
No Trespassing
ID: KF010212
Album: Action Orchestra
Eerie, menacing action piece with high-range strings and a driving groove. 01:28
ID: KF010213
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic military action track with an energetic snare rhythm. 02:01
Abort The Mission
ID: KF010214
Album: Action Orchestra
Melodic, powerful action piece, orchestra accompanied by a fast drum groove. 02:06
Street Collision
ID: KF010215
Album: Action Orchestra
Suspenseful action piece, orchestra, heavy percusision and electric guitar shreds. 02:04
Special Unit
ID: KF010216
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic orchestral rock piece with shredding guitars, heavy brass and electronic beats. 02:05
Showdown In The Air
ID: KF010217
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced action piece with vibrant strings and bustling percussion parts. 01:59
Modern Chase
ID: KF010218
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic orchestral action track with heavy brass and a fast-paced rhythm. 02:07
Spinning Combat
ID: KF010219
Album: Action Orchestra
Electronic grooves and large orchestra meet in a powerful, dramatic piece. 01:18
The Game
ID: KF010301
Album: Agents&Spies
Short, modern spy film track, orchestra and electronics combined. 01:01
ID: KF010302
Album: Agents&Spies
Multifaceted piece, subdued suspense leading into a fast-paced action sequence. 01:58
ID: KF010303
Album: Agents&Spies
Orchestral spy film track with military snare groove, suspenseful with more positive ending. 01:05
ID: KF010317
Album: Agents&Spies
A typical detective or spy music à la James Bond: suspenseful brass, melodic e-guitar and strings. With a calm ending. 00:46
She Was Grand
ID: KF010318
Album: Agents&Spies
A mysterious track with a combination of suspenseful and thoughtful strings against a background of billowing synthies, powerful drums and timpani, energetic brass and piano. 01:56
Should Have Listened
ID: KF011019
Album: Club Beats
Modern action track with atmospheric electro elements and a thrilling electro melody. 02:15
Higher Levels
ID: KF011401
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.1
Big and threatening orchestra music. Choir, drums and timpani. 03:02
Legend Rising
ID: KF011404
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.1
Mystic and dark music with some fast elements. Energetic strings, loud timpani and choir. 02:05
ID: KF011405
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.1
Emotional orchestral piece in dark but hopeful mood with an energetic choir. 03:01
Italian Darkness
ID: KF011407
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.1
Threatening and mystic music with strings and a driving pulse. 01:51
Soaring Dreams
ID: KF011502
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Heroic and dramatic orchestra music. 01:41
Earth Lost
ID: KF011513
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
A sad and dark music. Starts sombre, picks up tempo and ends on a violin solo. 00:57
Run Down
ID: KF011702
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A menacing, agitated orchestral track with lots of action and drama. 02:15
Silver Starter
ID: KF011704
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Powerful orchestra accompanied by am energetic choir. 01:18
Platinum Steel
ID: KF011706
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic and very energetic orchestra track with roaring trumpets, timpani, percussion and flutes. 01:33
Orchestral Action
ID: KF011707
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
The music is divided into rhythmic parts, alternating between rushed menace and lurking tension. 05:06
Take Action
ID: KF011708
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A powerful orchestra track, energetic and versatile. 02:31
59 Seconds
ID: KF011713
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Rapid orchestra track, the perfect wild chase. Lots of energetic brass, flutes, timpani and strings combined into a breathless, thrilling composition. 01:58
Restless Chaser
ID: KF011901
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Modern action track with electro elements accompanied by a big orchestra. 02:00
Critical Mass
ID: KF011902
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Futuristic action track with a powerful and emotional orchestra. 02:45
Downhill Biking
ID: KF011903
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Dynamic science fiction track with many electro / synth elements and a pulsating rhythm. 03:10
Don't Be Fancy
ID: KF011904
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Sci-fi action track with hard rhythm and energetic and menacing strings. Exciting and dangerous. 02:06
Fervid Trail
ID: KF011905
