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Scepter Of Sovereignty
ID: KF012401
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Dramatic, sinister orchestra music with threatening choir and rapid strings. 01:39
Sense Of Emptiness
ID: KF012402
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A threatening, mysterious atmosphere; sinister and hopeful at the same time. Orchestra, with energetic drum accompaniment. 01:42
Burning Horizon
ID: KF012403
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Orchestra and choir music with heavy military rhythm as drum accompaniment. 01:51
Open Waters
ID: KF012404
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Impressive, aggressive orchestra track with hard timpani drums and dramatic choir. 02:06
Sun And Moon
ID: KF012405
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A threatening, sinister film title for orchestra and choir. With energetic timpani beats and razor-sharp string sounds. 02:08
ID: KF012406
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Film music track with an intro of lurking strings and threatening choir. The power of sound and the threat are working up towards the end. 01:39
ID: KF012407
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Orchestra msuic with oriental elements, accompanied by a powerful choir. Energetic and threatening. 01:52
ID: KF012408
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
An adventurous film music full of action, with choir and drum accompaniment. A courageous, motivating atmosphere. 01:50
Spectrum Locus
ID: KF012409
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Dramatic orchestra music with energetic choir accompaniment, bright brass sounds and pervading drum rhythms. 01:37
ID: KF012410
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A dark, threatening march. A sinister army marching towards a battle, with orchestra and war-like drums. 01:33
ID: KF012411
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
An epic orchestra music with big trappings. Male vocal accompaniment, hopeful and driving. 01:38
Broken Arrow
ID: KF012412
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Dramatic, epic orchestra track with energetic strings, a spheric singing voice and an effervescent choir. 01:36
Upward Current
ID: KF012413
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A thrilling orchestra piece with sensitive strings, a classical singer and energetic percussions. 02:03
Oblique Angle
ID: KF012414
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Disturbing, heroic track with a big orchestra and an extraordinary choir accompaniment. 01:17
Take Umbrage
ID: KF012415
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A sinister and epic orchestra music, with energetic strings and resounding wind section, accompanied by a bright choir. 01:54
Original Edge
ID: KF012416
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Energetic, touching orchestra music, hopeful and immense. Accompanied by a grand choir. 02:09
Out Of The Mist
ID: KF012417
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A heroic orchestra piece with heavy strings, impressive percussions and choir. 02:03
Exclusive Access
ID: KF012418
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
Strings, brass and choir. Reminding of epic battles. 01:29
Wavy And Crimped
ID: KF012419
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A slightly electronic music with strings and spheric solo singing. 02:10
Two-way Triumph
ID: KF012420
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A science-fiction track with synthies, strings and a solo voice. 01:58
Bow And Arrow
ID: KF012421
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A fast orchestra musik, driving strings and choir. 01:42
Locus Delicti
ID: KF012422
Album: Epic Trailer Vol.1
A futuristic orchestra track with calm intro; later on transition into hard percussion and choir parts. 02:03
22 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度