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If you’re looking to put in your video some confident and inspirational music, look no further. Each track features uplifting progressions and melodies from a ukulele and guitar duet, bringing your audience into a chilled out world of bonfire parties and shared stories. Bring your audience to seaside sunrises and beach jams with this collection of positive and cheerful vibrations.

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Fun And Games
ID: KF031201
Album: Ukulele Emotions
Energetic and positive, this track quickly carries you away with its catchy beat and melody. Hand claps and snares reinforce the solid ukulele rhythm, with the focus bouncing between guitar and vibraphone. 02:09
Wooden Boats
ID: KF031202
Album: Ukulele Emotions
This beach time rhythm is imbued with relaxation and positive vibes, reminiscent of old reggae classics. The rhythm is taken over by a soloist and soon paired with a basic harmony, carrying the tune to higher grounds. 02:14
Clap Clap
ID: KF031203
Album: Ukulele Emotions
An upbeat rhythm with ukulele and cajon immediately takes the listener to some relaxed places. A guitar comes in picking out the tune, positively layered with vibes, and carried along by cajon, tambourine, and hand claps. 02:14
In The Torchlight
ID: KF031204
Album: Ukulele Emotions
With a guitar melody carrying the audience along, a basic snapping beat brings it to lighter thoughts. An array of percussion and builds up to carry on this soft yet energetic tune. 02:17
ID: KF031205
Album: Ukulele Emotions
A music box starts with a steady arpeggio, building up to a full beach side band of guitar, ukuleles, cajon, and clapping. There's no negativity in sight as this piece shoots the breeze with its constant uplifting progression. 01:52
ID: KF031206
Album: Ukulele Emotions
This pattern lets you dive into an optimistic world with smooth guitar slides and vibraphone arpeggios. The strum starts with the vibraphone and shaker and builds with the guitar's picked melody. Soon the cajon and tambourine join in. 02:26
ID: KF031207
Album: Ukulele Emotions
Even the good times must end sometime. This mellow seaside waltz is shaped by its deep and emotional color. A vibraphone arpeggio leads to guitar plucking, echoed by a dulcet music box like a soft parting of ways. 02:26
ID: KF031208
Album: Ukulele Emotions
A ukulele and guitar porridge with percussions build up to a retrospective climax. The melody will bring back all your memories of past good times and thoughts of those to come. 02:00
A Day Together
ID: KF031209
Album: Ukulele Emotions
A solid piano progression accompanied by shakers introduces you to this track. After the guitar finishes the first verse, the band picks up with melodies and countermelodies passed between guitar and ukulele while held together by the piano. Everything comes back down all quiet and mellow for the outro. 02:09
ID: KF031210
Album: Ukulele Emotions
A catchy track that slowly builds up the energy as a ukulele, vibes, and drum kit add to the mix. The melody bounces from string to string, keeping you nodding to the groove. 01:57
10 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度