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Action track with orchestra and electric guitar. Very dramatic and energetic. 02:52
Smash Attack
ID: KF011906
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Timpani, drums and synth beats form most of the track, the end sees some orchestral action. A dramatic action piece. 01:45
50 Town Race
ID: KF011907
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Fast and modern action track with groovy electronic beats and orchestra. 00:25
Bio Hazard
ID: KF011908
Album: Electrified Orchestra
An action track with powerful rhythm. Fast and vigorous. Strings bring emotions and threat. 02:09
Conversation Rules
ID: KF011909
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Action music with synthetic elements, percussion and dark, dramatic string sounds. 02:41
Burned Down
ID: KF011910
Album: Electrified Orchestra
A very dynamic and powerful orchestra track accentuated by aggressive and fast beats. 02:04
Precision Planning
ID: KF011911
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Epic and modern orchestra track with electro beats. 02:12
Sweeping Bass
ID: KF011915
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Action track with mystic ambience, menacing and dark. 02:23
Slowly It Creeps
ID: KF011916
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Action track with dark and restless brass sounds. Fast tempo and a catchy rhythm. 02:24
ID: KF011917
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Epic military track with orchestra and choir. 01:53
Space Music
ID: KF011918
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Powerful film music, energetic and menacing at times. 02:40
Human Duty
ID: KF012001
Album: Emotional Trailer
A tremendous orchestra theme accompanied by a dramatic choir. Energetic and heroic. 01:56
Guardian Of Truth
ID: KF012003
Album: Emotional Trailer
A fast and heroic orchestra track with rushing strings and powerful timpani hits. 01:33
New Opportunity
ID: KF012006
Album: Emotional Trailer
Alternatibg between hope and menace, this orchestra track is energetic and versatile. Accompanied by a choir. 01:19
Lightning Strikes
ID: KF012009
Album: Emotional Trailer
Epic orchestra track accompanied by choir. Very heroic and hopeful, dramatic as well. 01:31
The Final Stand
ID: KF012014
Album: Emotional Trailer
Dramatic and sweeping orchestra track with epic choir and hard percussion. 02:11
The Great Step
ID: KF012015
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dramatic orchestra track with epic choir. The hard drums give it a military and heroic mood. 01:32
Roman Empire
ID: KF012016
Album: Emotional Trailer
A pompous celebrating film music full of energy and atmosphere of departure. 01:43
Turbo Charger
ID: KF012312
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Hard, fast rock and orchestra music. Strings and brass are accompanied by rapid drums, electric guitar and choir. 01:56
Bad Karma
ID: KF012315
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Powerful orchestra track in large format, accompanied by fast electric guitars and an energetic choir. 02:19
Good And Evil
ID: KF012317
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Heroic, emotional action track with orchestra and synthetic elements, combined with choir accompaniment in the background. 02:06
Eternal Wrath
ID: KF012319
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Energetic orchestra music with hard electric guitar riffs and choir. Uncompromising and intimidating. 01:56
Burning Horizon
ID: KF012403
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Orchestra and choir music with heavy military rhythm as drum accompaniment. 01:51
ID: KF012408
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
An adventurous film music full of action, with choir and drum accompaniment. A courageous, motivating atmosphere. 01:50
Take Umbrage
ID: KF012415
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A sinister and epic orchestra music, with energetic strings and resounding wind section, accompanied by a bright choir. 01:54
Bow And Arrow
ID: KF012421
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A fast orchestra musik, driving strings and choir. 01:42
ID: KF012501
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.2
Epic, threatening film music for grand orchstre and choir. In a thrilling, combative atmosphere. 01:11
Torment Breaker
ID: KF013217
Album: Heavy Metal
A thrilling, aggressive rock track, with energetic electric guitars and electro interludes. 02:03
Heavy Metal Roaring
ID: KF013417
Album: High Action
Resounding electric guitars paired with futuristic electro elements. A modern action track. 02:17
End Theme B
ID: KF013420
Album: High Action
Neat, positive action track with a very fast rhythm. Strings and electric guitar. 01:04
Deep Brown Sea
ID: KF013604
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Fast action track with powerful, aggressive wind section parts, strings and percussions. 00:29
ID: KF013605
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A fast jingle with synthies and wind section full of action, accompanied by an energetic rhythm. 00:22
Urgent Matter
ID: KF013606
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A fast-paced title track, threatening and dangerous. With shrill strings and hard drums. 00:25
Voltage Veins
ID: KF013607
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A very fast, effervescent title track with quick, threatening strings and wind section, accompanied by hard drum beats. 00:32
Stretched Out
ID: KF013608
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A positively stirring, fast jingle with wind section intro, energetic electric guitar and electro beats. 00:12
ID: KF013609
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Aggressive track full of action with hard electric guitar, groovy synthies and sharp wind players. 00:14
Combined Effort
ID: KF013610
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Fast strings with sudden wind section sounds combined in a brutal rhythm. 01:03
Gain Control
ID: KF013619
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A short, energetic orchestra track in the style of an action movie with fast strings and hard rhythm. 00:28
By The Sword
ID: KF014105
Album: Massive Orchestra
Powerful, pervading film music track with orchestra and electric guitar. Fast-paced combination with a strong voice choir. 02:01
Head On Collision
ID: KF014107
Album: Massive Orchestra
Action music for orchestra and electric guitar. Dramatic, aggressive towards the end. 02:14
ID: KF014108
Album: Massive Orchestra
Lively, enormous music für orcherstra and rock band. Full of emotions and energy. 02:11
Lady Demise
ID: KF014110
Album: Massive Orchestra
A scary, enormous orchestra track with choir accompaniment and electric guitar. 02:12
The Conspiracy
ID: KF014201
Album: Military
Dramatic, heroic track, orchestra and military snare drum. 02:14
Sudden Interception
ID: KF014202
Album: Military
Brass and choir define this dramatic, gloomy track. 02:12
Codename Ares
ID: KF014203
Album: Military
Track with a sinister beginning, accelerating in threat and danger and finally ending in a positive, peaceful tone. 02:21
The Infiltrator
ID: KF014204
Album: Military
Military drums and sinister wind section sounds, accentuated by flutes. Dramatic and a little melancholic with an increase in threatening. 03:14
Mission Omega
ID: KF014205
Album: Military
Threatening, restless orchestra music with lots of drum roll and alarming wind section sounds. 01:50
Black Wolf
ID: KF014206
Album: Military
An orchestral track, increasing towards the end, with a positive and hopeful finale. 03:33
Easy March
ID: KF014207
Album: Military
Orchestra music, an announcement of an upcoming battle. Thoughtful and slow, with the sound of sword blades clashing in the background. 01:37
ID: KF014302
Album: Modern Suspense
Sinister spy track, with orchestra and electric guitar. 02:03
ID: KF014304
Album: Modern Suspense
Fast, threatening strings and subtle electric guitar soli. Fraught with tension. 03:40
Silent Sabotage
ID: KF014305
Album: Modern Suspense
Suspenseful, dynm,aic action track. Intensifications towards the end. 03:32
Minor Release
ID: KF014306
Album: Modern Suspense
Dramatic, loaded track with melodious piano and energetic strings. 03:44
ID: KF014308
Album: Modern Suspense
Groovy action track with suspense and dynamic. 03:36
Subdued Suspense B
ID: KF014309
Album: Modern Suspense
Slightly dissonant, restless track. Lurking strings create a gloomy atmosphere in the background. 01:01
Subdued Suspense C
ID: KF014310
Album: Modern Suspense
Spheric track, superficially relaxed with danger lurking in the background. Synthies, drums and strings. 01:33
Subdued Suspense A
ID: KF014311
Album: Modern Suspense
This track spreads subtle unrest by otherwise being emotional and thoughtful. Military drums underlying the piano. 01:01
Plot Progression B
ID: KF014312
Album: Modern Suspense
Quiet, restless track with synthetic beat and thoughtful strings. 01:00
Plot Progression C
ID: KF014313
Album: Modern Suspense
Lurking, mysterious track. Strings and percussions, paired with a recurring male choir. 01:29
Agents Hopelessness
ID: KF014315
Album: Modern Suspense
A scary, gloomy spy track with quiet, restless strings and occasional wind player and percussion sounds. 01:12
Finger Marks
ID: KF014316
Album: Modern Suspense
Quiet, scary strings, accentuated with occasional beats. Sinister and disturbing. 02:23
328 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度